Hostel life

True Story

Jack and Sophia stay in same hostel. they were doing bachelor degree in biology. They were good friends. They read together. Sophia used to come in Jack room to read. They used to share each and every thing with each other.

Recently Jack is single in room because his roommate has gone home in vacation. So Sophia reads in jack room till late night and go to sleep in her room. One day when they were reading Sophia feel sleepy and she says that she will sleep for sometime. jack tell her to go to her own room and have sleep. but sophia said that she will sleep for sometime and will read toghether again.

she lean against pillow and sleep against wall. suddenly she fell alseep. jack was listening to music in his iPOD. She was wearing skirt, so in that positin of sleep he can see under wear of her. she was wearing red panties.

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   his hand begin to move above her thigh. he run his hand over her breast and slowely move his hand inside her panties. Now he is above her and begin to kiss her. while he moves his hand and tease her cliterous she begin to murmer Albert. . . . . Albert. . . . . . .

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  . . . She had told that Albert is her boyfriend and he is studying abroad. So he guess they had Sex relation before. He didnot think its better to go far than this because this may result in breaking of their freindship.

Next day when they were reading, Sophia told that she had seen her boyfriend in her dream while she was sleeping here. Jack asked if they have sex relation before. She was suprised by his sudden question and asked why he aske? he said i guess so. and said that he kissed her while sleeping. dont u know that i was kissing? she sudenly become angry and said i was kissing my boyfriend and not you? Jack feel sad.

Next day Jack again ask same question. she said yes and asked if he also had relation with any girl. she said that i have told you everything but you hadnot told me. Wat is your girlfriend name and where is she now, she asked? Jack said that he is single.

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   She was like suprised. and asked if he also had sex relation with any girl before. he said he is still virgin. she tease him that he shouldnot be virgin till now and said to find a girl. He said you are also girl right? Sophia said You. . . . . . . . and hit him with pillow.

Jack asked how they had first sex? sophia blush into red and said you donot need. Jack insisted and she become ready to tell the story.

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She said it was in her hometown. There was river beside their house and thick forest. When young Albert and Sohia used to go in river and swim for whole day. they used to play in jungle and sand. They used to seim in river. Buthe go to city for reading. he return after 4 years. They were of same age. Albert said Sophia to go to the river as they did in childhood. She agrees and they go. Albert insisted for swimming. she said that she has no cloth to change. Albert said they do not used to have also during their childhood. so lets go. He was like before, He take off his clothes and jump into the river.

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   He was wearing only painties.

"shopia are u comming or not?" he asked

"No' she said

he come out and catch her hand and pull towards river. she said "wait wait. . . . . i will take off my clothes. otherwise it will get wet". she take off her shirt and pant shyingly. she was wearing blue bra and panty. Albert was like looking and looking. dam she is not like before. her boob were big enough and attractive. she feel shy and jump into water.

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   he fell fashinated when she her ass from back. he also jump into water.

They play and kiss in water. and afer an hour they decided to return back. but the problem is sophia bra and panty were wet and she cannot wear untill it become dry. Like in childhood she sequed her bra and panties and put over hot rock so that it will dry soon and go behind bush to hide. albert also like in childhood go following her. she said to stop and stay there but he goes where she was hiding. She was totally naked. she cover her pussy and boob with her hand. Albert feel uncomfertable and goes back. Sophia said you also put your panties over rock. as obidient he take his panty and put over rock and go beyond bush the other side. They can only see their head. Sophia feel preety over him and call him to come to her.

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   he said i am naked.

she told i am also naked and laughed. Albert goes towards her. his dick was swollen and had become big and hard. she was suprised to see this and touch in red head of his dick. he smile and said can i touch yours.

No' she said

ok' he said

he sit beneath the tree pointing hisdick upward. He said that she used to sit in his lap while she was young and insisted to sit her in his lap. She was innocent and go to sleep in his lap. he moves his hand over her naked body. he touches her nipple and move down to cliterous. he genltly rub around it. she started to breath deeply. she feel hard shaft entering to her pussy and looks down. his cock was gently entering into her pussy.

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   he push his cock hard and it suddenly to inside her pussy breaking the hymen. and they play with each other till evining and return home at late night. she said she had lots of bleeding during her first sex.

Jack was listining carefully and his cock become had become big and hard enough already. she pointed his cock and said look and laugh. he blush red. she said why are you blushing like girl. he said no i am not.

she move her hand above his cock and said can i look it?

he said "ahh ok"

then she remove his pant and shirt. she also remove her cloth and gently start to rub his cock. he become excited and make her sleep straight and keeps his cock in her pussy. she catch his cock and said that is only for for my boyfriend, Albert and start to suck it. she said its nice cock and she enjoy blowjob with it. . .

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  . . . . . . . . . she promise for more than this next day

Next day she come to his room and said i am going to shower and would you like to join it. jack agrees and both goes to take shower. they take kiss eacher other and start to take each other cloth. jack and sophia play with each other. he massage her boobs and lick her vagina and sophia enjoys blowjob with his cock. afert short shower she take his to room and said to lay in bed.


   he lay in bed pointing his his cock upward. she ride over him. she garb his cock and said you shouldnot be virgin anymore. She put his cock inside her pussy and started to do up and down. . . . . . . . . . . .


  She softly said in his ear, Jack Fuck me. . . . . . . . . . FUCK!!!.