Feeding My Wife

True Story

Hey Folks,
Some really good stuff here and if half is true then we are really a bunch of horny people. . . LOL. Anyway, I have a lovely wife that is short, very buxom and very horny so as our marriage we learned a lot about each other. Let me describe Alice. She has lovely redish brown hair that is below her shoulders, is a shrt BBW that has full, and firm 42EEE tits and a waist that plunges from her tits to a 34 and then her hiops back out to 40 inch round firm ass and hips. She loves attention and since she is 5 feet tall she is at a perfect height for anyone to see down her cleaveage especially when she wears revealing blouses and her tight mini-skirts show off her legs and the slit ones show her hips. She wears sheer bras that alow her huge nipples (6 inches across) to show and shen they are hard she has a bump the size of a man's thumb in two places showing through her blouse no matter where we are. She loves to show ff and when attention gets that far she loves to fuck, just plain out fuck. Most likely the only theng she likes better is sucking cocks and eating other women. She she is very Bi. She will start flirting and then I look to mage arrangements for somewhere for the fun to take place.

Alice has been in men's restrooms at the glory holes for hours at a time sucking and getting fucked. She has seduced people in almost every place and setting one could imagine and I benefit from it since she takes care of me before and after her little outings. Well, we had gone to a movie one evening (just a regular one) and it was a romance movie.

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   It ended with the guy and gals going into a store together and holding hands. We got to the car and she said, "I would have ended the movie diferently. " I asked her, "So how. " and she told me to get out of the car. We were at a rest area drinking some coolers we had picked up on the way home. We got out of the car and she undid a blouse she was wearing over her tube top and tossed it into the car. Her mini skirt was slit to the hip at the side and she had taken off her thong before inside. She pushed me against the car and leaned against me and looked up and said, "So, do you think it will work between us?" she said repeating the lines. "Well, it has some possibilities. " I said erpeating the man's lines. She pushed me against the car and began sinking to her knees and soon had my cock in her throat sliding it deep and slowly as I began to feel the wonderful effects of a woman that loves sucking cock. She finished and her mouth had some cum on the lips and chin and I kissed her and took care of it. "Better ending?" she asked. "Oh hell yeh. " I said and we walked to the rest rooms to piss.

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   She had the tube top on still and it was really sheer and tight. She had gotten it small on purpose so that it would show off her chest and so it was a 40DDD she told me. Her nipples were just below the top and her tits swayed as she walked.

After we got back to the car she said, "Let's drive, I am still hungry. " and so we pulled out and she again sucked me off while I drove. When she sat up her top was down around her waist and she left it there as we drove by truckers and the dome light was turned on. Lots of honks but no takers. She looked at me and smiled. "So what are you looking for tonight?" I asked her. "Chocolate?" "No she said, I had that last week, remember?" and I remembered the 5 black guys we had taken home for her to be well used by. "I know what I want" she blurted out. "What?" I said and she looked at me, "I want Mexican. " and a really evil smile was on her face. "Okay" I said and we drove to town and found our favorite Mexican resturant. She has always flited with the guys her but has never taken the next step and so she was looking forward to having several "burritos" as she called their cocks.

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   "Cream filled" and so we went in. She had put the blouse on over the tube top but it was unbuttoned and the tube top was just above her nipples again. They also get really hard as we stepped into the night air. We walked to the dor and the woman that was the hostess let us in and smiled and then looked at Alice and seemed to smile bigger to me. I asked for a booth near the back of the resturant and she led us to one that faced towards the back and was in the back and the high back and curtain on it gave privacy that would help Alice make she she got her order.

Rita smiled and gave us menus but Alice never opened her's and I knew that I would like to have Rita. She was dark and black hair and her cleavage was high and exposed and she was very friendly so that I had a feeling that tonight would be lots of fun. Alice took off the blouse and pulled the top of the tube top lower and so the tops of her nipples were peeking out. A tall good looking guy came to the booth smiling and asked if he could take our orders yet. Alice looked at him and he was loking down at her, "I want 4 or 5 burritos. " she said right away. He was growing and I knew she had him in mind as the first burrito. He looked at me for my order and I said, "I will wait for her to eat then see if I want to order. " and he smiled, "And drinks?" he said and we both ordered Marguritas. "I will get your drinks" he said and Alice told him to hurry back.

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HE came back with two drinks and sat them down and Alice almost gulped her drink down. He looked at her and was going to ask if she would like another and she said, "Now I will have one of my burritos. "His bulge had grown and was visible as a snake down his pants leg. "They will be ready soon. " he said and Alice reached out and massaged the snake in his pants, "One is ready now. " she said and unzipped him and reached in and pulled out his dark cock. It was a good size and was leaking some and she sank it into her throat as she pulled him closer. She took him all the way down her throat and began realy giving him a sucking that was better then if they had been in bed. As Alice sucked him he reached down the take her tits in his hands and so the tube top was down again and she was sucking his cock that had growen even more. He tensed up and she took him deep and he filled her throat with his cream. Alice leaned back her tits exposed and licked her lips, "I want me next burrito if you have one ready in the back. " she said and he zipped up and went back to the kitchen.

Soon another guy came out, shorter and a little stocky and stepped to Alice and asked if there was anything he could get for her. She simply reached for his zipped and pulled out his half hard cock and began sucking him too. HE finished faster and left and she waited for another.

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   A tall lean guy came out and was rubbing his crotch as he walked and as soon as he got to Alice he unzipped his pants and pulled out a lng snake that was about 9 inches or so. Alice took it in her hands and began massagging it and sucking the head and soon it stood right up and then she swallowed it all down her throat and he began moving his hips with her head. He took a while but soon filled her throat and left and another came out and she took care of his too. Another man came out and Rita came with him, "This is my husband and he would like to feed your wife, if I can sit on your lap and watch. " she said and I said "Sure. " He stepped to Alice and pulled out a huge cock that was thick and long. Alice licked the head and began working on it to get it down her throat. Rita looked at me and I had leaned back so she could sit down and she reached in and kissed me deep and then took my hard cock out of my pants. It was then I saw that she had a skirt on and that she had pulled it up above her waoist and her top was being unbuttoned. She had no panties on and her breasts were now out of her bra as she sat facing me and my cock slipped into her wet pussy. Alice was having trouble getting all of the man's massive cock down her throat and he said something to Rita. and she said, "Tell her he wants to fuck her. " and Alice got up and sat him down and did as Rita had down with me and sank the massive cock into her pussy.

Alice let out a low growl as if she were an animal and began riding his cock and Rita told me, "Suck my tits while I do your cock. " and so I did.

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   She rode and moved her hips as if she was a professional (and later we found that she was) and so I was in heaven. Alice was riding the man in her pussy and he took over 45 min to cum and so she had orgasm after orgasm riding his cock. When he pulled out a load came out of Alice that she got her hands in and licked her hands off and he laughed and so Rita asked if we could stay till closing and continue the fun. I told her we would and so we ordered some real food and drinks and after closing we all went to a little place behind the resturant. THe door opened and several men and women were there all naked or almost and drinking. Alice stripped her clothes off and got in the middle of them and began sucking cocks and eating any pussy that was ready. Rita came to me, "Come with me. I want to have you all alone. " she said and I followed her to another room and there was a bed in the middle and she locked the door and we undressed. She began kissing me all over and I kissed her too and her pussy was soaking wet and so I ate her and mine juices from her. She began yelling to fuck her so I sank into her pussy and she kept up loud shouts and commands whichI gladly followed. After about an hour she tok my hand and we went to the other room and Alice was in the middle of a group getting fucked every way imaginable. I took my turn with other women all the while Rita was watching me and would come over and kiss me and ask me to play with her some more.

Alice loves different kinds of food but we will be goinbg back for more Mexican again soon.
see ya

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