The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 23


Carl pulled his car into the garage and then he pushed the door thatjoined the garage with the kitchen open and entered the home heshared with Jennifer and Jessica. Jennifer, attired in a whitebikini, got up to greet him. "Hi sweety! she brightly sang. "Hihon," he responded. "Can I get my corporate warrior anything todrink?" "God yes. I could really use a beer right now," he informedher. She fetched the brewski for him and handed it to him afteropening it. Jennifer snuggled up to him and he threw his left armaround her. "So what's for dinner?" he asked. "Well, Jessica isgoing to spend the night over at Mike's, so we have the house toourselves. How about we go to Marino's, have some pasta and a coupleglasses of wine and then spend a nice evening with just the two ofus?" Jennifer suggested. Carl leaned over and kissed her with a biggrin on his face. "I could go for that," he replied.

Carl had noticed that his wife was running around the house a lotthe last few days in skimpy bathing suits and he was loving thesight of his trim but buxom spouse, who his friends had envied himbeing married to, putting herself on display for him. "Let me take aquick shower and change darling. I won't be long.

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  " "Okay my littlebluebird," he agreed.

When Jennifer emerged from her bedroom, she was dressed in a blackcocktail dress, a black teddy with matching panties underneath it aswell as black thigh high stockings and four inch heels. "Fuckin' A!"Carl exclaimed in his Brooklyn accent, "you look killer!" "Thank youhoney. I want to make this meal a feast for you visually, too. ""You're the best, hon," he smiled.

When they got home a couple of hours later, they were both in arelaxed mood. Jennifer proposed that he take a shower and join herin bed. She stripped naked and waited for him to finish cleaning up. When he exited the bathroom, his eyes were met by the sight of hisstatuesque Korean and Italian wife in a leisurely repose waiting forhim. "Honey, why don't you lay here next to me on your stomach andI'll give you a massage?" Jennifer, batting her eyes in a sexy,alluring tone of voice, invited him. "Wow babe, you really know howto make a man feel good!" Carl intoned happily. "Especially whenthat man is you sweety," she flirted, giving him a little kiss as heassumed the position she had directed him to. She grabbed a bottleof edible massage oil off of her nightstand and drizzled it on hisback and began to rub it in, digging her fingers into his backmuscles trying to loosen him up and get him turned on.

"Carl darling?" she uttered with an upward inflection to indicatethat she wanted a response from him. "Yeah doll?" he returned.

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   "Idon't say this enough, but I want to thank you for giving me such awonderful home and our beautiful daughter. I know I am so lucky toenjoy the lifestyle you've made possible for us to have. Not tomention that you're not  exactly shabby as a husband. I love you somuch. " "Wow, thanks for that, Jen! You're an awesome mom to Jessicaand I never have to worry about the state of the house when I comehome with a coworker. And, then, of course, you're still a hot babe!Believe me, I'm the envy of the office because of you. " "Thank youdarling. I love running your household. I especially love it whenyou take me into your strong arms. It makes me feel so secure," sheaverred. "The pleasure is all mine my little bluebird," he accepted.

When she had resolved the tightness of his back muscles, she leaneddown and started licking and biting the skin on his back whilelightly scratching it with her nails. "Mmmm, don't stop babe," heexhorted her. Carl was becoming super aroused now, as he pictured inhis mind what his naked wife was doing to him. She pressed her boobsinto his back and slid them up and down the length of it, hernipples, which Jessica had unlocked before heading over to Mike's,becoming stiff and sticking straight out a full half inch.

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   Some ofthe massage oil had smeared her breasts. She reached over to the endtable again to grab a large towel and she had Carl lie face up onit. Straddling him and her eyes sparkling, she begged, "here honey,can you please lick some of this oil off my boobs please?"Wordlessly, Carl put a d-cup breast into each hand as she leanedover his face and licked and sucked them. "God sweety, that feels sogood," she cooed. She drizzled more of the oil on her breasts andrubbed it into her aureolae and he sucked on her nipples some more,the distension from his suction causing her to moan seductively. ,while also tasting and smelling the strawberry flavoring.

Carl was rock hard and, as Jennifer pulled her boobs away from him,throatily leeered, "ooh, I see something that is REALLY stiff. Herehoney, let me take care of that for you," she smiled naughtily. Shepoured some oil on her hands and then more on his stone shaft andcockhead, and oh so slowly began to pump her hand up and down. Carltilted his head up to see Jennifer's boobs jiggling as her handsqueezed and rubbed his manhood. "Oh God Jen, that feelsspectacular," he purred. Precum was soon leaking from his piss slitand it further lubricated her palm and fingers as they glided overthe engorged member, making him flinch when her thumbpad circled onthe tip of the head. Jessica herself was getting wet and wished Carlwould stop her and rape her hardcore right there, she was thatworked up from what she had experienced earlier in the day with herdaughter and her boyfriend. Jennifer, hearing his breathing becomingmore erratic, quickened her strokes. She could feel the headswelling under her fingers.

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   "Would you like to cum on my tits,baby?" Jennifer inquired. "Oh yeah baby, that would rock!" heencouraged. She stopped stroking him and poured more of the massageoil into her cleavage and then wrapped her breasts around his nowvery sensitive  fuck stick and let her tender knockers caress it. Helet out an almost strangled cry and then his white hot  jizz spurtedall over her breasts,  her neck and the hands that were keeping thesweater puppets on his prong. Carl slumped back after venting hispent up sperm and let out a long guttural sigh. Jennifer smiled atthe pacified expression on her husband's face.

"Oh my God, Jen, that was amazing. " "I'm glad you liked it," sheenunciated. "Come here my little birdie and give me a kiss," herequired and she felt his thick arms embracing her, she and Carlswapping spit and tongue fighting. He put her on her back andsnagged the oil and dripped it on to her breasts and rubbed it in. He then sucked and licked her nipples again, Jennifer holding hishead while the brown nubs pulsated every time he drew air by them. Jennifer moaned and told him how much she was appreciating hisministrations while he slipped his hand to her recently made baldsnatch and applied pressure to her clit, his fingers alternatelyfolding and extending. "Oh fuck Carl, don't stop honey, Jesus," sherasped. Carl kept up his attack on her nipples and the rubbing gotfirmer and more heated on her love button and she soon shuddered andreported that she was cumming, his hand flooded by her wetness.

Carl licked his fingers off as Jen reclined in the afterglow of anorgasm.

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   He moved his body up to look into his wife's eyes and kissher. He stroked her face with the back of his hand while their lipstraded expressions of affection. She pushed him off of her andscooted down to run her tongue all over his still flaccid cockbefore her mouth floated over it and her lips pinched his shaft, hertongue flicking it from underneath. She could feel hm begin to growin her mouth. She tickled his balls with her nails as her head movedup and down to exert friction on his meat. His dick was nowthickening and she was having more and more trouble getting it allinto her mouth as it lengthened. She relaxed her throat and went forit, but still gagged after just five of his six inches. She kepttrying to force it into her throat, but that part of her body justwasn't ready yet to be penetrated on a regular basis. So she bobbedher head up and down furiously in between pulling off of it to lickand suck on the head. She pulled off for the final time. "Fuck mebaby," she pleaded. "How do you want it doll?" Carl asked. "He whomakes the gold writes the rules," she rejoindered. Carl raised aneyebrow and followed up with, "do you mean that hon?" "God yesCarl. , Fuck me like you own me!" He put her on all fours and jammedhis spear into her wet space and put a hand on either side of herhips and began to pump it into her hard.

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   "Oh God yes honey, give itto me rough!" "That's exactly what you're going to get, bitch!" hegrowled. "God, I love it when you denigrate me while you fuck me,"she groaned. In the wake of that statement, Carl slapped her asshard," causing her to jump but calling for more. He continued tohammer her ass with authority and she was departing for sub space,her posterior region hot and stinging. "Take that dick, slut. I'mgoing to use you good!" he promised.

The deeper into sub space she got, the easier it was for her body toconcentrate the sensations from her ass and pussy and when he heardher choked gasping, he plowed her with a new sense of purpose andbrought her an orgasm that almost buckled her knees. "You like thatshit slut?" he asked rhetorically. "You really know how to take acock, you cunt. " The thrusting of his hips was a veritable frenzynow and the violence of them was sending Jennifer further andfurther into her own private Idaho while Carl's cock seemed togather more voltage with each thrust and then exploded amid a hailof slimy cum that flooded her vaginal vault.

He rolled off of Jennifer and while his cum created a wet spot underher, Carl put an arm around her, though he didn't say anything. Shegrabbed that limb and held it tight to her body while she continuedher flight through inner peace. Carl spooned his wife's long nakedbody and they fell asleep.

Friday morning, Carl awoke to see his wife's mouth on his cock. "Fuck, am I dreaming?" he initially asked himself.

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   But he was soonswept up in the oral massage Jennifer was giving his unit and withinten minutes he had offloaded more of his cum into her. She managedto persevere through the taste and swallowed it. She crawled up tohim and announced, "good morning sweety!" "Hi hon.   Wow, that was areal eye opener!" he laughed. She chuckled, too, and joked in aflirty way, "well, that was so you can keep your mind on your work. "She asked him what he wanted for breakfast and then made it for him. When he later came out of the shower, she was naked, too, and askedhim for a hug and a kiss. He groped her ass and they made out forabout five minutes before he stopped, telling her he had better getdressed. She loved him up again while still bereft of clothing oncehe was fully suited up and he went to work in a very pleasant mood.

Three hours later, Mike and Jessica showed up. Jessica stripped andthen kissed her mom. "Does trainee have anything to report?" Mikewondered. "Yes Master. Last night, trainee greeted Carl in a bikiniand she suggested we go have a relaxing dinner since we were alonelast night. When we came home, Carl took a shower and then she gavehim a massage and a handjob that became a titfuck and he came allover her chest and neck.

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  " "Excellent!" Mike praised. "When we wereready to have sex, trainee told Carl that 'he who makes the goldwrites the rules' and he fucked and spanked her hard and called hernames, and she started to kinda float off, which was reallypleasurable but weird. In the morning, trainee woke Carl up with abj, and yes, she swallowed, and made him the breakfast he wanted. Trainee also made out with him naked before he left. "Wow! I'mimpressed trainee! Were you able to deep throat his cock?" "NoMaster. Trainee tried, but she wasn't able to get it all down yet. ""Well, it took fucktoy quite a while. Keep working on it. " "YesMaster. " "Did trainee do her benwa balls exercises?" "Yes Master. ""Very good," Mike smiled.

"Now trainee will show me her lingerie. " "Yes Master. " The three ofthem went into Jennifer and Carl's bedroom and then into their walkin closet. Mike took note of what she had and made  notes about whathe didn't see.

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   "Jennifer, you've seen fucktoy wearing her cheongsam. Why don't you have any even though they look very beautiful on anyAsian woman? "Master, trainee thought that they looked rather formaland she already has enough formal wear. " "Trainee will note thatcheongsam is not only sexier than most normal formal wear, but itmay also be worn casually to fine effect and it is dignified withoutthe vulgar cry of, "see how much money I spent on this!" "ButMaster, it is hard for trainee to see herself doing the vacuumingwhile wearing a cheongsam," Jennifer claimed. "True enough trainee,but for when your husband is coming home after a long slog at theoffice and the housework is done and the meal is already on thestove, don't you think he would like to be greeted by a womanwearing a cheongsam rather than jeans and a tank top?" "Yes Master,"she conceded. "Also, trainee will not be wearing a cheongsameveryday. She will be changing her outfits to keep her husbandlooking at her in a new way and you won't be doing the houseworkeveryday except maybe the dishes. "Yes Master. " "Trainee will alsonote that sometimes jeans and a tank top can be quite elegant ifchosen judiciously. Master has noticed that trainee has a good eyefor doing that, but he feels that more of a contrast is called for. ""Yes Master. "

"Now, trainee will also collect all her capris style pants and takethem to Goodwill. Nothing says 'sexless soccer mom' more than caprispants and they tend to make a woman's calves look fat. Trainee andfucktoy are both forevermore forbidden from wearing them or she willbe given 100 swats with the paddle every time Master sees her inthem. Do trainee and fucktoy understand?" "Yes Master. " "YesMaster.

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  " Fortunately, your Master didn't see any sweats in trainee'scloset. The same rule will apply to them as capris pants. Absolutelyforbidden. "Yes Master. " "Yes Master. "

Mike had Jennifer get online and order several cheongsam forherself. "Trainee will notify Master when they have arrived and shewill model them for him," Mike commanded. 'Yes Master. Thank youMaster. " "Okay, that done, trainee will now take me and fucktoy toher favorite lingerie store. " "Yes Master. " "Fucktoy and traineehave ten minutes to get ready. Do not try Master's patience!" "YesMaster," the mother and daughter acknowledged.

When they got to the lingerie shop, Mike felt out of his element,which he was. But just sheer balls being 90% of any hustle, hedecided to brazen it out.


   They went to the bustiers and Mikeselected several for Jennifer to try on. The same thing happenedwith panties. Jessica, help your mom try them on and then have hercome out and show me each outfit. "Okay Mike," Jessica said as theclerk stood there scratching her head over what was going on. Theywere basically the same outfit, a push up bustier with a bikinistyle elegant panty. Mike already knew what he liked and he approvedall the outfits he had chosen for Jennifer. He then decided to addlacy bra and panty sets to that, too. "Okay, we need to get her somethigh high stockings," Mike told the clerk. Okay, here are thepatterns I like so give her the right sizes for her in those colorsand let's get out of here. "

Once they had left the lingerie store, Mike asked Jennifer if shehad matching recently bought four inch or higher heels for theoutfits. She didn't. So he also had Jennifer take care of that withnew footwear. The colors Mike chose were baby blue, white, pink andblack and they all looked tremendous on Jennifer.

"If trainee can learn to deep throat and her benwa ball exerciseshave the effect I think they will, she will graduate to herhusband's fulltime sub. Trainee, being a fulltime sub such as yourdaughter here requires a lot of commitment and discipline as well asthe kind of pride in oneself to observe every detail.

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   Do youunderstand/" "Yes Master. Thank you Master. "

When they got back to the Hamada residence, Mike had Jessica put onher pink cheongsam and then also commanded that Jennifer wear thelight blue lingerie outfit for Carl after the family eats dinner. "Fucktoy, when your father comes home tonight you will treat himlike a conquering hero, do you understand?" "Yes Master. " "Today isthe end of another tedious week for him you two, so let him know youappreciate his effort. " "Yes Master. " "Yes Master. " "Okay. I'mworking on arranging a couple of gigs, so I have to go. "ByeMaster!" the pair chanted together.

Jennifer raised her hand and Jessica recognized her. "Yes trainee?""Mistress, why is Master so detailed on how trainee approaches hertreatment of her husband?" "My sense, trainee, of why Master isdoing this is that after a certain period of time, couples begintaking each other for granted. So Master is probably issuing thoseorders to us as a way to remind us to not take daddy for granted. Trainee will reference his remarks about your Mistress, where heexpressed that he shows his love to her everyday because life can beended so quickly. and she may not be here tomorrow.

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  " "Thank youMistress. " "You're welcome trainee. Now let us discuss what kind ofmeal will make daddy happy. " "Yes Mistress. "

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