Seducing my bf best friend


Another true story of me being a slut. My first story on this site is titled, 'Making Of A Slut'. Here's more. I was 16 and in school when I decided to seduce my bfbest friend (David). I invited him over to do homework with me. He was a good looking guy that I always thought was hot. I wanted to seduce him this afternoon and played my cards right. I wore my white short skirt and no panties. My tits are small so I rarely needed a bra. I wore a real tight tank top so my nipples would show. He showed up and the game was on. Mom and dad were at work so I had all afternoon free.

After 15 minutes of pretending to study I asked him if he needed a drink? He asked for coke. I climbed up the kitchen counter to grab a glass deliberately so he could see up my skirt and my naked ass as I fidgeted to grab it. I enjoyed the fact that he could see my ass. He pretended he did not see as I turned catching him look away.

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   I went to the fridge and bent down to grab a coke from the bottom shelf knowing my skirt will rise again and he can see my ass. I could feel him stealing a glance. I came over and settled back at the study table. After a minute I dropped my pen and asked David to grab it. As he bent under the table, I left my legs just wide enough so he could see my pussy. I knew he stopped long enough to grab the pen. I let him enjoy it. When he was up I knew he was red in face but he did not say anything. I think he wanted to be good as I was his best friends gf. But I wanted him.

So after pretending to study for another 5 minutes I asked David if we could sit on the sofa and study in the living room? We both moved and I settled next to him. As we started to study I would lean into his arm and rub my breast a little. I could see he was getting hard as his shorts now had a bulge. So I cut to the chase and looked at his bulge and said. .

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  . looks like someone is horny! Are you David? He flushed and said no but he was bothered like hell. So I placed my hands on his cock and felt it hard against his shorts. Looks like someone is lying I said.

Now he cannot hold anymore and he leaned in and kissed me. I quickly straddled him rubbing my pussy on his bulge while passionately kissing him. his hands were all over my ass with my skirt riding high. I grinded on his cock as we kissed. I loved his hands all over my ass. We kissed for a minute and I pulled back and peeled his tshirt off. He has a good body as I have seen him run topless. I bit his nipples and sucked on them. Next I stood up and while he sat on the sofa I stood on the sofa with my pussy on his face and his face under my skirt. I sat down on his face and made him eat me. My pussy was already wet and he was sloppy eater but soon found my clit and sucked on it and ate it well.

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   I sat on his face and came hard.

I got down of the sofa and pulled his shorts and boxer off him. I got down on my knees and started to suck his cock. He was about 6 inches long. I sucked and stroked his cock. He was moaning and I put on a show for him. I would taste him while looking seductively thru my blonde hair. I asked him if he was enjoying me sucking his cock? He loved it. He wanted to cum in my mouth as his gf did not swallow. I told him yes. With that I took all of his cock in my mouth till I gagged. I sucked hard and stroked it till he was ready to cum. I pulled back my face enough to let him cum all over my face. He shot a large load all over my face, mouth and hair. I swallowed the cum that hit in my mouth.

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   Then I used my fingers to seductively pull cum off my face and licked my finger just how I licked his cock. He loved the show and loved the fact that I swallowed. He kept saying how slutty that was and how badly he wanted his gf to do the same. I told him when he wants to cum in someones mouth, he can come over to my place.

David was still semi hard. So I took his cock back in my mouth and started to suck it again. After a minute he was hard again. I went over to the sofa and got on it doggy style with my face to the back of the sofa for rest against the back. I spread my legs. David pulled the skirt up to expose my ass and got his cock right into my wet pussy. He knew how to fuck and he started fucking me deep and hard. I was moaning loud enjoying him fuck me. He slapped my ass and pinched it as he fucked me. I was moaning loud and I asked him to cum in me. I always orgasm when I feel cum hit deep in my pussy.

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   He picked his pace and soon he exploded in me. His hot cum made me start to cum. I moaned louder and he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer as he filled me up. After a few seconds he pulled his sloppy cock out of me. I turned around and settled in the sofa and asked him to bring his cock so I could clean it up. I love tasting my cum filled with a guys cum. He enjoyed me sucking his cock again.

We got dressed and he left. Since then we fucked often till I left for college. I wonder where he is now and if he misses my tight pussy.

Cindy (personalinbox@mac. com).

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