Old House Fuck, Chpt. 1


 Part 1           

             Hello everyone. This is a story about myself and a woman that is beautiful, sweet, and fulfills my every desire. She was my first fuck and I will always cherish it. It was a beautiful night in the rural parts of Mississippi. It was a full moon and the stars twinkled. We were having a dance and it was around 11:30 p. m. Most of the people were drunk and but remained dancing, playing some corny music that was really not worth listening to. I stood around with my friends and drank a couple of beers that satisfied me. I was blushing slightly from the booze that run through my body. Then I saw the girl. She had brown hair that came just slightly past her shoulders, and she was about 5'4. She was thin and had curves in all the right places. A nice ass and 38DD breasts that I later found out. She had blue eyes and a beautiful tan. Her eyes twinkled in the light.

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   I looked over her whole body and drooled. She was drop dead gorgeous, and I had never seen a more beautiful girl in my life. She grinned slightly, and caught me staring. I looked up, embarrassed slightly and found my friends laughing at me and tapping me on the shoulder. I was motionless and had never seen a more beautiful girl in my life. She was my true desire. Now, I am 6'4, brown hair, blue eyes, tan complexion, and very much muscular, so I am a very attractive guy without a doubt.  I walked over her way and struck up a conversation with her. This girl was amazing! She was easy to talk to and we hit it off at first sight. I asked her if she wanted to dance and she agreed without any sort of hesitating. I grabbed her hand and walked with her over to the dance floor. She grabbed my ass and looked up to me and whispered that my ass felt great as I rubbed up her back and down to her ass. God, that ass felt great. My erect cock rubbed against her pussy as we danced, after all, I was drunk and she was attractive and was leaning against me. I heard some little quiet moans escape her mouth.

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   I smiled in satisfaction. Now, I definately wasn't lacking in the downstairs area of my body. I had a 8 1/2 inch cock (which now I have 10 1/2 inches). I whispered to her that we leave early and we could ride around. This is where the fun really begins.
"Hey, why don't we go. I know a place that would be pretty fun to hang for a while," I said.
"Yea, the party is getting kind of dull. Lets go hang out somewhere where we can be alone and have peace," she responded.
Part 2
    We got in my Mustang and I drove her to this old abandoned house out about 10 miles from where the party was held. As we drove, she touched my inner thigh and I started breathing heavily. She felt and could see the erection growing in my pants. She smiled with satisfaction and pulled her hand away. I was infuriated that she was just playing with me like this. We pulled up to the house and I brought her into the house.

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   It creaked a little bit when we first walked in, but I pushed away some of the dust and tarps. I sat down on the floor and pulled her down with me. There was a huge hole in the ceiling and we could look at the stars.  I pulled her against my chest and rubbed my hands up and down her back. Suddenly. . there was a sudden change of events. She got up quickly and straddled me. My eyes twitched in amazement. She then bent down and started kissing my lips, shoving her tongue deep in my mouth. My eyes grew big but soon relaxed as I felt her warm lips and tongue touch mine. Earlier, in my shock, I felt motionless and helpless, but here I was, at the mercy of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She pulled off of my lips and pulled off my shirt. The cool winter air touched my chest and my nipples went erect. Pleased, she bent down and began nibbling on my nipples.

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   Never had a woman nibbled on my nipples and was strangely erotic. Quiet moans escaped my mouth as I felt my cock growing harder. She eased herself down lower to my body. She kissed my abs and right above my pant line. She looked up to me with a grin and a little giggle. She unbuckled my belt and pants and shoved them down to my ankles. I was fully erect now and my cock was bursting out of my boxers. She pulled my boxers off and her eyes got as wide as the moon above. She grabbed the base of my cock and began pushing her small, warm hands up my cock. I shivered and was already at my peak. I told her to slow down so I could hold it in longer. She obeyed but suddenly began sucking on the head of my cock, teasing it. I had never felt such a sensation before. My hands beat the creaky floor as I felt precum leak off my cock. Excited, she took in half of my cock and her fingers slowly trailed in front of her lips, jerking the remainder of my cock off.

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   I felt my balls fill with cum and I was just about to reach my peak. Then all the sudden she said. . :
"Oh my fucking God baby, I want you to cum all in me. Fill me deep. "
With amazement at this, I stoop up and told her to lay down on her back. She did so and I looked at her virgin pussy one last time before I broke that sacred creed. . virginity. I went in slow at first, trying to get her adjusted to my cock. I felt the little thin layer of tissue, the hymen, rub against the head of my cock. I spoke these words to her:
"**Laci, I am at the border line of your virginity. Can I have the pleasure of breaking your virginity?"
She closed her eyes and nodded a yes, gripping my arms tight. I slowly humped her, busting the hymen. I could see the tears flow down her eyes as she screamed.

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   Guilt overcame me. I came down and kissed her deeply, trying my best to ease the pain the best I could. She nodded her head in approval to go on after the crying subsided. I continued to fuck her pussy, deeper into her. She told me to move faster into her, or something to that effect. I couldn't fit my whole cock into her, because she was so damn tight. The warm walls of her pussy massaged my cock and I felt my balls tighten once again. But as a gentleman, I had always read, let a woman cum first. I could feel the muscles in her pussy tighten around my cock. Her eyes rolled back a little and she screamed this. . :
"Baby! Oh God baby. . I'm cumming!! God yessssss," she hissed.
Almost simutaneously, I cummed my big load deep into her pussy.

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   I had to cum at least 10 ropes of cum in her. The sensation was unbelievable. I almost blacked out and when I came to look at her, she had passed out. I lay down beside her and held her into my arms. We lay in the old house until morning creaked in the wholes of the ceiling and house itself. We woke up to light shining on our bodies, feeling a warm sensation fill our bodies. I picked her up and put her in the car. I drove her to my house and tried to wake her up but couldn't. I filled up the bath water and set her down in there. I scrubbed her cum filled hair with shampoo and conditioner and washed her body all over. As I washed her off, I could see her pussy leaking cum, I suppose from the arousal of another person touching her body. I tried hard to not fuck her right then in there, but I contained myself and picked her up and dried her off. I then dressed her in some of my sister's clothes, with my sister's consent of course. I put her in my car and drove around for a while and she finally awoke. I took her to her house and kissed her a sweet farewell.

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   Ever since then, we have been good friends and continue to be friends.

**-Names were changed in the story
  Thanks and please comment on my story and if I can get comments, I will continue to write stories for your pleasure. Thank you and have a lovely day.