A good day at work


In my job as a security guard at a local mall, I had taken a liking to the late shift- though there was a surge in activity in the evening, it was generally quiet, and the lack of any traffic on the drive home was a more than welcome change. Because it was the mall, however, there were always a good number of tasty females to admire- and to fantasize about later in the evening as things slowed down. Little did I know that one of those fantasies would soon become a reality.

There had been a rash of missing items from one of the stores- small things, but enough to become an issue they had asked us to keep an eye on. One quiet thursday night, I found the source of those thefts, and that shift turned out to be like no other!

On a routine check, I rounded a corner in that store and saw her stuffing things in the pockets of her short cutoff jeans. She looked about 11, and had a petite, firm body and impossibly long legs for her age. Her face turned ghost white as I tapped her on the shoulder. She knew I'd seen what she'd been up to.
"Where is your mom or dad, young lady?"
She stammered for a moment before she managed to say "S-she's n-not here, sir. I'm here by myself. "
"You're going to have to come with me. " I replied. I motioned her to walk in front of me as I returned the stolen item to the front counter and assured the clerk I would be taking care of the problem.
I guided the girl- her name turned out to be Sarah- toward the security office located toward the back of the mall, and as I walked, I couldn't help but notice how good her tight legsand firm ass looked. I must admit, I've always had an admiring eye for the beauty of girls her age, but she looked especially tasty!
We entered the small office and I told her to have a seat. As she put her beautiful ass in the chair, she looked at me with a worried face and said, "Please sir- don't call my mom.


  . . I'll be in so much trouble because of this. . . I didn't mean it. I just really wanted that bracelet and I didn't have any money for it. "
I felt sorry for her- and I was beginning to feel a bit horny for her as well. Ok, a LOT horny for her. . . Before I could talk myself out of it, I responded, "Ok, sweetie. . . what's your name?"

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  " she replied.
"Sarah. We can work something out, I think. But, you have to do exactly as I say. Can you do that?"
She nodded, a relieved, anxious look coming to her face.
I stood up and locked the doorto the office, not bothering to hide my hardon pressing against my pants.
"Stand up, and letme see you now, beautiful Sarah. " I said, sitting back down.
Nervously, she stood up. "Now, turn around and let me look at you, sweet Sarah. " She turned slowly in a circle. "Are you ready now? This is where our agreement gets important. "
She nodded nervously. I think she started to suspect what I had in mind.
"Take of your shirt.

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  " I said, softly but firmly. She hesitated, then complied. As she pulled her frail tank top off, she brought her training bra with it, leaving her long, honey blonde hair to spill back on her smooth, flat chest and back. Her nipples had gotten hard with nervous excitement.
"Very nice, baby. Now, your shorts. Then your panties. "
Her face flushed. "If I do it, you won't call my mom, right?"
"Our little secret. All of this will be. " I replied.
Reassured, but still nervous, she unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down, letting them fall to the floor. Her panties went right behind them.
I was rock hard at this point. Not only having this beautiful, sexy little girl to do with as I pleased, but the fact I would be doing it all with her in my tiny work office was even more exciting! I couldn't wait to taste her.

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I walked to her and caressed her pretty face. I kissed her softly on the lips before picking her up and laying her on the desk.
As I spread her legs, I whispered, "Just relax, baby. Our little secret. " With that, I took my first taste of her pussy, running my tongue from her crotch to her clit, and felt her squirm a bit as I flicked it with my tongue.
I looked up and her nipples were hard. "Does that feel good, Sarah? Do you like that?"
"It f-f-feels good sir. Do anything you want to me, just don't tell my mom. "
With that, I ate her pussy like a man on a mission! I felt her relax and heard her start to purr and moan, and I knew I would need more. . . as she shuddered with her orgasm, I pulled her up and kissed her again.
"Now it's your turn, Sarah. " I whispered, panting, feeling her body against mine. I sat her in the chair, the sweat from her nude body dampening the fabric.

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   I let my pants fall to the floor, and brought my cock near her face.
"Have you ever had a cock in your mouth?" She shook her head shyly, and I put her hand on it.
"Take it in your mouth and suck it and lick it like you would a popsicle. Just don't bite it!"
She started awkwardly, but as I gently held her head and slid it in and out of her mouth, she found a rhythm and went with it. And when she reached that point, I can say this was the best blowjob I've ever had before or since, except from her! She was a natural!
Looking at my tiny cock penetrating her tiny lips, still tasting her pussy, was too much to take! I was going to cum very soon! I didn't warn her, and just held her head still as I pumped my cum into her mouth. She looked surprised, not knowing what to do with the huge load in her mouth!
"Swallow it, baby. Swallow every drop" I said, finishing up. . .
I picked her up again, tongue kissing her this time, tasting the leftovers of my own cum on her lips and in her mouth.
I finally put her down, telling her "you can get dressed now, Sarah. " Zipping up my pants, I took out my wallet and took out $20. "And this is for you. Now you don't need to steal what you want. Just go buy it.

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"Thank you sir. " she said "I don't know what to say. "
"Just look for me anytime you're back in the mall. " I said. "There are so many more things we can do together. "
She got dressed and left, and I suspected that I wouldn't see her again. But, two days later, she approached me while on my rounds, and held my hand. "Hi again!" She smiled. . . I knew this was the start of something very beautiful and very hot!
To be continued!