The Crossroads - Part 2


"Alot. " He said, smiling at her. "Alot of what?" She said, lost. "It has alot to do with you. " He grinned wider, deliberately informing her that he knew everything that was going through her mind. "I've been watching you for awhile, Holly, and I've got to tell you. I'm quite impressed with you're work. " He continued grinning, pausing only to sip at the drink beside his plate. "You're quite a vindictive little slut, aren't you?"In shock, Holly started to rise from her chair, only to be forced back down by an invisible force. "What the hell is this?" She asked, almost in a panic. "Hell is exactly what this is, Miss DeMancy. " He smiled, as several large black tentacles came from under the table, wrapping around her slender young body. They encircled her tiny figure, binding it to the chair. "You see, as I've already said, your father owes me a debt. Since this appears to be a debt that your father can't or won't pay, I'll simply make you pay. " He smiled, crossing his arms across his chest, and leaning back in his chair.

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  "What the fuck are these things?" Holly asked, terrified for her life, as they slid across her body. Suddenly, one began to slide up her skirt, under the table. She felt it's cold, slimy texture work it's way up the inside of her leg, as she frantically looked around the restaraunt, to see if anyone was aware of her situation. "Nobody can see either of us, Miss DeMancy. As far as these 'things,' as you put it, they're going to help me take my payment. " He watched in enjoyment. Holly's face began to blush as the long black tentacle inside her dress worked up the inside of her thigh, and began to slime it's way into her pussy. "I've been in need of a wife for a very, very long time. " He leered at her. "What? No, I--" Holly's sentance was cut short, as one of the tentacles swung up, violently, and ripped her dress, revealing her breasts. It then wrapped itself around her breast, and began massaging it, using the tip of the tentacle to wrap around and pinch her nipple. "This is sick, make it stop!" She began to cry, another tentacle wrapping around her throat before plunging into her mouth. Holly struggled to move her arms, to try and defend herself, but they were bound to the chair by more of the disgusting black tentacles. "Why would I, Holly?" He continued to smile. As the long shaft of the tentacle under her dress began fucking her, uncontrollably, the area around the table began to fade to black, leaving nothing but her, the table, and the mysterious gentleman sitting across from her.

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   And, of course, the dozens of tentacles that were fucking her relentlessly. Holly's pussy began to burn with the heat of ecstacy, her clit throbbing with pleasure. Her body finally betrayed her, when it allowed her it's first orgasm, sending her head back in excitement. Her chair was soaked with the fluids escaping her womanhood, as more and more tentacles came from nowhere, ripping her clothes off of her, and began to ravage her. "I thought you liked being a slut. Is it so wrong to take pleasure in what you do?" He smiled, as he stood from the table and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Everyone should enjoy their position in this world, or any other. And while we're on the subject, Holly, why shouldn't others enjoy you for what you do?" He grinned as his face began morphing, horribly. His clothes began to shred on his body, giving way to a set of blood-red wings and a long snake-like tail, as his face turned blood-red and sprouted horns. Holly was lost in a mixture of pleasure, pain and terror, now being fucked in the ass by one tentacle, and watching the horrors before her. "Why shouldn't I get to enjoy you being a complete and utter slut, too?" He growled to her. --Alone, naked, and in the dark, Paris walked through the pitch black room, using her arms to try and hide her nudity. The humidity was unbearable, and the ground was rough-feeling to her feet. It felt as though she was walking on rock, as sweat dripped down her body. "Where the hell am I, and what the fuck was that in the shower?" She mumbled to herself, scared out of her wits.

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   It didn't take her long to realize that she wasn't in a room, but a large dark cave. As she continued walking, she began to see a red light at the end. Not sure what to expect, she followed the light to the exit. To her shock, what she then saw was worse than she could've ever imagined. She stood, overlooking a sea of blood, fire, and demons. Paralyzed in fear, she couldn't help but watch as the majority of them used crude tools to chip away at the rock. Scattered throughout the area were women, hanging from chains, completely nude. Their bodies were bruised and battered, showing signs of physical as well as sexual abuse. "Holy shit. " She muttered, and slowly tried herself inside the mouth of the cave, just inside the shadows. Below, one of the larger demons raised it's head, it's ear twitching. It let loose a low, gutteral growl and sniffed the air, before discarding it and going back to work. Inside the mouth of the cave, Paris took a moment to try and calm down. "How am I going to get out of here? I don't even know where here is. " She muttered to herself, between the raspy breaths the humid stench-filled air allowed her.

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   From the depths of the cave, she heard the sound of something scratching on rock. Unsure what to do, she walked back into the cave before the sound began to grow. Soon, she realized that the growing roar of this noise was in fact, a stampede. In horror, she caught her first glimpse of what was coming down the tunnel. Speeding in her direction, Paris watched as hundreds of strange demonic creatures stampeded through the corridors of the cave. They looked to be two-legged creatures, their skin a solid black. Their legs looked incredibly strong, and their arms were very short, but at the end of each arm was a claw that could easily oust a tiger's in deadliness. Losing control, Paris screamed in horror, only to find that the echo of her screams had alerted the demons outside the cave of her presence. Stuck inside the cave by countless thousands of demons, outside, and hundreds of these black dog/rat-like stampeding demons, Paris did the only thing she could think of. . . duck. Dropping her nude body to the ground, on her knees, she quickly covered her head with her arms in hopes of avoiding getting pummeled. To her suprise, one of the closest creatures quickly mounted her exposed ass, instantly ramming a hard 4 inch-thick cock into her. "No!" She screamed, raising her head to see her assailant.

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   Before she could turn her head, another of the stampeding demons had mounted her from the front, and rammed it's throbbing black dick into her mouth. Choking on the invader, she began feeling the monster behind her slam into her with more fury than she's ever imagined. Each thrust was harder and faster than the last, the head of the demonic sex organ slamming into her cervix with each Earth-shattering blow. Betrayed by her own body, Paris found herself enveloped in orgasms so hard they hurt. --By now, Holly had begun enjoying the unholy fucking she was enduring. Time and again, her young body was racked with orgasms, and just as often, she felt her body accepting the seed of these long, black tentacles. She couldn't help herself anymore, being invaded in every orifice, she began squealing and moaning with pleasure. Beside her, the newly-transformed and demonic figure of her captor, the Devil himself, grinned as he watched the show. "Yes! Accept it all! You will pay your father's debt to me, Miss DeMancy. And when you've paid me in full, you will partake in the plans I have in store for you. As everything in life is, Holly, this too is your choice to make. Do you accept the pleasure that I can provide you?" He watched her, intently. Holly nodded underneath the hard, long tentacle, pumping away into her mouth. A tear of pleasure streamed from her eye, as she looked up to her captor, almost lost in ecstacy. "Then it begins!" He bellowed, before cackling a long and hideous laughter(Part 3 Coming SOON).

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