Training Sarah PArt three


I continued Sarah’s training every night for the next 3 weeks, never missing an opportunity to keep her nipples sensitive and her clit aroused. During this time she began to act a little submissive around me, as she was fearful that I would tell her little secrets.

When we took the trip to see our cousins, I upped the ante once again. Our cousins, who were about the same ages as me and Sarah, shared one big room with 2 double beds. The adults decided that we could share the beds or have one on each bed and lay down 2 sleeping bags in the middle. They thought it would be the big girls in the beds and the younger ones in the middle of the room in sleeping bags. I told Sarah that I wanted the bed, and she would sleep on the floor, inferring that it would be that way if she wanted to keep her secrets between me and her. The adults told us to work it out between ourselves who slept where. Sarah pulled me aside and started rambling about what would happen if the younger cousin heard her masturbating at night laying right beside her. I told her it didn’t really matter to me what she heard, but if she wanted the bed, she had to do me a favor. “Anything”, said Sarah, “anything”.

I told her OK, but it would be a separate favor for each night I gave up the bed. I told her to follow me into the bathroom and shut the door. I lifted the lid on the toilet, dropped my pants, sat down and spread my legs, giving her a full view of my shaved pussy. I looked her right in the eyes, and said, “Make me cum with your mouth. ” Her face went blank, and turned completely red.

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  She was trying to spit out reasons why that was a stupid request, and why she couldn’t do it. I looked at her again, and said, “Fine, pulled my pants up and said, “your sleeping on the floor. ”She begged me not to make her do that, then hung her head and said, “allright, I’ll do it. ” I smiled inside, knowing that she was beaten, pulled my pants down and spread my now wet pussy for her. She got down on her knees with her face over the edge of the toilet seat and planted her lips on my pussy. I placed my hands on the back of her head and pulled her mouth deep into my pussy. It didn’t take very long for me to cum, and of course as I was, I smeared my pussy juice all over her face. When I was done, she went to get up, and I said, stay there, I want you to watch something. With that, I began peeing in the toilet, just inches from her face. When I finished, I told her to give me one last lick. Completely defeated, she complied.

The next night, I told my younger cousin to hide in the bathroom closet with the slatted door after dinner for a surprise. So when Sarah and I met in the room to discuss her next task, I told her to go in the bathroom, get our cousin’s dirty panties out of the hamper and wait for me. I told her to strip, sit on the counter, get her nipples nice and hard and get her pussy nice and wet, and then put the crotches of the panties in her mouth and masturbate for me until she came. She whined and moaned a bit, but here again, she knew what she had to do to keep her secret a secret, and deep down, I think she enjoyed it.

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  She was sitting facing the closet, so when she spread her legs to masturbate, she gave my cousin quite a show. It didn’t take her long to reach an orgasm, and when she finished, I told her to lick off her fingers, get dressed and put the now saliva soaked panties back in the hamper.

Later that night when I was sleeping on the floor with my younger cousin, I asked if she enjoyed the show. She thought it was f-king great and asked me how I got her to do it. I gave her the cliff notes version, and told her tomorrow night we should convince everyone to play truth or dare, and see how far it goes.

The next evening we in fact did play truth or dare after the parents went to bed. We all sat around the middle of the floor in our nightshirts and panties. The questions quickly turned to sex as we took turns answering questions. We did the typical questions about boys, seeing cocks, etc. My older cousin asked me if I ever masturbated, and I just smiled and said of course, doesn’t everyone, glancing over at Sarah, everyone kind of nodded. It was my turn, and I asked Sarah if she ever licked her fingers off after masturbating. Everyone in unison went, “ewe, gross,” rather than answer, Sarah took a dare. I drew this out a little by saying, not even once, not even a quick lick, never curious what it taste like. My little cousin knew better, and I could see her getting more and more nervous, so I dared her to play with her nipples till they got hard. Looking kind of sheepish she started tweaking her nipples and they got rock hard after just a minute or two, just like at home.

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Then our younger cousin asked our older cousin how often she masturbated and if she every played with her nipples when she masturbated. She looked back at her younger sister, and said I’ll take a dare. “OK”, then she paused, and said, your dare is to pinch Sarah’s nipples until they get hard again. She looked astonished, but kind of smiled as she moved over next to Sarah and began working on her nipples, and by the looks of her own nipples, she was enjoying it as much as Sarah.

It was Sarah’s turn to ask a question. She asked me if I ever had an orgasm in my sleep. I said no, “I think that what happens when you’re a slut or something. ” I noticed Sarah’s nipples had stayed pretty hard for the last 15 minutes or so. My older cousin saw me looking at my sister’s boobs, and noticed the same thing. She asked Sarah if playing with her nipples made her horny. Sarah said “no, I just did it for the dare. ” I called liar and pointed to the wet spot in her cotton panties. She either had to show the group her panties to prove me wrong, but she closed her legs, and said she would accept an ultimate dare.

An ultimate dare is agreed upon by the group and is supposed to be extreme. I suggested that since we’ve been talking about nipples, that we should make her wear clothespins on her nipples for the rest of the game.

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  Everyone agreed, and our younger cousin bolted out of the room to retrieve a handful of clothespins. When she returned, we had Sarah put the clothespins on her nipples. I thought about having her take off her shirt first, but over her nightshirt was fine.

It was my turn again, and I told Sarah, since we all know you are enjoying yourself, have you ever sniffed your own panties. She got completely red in the face, and started to say no, but chose another dare instead. My dare for her this time was to put her hand in her panties and masturbate in front of us. She hesitated and hemmed and hawed, trying to get out of it, but she was beaten, she hung her head, pulled her waistband out a little and slid her hand in her panties, just like she did everynight. Everyone was a little stunned, and you could hear her fingers going in and out of her pussy every once in a while. After the initial shock, the game went on, Sarah of course had to keep her hand in her panties. My younger cousin, staring at Sarah, looked over at her sister, seeing her erect nipples, for her turn asked her sister if she was getting horny. She looked back at her younger sister, and said no, just having fun watching Sarah do herself. I spotted the same wet mark in her panties that I saw on Sarah’s and called liar or my older cousin, pointing to her wet spot. She slammed her legs together, got completely red in the face, and with her rock hard nipples, knew she had to accept an ultimate dare. Her younger sister piped up and said, “I have two more clothespins!” We agreed that she had to put on the clothespins, but this time with no shirt on. She complained a lot, but ultimately did the ultimate dare.

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So here we were, Sarah with clothespins on her nipples through her shirt, with her hand in her panties, and my older cousin with her shirt off and clothespins on her nipples.

It was now Sarah’s turn again. Sarah, looking to take the focus off her, asked our older cousin if she had ever touched another girl’s pussy. She responded by saying that “she wasn’t a closet lesbian, and no, had never touched another girl’s privates. ” It was my older cousin’s turn, and all the focus was on the two older girls, seemingly locked in a duel. She asked Sarah if she ever kissed another girl. Sarah said absolutely not (I thought to myself, I would change that).

My turn, I asked Sarah if she had ever sniffed another girl’s panties. She looked over at me, knowing that she couldn’t answer no, and took yet another dare. My younger cousin looked at Sarah, and asked if she could name the dare. I told her it was ok, and she dared Sarah to put her hand in her older sister’s panties and give her a pussy rub. Sarah, was stunned, and looked around for support, and my older cousin protested, but it was going to happen, and they both knew it. Sarah asked if she could take her hand out of her panties to do it, we all agreed, and as she got up, habit caused her to put her dripping fingers in her mouth to clean them off. After her fingers were in her mouth, she realized where she was, which again added to her humiliation. She went over to our cousin, and slipped her hand inside her panties and began massaging her pussy.

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  We could hear how wet her pussy was, and Sarah was giving her a good work out. They both seemed to enjoy what was happening, so we let it run for a while.

While Sarah was fingering my cousin, I asked my question, Sarah, have you ever tasted another girl’s pussy. She knew she was trapped, so she disgustedly took another dare, which of course was to change hands and lick off her fingers that were wet with our cousin’s pussy juice. She complied, sending my cousin over the edge into an orgasm.

I declared the younger girls the winners and decided to call it a night. Sarah of course was at her wits end with being horny and humiliated, looked up at her cousin seemingly asking permission to stop massaging her pussy. We were all pretty horny as we were finding our respective places to sleep. As Sarah went to get in the bed, I told her that she had not done her task for me yet. Dejected, she said, at this point does it really matter? I told her I guess her secret was out, and told her to sleep on the floor next to my younger cousin. As they were settling in, I heard my cousin ask Sarah why she was sucking on her dirty panties in the bathroom last night. Sarah began to deny it, but my cousin stopped her saying she saw her put both panties in her mouth and masturbate on the counter. Sarah was beaten again. My cousin whispered “ultimate dare”, I think you should eat my pussy while you masturbate yourself. Sarah didn’t even argue, I could hear the zippers going down on both sleeping bags and heard the rustling around as Sarah prepared to do the deed.

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  As I heard the familiar sounds of Sarah satisfying herself, and eating pussy, I reached over and turned on the light and said, I told you she liked pussy!My cousin locked her knees around Sarah’s head, holding her face against her pussy so we could all see it. My older cousin and I watched as Sarah now completely humiliated freed herself from the leg lock, look around the room at us, and then ashamedly turning her head back to the pussy she was eating and masturbate herself to two orgasm before my younger cousin came all over her face. That’s how it all started!!