Family Reunion Pt 2


Hey All,
I was looking for the part one but could not find it but this is part two a couple days later. Jill called me at my real Mom's house and asked if I could come over and "maybe finish what we started at the lake with no one around to bother us. My mom is gone the rest of the day and I so wanna be with you. " she said. "Okay, Be over in a little. " and I asked if I could go and got directions. It only took 10 min to get there and Jill was at the door waiting with only panies on. I came in the door and she demanded I undress before I go inside. I did and we began kissing and massagging each other and went up staris. She pushed me onto the bed and dove between my legs. I almost had an orgasm riht off but she teased me and she gave me a great one a little later. I sprayed her face and hair and then she sat on my hips kissing me and sucking my nipples. "Jill, I want you to do something for me. " I said and she said, "And what might that be?" she said. "Bite my nipples, more than just a love bite, I mean really bite them hard while you finger my pussy, make it hurt. " and she looked at me.

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   "I like some pain sometimes. " I told her and then said, "Don't worry, I will let you know when to stop. " Well, she tried but just could not get over leaving her teeth marks on my tits. "Okay, but I need to eat you now since you have had a nice snack between my legs. " I told her and soon was licking her slow teasing her to make her beg me to make her orgasm come. Finally she was shouting for me to eat her pussy and make her cum and so I did and the same time I did, the bedroom door opened loud slamming against the wall.

"Alright you two sluts, what the hell do you think you are doing?" her mother yelled. I sat up and looked at her, "Well Dana, I just ate Jill through a nice orgasm. " I told her sitting on the bed but Jill was covering her self. Her eyes were looking at my tits and she had a little time to look at my face. Jill was now crying, "I am sorry Mom, I just had to, I don't know, I am sorry. " she was saying over and over. I sat there watching Dana and then stood up, "You should not make your daughter so upset like that. " I said. "Oh and I guess you have seduced her to be a lesbian you slut.

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  " she yelled back at me, again her eyes were on my nipples that had gotten hard when I stood up. I reached up and began massagging my tits, pulling the nipples and then sucked one into my mouth. Dana stood speechless watching me and her tongue licked her lips. "MMmm, I see you like my tits," I said with a low moan. "I like playing with them but it is so much better if someone else does it. " I said now just inches from her. Jill had dropped the sheets some but was still covered. I was now right there and another inch and we would be touching. "Go ahead, you know that you want to have them, enjoy them and I will make you feel really good too. " Dana reached out a hand and touched a nipple wih her finger as if seeing if it was hot. THen she took it between her thumb and finger and pinched it a little. "Oh that is nice" I said and took hr 36B breast in one hand. She stopped for a moment and then tok my tit in her hand as I massagged her left tit. I slowly undid the buttons of her blouse and it fell open and then I took her hands and cupped my tits with them both. She was massagging them slowly and her eyes were glassy now.

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   Jill had dropped the sheet and was touching herself all over. I hugged Dana and undid her bra and it fell to the floor and I kissed her tits one after the other. She had a skirt on and I kissed to her tummy and unzipped her skirt and then her panties came off. I led her to the bed and sat her on the edge and soon was licking her thighs and she laid back and looked up at her daughter. "I am going to take care of eating her Jill, maybe you need to feed off Mommie's breasts. " I said and she slowly did just that as I found a huge clit in Dana's trimmed pussy. Jill was sucking her tits and Dana was sothing her, "Yes Baby, suck mommy's tits dear, oh yes, just like that, oh yes. " and I spent time licking her pussy into submission and soon was rewarded with a nice wet orgasm as Jill sucked her tits. I got on the bed and kissed her and she returned the kiss tasting her own pussy on my face.

"Jill, you have sucked Mommy's tits now it is time to eat her sweet pussy. " I said and she looked at me. Jill kissed her way to Dana's hips and soon was licking her pussy and Dana was telling her to feed off Mommy's pussy. After a nice orgasm I told Dana it was time to eat her daughter and she rolled over and moved Jill to lay on her back. She began eating Jill slowly and soon Jill was moaning, "Oh yes, yes Mommy, oh yes. " and soon she had a nice sweet orgasm.

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   I moed them around and laid between them, "Okay girls, my turn, one take he top and the other take the bottom and then switch. " I said and they did just that. Dana was eating my pussy like a pro and Jill kissing me and sucking my nipples. I whispered to her, "Now leave some real bite marks dear, all over them, it makes me feel hot. " I told her and she began biting my nipples hard, then harder and then my tis, leaving bite marks all over. After my orgasm I told them to switch and now Jill ate my pussy and her mother was shocked at the bite marks all over my tits. I smiled, "Your turn Mom, suck tham good and hard and then bite them and I will enjoy it. " I said and she started to and I told her harder and harder. I was getting wild now and remember grabbing Dana by the hair and pulling her face to mine, "Bite them, make them bleed. " and she began doing just that until there were a couple streams of blood coming from each nipple. I had a convulsive orgasm and went through to another as soon as that one finished. We laid there for a while and Dana kissed her daughter and then said, "Not a word to your father. " she said and she said okay. "and you, you little slut, if ever you take my daughter to bed again you had better include me. " she said and we all kissed and then went to the shower.

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   We showered and dressed and I went home and had supper. Before leaving Dana had kissed me and said, "I do hope you are going to be back over before you go back to Alabama. " she said, "Oh yes, I need some more loving. " I told them and two days later I was there.
ya, more later.
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