Dirty Laundry


It was a Wednesday afternoon in mid July and Amy and Jen ventured to the local laundry mat to do their weekly wash. Laundry was a chore they both despised but tolerated better when in each others company. This afternoon however the sweltering heat made the task almost unbearable. To try to cool off a bit the girls walked down the street to pick up two lemonades with extra ice which helped cool them off slightly. They finally got back to the laundry mat, switched their clothes into the dryers then hopped up onto the laundry table and began to chat as they waited. They were the only two people in the place, their reasoning for this was because they figured they were the only ones dumb enough to spend such a fiercely hot afternoon sweating in a laundry mat. “God, I can’t take this heat. ” said Jen, Amy chimed in with a laugh “Ha, I know you look like you’re about to pass out actually. ” “Oh shut up, its fucking hot in here. ” Jen said as she sat back against the wall and closed her eyes. “I know it is, here let me cool you off a bit” Amy said as she fished an ice cube out of her lemonade. She looked into Jens eyes then began to rub the ice on Jens neck right below her ear. She slowly slid it down her neck and down between her breasts. “Feel any better yet?” Amy asked, the only response Jen mustered up was “Mhmm. ” Amy lightly blew on the wet trail left by the ice making Jen shiver as she leaned in to trace over the wet pathway with her tongue. Amy was suddenly relieved they were all alone because she craved Jen in a way she never had before, and she could tell the feeling was mutual.

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   She began to slowly lift Jens shirt,hesitating slightly to see if Jen would stop her, but instead she heard Jen whisper, “Please. ”

A shy smile came over Amy’s face as she began to kiss Jens naked stomach, nibbling on it lightly. She could feel Jen quiver as she continued to kiss and cares, she then looked up at Jen and asked, “So, What were you saying about it being hot in here??” Jen moaned as she pushed Amy’s head down past her belly button and moved her hips slightly as to say “Take it, its yours. ” Amyhovered over Jen’spussy feeling the warmth of it without even touching. “Do u want me to run my tongue over that wet clit?“ Amy asked. The only response she heard was a quiet “Mhmm” which barely escaped from Jen’s mouth. “I cant hear you, I said do you want me to run my tongue over that clit of yours?? Do you want me to make you come here at the laundry mat?? want me to lick you clean?”“Yes, yes I do. Please make me come, I need it. ” Jen admitted. “Well, I’m glad you want it, becauseI’m soaked just thinking about tasting you, I crave you. ”
and with that she slid down Jen’s pants kissing her pussy through the wet panties which were the only thing stopping her from Jen’s wet pulsing pussy. “Please Amy, please just fuck me. ” Jen moaned. “In due time hun…all in due time. ” Amy slid her way up to Jens chest pulling her shirt and bra up revealing her full breasts.

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   Amy sucked one of her hard nipples into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, sucking a bit harder before releasing it. Amy pulled Jensmouth in for a passionate kiss and she felt Jen melt as she kissed her. She knew they both desired what was about to happen, more than either may admit. With her hands exploring Jens body, running over her soft skin , she knew she couldn’t resist anymore. She laid Jen down on the table, and right there in the middle of the laundry mat she slid the soaked panties off her and began to kiss her inner thighs…every kiss getting closer and closer to that pussy she craved more than anything. Finally she kissed Jen’s wet clit, and sucked it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it like she had her nipple only moments before. Jen’s breathing quickened and she began to moan as Amy opened her pussy with her tongue. Tasting how sweet Jen was, she craved it even more. Jen soon began topush her wet pussy onto Amy’s mouth as she started to fuck her with her tongue.

Amy knew that Jen was close to coming already as she squirmed underneath her. As much as Amy wanted to make this last as long as she could she heard the bell on the door ring as someone walked in. Jen didn’t even notice the persons presence as she moaned uncontrollably and shook with pleasure as she came in Amy’s mouth. Amy crawled up to Jen’s mouth and kissed her, then whispered “We have company. ” Both girls laughed, and knew that from there on out maybe laundry wasn’t going to be such a chore any longer. .

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