Secretarial Duties


Jessica Dawson sat at her computer, typing up an important file, when she heard her boss call her name from his office. She stood up, smoothed down the front of her black skirt and walked to the back of the room where her boss’s office was. “You wanted to see me?” she asked nervously. “Yes, I did, please shut the door and lock it as this is a private conversation” said Jake Earnhart, not even bothering to look up from his desk. “It was brought to my attention that you were dressed inappropriately for work today. ” “Inappropriately?” asked Jessica looking down at  “I have been getting several complaints from the men today that they can not concentrate on their work because they are too busy staring at you in your provocative outfit,” her boss said. Jessica blushed a crimson red, realizing that maybe she was dressed a little too sexy for work. She had on a white button down shirt, and had undone the first three buttons so that when she bent over to get something, the men in her office got a nice view of her cleavage. Also, she was wearing a black skirt with stockings and black heels, and although the skirt she was wearing would have been short on any woman, her long, slim legs made the skirt seem like a micro “I’m really sorry,” said Jessica. “Would you like me to change?” “Actually I would,” said Jake with a sly smile spreading across his lips. “Right now. ” Jessica looked at him confused. “What do you mean?” she asked, not quite  “I mean I want you to take off your clothes right here, right now. They are not suitable for  “But, Mr. Earnhart-“ Jessica was interrupted as Jake got out of his chair, walked towards Jessica, and pinned her against the wall of his office. “Listen,” he said.

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   “I am your boss and you will do what you are told. If you fail to comply you will be fired, it is as simple as that. And now you have failed to follow my demands so I will take matters into my own hands,” he said as he continued to pin the leggy brunette against the wall. He kissed her cheek, slowly making his way to her lips until she turned her face away from him. “Jake, I can’t do this,” she pleaded. “You know I have a boyfriend. ” Jake ignored her comment, taking her face in his hands and turning it so that she was facing him. Still holding her face with his hands he forcefully kissed her on the mouth, his tongue aggressively lashing against hers. His lips slowly made their way down her neck, and he opened another button on her shirt revealing the black lacy push up bra that showed off her amazing tits. Jessica was helpless as she remained pinned against the wall while her boss ravished her body. He was 15 years older than her, so being at age 38, many of the women in the office found him extremely attractive. He had short light brown hair and piercing blue eyes, as well as an extremely built body. Although Jessica did have a boyfriend, she could feel herself growing wet and hot with excitement as she remained under the grip of his strong arms. He slowly undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse, kissing the top of her chest as he did so. He sure knew how to tease the hell out of a woman, and Jessica was feeling dizzy from the combination of excitement mixed with danger.

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   After Jake had removed her shirt, he pulled down the zipper to her skirt and slid it down her long slim legs. Jessica now stood before him only wearing her black push up bra, black lacy boy shorts, and thigh high stockings paired with her heels. The sight alone made his dick throb, and all eight inches of his cock had sprung to its full length. “Get over there and lean across my desk,” he demanded, impatiently rubbing his hard-on that bulged beneath his pants. Jessica did as she was told, leaning her body across his desk so that her perfect round ass was in Jake’s plain view. Jake was extremely turned on as he stared at the luscious sight of Jessica’s backside, her cheeks peeking out from underneath her sexy panties. Jake walked up behind Jessica, kissing the nape of her neck as he slipped a hand underneath her panties, sliding his hand around until it was in the front. When he felt that her pussy was completely bare, Jake spun her around and kissed her roughly on the mouth. “So is this how your boyfriend likes your pussy? Completely bare?” he demanded, rubbing a firm finger back and forth on her clit. Jessica could barely answer, only eliciting a low moan from her pouty lips. “I didn’t hear an answer,” Jake hissed as he grabbed her hair and tilted her head back. “Ahh, yes he loves it bare,” she managed to get out in between  “Well I guess I better see for myself why he loves it so much,” he said and yanked her panties down past her ankles. “Mmm,” he said, nodding in approval. “Your boyfriend has very good taste. ” Jake kissed her once more on the lips, slipping his hands around her back and unhooking the clasp of her bra.

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   The bra fell to the floor, revealing Jessica’s perky, round 34 c tits. Jake wasted no time as his tongue danced circles around her rock hard nipples. He took one at a time into his mouth biting, sucking, and teasing each nipple until Jessica thought she was about to cum. Right before she could explode, Jake pulled away to focus on her tight, shaved pussy. He pushed Jessica back on top of the desk, making sure that her pussy was right on the edge of the table. He slipped one finger into her sopping wet cunt, going painfully slow and savoring the torture he was giving to her. “Please,” she begged, “go faster. ” Jake decided to continue tormenting her and stuck another finger inside of her, still going at the painstakingly slow pace. She moaned loudly, running her fingers through her long brown hair and tried to move her body so she could fuck his fingers at a faster pace. “No, no, no, naughty girl. You need to go at my pace,” said Jake, pinching her nipples hard and inserting another finger into her. “I’ll tell you what…if you can stay extremely quiet while I finger you, I’ll give you the best oral sex you’ve ever had,” said Jake, reveling in the amount of control he had over her. She nodded quickly in agreement, embracing herself for the torture that was about to Jessica was a very sexual person and loved to make noise, so staying perfectly quiet while her tight little pussy got finger fucked was extremely hard. However, she somehow managed to stay quiet and like Jake had promised, he slid his fingers out of her dripping wet cunt and lowered his warm moist mouth to her completely sopping pussy. He darted his skilled tongue in and out of her slit, making her wriggle and squirm with pleasure and paying extra close attention to her clit.

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   He licked and flicked his tongue over her clit, making Jessica lose control. She moaned loudly as her body shook from the intensity of her orgasm. One thing was for sure, Jake was right: he definitely gave her the best orgasm she had ever had, and even after she orgasmed she could still feel the intensity of it. She laid on the desk, trying to catch her breath, but Jake pulled her off, demanding her to get on her knees and suck him off. He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to cum. Jessica licked up and down his whole length first, trying to get it moist so that she could fit his whole cock into her mouth. He shuddered immediately from the touch of her tongue, and he could tell that he was about to have an amazing orgasm. Jessica slowly took him into his mouth, flicking the head of his cock with her tongue as her hand wandered down to play with his balls. He groaned loudly at the touch of her hand on his heaving balls. Jessica stopped paying attention to his dick for a minute so she could suck on his balls, taking each one into her mouth and licking them in quick short movements. She then moved back up to his dick, trying her best to take as much of him as possible into her mouth. She licked up and down his shaft in long slow strides, until she felt that Jake couldn’t take it anymore. She increased her pace, deep throating as much as possible as Jake groaned with pleasure. He could feel all the tension building up as he grabbed her hair, forcing her to go faster and faster until he felt that he was about to cum. “Oh God, you…are…so…good” he moaned as his warm cum shot deep into the back of her throat, and watched as she swallowed every drop.

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   “Oh my god, you are amazing,” he breathed, trying to regain control of his body. Jessica stood up to put her clothes back on, and with a smile said, “Good, does this mean I get to keep my job?” He nodded enthusiastically as he watched her get dressed and leave his office. This was one office meeting he definitely did not mind having.
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