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OK! Yes I do admit taking the liberty of embellishing the dialog, I put I quotes, from each of the characters in these stories, quite a bit. While most of the stories are based on the truth, they are all greatly exaggerated to make them more sexy and exciting. In this story however, my description of Jessica was very accurate. I hope you enjoy all of them.

I really enjoy cruising around in my car naked and exposing myself to young women. I usually wear three women’s ponytail bands, as cockrings, over my 8 inch cock and under my fat balls to keep my completely clean shaven package nice and hard and swollen. My cock is circumcised and my cockhead, when hard with my cockrings on, is almost 3 inches across.

I thought this was just going to be another day of cruising around in my car naked, but did I ever get a surprise. As I cruised through one of my favorite shopping center parking lots I saw this really hot looking woman getting out of her midsized SUV out at the edge of the parking area. I guessed she didn’t want to get her new SUV scratched. Hot was an understatement for this woman who looked to be in her mid 20s. She had on a yellow micro-mini skirt with a matching yellow tube top that looked amazing against her beautifully tanned skin. The tube top and skirt were simple thin stretchy slip on garments. The top looked like a wide headband and barely covered the center of her tits and nipples. That left plenty of cleavage showing on top and two amazing globes peeking out from below. As I drove by she gave me a smile but did not see my state of nakedness.

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A closer look made me gasp at her beauty. She looked to be a little over 5 ½ feet tall but her spiked high heels made her look a statuesque six feet. My guess was she was around 115-120 pounds. Her tight firm body made her tits look even bigger. Her tits looked to be about 36Ds with just the perfect small amount of sag that produced the two magnificent globes peeking out below her top. The top was not tight at all and allowed her gorgeous cones to sway as she walked, proving they were all natural. The thin material allowed just a hint of her nipples to show through and was just barely legal. Her bikini tan lines were very visible and outrageously sexy. Her skirt wasn’t even 12 inches top to bottom and she wore it very low hip-hugger style. Her ass looked amazing and couldn’t have been more than 34 inches around. The well defined thong tan line, in the 2 inches of her butt crack that was showing above her skirt, said to the entire world, “I’m not wearing any underwear at all. ”

Now this was a woman after my own heart. She was going into this store to put herself on display for everyone to admire, male and female. She would put most centerfolds to shame with her stunning beauty. I knew I had to at least try to expose myself to her so I pulled back around and parked next to her SUV.

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   With my open passenger window next to her driver’s door, it would be almost impossible for her to get in her door without seeing me. She was only in the store about 20 minutes and I’m sure there were men trying to conceal their hard cocks from everyone after seeing her. I know my cock was so hard it almost hurt. I didn’t dare stroke it for fear of busting my load before she saw me so I just sat there completely naked. She was walking across the lot toward her truck and my heart was pounding with anticipation. She came up between our vehicles and opened her door. Turning toward my car as she stepped up into her vehicle, and even though I couldn’t see her face, I knew by the little gasp she gave out that she saw my package in all its swollen glory.

She had her left foot still on the step-up and put her right leg up on her seat. This caused her skirt to ride up her gorgeous ass and with her legs spread I was now looking at the most dazzling hairless pussy I have ever seen. I couldn’t see her face but I knew she was looking down at my cock and swollen balls while I was looking at her pussy. She played at looking in the small bag she brought out of the store but I knew she was just giving me a nice long look. Her pussy lips were all puffy, swollen and glistening from her womanly juices. She had obviously enjoyed her exhibitionist stroll through the store. Then she stepped back down out of her SUV and closed the door. I thought for sure she was going to go report me to security but then she leaned down into my window and said,

“Excuse Me! Just what the fuck do you think you are doing? Do you think you can just park beside any woman you want, completely naked and expose your hard cock to her and she won’t get pissed off? Well! Mister, we need to talk about what we are going to do about this situation, Right Now!”

Before I knew what was going on, she was in my car and now with a smile on her face she continued,

“Oh! By the way, my name is Jessica and I’m not really pissed at you.

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   In fact I like looking at you naked like this and I know you got an eye full of my pussy and liked it. I can tell by all the pre-cum your swollen cock is leaking that he likes what he sees too. I have had lots of men flash me in parking lots before but this is the first time a man has been completely naked. Most of them are jerking like crazy, through their unzipped pants, when I first look and then they cum all over themselves and quickly drive away. I can see you are much more interested in quality like I am. How long have you been driving around like this and where are your clothes?”

I told her I had been out now for a couple of hours and other than a quick glance or two I really hadn’t had any luck until I saw her. I told her I really liked taking chances so I left my house naked and only had a pair of shorts in my trunk for emergencies. She laughed and said I was much braver than she was then said,

“When I showed you my pussy I was sure you would start jacking off and let me see you cum. I really like it when a man gets so excited, when he sees me dressed like this, that he just can’t control himself and has to jackoff. I love that feeling of control I have over them, but you are just sitting here with your gorgeous cock so big and hard you could probably steer your car with it. Please don’t tell me that you are going to drive away from here and leave me all knotted up inside with my pussy on fire?” I said,

“When I saw you get out of your truck and drove past you, going into the store, I was stunned by your beauty. I wanted you to see me like this but I was afraid if I touch my throbbing cock it would explode at once. I have never seen a woman as drop dead gorgeous as you are that didn’t have a fold across her middle. (Centerfold) To be honest, I am completely intimidated by how stunningly beautiful you are. ” She said,

“Well! If you’re intimidated now, try this on for size.

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Her top was over her head and off and her skirt hit the floor. With all her well defined tan lines now out for the world to see, but were for my eyes only, all I could do was stare. There were light skin triangles, surrounded by beautifully tanned skin, over the center of each of her magnificent tits and her pussy. Thin lines trailing away traced the path of her bikini straps. To me a tan like this on a woman is the sexiest thing in the world. She turned toward me, slipped the toes of her bare left foot under the edge of my ass, spread her legs and said,

“OK! I’m going to sit here and finger myself to orgasm while I look at your gorgeous cock and fat balls. I would really love it if you would join me, but that’s up to you. With my toes under your ass you will know I’m not faking my orgasm. My toes go crazy and I can’t control them when I cum. I really like watching a man cum when I know it’s me that is turning him on. Please let me watch you jackoff for me?”

I couldn’t take anymore. I couldn’t believe how amazingly magnificent she looked naked. Her tits were stunning and jutted out and her flat tummy tapered down to an hourglass waist and back out to her out of this world ass. I realized I was sitting there with my mouth dropped open and tried to recover. I wrapped my left hand around my pre-cum soaked cock and started slowly stroking it.

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   I told her I would probably cum really quickly but would try to last as long as I could. Like she was reading my mind she started role playing like she was a little girl. Not only was she a beauty queen, she was also psychic. How else would she know I love that? She said,

“Come on Daddy you know how your little girl loves to watch you jack your big fat cock off and cum for her. Please don’t cum too soon. I love to watch your hand sliding up and down your cock, for a long time, and it makes my little pussy feel so good when you are watching me finger myself. You know you love to watch me play with my little 14 year old pussy, don’t you? We are being so nasty Daddy and we can never tell mommy. She doesn’t know how we love each other. Daddy, you are such a dirty old pervert making your little girl watch you stroking your big cock, but you know that I like it, don’t you? I know you want to put your mouth on my little pussy and tits and put your big cock in my mouth, my pussy and even my asshole. I know you want to do those things to me Daddy, but we can’t. You’re my Daddy and all we can do is watch each other masturbate. You know how much I love watching you stroking your big fat cock and love seeing your cum squirt. Maybe one day Daddy you can even squirt it on your little girl’s tits.

Would you like that Daddy? I know I would. ”

I was gone and couldn’t believe how fast and hard my orgasm hit me and I said out loud,


She was right; Daddy was watching his gorgeous little girl with two fingers from her left hand digging up in her pussy at her “G” Spot and two fingers from her right making tiny circles around her clit.

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   I felt my first squirt of hot cum hit me just under my chin as I looked directly into Jessica’s eye’s as she watched my cum go all over my chest and then my stomach. Her body was jerking out of control and her toes were trying to dig a hole in my ass. After several powerful squirts and a good flow onto my lower stomach my cum was now just oozing the last few drops out as I slowly stroked my cock down from its high. I had never taken my eyes off Jessica the whole time and both her legs were now up on the seat and she was in a naked ball with both hands still on her pussy. She was still having small little spasms as she was also bringing herself down from her orgasmic high. I gently stroked her leg and asked her if she were OK and if her orgasm was really good and she said,

“Fuck no I’m not OK. I love the feeling of your hand on me and that was maybe the best orgasm I have ever had and that scares the shit out of me. I was really into the fantasy I was telling you about. I felt like I was your little girl and at that moment I would have done anything you asked me to. You see, I do this because it gives me a feeling of power over men. They see me dressed all hot like I was, pull their pathetic little dicks out, jerkoff and run away. You totally disarmed me by making me think I didn’t turn you on enough to make you want to jackoff. I broke my own cardinal rule by getting into your car to find out why. Then I lost it and got completely naked and let you watch me do something that no other man has ever seen. (Curious look on my face) You see, I’m Lesbian and at 27 I’m still a virgin, when it comes to a man’s cock.

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OK! I was gone. This Venus De Milo, Goddess of love, heavenly creature that I wanted to take home to Mom and she tells me she would like my Mom more than me? Was the world really flat and I was about to fall off the edge? Then she fucked me up even more when she jumped in my lap, put her arms around me, put her magnificent tits into my chest and in my cum and gave me a deep soul kiss. Now my state of confusion was off the charts.   She broke our kiss and said,

“My Girlfriend and Lover, Cheryl and I have owned a home together for almost five years now and I would like to ask you to do me a big favor? You see, Cheryl is Bisexual and hasn’t been with a man in some time and I think she is getting a little restless. Would you please come home with me, just like you are, as a Birthday surprise for my Cheryl? If we both walk in on her naked, with your cum all over us both, I think she will go wild. Cheryl is a knockout and if you are up for it, I’m sure Cheryl and I know I would love to have a three-way with you? I want you and me to make love to Cheryl as long as you promise me you won’t steal her away from me. If you will do this for me, I will do almost anything for you, please?”

I could tell by Jessica’s voice that she would do anything for the woman she loved, including bringing a man home for her to fuck, and this touched me to my very core. Talk about a strange turnabout but I told her to count me in for sure.

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