WIFE KAVITAKavita and I made our way back into normal lives that night feeling very horny from our experience at the webcam with other nude couples. We did not talk much but I could sense the thought rolling through her head. My thoughts were more about Kavita’s inhibited behaviour at the webcam. I would like her to shed her clothes and shower her nudity to all viewers. When strangers peeped into her assets or eyed at her large boobs it really turned me on. Although she needed some instigation from my end but later she turned to be real wild horny stuff one could ever imagine. Her favorite being me doing with several young girls before her and mine favorite being that she performing with a young guy or more. It excited me very much that my wife of several years could in one night turn to real whore and started converse with her new mate about sex explicitly. The fact that she stripped naked and openly showed her pussy to strangers, the fact she made a young blood to have a blow job through phone. I would imagine that she pulling out the tool from the young guy’s pants and sucking his little tool to the fullest before me. The highlight of her behaviour to me was that she displayed a devilish, sluttish side about herself when she chose to ridicule her hubby by comparing Rishi’s intentions to override her in front of me while laying like a naked whore all for him. It satisfied me that my wife was now open about her sexual inhibitions and was willing to explore them in front of me – at least this was better than cheating on me.  When we got back to our room for sleep I could not wait to have a nice fuck with Kavita. She teasingly suggested that we save that event for sometime. Her pussy was dripping of those juices which I love to be drool through my tongue. Normally she sleeps all nude with me while kids sleeping around she at least lifts her bottoms nude for me to caress her ass to fullest.


   I love rubbing her ass, fingering her ass crack and on/off pricking her ass hole or pussy lips which made her jump of excitement.  For the final moment she started preparing her wardrobe shopping over those lacy white / red panties – my favorites and those little toppings which covered her brown nipples undershirt. She went on shopping for those frilled skirts and sexy tops and all she could think to flatter her body before a stranger she haven’t met as yet although he being every night partner on bed with her through phone. She had never behaved the way she was excited now. It was a real turn on that a young boy with masculine virginity (as he claimed to be) breaking in the contours of Kavita’s lusty figurine and eating her away. I would imagine dirtiest of all. Every night I discovered a new hot and horny whore in her during the days of her peak excitement. I fantasize a lot that she is performing with other male in front of me or us making love before a group wherein others are seeing and motivating us. I love to make her nude in open places like beaches, gardens, roof-top, balcony or even during train journey and make titillating hidden copulation with her……. . only touching and viewing. The day of Rishi’s arrival had come. She was preparing since morning and doing all she could possibly do on her body. She got the shaving foam, razors and shaved her pussy until it was smooth as silk. I love eating her pussy when freshly shaven.

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   She asked me what to wear for that noon for the pick up as she invited the booty to our place and I told her anything she wanted. I told her to surprise me. That noon she told me to wait for sometime and she came in butt tightening jeans with her no panty lines visible (she was nude underneath and I could smell the dripping pussy inside) and fabulous top I admired the most she could hide her white laced bra with swollen areolas of her nipples. I could suspect the heat of fire lusting inside her luscious body which was being offered by me to stranger as a booty. We picked him up from station and there were some formal talks and then a silence. Somehow Kavita could manage to keep the affair lively and normal. We reached home and as usual all were exhausted and hungry so I took my place on bed and Rishi too took place on the bed. ………. . She quickly changed to a loose top with a long skirt she bought specially for the affair. Hopefully she was without her panties underneath to woo and to bring her hero over her. While eating some snacks in a group we adjusted kids in other room and I was to go out on my usual work. I could catch her giving a body hug and luscious kiss with lip locks with Rishi. They were embracing and moreover Kavita was holding him and kiss deep into the throat. When I eyed the scene there was a moment of shock but she granted the affair as nothing very extreme and just affordable.

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   She pleads that how come anything can be wrong between 33yrs old lady and 21yrs old boy. Rest to next I could just imagine with tits and bits of all those tips I had…………… but I had to agree to the situation. You cannot just hold an adult wife to something which she is making to believe at least till she commits the mistake. I was in a dilemma as to how to react. If I react awful then the scene may spoil and if I allow I am letting her to be a whore……………but she was not accepting this. Since they were staying over, they sat in the room chatting and sipping some soft drinks for some time. He was feeling tired and suggested to Kavitathat we rest for the evening. She agreed and looking a somewhat intoxicated with the moment of loneliness she reached for her change in the room. She did so bending over the couch she was sitting on. It was at that moment that all the men in the room went silent. Rishi was shocked and at what he saw. My wife Kavita was wearing a short skirt with white PANTIES all for exhibition. She then stood up and said good whispers to woo the booty towards her. For her wooing the young guy was like Kavita getting her booty to satisfy her lust on her terms dictating him the styles and karmas of Kamasutras.  Rishi immediately suggested that Kavita wanted to stay for sometime with him for rest on the bed.

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   Both giggled a little until she revealed that she was curious for some naughty things. She made him woo and started sharing the erotic talks they had on phone that used titillate Kavita to the heights of pleasurable moments rubbing her pussy and getting fucked by him. And in any case she felt comfortable because he has already seen her naked I feel on cam more than once or twice and I was sure that she too had shown her full nude body to him on cam although she did not reveal to me. They then had a few more suggestive talks and she was feeling like going to bed.  
She hinted to Rishi that it was time to retire the bondages they were keeping between them and promised jokingly that the both of them won’t take advantage of each other.  …………she could sense the nervousness and she initiated putting her palms inside the pants to grab the hot tool for feel. She rubbed his tool a while. From little it went to grow to fullest. She was both nervous and excited at the same time but braving her desires. Rishi felt tiny little shudders through Kavita’s body. She saw his fully aroused state, she had a moment of panic wondering if she could take his entire cock into her petite body. Her legs lifting for adjustment revealed her panties to the young man who was already feeling the shock of viewing a middle aged woman – all of hers for him at his service. He tried to put in his hand under skirt lying on the bed along side to feel the panty-line and underneath. She gave a jerk and unzipped his trousers to be thrown away from his waist.
Then she forced his shirt to be away baring him all in his underwear.

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   She could see the erection of the tool forcing the fabric of the underwear to shear away the strength and ooze out for the play. In the meantime he has already taken control of the burning lady who was hot as fire. He slipped his hand under her skirt to overthrow her skirt and reveal her V for a sweet kiss. He took his hands under her top which had already lifted up to the helm of her bra. He lifted the bra and feel the soft supple of the great boobs Kavita assets in all. She was completely turned on and was dying to be stripped off naked. He started licking around her pussy smelling the exotic womanly smell emanating from deep within her core. He latched on to her stiff clit making Kavita moan with pleasure. He started munching on her clit while at the same time sticking a finger deep into her pussy to stimulate her g-spot.  Kavita had a strong orgasm in no time. His hesitation was turning her wild and even more excited. She has given up her body to a young boy for all he could make out of the great body she owns. He too took no regrets of the moment and made her stand on the bed to pull down her skirt. He gave a soft kiss of the V of her pussy– swollen lips of cervix were oozing out from the lacy fabric of the white panty. She had chosen a real sexy stuff of those panties.

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   She helped him to achieve her warmth of the moment at the earliest by slipping her top over her head. She was standing before a young boy in her bare essentials.
He was working on her like wild beast eagerly waiting to eat every inch of her lusty flesh she had stored for him. She slowly unhooked her bra to reveal her buxom breasts dropping to him like boon from heaven. He immediately could feel the aroma of the sensuality in Kavita and started licking her tits to provide some solace to her burning lusty body. She was now working on his erected tool which has already oozed out some fluid naturally due to overload of excitement achieved seeing her nude. She slowly made her last cloth part away only to embrace him all nude over her body. He gathered all his senses and strengths to bare Kavita off her panty too. That folded wet panty lay like a heap of wild desires had all to say. The panty was drooling of the scents of sexual treasure she held in her vaginal crack with pints of honey and heaps of lust trickling through. My wildest turn on - picking up and feeling the wet panty that she lets off her pussy Rishi naked embracing each other and twined like snakes. After feeling her pussy and fingering her bushy lips they lip-locked for sometime.
Suddenly horny hot Kavita as she always abstained to perform such act before; got up and took his tool inside her mouth. She licked the tool and he too guided positioning the tool and slowly she started sucking the tool softly. Every time she sucked she made a deeper gulp.

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   And now she gulped the whole piece of flesh and stroking the one with her hot tongue. Her pussy smelling of the lustful thoughts that were striking her mind at that time. I would have loved to see the scene. Till now I have been a part of the nude embrace hence could not watch her jerks and shrieks. She was jerking his jack of his senses. The bigger it grew and harder she sucked. It was touching the walls of her throat and she was ready to take in all. He pussy lips were carefully being caressed by Rishi. He was trying to part away the lips and peep inside the gory of the woman. He peeped inside the wet pussy for that pink flesh handing on the tip of cervix. He tipped his tongue for the clitoris and she had a shuddering all through her skin, with a spark rushing her pussy to her lips as if she has been inserted two or three penis at a time. Senselessly exciting and titillating to watch my wife with a young boy positioning……… Rishi bent on his knees to view the lower lips which he had only fantasized to touch or seen on screen or magazines.
It was real. He could feel. Staring at the pussy made Kavita turn on and she lifted her one leg resting on bed she punched her pussy lips on his face.

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   He began licking her pussy like a honey pot. He was eating her lips alternately and his tongue making way into the tunnel which was wet and flowing. I would have watched this scene to make her fuck all through her life. He was eating her pussy which I had maintained for all these years. He turned on to be a great pussy eater. She was gyrating her hips for him to adjust his tongue to the deepest inside her lips. He was holding her big ass and caressing her ass crack to keep her on for the fuck. Maintaining the heat she made him eat all his pussy dry for next 20mins. She was breathing heavy and incontrollable desperately awaiting a fuck of life time. This time she would have even taken a big gourd inside her pussy as I know of her.  Her ass was covering his face and his nose drooling in the crack to taste the aroma of the butts. As did his tongue came out for some air, tongue was all drenched with the honey that was drizzling of Kavita’s pussy. She would widen her legs and stroked his face with her open clit. He was painted with honey all over and wildest memoirs to cherish ever. She was still busy with tool- kissing the balls and licking the virgin flesh of the tool.

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   After sucking and licking for long they cherished the ecstasy of being nude and one in loneliness. Kavita and Rishi enjoyed peeping each other’s assets and nude body sweating and now free of all inhibitions. He ran his fingers through the contours of Kavita’s lusty body touching her nude back her butts and her crack. His touch on the V sent shudders through her bones as if newly married virgin bride is being revealed and explored on the bed by lusty would be. She gathered her strengths and refrained from any disturbances that may hit her mind and soul her held his tool in her hand and wooed him for insertion. She opened her legs wide and he could see the pussy most lickable pussy ready to be inserted. The tool big erect and hard like a iron rod was ready for the insertion and as it touched the labia of the sweet wet vagina the excitement was at peak. Slowly the rod rubbing over the lips was influencing Kavita’s control over her body. Her body was able to handle a dozen of penises at this time. She was touching the heavens of her lust and greed for that dick to enter her pussy.
He was rubbing over the lips only to make her restless. She been forced for the **** that she was encountering in her thoughts at the time. The excitement touched the peak and Kavita without any hesitation guided the dick into her vagina. They had a nice and hottest fuck session in missionary position with Kavita laying her legs wide open and he stroking the big tool till the deepest of her pussy. Her tits being bit and she been squeezed, sweat running over her inner thighs and she was hit at her beauty spot too.

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   Her inner thigh has that black beauty spot. It was licked eaten and tasted. She could not resist her lust which was still reigning high in her soul. She started rubbing her clitoris and she started moaning and shrieking of sexual exuberance and excitement. Rishi regained control over her and started fucking her pussy in doggie style she loves the most. He fucked the life out of her and then dropped his fluid all over her ass and back. They lay naked for hours and they dressed for routines. Next few days she remained nude under her skirts and all through his living at our place she abstained from her panties. No panties for a was my wife.
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