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Welcome Home
I can remember that day like it was yesterday when I came home from a business trip to Paris. It was a long flight coming back home, for there were several stops which made me very restless. Once I arrived home my wife greeted me at the door but I knew she could tell I wasn’t my old self. "Did you have a good trip?," she asked. "It was ok" I replied, just the flight back home was kind of long, and I’m just really tired. So she gave me a hug and we headed over to the couch and sat down. I removed my shoes and threw my feet up on the table. She was sitting right next to me so I threw my arms around her and she rested her head on my chest. She began telling me how much she missed me and how lonely she was at nights, and how she thought about me as she pleasured herself, waiting for me to come back home. We laughed about it and I told her how good it felt to be back home, and she replied she knows something that would feel much better, so I asked what might that be. So she began unzipping my pants and reached inside of my boxers and pulled out my dick. She began stroking it, and massaging it until it began growing harder. And then she took her tongue and began circling the head of it real slowly, sending shivers throughout my body. Without any further hesitation she lowered her mouth onto my dick and began taking all of me inside her mouth. Up and down real slowly she began moving her mouth over my dick, making me moan with pleasure. I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt to have my hard dick inside of her warm mouth.

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She continued sucking on my dick but now she was going a little faster, and faster, making my balls tingle as she just continued sucking. By this time I had already slid my hands down her back and proceeded to lift her skirt. Once her skirt was up I began massaging her soft ass which seemed to really turn her on. And then I slid my hand inside her panty and began playing with her pussy. I tickled her clit and tickled her pussy lips, making her moan as I slowly let one of my finger slip inside her pussy. Pushing my finger in and out of her made her wet as her juices began flowing down my finger and into the palm of my hand. She was so wet that my finger was just slipping in and out of her, exploring the inside of her warm wet pussy.
After awhile we got up off the couch and removed all of our clothing. She sat down on the couch and lifted her legs into the air as I got down on the floor in front her and began sliding my tongue all over her clit and all over her pussy lips. Teasing her as she moaned and begged me to continue. So I put my mouth over her clit and began sucking on it and pulling on it, and letting my tongue slide faster and faster over her clit. As I was doing so she had one hand resting on my head trying to pull me in closer to her and the other hand playing with her hard nipples. I removed my mouth from her clit and began teasing her pussy lips, letting my tongue slide all over and between them, making her so wet that all her sweet juices began flowing into my mouth. I was so ready to be inside of her and I can tell she wanted me inside of her, so without hesitating I removed my mouth from her pussy and pulled her closer to me letting her legs rest on my shoulders. I grabbed my big hard dick and slid it back and forth over her pussy, teasing her clit and lips before I slowly began sliding it inside of her.

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A little at a time I began pushing my dick inside of her. Putting the head of it in and then slowly, real slowly pushing the rest of me inside of her. With all of me inside of her I began stroking in and out real slow as I leaned forward and began kissing her and sucking on her hard nipples. Her pussy was so warm and so wet, and it felt so good sliding my dick in and out of her that I felt as if I was about to explode inside of her. I continued pounding my dick in and out of her pussy as she reached down between us and began playing with her clit, a sight that made me harder and made me fuck her harder, and harder, and harder.
After awhile I pulled out of her and she got up and got on her knees, bending over so that I could see her nice wet pink pussy from behind. But it wasn’t inside of her pussy she wanted me to put my big hard dick. She looked back at me and told me she wanted me to put it in her ass, and I did. I grabbed her around her waist and real slowly began pushing my dick inside of her ass. She moaned a little and I stopped but she told me to put all of it in, so I began pushing, and pushing, until all of my dick was buried inside of her ass. I began fucking her real slow at first and then my strokes got faster and harder and before long I was pounding my dick in and out of her ass and she was enjoying every minute of it. She encouraged me, telling me to fuck her harder and faster, and that it felt good to have my big hard dick inside her ass. My dick was growing harder inside of her ass with every stroke and as I looked down I could see how wet her pussy was, for all her juices was flowing out of her pussy and down her thighs. I pulled out of her ass and pushed my dick inside her wet pussy and immediately began pounding her pussy faster and faster. I could feel I was about to explode and alarmed her that I was ready to blow, and she begged me to release all my cum all over her ass.

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   So I continued fucking her at a fast pace until I could no longer hold it. I pulled out of her and released all my warm sticky cum all over her soft ass, and it felt so good. After releasing all of my cum onto her ass I just let my dick rest on her ass for awhile and then she reached back and grabbed it and began massaging it, and before I knew it I was hard again. So she turned around and sat up on the couch, and with me standing in front of her she took me into her mouth and began sucking on my dick once again. Her sucking and tongue teasing my dick made me so hard that I felt as if I was gonna explode inside of her mouth, but instead she pulled away and told me to sit down on the couch. She got up and then turned with her back facing me, grabbed my dick firmly and slowly lowered herself onto it and began bouncing up and down, real slow and then a little faster, and harder, and faster. And while she was bouncing up and down on my dick I was spanking her soft ass making it jiggle, which made her bounce faster. She continued bouncing and after awhile she began breathing heavily and rested her body against mine and told me she was cummin. I began whispering in her ear telling her how bad I want for her to cum on my dick and how I wanna feel all her warm cum hit my dick. She began moaning heavily and her moaning turned me on to the point that I was ready to cum once again. About a minute passed and she began gripping the back of my head and streaming that she was cummin. and within seconds I felt her warm, sweet cum hit my dick. It felt so good that within seconds my cum began flowing once again, so I got her to lift up some and as she did I could see all her cum all over my dick. I began stroking my dick really fast and she told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth. So she turned around and put her mouth over my dick as I continued stroking my hard dick.

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   Within seconds I shot all my cum into her warm waiting mouth. She finished sucking every drop of cum from my dick and happily swallowed it all.

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