The Classical Music Experiment


The Classical Music Experiment
Chapter 1I was desperate for money. And so when I heard about that research project which needed volunteers and would pay a nifty sum of money which could last me like 2 years, i immediately signed up for it. I gave my particulars in detail and honestly. 22 years old, college dropout, 5ft 4", 47kg. And even the finer details (that i had to fill in the form): bust size - 34C, hair - long light auburn, skin tone - light, nipple and vagina color (no, really!) - pinkish, lip type - thick and yummy (well that is what I wrote after being dumbed down by all those weird questions), and lastly sexual intercourse - none. Yes yes, I am a virgin. Well I have done most of the other stuffs like some really hot petting and also a couple of blowjobs but I wasn't really ready to lose my first to any immature guy in college. Call me conservative but I just wouldn't budge. Anyways, a couple days later a guy came by to inform me I was selected. Woohoo! He wouldn't say much about the project, only that it is related to biological behavioral studies (whatever that meant), and I am not supposed to reveal any part of the project to anyone. Also, I should not bring any belongings cos if i did it will be confiscated. It will also take up a minimum of six months, in which i have to stay at the residence they provide, and basically it just sounded like free lodging and food for the rest of the year which is great given that I was cramping in a smelly rental flat. So without reading, I happily signed the papers and wham! here I am sitting in this white bare room with about 15 other women on a Monday noon. Some of them were hot. A couple fat. Some others with that your-average-plain-jane-who-needs-money look.

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   All of us were by that time really bored and scattered around the place waiting for anyone to come address us. Soon after, two guys draped in lab coats entered the room. "Ladies, sorry for the wait. Please proceed with me. " One of them led us out and into a huge room with a row of glass doors leading into different rooms. Guys in lab coats stood by each door and started calling out numbers - the numbers that they assigned to each of us. "Please move to the lab assistant who called out your number, ladies. " One by one, we scurried across the room to our respective doors. Me, i was known as 13. "Thirteen, right? We have been waiting for your arrival. Please enter. " The lab assistant smiled warmly. The room I entered was elaborately decorated, if you would call "full of equipment" a type of decoration. In the background, classical music by Pachelbel was playing through a speaker. An examining bed lay in the middle of a machine quite similar to the dentist's.

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   A  A lab coated women stood by the bed and signaled for me to go over. "We will have an examination first before we start anything. Please undress now. " She announced. I was kinda surprised but well this is an experiment and I'm getting paid afterall. So I went ahead and strip to my panties and bra. She stared at my body for a couple seconds and then said, "I appreciate that you decide to wear sexy lingerie for our research, but please also strip them off now. ""What? Is that necessary at all? Just what are you guys gonna research about?""No questions are to be asked," she replied sternly. "Now take off that bra and panties or I am going to help myself. "I hesitantly peeled off my bra, my nipples stinging as soon as it touched cold air in the chilly room with music still playing loudly. Sliding off my panties, i felt her eyes on every inch of my body. Her eyes darted across my breast as she scribbled in the file she was holding. Then she walked behind me and suddenly I felt her hand on the cheek of my bum. Pushing a finger between my bum, she slide her palm up the small of my back and circle around my waist, brushing her sharp nails on my skin while she did so. My nipples stiffen a little.

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   Then she removed her hand and told me to lie on the examining bed. Setting down her files, she strapped me onto the bed, picked up a tube and squeezed white cream onto her fingertips. "This will be a little cold, my dear. " With her fingers, she smeared the cream all around my breast with small circling movements except on my nipples. The cool cream dripped down across the side of my boobs as she twirled her fingers around my nipples with more cream, which were by then pointing up like a peak and yearning for release. A weird sensation came up as i realized that her fingers were moving in tandem with the music but with a very smooth rhythm. Uncontrollably, I started to breathe deeper. Finished with my boobs, she focused her attention on my pussy. Luckily I had trimmed it neatly beforehand with a bit of pubic just covering my soft spot. To my surprise, she took up a shaver and went on to take them off. "Now there, a nice view isn't it. Alright please part your thighs. " Her cold hands pushed apart my legs revealing my pussy. She then placed her palm on my pussy just at the position where her middle finger lay on my clit, and the bottom of her palm pushing onto my hole. In soft, massage like movements she moved her palm, pushing and rubbing my whole pussy.

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  "Ah. . " I let off a soft moan. My thighs weaken as she continued to massage my pussy with her cold palm, occasionally pressing harder towards my entrance and rubbing faster past my clit. The music quickened as the pianist came to an intense section. With her other hand, she slide her fingers across the sides of my waist, moving up to meet my breast and giving it the softest massage I've ever had. My pussy moistened up and feeling that, she massaged my pussy even faster and harder. I moaned again but tried to stifle it. I couldn't believe what was happening! Why is this women rubbing me to orgasm? Omg and I am loving it! Thoughts ran through my mind as I stopped controlling my moans and started pushing my hips into her palm. "Ahh. . hmm. . . uh.

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  . . " My breathing deepens and pleasure hit me as i bang my pussy into her palm repeatedly and orgasmed wildly. "Uh. . uh. . " I catch my breathe as juices flow down my bottom onto the bed. "Procedure 1 complete. Subject capable of spontaneous stimulation and decent orgasmic reactions under the stipulated conditions. " The women announced. And that was when i realized that the lab assistant guy had entered the room while I was busy moaning. He smiled at weirdly as i blushed of embarrassment. "Congratulations, Thirteen. You can now proceed to the next round of our research.

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   Please wait while we prepare you for it. " Finishing, he exited the room leaving me with the woman. "Wait a moment," I glanced at the woman. "What is this exactly about? What are you guys gonna do to me the next round?""Uh-uh dear. No questions allowed. However let me just say that you will have a very enjoyable, pleasurable experience in time to come. " Smiling, she brought over a tray of sexy lingerie, and a couple of vibrators and toys. The music trailed to a stop.
<to be continued>

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