The Board Room


He again looks around the room and finding no one watching me as I slowly move towards him, he can’t believe I’m there. I’d never been to his place of work. . . never even called him at work but God how he was glad I was there. How he’d missed me. It’s been far too long. When I reach him I stand before him, one breast nearly bared. . . the top of the nipple showing above the neckline. His fingers itch to reach out and trace it but afraid if he did I’d disappear. I reach over to the other strap and with a slight flick of my fingers it falls and the gown silently slips down and pools at my feet, leaving me naked before him. My breasts large and heavy. . .

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  my nipples dark and tight. My pussy shaved bear except for a small amount of hair on top. I reach out and run my fingers through his hair. . . feeling its softness. God how I love the feel of his hair. Taking his face between my hands I bend over and kiss him, long and slow. . . our tongues playing together as the kiss deepens. Still afraid I’m a dream he doesn’t reach out and touch me though the intense itching of his fingers are screaming to grab my nipples which are hanging just inches from them. He can feel the heat of my body as we continue to kiss. He hears me moan deep in my throat as I suck on his tongue. .

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  . running mine across his teeth. . . he sucking my tongue back into his mouth. And when the kiss finally ends I smile down at him as I straighten up and move behind him. He looks around again and still no one is paying attention to us. He feels me behind him and leans his head back against me. . . feeling my breasts on his neck as I lean over and run my hands over his shoulders and down his chest. I nuzzle and kiss his neck and nibble on his ears as my hands move over his chest and up and down his arms. I hear him breathing heavy as my hands move closer to his waist and I see the bulge in his pants growing larger and tighter as a wet spot appears. Moving to stand before him again I take his hands and place them on my breasts. .

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  . feeling my nipples rub against his palms. I moan softly as he finally realizes I won’t disappear and starts to move his hands over my nipples. . . feeling them tighten. It feels so good. My nipples are extremely sensitive to his touch and I feel myself getting very wet. He knows how much I love having my nipples played with and he gently pinches them and then caresses them. I move a little closer to him and he takes one into his mouth and slowly circles the hard tip with his tongue. Oh it feels soooo good as he sucks on it a little harder. . . I feel myself arching back as I try to get my breast closer to his mouth. His hand continues to squeeze and caress the other breast as he increases the pull on my nipple.

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  . . feeling me tremble with desire. With a final hard pull with his mouth he moves to the other and does the same. And while he’s sucking my nipple his free hand reaches between my legs and finds I’m wet and slick and juices are beginning to run down the inside of my legs. His fingers slip inside the folds of my pussy and finding my clit hard and throbbing, he slowly caresses it. My breath catches at the sensation of him rubbing it and I spread my legs a little wider for him. I have to grab on to his shoulders to keep from falling as I enjoy the feeling of him sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit at the same time. Feeling me tremble and knowing I’m reaching a climax he gently pushes me to sit down on the table. He moves his chair closer to me and positions himself in front of me. Taking my legs he places them on the arms of his chair, spreading my legs wide so he can see my pussy. His hands move up my legs, across my hips to my back and he pulls me to the edge of the table. Satisfied with my position finally, he leans forward and runs his tongue along the slit of my pussy. He does this several times, lapping up my juices, enjoying the taste of me before he finally pushes his tongue through the folds and finding my clit. He sucks it into his mouth, pulling hard upon it and I lay back on the table and grab his head and pull him closer to me.

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   The feeling is intense and my breathing is coming harder and faster as he continues to suck on it. . . gently bite it and tease it with his tongue. I feel myself climbing higher and am getting dizzy from him sucking my clit and my moans are getting louder as the feeling builds and intensifies until finally I let go and cum with a scream. . . my body tight. . . my legs shaking and as he sticks his tongue into me, my juices flow out and down his chin and soak the front of his shirt. He continues this until I’m squirming and with his thumb starts rubbing my clit as he continues to fuck me with his tongue until I cum again hard and convulsing against his face. When he finally lets me go, he wipes his wet face off with his handkerchief and stands up. The bulge in his pants is huge now as I sit up and reach out to rub it. I feel how hard he is and want to see it free from the confines of his clothing.

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   I look at him with a great hunger as I slowly undo his belt and unhook his pants. With trembling fingers I slowly unzip them and push them down off his hips along with his underpants to his knees. His cock is free at last and is hard. . . the head large and an incredible shade of purple. I look up into his eyes as my fingers wrap around him and I feel his cock swell further and jerk at my touch. Slowly I caress him. . . up and down. . . up. .

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  . and. . . . down. . . running my finger over the head and feeling the wetness of him. . . the slickness. I move to lay down on my stomach. . .

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  my breasts hanging over the edge of the table, I lick the head of his cock and taste him. Mmmmm. . . he tastes good and I’ve become very hungry. I take him into my mouth and slowly suck upon him. . . running my tongue round the edge of his cock. . . across the slit. And taking him fully into my mouth as far as I can I feel him tense up and moan deep in his throat as I suck hard upon him and move my way back up to the head, licking and sucking as I go. He reaches under me and begins to play with my nipples. .

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  . gently pinching and pulling on them. . . rolling them between his fingers. I circle him with my tongue and finding that sweet sensitive spot I run my tongue back and forth across it feeling him begin to shake. . . his breathing becoming harder and faster. I gently rake my teeth down and back up along the shaft and he moans loudly and I continue sucking and licking his cock until he grabs my head and holds it still, moving his hips back and forth as he fucks my mouth all the while I’m still sucking and licking. With one final thrust, he grabs and pulls my hair forcing my face closer to him and screams my name as he cums in my mouth. And I continue to suck him and tongue him while he jerks and shakes and when he’s finally calmed down and can breath again, he collapses back into the chair. Smiling at me, he looks around the room and is amazed that no one is watching us. The CEO is still talking and several are still fighting sleep. He reaches out for me and taking my hand, he helps me off the table and I sit down in his lap.

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  . . his arms wrapped around me. I nuzzle his neck and nibble on his ear. His hand is again rubbing my breast. . . the nipple becoming hard and tight again. We kiss. . . our tongues playing. . . tasting each other and as our kiss deepens, I feel him getting hard again.


  . . it pushing against my ass. I wiggle a little and feel it rub against my pussy. . . it becoming harder. I straddle him and brace my back against the table. . . his hands on my hips. . . I feel him enter me. It’s a glorious feeling, him being inside me.

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   I move my hips closer to him so he can fully bury himself in me and we just stay that way for several seconds enjoying the moment. . . the oneness of our joining. Then I begin to move upon him. . . not much, just a little and it feels good. . . so unbelievably good. As I arch back against the table he leans forward and takes a nipple into his mouth and starts sucking hard upon it. God how I love it when he sucks my nipples! I start moving faster, my hips moving back and forth upon him. I feel his hips begin to move against me and the friction is building between us. Letting go of my nipple, he grabs my hips and starts moving me up and down on his cock.

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   I find the tempo and start moving a little higher up and then back down. . . . up. . . and. . . . down increasing the tempo, feeling the pain in my knee yet unable to stop because of the glorious feeling of him moving in and out of me. Our breathing is coming faster. . .

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  our moaning becoming louder. . . I’m moving fast and hard upon him. . . his hips thrusting up to meet my downward plunges until finally I brace my hands on his shoulders and begin bouncing on him until. . . . until. . . . oh God until I cum - grabbing his head and pulling it to my breasts.

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  . . his mouth clamping on a nipple and sucking hard. I start shaking hard and convulsing against him and then he thrusts up hard and crying out he cums unloading everything he’s got deep inside me. Afterwards, we hold each other tightly with him still inside me, until our breathing returns to normal. I then get off of him, feeling him withdrawal from me and our juices running down my legs. I stand before him and hold him to my middle as he wraps his arms around me and kisses my stomach. Gently pulling his head back by the hair, I lean down and kiss him. It’s a soft, gentle kiss. . . a completely satisfied and contented kiss. And when I release him I pick up my peach gown and slinging it over my shoulder I start to walk back towards the door. He watches me as I move away from him and I turn and smile at him. .

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  . he sitting there with his pants still about his ankles and looking about the room, everyone is still oblivious to us and what had just taken place. I leave knowing it was just a dream we both had just shared. . . an incredible fantasy and one he’d not soon forget. Knowing that he’d soon come see me and we’d do it all again for real this time. .