Sweet time at the office part 5


Your heads keeps going back and forward, your lips make a perfect pressure around my shaft. The rubbing of your lips around the head of my cock is absolute perfect. I look at you, and I notice that you are staring at me, with a look of lust and pleasure. A little drop of saliva, probably mixed with my juice, is oozing from one side of your mouth. It makes the whole picture of you extremely sexy: the dimmed light, your lusty look, the moist on your chin…. . I think this is the right moment, I now really want to let all my pleasure go and I relax all my body in preparation for it. You seems to understand this as your stoke become faster while you have tighten the grab of your lips around the shaft, and especially around the rim of my dick. I close my eyes and I help your oral strokes with my thrusts. I rise my arms and I put both my hand around my head, just feeling all the pressure building up within my loins and member. I push now harder and harder, I am really fucking your nice little mouth, you cope with my thrusts as much as you could, while strongly squeezing my testicles. I cannot resist any more and I pour all my creamy juicy sperm into your eager mouth. One, two, three… even a forth load of cum is delivered all inside your mouth. With my eyes still shut I enjoy the feeling of your swallowing and the sound of your slurping, while enjoying the frenzy movement that your tongue makes around my still hard cock. It has been a fabulous orgasm! I shouted all my pleasure aloud while bending over you and holding your head firmly while pushing my member deep in your throat. I want you to swallow down to the very last drop of my cum.

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   I went too deep as you choke a little, but you do not give up. Good girl, you know how to please a man. I extract my manhood now almost soft, with “pop” from your mouth, and I collapse on your desk: the pleasure has been so great that it has knock my knees out. You smile wide with an expression of great satisfaction on your face. A drop of cum is pouring from one side of your mouth, it is vulgar, but you look so sexy. You slurp your tongue all around your mouth to collect all my tasty sperm, you do not want to lose a single hint of it, do you??
I am panting, but I can still smile back to you. Your eyes send shiny flashes, of satisfaction, lust and excitement. The life is great I love the life, and I love the possibility to spend this emotion moment with a soul like you.
To be continued if somebody is interested in knowing how I returned…. The favour. If anybody is interested in the whole story in one single file, please contact me at pb1399@yahoo. it . .

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