Story of an Erotic One Night Stand


Well, about 11 o'clock, my sister called me on my cell from work to notify me that she and her friend, whom I had already met and teased to the point of explosion the night before, wanted to see me again. I smiled as I thought of the night before where I had kissed her deeply as I rubbed her beautiful body and stroked the slit between her legs. I had only met her that night and I really enjoy, getting women worked up as it leads to earth-shattering sex in the end. My sister asked if I wanted to go to the bar with them. Me and my sister had always been the closest out of all the siblings because she is only 5 years older than me. Single and always looking for a good time, I decided to take her up on the offer. I arrived at the large convenience store a little after midnight to find my sister and her boyfriend standing next to Julie, the beautiful red haired friend from the night before. She was 22 and had a child but that did nothing to deter me, because I knew that she was going to be a great fuck. She was dressed so sexy with a tight shirt that showed off her mid-riff and a pair of tight black stretch pants. It excited me that she had gotten so dolled up for me, as it seemed she was a beautiful woman who has no problem getting a man. Opening the door to my car, she slid in and immediately began to kiss my neck and lick my ear. She began to whisper, "I've been thinking of you all day honey. You have no idea how horny I was last night. You are so mean. I didn't think it was possible for women to hurt from being so horny. " I began to smile as these words ran through my head.

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   The whole 20 min. ride to the bar she did nothing but rub my thigh and semi-erect cock as she whispered in my ear and kissed my neck. I could feel my 8 inch cock growing harder and harder. As we finally arrived at the bar, I got out and opened the passenger door for her. As she got out I sized up her sweet body and imagined how I was going to fuck her brains out by the end of the night. Inside, my sister and herself seemed to be drinking themselves into oblivion as I played one game of pool after another with my sister's boyfriend. Pretty soon they were dancing on the table of this honky-tonk and rubbing their asses up on each of us as we played our game. Sticking her ass up against my crotch only made my dick grow semi-erect again and she looked back with a smile as a signal that she could feel that. Before long everyone had a good buzz except myself and I slid $10 to my sister for some brews for the house. Well, unexpectedly, we decided to go to Julie's house and drink on the beer that we had brought with us. Each couple slipping into an erotic world of our own. Leaning against the door of my car with the music going, we kissed passionately as I rubbed her full breasts and stomach. She rubbed my belly and began to slowly unbutton my pants. It was quite a rush, since my sister was only about 5 ft away on the other side of the car. As I killed another brew and grew more excited, I felt her drop to her knees and her full lips and tounge slide around my swollen cock.

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   Taking every inch down her throat, she began to hum. The vibrations went through my cock and felt amazing. I already had another brew in hand and took large gulps in between deep breaths. She was bouncing up and down hungrily on my cock, running the tip of her tounge along the bottom of my shaft and sucking on the tip of my penis. I grasped her beautiful red hair and began to thrust my cock into her mouth violently as if it were a pussy. As I laid my head back in extacy, I noticed that my sister was absent and presumed that she was doing the same as Julie. As I fucked her beautiful mouth, I screamed that I was gonna cum. She slowly halted what she was doing and proceeded to go and open the door to their outer garage. Much to my surprise there were 2 couches, arm to arm along the wall. Pulling me over and laying me on the couch, she began to slowly strip-tease me as she removed her clothes from her beautiful body. During this show I noticed my sis and her man walk past her to the other couch. It was right next to ours and in plain sight! As we were both two drunk men ready for a good fuck, we put off any more hesitation and gave into our carnal urges. At this point the garage had exploded into nothing but moans and screams as I had grabbed Julie's naked body and pulled her over to me and proceeded to 69 her. I tounged and penetrated her beautiful, shaved pussy as she once again swallowed my cock whole again and again until I was to maximum stiffness. She then removed her pussy from my face and slid down to mount me in the reverse cowgirl position.

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   As she slid up and down with her wet pussy on my cock, I screamed out in sheer pleasure at the wonderful feeling that was flooding my inebreated body. My eyes were full of nothing but sex and my ears were full of nothing but moans and screams coming from the two ladies in the garage as they straddled the cock and rode to their hearts content. I then grabbed Julie's hips and threw her off and told her I was going to fuck her nice and hard from behind. I slid my wet cock into her drenched pussy as I reached around and grabbed her breasts and pulled her hips to mine. My cock immediately dove in all 8 inches and she released a scream as her body began to shake violently. As I looked up from watching my cock penetrate in and out of her wonderful pussy, I witnessed my sister having the shit fucked out of her right in front of me. I couldn't believe that my sister was watching her litlle brother getting the his brains fucked out at the same time. I began to get closer and closer to climax and decided that I wanted to finish by ramming my huge cock into her tight little asshole. Without a hint, I removed my cock and thrust it into her ass as she climaxed again and screamed out in pleasure and pain. She gripped the arm of the couch as hard as she could as I fucked her in the ass like a wild drunken animal. Every inch of my cock working in and out of her asshole, I can't hold it in any longer and blow load after load into her asshole. I begin to lick up the juices dripping out of her ass. She then laid down on her back and screamed for me to fuck her in the mouth until I blow my load down her throat. Quickly I thrust my still hard cock into her mouth and begin to pump away just like it was her pussy. Taking every inch down her throat and moaning as she did so, it wasn't long before I shot my large load down her throat down her throat.

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   Before I finished cumming, I removed my cock from her hungry mouth and shot her in the face a few times. I proceeded to lick it off and then we kissed passionately as I collapsed in exhaustion on top of her. We laid there listening to the other couple finish with loud moans and screams as we slowly smoked on a joint and drank on a beer. Not surprisingly, before we went to sleep, we went back inside and fucked for quite a while more after my sister and her man had left. I never did get my underwear back from that night, but I have a pair of her sports shorts that I put on to sleep in. I guess we're even on the keepsakes of our one night stand together. .