Romantic/Sensual Encounters


" My Dear Journal "
June 24, 1979 Dear Journal
As I sit here alone I can’t help but to think of you. There is so much unsaid, so much undone, so much that I long to express to you. So I will begin this journal and in it I am pouring out my innermost thoughts and feelings as if I am talking to you. Never have I been so far away from someone and yet I feel so close as I do now to you. So this journal will have to do for now as my days and nights are filled with vivid emotional memories of you.
June 26, 1979 Dear Journal
I have just come from one of those pavilions, which house cancer victims. The last two days were spent soothing their pain and learning first hand knowledge about alternative treatments. So as my day comes to a close I have this to express to you. I love you James, and as these months have past, I have come to realize just how blessed I am to be loved, and understood by a man like you. Though my internship of our senior year has taken me down into the Gulf Of Mexico for half a year. Have no doubt that as my days filled with warmth due to the weather, and lots of learning because that’s what I’m here for. So to are my days filled with thoughts of you, of us as I anticipate my return while my love for you grows.
June 27, 1979 Dear Journal
I was reminiscing on you and times we have shared together. I remember how understanding you were when I told you that I was leaving so I could further my education with first hand experience in the Gulf Of Mexico as a C. N. A.

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   soon to be a R. N. You showed so much strength even though I could clearly see the emotion water up in your eyes as the very first tear was born from the corner of your eye and lived a short life down your check as it died as you licked it away with your tongue. You never once said one thing that was not supportive. Our whole senior year in high school I held back from you, and you still loved me for me. I have never said how special you made me feel at the last dance, when you came to pick me up in a limo with flowers and chocolates, the whole nine yards. I remember towards the end of the night we were in the midst of one of our many sexual interludes, you were tracing soft circles on my belly and spreading kisses all over my breasts. I felt so warm and accepted but most importantly respected. I was excited and I knew you could feel my heart beating hard against my chest. It was then that I realized how so not ready I was for the next stage of our relationship.
When I stopped you and told you how I felt, never was there another attempt to change my mind. Oh no, you accepted and respected me so much you would never try and push on. It was then that I started to see and truly understand just how much you love me. I felt so close to you and I’ll never forget it. You held me in your arms soothing and comforting me as I cried tears of love for us.

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   It was then that I knew you were my dream come true. We spent the next few hours, those pre-dawn hours engaged in conversation at the waffle house. That was where and when I decided to break the news to you of my choice to depart for the next few months. Right then, you looked into my eyes with a depth of love and understanding that I had yet to appreciate. Your next gesture was so Heart Felt that my resolve nearly broke. You took my hand in yours and said, " when you come back, I want forever with you". Right then, my world was ending and beginning all in the same breath. I was the luckiest woman in the world, in deed; I was a woman at last. To this day as I express myself to you in my dear journal, you James, are my inspiration, my heart and soul, my destiny, I Love You.
June 30, 1979 Dear Journal
As I prepare myself for another trying day in this hot and humid place. I am compelled to write, for as the day touched my face to wake me, I awoke from a dream of you James. My dreams have increased as of late and so has this deep longing inside of me for you. I miss you sweet heart and I want to be with you as you wrap me with your arms for a snug Heart Felt hug. It seems that the flame of our love has been stoked into a full-blown inferno of passion and anticipation by this time of apart. During this time I have grown more in love with you than ever I thought possible and I am getting so excited about our wedding day quickly approaching. 

   James, you are the man I was destined to marry and I want to so bad become your wife because I am so in love with you. I am now fully ready, and when I come home to you we will share in our loves strong embrace, my first Sensual Encounter.

Copyright ©2004 By
© 2004 Mickey Pig Knuckles (All rights reserved)
Copyright ©2004 Heartfelt
" Chapter One "
" Seconds My Dear " 
There was someone knocking on my front door. I wasn’t expecting anyone this time of day, I wondered just who it could be. While looking through the peep hole in the door I was pleasantly surprised at who was standing outside my door. As I opened the door, I found myself being greeted by the most beautiful woman God ever placed on this Earth. I suddenly realized I was grinning from ear to ear, and my eyes must have lit up the night, because the first thing I noticed was the sparkle in her eyes and her face aglow. She entered and walked right into my outstretched arms, which I quickly wrapped around her for a Heart Felt hug. I would not have ever opened my arms again if I had my way. I invited her to sit on my couch and get comfortable. As I sat down, I felt so much love when she sat down right next to me, actually touching me with her warm body. I could feel our passions building as we sat and gazed at one another. In times past, she had usually left quite a bit of space between us, for some reason. I had secretly wished during those times that she would sit close enough for me to put my arm around her shoulder and be able to touch her on the sly. Maybe our brief separation was a blessing in disguise as now our bodies wanted to become one together.

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  I love to listen to her sweet feminine voice while she shares with me the events of her day or days gone by. Her voice has a soothing, calming effect on me. But as I listen to her talk, I quite often look into her eyes and become mesmerized. Right in the middle of one of her sentences, I interrupted rudely. Unable to contain the feelings inside for her, I blurted out my God you are the most beautiful woman. Suddenly she shut me up by grabbing my head and planted a hard, hot, wet, passionate kiss on my lips. I almost felt like I was going to suffocate because it was the longest kiss she ever gave me. She literally took my breath away. There were no more words between us as now our desires were in control. I rose up from my seat and reached for her hand. She placed her dainty hand in mine without reservation, and I helped her up. I picked her up in my arms and gently kissed her and said I Love You. I was looking at her soft pretty hair and into her sparkling eyes, I suddenly knew. The moment I had longed for, prayed for, hoped with all my heart for, for months had finally arrived. My heart skipped a large number of beats, and my breathing became erratic with anticipation, as I carried her toward the bedroom.

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  I gently sat her on the edge of the bed and kissed her sweet lips. She gently pushed me backward onto the bed so that I was seated upright. She began swaying back and forth to unheard music in her head, tantalizing me further, while she slowly removed her blouse from over her head. She turned her back to me as she reached behind and undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor. I was mesmerized as she kept her back to me for what seemed an eternity.
Then slowly she turned sideways toward me, as her beautiful, rounded, firm mounds of flesh came into view with full erect nipples. Turning more, her brown nipples seemed to be pointing right at my eager eyes. What beauty this woman held just for me. Reaching up to grab her breasts with my hands, she backed away slightly, moving her index finger from side to side and saying not yet big boy as she grinned and continued to sway back and forth, teasing me greatly and enjoying it. She moved just enough so I could watch and enjoy the jiggling of her ample bosoms. I licked my lips with desire and found myself drooling. Apparently that was all she was waiting for, because it was then that she walked right into me, placing her breast right into my face and swished them back and forth against my out stretched warm tongue. I finally grabbed hold of both of them and pulled them together, putting both of her nipples into my mouth at the same time and licking and sucking on them in rotation. Oh yes, she liked this as she released a lasting sensual moan. They felt so good in my mouth and hands.

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   I almost didn’t want to let go when she pulled away from me again. She waved at me suggestively as she walked toward the bathroom, without saying a word. I sat back on the bed and took a deep breath, still in shock over what was transpiring between us. She was teasing me and I wanted her so bad. My heart was beating faster than if I had run in a marathon. Just as my pulse was returning to normal, she came back into the bedroom and I was very pleased to see she had left her panties behind. She lifted her leg up onto the bed beside me, revealing to me what I had only dreamed about to this point. I stared up into the most beautiful pair of lips that I had ever imagined. Tight, pink, lips with a cute little flap of flesh protruding, much like the petal of a flower. I blurted out, 'Wow, would I love to kiss those lips!' Without saying a word, she swayed sideways toward me and gently straddled my face, moving her hips slowly back and forth as my tongue touched every inch of her luscious full moist lips. My finger entered her as I was licking her and I hear another pleasurable moan from deep inside of her. Oh, how long had I waited to hear just such a moan from her. With my other hand I reached behind her and grabbed hold of the softest butt I had ever touched in my life and squeezed it while pulling her bottom down more tightly onto my lips. When at last she had had her fill of my tongue between her legs, after experiencing two climaxes that violently shook her whole body, she backed up and walked toward the bathroom once again. I finally felt like a man for the first time in months.

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   Not only had I seen, touched, smelled, and even tasted the woman I loved, again I had given her pleasure, which is something I wanted to do more than receive the same for myself. At long last, I was a man again eagerly wanting to please my woman.
She slowly walked back into the room with a sensual glow in her eyes. As I rose to hold her in my arms, she pushed me back against the wall and grabbed hold of my basketball shorts and yanked them off of me in one violent tug. She then repeated that act with my boxer shorts. I was totally naked, as was she. My beautiful woman knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. There was no hiding my excitement, as the evidence was standing at full attention, much like the space shuttle on launch day. She dropped to her knees beside me, and grabbed my firm manhood with a death grip and started to stroke it up and down, back and forth, twisting her wrists from side to side as I moaned with pleasure. The tip was already wet and sticky as she then lowered her head over the tip and stuck her tongue out, licking in rotation around the head of my swollen member. I tried so hard to make it last, but if the truth be known, it had been months since I had been this close to my beautiful woman. I was afraid I would be like a teenager at his first meeting with a girl, which almost always meets with premature ejaculation. Boy, I hate that word. However, I was able to hold off a little longer than that, but only with extreme concentration. When I finally was able to stop my huffing and puffing as I was building to a point of no return, and whispered I’m coming between breaths, thinking she would back away, I was very surprised at what happened next.

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   She clamped down harder with her lips and began sucking harder than I have ever experienced and with her other hand began squeezing my balls. The sensation caused me to explode in a climax unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was totally drained and out of breath and reached to hold my lady in my arms as she spit into a tissue. She then kissed me on the lips passionately, her tongue now tickling my tongue, and sucking on it. It wasn’t long before the space shuttle was back on the launch pad, and my breathing became more manageable. She walked to the kitchen and brought back two bottles of water. After quenching our thirst, she looked at me sweetly and finally said Ilove you! I put my hand behind her head and gave her deep, loving kisses,almost wanting to inhale her. She then gently pushed me once again back ontomy pillow, and straddled my face, stating 'Seconds anyone?'Boy was I in the mood for seconds, and thirds, andfourths. . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . .

 By James L. McHenryCopyright ©2004 James L. McHenry
Copyright ©2004 By
© 2004 Mickey Pig Knuckles (All rights reserved)
Copyright ©2004 Heartfelt
" Chapter Two "
" My Lovely Lady "
As you lay and rest upon our bed I jumped out of bed and headed for our bathroom.

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   I wanted to fill a warm bath for you with lots of soapy bubbles topped with red rose petals. I came back to get you and picked you up in my arms for a Heart Felt hug and carried you into the bathroom. I wanted to pamper you with my love by bathing your soft skin. I slowly untied your sheer purple teddy and gently peeled it slowly off your gorgeous body gently kissing your warm skin as it became exposed to me. My blood was racing through my body like the Indy 500 but no time for a pit stop now. Your body was responsive to my gentle kisses by the soft little moans I was hearing which encouraged me even more. Now I got down on my hands and knees in front of you and opened my mouth and gently bit at the crotch of your wet panties as to not tug your thick curly hairs. I began pulling at them but your wetness was sticky and acting as glue. Suddenly, your moistness finally let go and allowed my teeth to pull them down and off of you. I then placed my hands on your soft butt cheeks and pulled you right into my face for a very intimate sniff and kiss of your moist womanhood. I licked down one leg and lifted it up into the tub and then the other. Then you slowly sank into the bubbled warm water topped with the red rose petals. When WOW! Oh my God! I can see your wet skin bobbing within the bubbles from the tub. I see your beautiful body and want to touch you all over. You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever known.


   I try to sit next to the tub so I can wash your soft skin but My Manhood is firmly hard with the first glance of your warm, wet breasts. I stand in awe of you gazing; knowing how lucky I am that you let me enter into your private world. My eyes bulge out and the desire in my loins is so intense that I can barely breathe. Mickey Pig KnucklesConsidering my engorged manhood I move forward to gently touch your nipples and fondle your breasts. Your nipples swell like they are bursting with honey; just waiting for my warm tongue to gently taste first one and then the other. My erection is so very hard and flowing with juice from the engorged head. I am so hungry for you that my breath comes in gasps, and I feel weak like I am going to faint from the desire welling up inside of me, ravaging my heart, making me feel like a lion in the jungle roaring for his mate. I slowly lick the first nipple and then the other, darting between them both. Then my mouth wraps around one nipple and suctions your breast while I am looking up into your softly glowing eyes. It is like I am trying to inhale it and take it to my whole mouth. No one has ever filled me with this much excitement. I have never been in such heat wanting you so bad. No one has made tears of longing and happiness well up in my eyes. I love you now more than any human being alive, and I am one with love for the first time in my life. You are my soul, my heart, you make my dreams come true.

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   My every existence now depends on you. My eyes move down your body eagerly drinking in the curves of your flesh, the luxurious roundness of your sweet hips, and the firm, beautiful ass. I marvel at the magic of your thighs. Your furry mound is so pretty, black, hairy, silky and exciting; revealing beautiful pink lips inviting me to fill my mouth with pleasure. As you try and take hold of my hand and guide me to your honey spot I pull away and say, Oh Honey, not so quickly. I reach for the bar of soap and lather my hand and gently start scrubbing your back, neck and shoulders. I gently nibble on your ears as I lather my hand again and slowly move my hand towards the front of you. I run my soapy finger around the base of your full breasts as you begin to quiver anticipating my full hand on them. I gently let my finger sweep across your fully engorged nipples and I hear it, a little moan of pleasure escaping between your sweet lips. Suddenly my hand cups your breasts and squeezes them and you squeal out with desire for more. My hand slowly moves lower towards your naval and circles around the circumference and slowly penetrates. Your own heat has now turned into an inferno and you take your hands and try to guide mine onto your electrified womanhood. I slowly let you guide me and you take my finger and insert it deeply inside of you as you let out such a deep moan. I just leave it there not moving it around or pulsing in and out as your pulsating feels so good squeezing on my finger. I look at you and see your immediate desire for me and give you a very passionate kiss.

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   I pull my finger out and rinse you off and lift you up and pull you out and slowly dry you off.
I do not bother to dress you cause I have something in store for you. I take you in my arms and carry you quickly to our bed. I place you on your back gently, and bend down to kiss you. I watched your knees raise and your legs spread wide open for me. Revealing more and more of your wonderful, pink, moist skin and engorged puckered lips. I knelt before you and placed my face right between your legs and let my warm tongue lightly lick your thick curly hairs not making contact with your eagerly wanting lips. Your hands grabbed the back of my head as you tried to pull me into you harder wanting my tongue to make contact. Then it happened as I could not resist any longer and gave into your wanting. With just the tip of my tongue I let it flicker the soft folds of your flesh petals. Your womanly smell was driving me crazy and wanting you so bad but it was a fight to contain myself to pleasure my beautiful lady. I took my finger and gently circled around the opening and barely let it penetrate inside of you, touching and feeling your clit as your flesh swells and you respond to my touch with a sweet cry of pleasure. Now, with an urgency I have never known before, I begin kissing your stomach; my mouth moving everywhere as my saliva was just pouring out of my mouth. I gently touch your inner thighs and probe deeper inside of you with my warm tongue. You are so hot and wet inside. 

   Your body is so intense as your hands control my head forcing my face firmly into you. Tears of joy and longing flow from your eyes and you call out my name, "Poo Bear oh Poo Bear eat me! Eat me!" And I do eat with passion and lust. My tongue ring drives you insane with a tickling sensation unknown to you before. My tongue plunges deeper and my fingers probe inside seeking your "G spot" to explode this most fantastic spot. I can feel your urgency as you buck up pulling me deeper within you. I want this to be the best ever for you, and your moans and insistent demands tell me it is. I feel you letting go and having an orgasm now over and over again, but still crying out for more and more of my love, and you shall have it! I rise up from you with a very hard need for love that has never been equaled. But I will not move in haste. I must make this pleasure last as long as I can. For I am hungry for you beyond reason, even beyond desire, with feelings inside driving me wild. You are my fantastic love! My gorgeous Goddess of mythology, the magical Queen of my heart, my beautiful everything. Oh how I love you! Now with just a little composure before I partake of my pleasure, I am able to feast my eyes on all of you. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and I see the woman who sends me off like a rocket ship to fly forever in the Universe; shouting and screaming, singing, laughing, and dancing my way past the stars; because I am so happy now that you are mine. I have stolen your love away! No one else can have you! I will never give it back or surrender it. I will die first.

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   I pledge my life for your love forever. You are mine! All mine! By just looking at you, my love carries me to a heavenly world of bliss. You are perfection and I am yours forever. Oh my angel, please love me the way I love you; completely and from the depths of my soul. Just hold me close and spread your legs; let me enter your haven of love forever as we become one. Now, let us feel my shaft slowly enter your tight, hot canal and complete you and our desires. Lead me on deeper and deeper as our hot bodies mesh and bond into one. Surge against me now as our passionate grinding writhe in unison with perfect movement and harmony, as I push inside of you deeply, searching for the happiness that awaits me there. Squeeze, oh I can feel your clamping power now, Oh God I can feel myself approaching my destination, the end of my journey lies straight ahead. The deep intense, pleasure inside my pulsating erection. The engorged head, the involuntarily flexing and swelling of my shaft; as your hungry womanhood muscles tighten and flex around it. You moan and cry and call out my name, as your nails dig into my back making sure I won’t escape your hold and I equal your temporary insanity; driven by a wild crazy urge of intense pleasure rising inside of me and crying out for release. Pumping in and out hard and fast, I plunge in to the hilt again and again, for you are so wet and hot and ready for me; screaming and scratching deeply with your nails along my spine, leaving bloody evidence of your love and passion for me. I hold my load; driving deeper and deeper inside, knowing it's too intense and marvelous to hold back any longer. I cry out your name once with an animal intensity and rage unknown before.

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   Spurting my love juice deep inside of you as you tightly clamp me making sure you get every last drop. As pleasure ripples throughout your body and explodes from within, as you orgasm and orgasm time and time again! Now we are one with the universe: One soul, one heart, one being! We evaporate into the atmosphere rising together in one great spasm of love. Oh what a gorgeous woman you are my dear! I love you! I really, really love you! I just lay on top of you kissing your sweet lips fully inside throbbing as we drift off to sleep!!!!!

" Chapter Three "" Whats On The Menu "After a good nights sleep, I woke up first, decided since my beautiful woman was still sleeping I would pamper her with a nice breakfast. As I got out of bed and looked at her female figure under those covers I wanted to get back in and love her. I bent over and gently kissed the lovely lobe of her precious ear and quietly heard a soft moan of love escaping through her closed lips. I went to the bathroom and took care of morning business and quickly rushed down into the kitchen. Looking through the cabinets and finding them almost completely bare of food decided to check in the freezer and found some waffles. I popped four of them into the toaster and made some coffee while thinking of my beautiful woman still in our bed sleeping. I began to drift away from making breakfast while my thoughts are with her holding her, kissing her, and telling her just how much I cherish her. Suddenly I smelt something starting to burn which quickly brought me back to my task of making breakfast. It was too late though as the waffles were kind of burnt. I decided to scrape the blackness off with the edge of the butter knife making the waffles look kind of rough and scraped but they will be covered with butter and syrup. I poured a cup of coffee and grabbed the newspaper and went to see her. As soon as I entered the bedroom I was greeted by a Heart Felt glow coming from her beautiful face. I took the tray over to her and handed it to her and bent over to kiss her sweet lips.

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   I was not hungry, not being a breakfast kind of guy so I laid next to her and took her fork and cut her a bite and fed her a bite of waffle followed by a kiss. I fed her several bites of waffle and then a drink of coffee with many kisses. Mickey Pig KnucklesI guess the food was making her feel playful and sensual at the same time as she took her finger and rubbed it into some syrup and then across my chest and then licked it off. Wow, what an electrifying sensation as I felt myself spring up fully with a steel hard erection. She saw my response and giggled and looked at me with such a warm twinkle in her eyes. Now she took her whole hand and ran it across the top of the waffles to saturate her hand and then right through my boxer opening went her hand. Between the warmness and stickiness of the syrup I felt like I would explode right there but I held it in somehow. I knew what was next and wanted her slippery tongue and warm mouth wrapped around me so bad now. She was teasing me as she just held onto me with such a strong grip, sensually pulsing and squeezing her hand driving me insane. She looked into my eyes and said do you want it big boy? She then kissed me and took her warm tongue and started licking south. Slowly past my chest and belly button right to the tip of my glistening mushroom head where she took the tip of her tongue and flickered it back and fourth across the eye. Suddenly I felt myself being sucked inside of her warm wet mouth and I was so eager to explode. I think she got three mouth strokes as I could not maintain control any longer and started shooting like a Tommy machine gun with what felt like a thousand rounds. My whole body was quivering and my heart was racing in the marathon once again. She then gave me a kiss and my love juice was shared between the both of us.

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   I must say that was one sweet kiss. This time it was her that dished out the pleasure and I think I will make breakfast more often especially waffles. She finished her coffee while I was still gathering my composure and said to me honey, I need to make a run to the market for some groceries and run a few other errands. I took her tray and went down to the kitchen to clean the dishes so my beautiful woman could get herself ready. I just finished drying the last dish when she entered the room looking so beautiful. I felt like I was going to melt right there in front of her into a blob of flesh at her feet. She said she was going to get her hair done and shop a little and go to the market to restock our empty cabinets. I told her that’s fine and to be careful as I would find some things to do around the house. She took her purse and pulled her keys out and came over to me and said I love you big boy. I took her in my arms and wrapped them around her tightly for a heart felt hug. She kissed me with so much passion I asked her if she wanted to stay. She winked at me and gave me one of her heart melting smiles and said I’ll see you later my love and went out the door. Little does she know while I was looking in the cabinets earlier I found the ingredients for a nice dinner. I decided to make her really happy by cleaning some things around the house and running the vacuum over the floors. I started preparing dinner but first I had to put on my special apron.

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   I only cook with either my boxers on or my special apron. It only covers the front as the backside is completely open.
I was so busy I never heard her come in when all of the sudden I felt some warm hands cupping and squeezing my butt cheeks. I turned to face her and gave her a kiss and her hair was down and simple and yet looked good and she had cute little gold ring shaped earrings on. I admonished her for swiping a carrot and offered her a bread stick. Arianna grinned and gave me another kiss, completely unexpected and so full of passion. I think she liked the long hard bread stick and she was sliding it in and out of her mouth with a sensual glitter in her eye. When she pulled away she grabbed the bottle of wine and put it on my butt cheeks and giggled. I was shocked at the coolness and quivered away as she chased me. She caught me up against the kitchen wall and firmly pressed herself into me making me want her so bad right there and then. I started licking her neck and nibbling at her ear lobes whispering into her ear canal, I love you. She said hey big boy, what is that I feel as she backed away to see this long man stick protruding out from the front of my apron. Just the sight of my full attention for her set her on fire as she again pressed firmly into me and started grinding into me. I was getting so horny for her I wanted to skip dinner and make sweet love to her but I was hungry and made us a nice dinner. She was hungry too now but not for any dinner as she lifted my apron and slowly traced the long length of my fully erect stick.

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   She bent down and kissed me gently and pressed her face into me sniffing deeply. I felt her tongue circling my balls as her fingers were rolling around the engorged head. She finally stood up and pressed tightly into me again and said I want you honey, I want you right now. Her skin was a soft glow of a warm sensual pinkish color covered with little goose bumps and her breathing was deeply quickened.
She slowly walked me towards the table which luckily had not been set yet and gently pushed me down onto the top. By this time dinner was the last thing on my mind as I slid a hand down through her blouse and cupped her breasts through her bra. I was lightly squeezing as my finger flickered across her now erect nipple. My beautiful woman was on fire and panting and moaning while slurping and kissing my steel hard erection. I felt the rumbling deep inside of my Tommy machine gun reloading for another explosive discharge when she climbed up on top of me. I quickly fumbled to undo her slacks, which seemed like the biggest challenge of my life as I was so excited my fingers, and hands were shaking violently just as an earth quake shaking the land for a eruption. My eruption was going to happen quickly but I wanted it to shoot deeply inside of her. She helped me get them off of her and since I was so close to blowing up she moved her panty crotch over to the side and she guided me inside of her quivering love canal. Just as I started to slowly penetrate her I felt myself starting to cum and I knew this was going to be a blissful sensation. Suddenly as I pushed in a little deeper I felt her tighten on me and that was it I started to rattle off the rounds again. This was one of the best sessions we have both had since she had an orgasm at the moment I was and our bodies were cumming together as one.

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   As soon as we finished and recaptured our breath I told her, I love you more than love and asked her if she wanted some dinner now. As I brought the pasta and salad to the table, and then went back for the sauce and cheese, Arianna popped the cork and poured the wine, not bothering with all the savoring and sampling BS. Throughout dinner Arianna told me she had a present for me and I became very aroused. I wanted to know what it was and tried to get her to tell me. She would just smile at me and kept winking. I even tried a different tack and asked where it was, but all to no avail. Arianna seemed to be in one of the best moods I could remember her in, and it made the night go by, and then she helped me clear the table and load the dishwasher. When we were all done, I gave up all pretenses and asked where my present was, and again Arianna dismissed me and told me to be patient. I would have pressed on further but something in the way she said it might be the best present she had ever given me made me find a little more patience. Together hand in hand we went into the living room and sat on the couch, flipping through the channels and catching "Swordfish" already started. As soon as Halle Berry bared her $500,000. 00 breasts, Arianna changed the channel until she found a rerun of the A-Team, a show we both still love. Soon we were snuggled up together and laughing at the top of the line 1984 desktop computers on the episode, and I realized Arianna wasn't laughing anymore, she was facing me with a serious look. Arianna fumbled with the remote and shut off the TV and then leaned in and kissed me, and after about 3 seconds I responded. My mind was reeling as the next kiss she parted her lips and invited my tongue and we kissed deeply like that night she came back.


   Arianna shifted closer and put her arms around me and we were kissing so furiously that I was short of breath. Then just like that we broke for air, and Arianna sat back, then with a blank look on her face she got off the couch and stood before me, staring intently at me. I was nervous, partly because I had gotten the beginnings of an erection and part of me; well most of me wanted whatever was happening to continue. Arianna slowly began to unbutton her blouse and I sat still, wide eyed and took it all in. Slowly, button by button she undid her blouse, revealing a snug lacy white bra after the fourth button. It felt like hours went by as Arianna slowly stripped off her blouse, and when she shrugged it off her shoulders, I noticed two things; her breasts seemed to swell against and almost strain her bra and her nipples were so stiff as if to poke through her lacy cups. Not a word had been spoken, almost as if both of us were afraid to break the spell, and then despite her slacks giving her trouble, Arianna climbed onto and straddled my lap. As silly as it sounds, I was worried she would feel my erection, and yet inch by inch I was getting harder in a hurry. Another long, hot deep kiss, a pause and then Arianna produced her neck and I nuzzled it and nibbled her ear, grazing her cheek and chin and embracing her deeply again. I know my heart was pounding and my breathing was short, but I could feel it from her, and then she struggled to her feet and smiled. Next she reached behind herself and peeled her panties off, the moistness of her thick curly haired mound was sticking to the crotch rewardingly loud in the silence. As she wiggled the panties down I sucked in a breath at the sight of not only her lower body, but the thickness of her hairy patch concealing her treasure. Once her panties were at her feet, Arianna grinned at me and teased me with undoing her bra, and then she smiled and climbed back onto me again. This time while we were kissing she tugged and pulled at my boxer shorts and I finally assisted her in pulling them off. Without getting off my lap, Arianna leaned back and in one of the swiftest moves I have ever seen unclasped her bra one handed.

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   Without wasted motion she slipped it off and tossed it behind her. Her firm round breasts were perfectly erect with little goose bumps circling the nipples. Her breasts had the cutest tan line on each tit, barely a triangle in front of each nipple and golden brown aureole. Arianna stared at me and finally asked "Well?" as I was stuck looking at and admiring her beautiful womanly body. I took hold of them right away, wasting no time in taking one, then the other in my mouth and sucking and nibbling every inch especially her tender nipples. I found out that just touching, let alone kissing and sucking on her nipples arouses her intensely, and soon Arianna was panting on my lap. Speaking of my lap, Arianna must have read my mind or else decided it was her turn, she gasped at the sight of my 9 ½ inch cock; although I was so hard it might have measured 10 or 11 at that point. Arianna took my hand and led me to the bedroom and wasted no time by pressing me against the wall and let me fall to my knees and firmly kiss her soft curly hairs. She stood me back up after only one kiss and with a memorable smile she said "I love you big boy" and again pressed herself against me like saran wrap atop a plate, leaving me no time or thought capacity to think about the ‘present' she was giving me. As cliched as it sounds, when I entered Arianna it felt like Heaven, hot, wet and tight, almost as if molded to my size and shape, and we made the best love I can ever remember. I held off as long as I could and Arianna had a screaming climax that was the last thing I expected to ever hear. Then as I slipped deeper and faster into her and felt myself cresting the edge, she said the two words I had always dreamed of hearing her say, "Fuck Me". Just as she said that my Tommy machine gun exploded unlike before and I knew I hit my target this time. As much as I would like to end the story here, there is one more thing, as big a surprise to me as it should be to you. Doing special things for my beautiful woman always pays off in the most beautiful way.

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   While we were bonding together in bed after just making sweet beautiful love, Arianna kissed me and told me thank you for being my man forever and thank you for cleaning the house and fixing us some dinner. She also said, Poo Bear, you are a great chef but you my precious big boy will always be what’s on my menu. I took her hand intertwining my fingers through hers and whispered into her ear, I love you Arianna as we drifted off to sleep.

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By James L. McHenryCopyright ©2004 James L. McHenry
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