Rest Day


Topic: Rest DayCarl turned over to his girlfriend Lucy, cupping her small firm breasts, pulling her hardening nipples between his fingers, he pushed his stiffening cock between her cheeks trying to gain access to he tight little twat. Lucy was in no mood for sex after their argument last night, pushing his hands away and getting up without a word. She returned from the bathroom and dressed for work. “We’ll talk tonight” she said coldly, “I hope your not going to waste your day off by lying around in bed all day. Remember Mum wanted you to look at the draw in the kitchen” “Ok “he said, but before he could say anything else she had left the room. Carl could hear her banging around in the kitchen, the front door slammed shut and her car pulled away. He relaxed not paying much attention to her mood. Lucy was highly strung, which made for a rocky relationship but good sex, catch her in the right mood and wow.
The birds nesting in the ivy next to the open bedroom window kept Carl from falling into a deep sleep; he was drifting in and out of consciousness when he felt a warm wet mouth sucking the end of his semi erect cock. He smiled to himself then suddenly remembered Lucy had left for work. He snatched the white cotton sheet away, “what the fu…” A bottle blond head looked up from his groin not stopping the long slow sucking she was giving him. Cathy, Lucy’s Mum looked at him tightening her grip on his ever hardening shaft with a stare that told him she was not going to stop no mater what he said. Carl just lay back relaxing with the sensation he loved so much. When Cathy felt his cock growing to full length she new she would get no complaint.
Carls breathing was becoming faster as he approached orgasm, when Cathy sucked one of his balls into her mouth and stroked his full length with her hand he held his breath, sensing he was close, she took his shaft deep into her mouth, and Carl let out a low deep groan as he jetted his seed into her eager mouth. Cathy swallowed hard to take his come, almost gagging as each spurt hit the back of her throat, letting his still hard cock fall from her mouth she looked up and smiled at the look of shock on Carls face.

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Cathy was in her mid forties, short and a little over weight but certainly not unattractive, neat wavy blond hair, deep blue eyes and full lips, she had large firm breasts and a classical hour glass figure. Carl had always found her attractive and had had more than one wank while fantasizing over her. “I bet you didn’t expect that” she said coyly as she moved up his body, letting her hard nipples drag against his skin. Carl rolled her off his chest and immediately clamped his mouth onto one of her erect nipples, he sucked greedily massaging the other breast with one hand and moving his free hand down over her stomach until he felt the top of her knickers, with a little pressure his fingertips slid under the elastic. Cathy held onto his head moving him from one nipple to the other, feeling his hand move over her mound she widened her legs giving him access to her wet pussy lips. Carls fingers lingered on her engorged clit, moving in small circular movements causing Cathy to groan and widen her legs further, his fingers moved down to her open vagina, he was amazed at how wet she was, he easily slipped two fingers inside, slowly moving them in and out of her, he could feel the cold wet material of her knickers against the back of his hand. Cathy pushed his mouth from her breasts, Carl new what she wanted, he positioned himself between her legs and hooked his fingers into the elastic and pulled them down as she lifted slightly to help him, once he had removed her saturated underwear he gently parted her knees, his eyes were drawn to her full mound, he was delighted to see she had a neatly trimmed pussy, the short hair letting her slit show through and her engorged clit begged to be sucked. Lucy never trimmed her pubic hair, she preferred the natural look, Carl had only gone down on her twice in the two years that they had been going out together, he hated the mouthfuls of curly hair; he had choked on some loose pubes on the second occasion, and had never made any further attempt to lick Lucy’s pussy again. Cathy had spread her legs and was holding her puffy pussy lips open, Carls tongue teased around her clit, she moved to try and get him to touch her clit but he kept moving away, he smiled to himself as he herd her call him a bastard through gritted teeth, he wanted to savour the time between her legs and didn’t want her to come too quickly. Carl opened his mouth over her hard clit and inner lips and sucked the whole complex of aroused flesh into his mouth, almost chewing her with his lips he felt her buck hard under him, “Oh yes, Oh God you Bastard I’m coming, you bastard, Oh yes, yes, yes…” She clamped her thighs hard to his head as she came.
As she relaxed Carl softly kissed her mound and inner thighs, being careful not to catch her over sensitive clitoris, he wanted to stay where he was and look at her intimate folds, as he had practically no experience of what a woman looked like. With Lucy it was one, impossible to see through her pubic hair and two, she was a wham bam thank you type, a little bit of fondling and then a hard fuck, which in fairness could be an all night session depending on her mood. Sure he had read porno magazines and seen women on film, but it was the first time he had the opportunity to explore a woman’s inner flesh.
Cathy was totally relaxed and was more than happy to let Carl make her come again with his tongue, she had not had a man since her husband had died nearly seven years ago, she would often lie in bed at night masturbating as she listened to her daughter having sex with her boyfriend. Carl was sucking on one of her fleshy outer pussy lips and testing her by flicking his tongue over her massively swollen clit, he put two fingers inside her and gently rubbed them on her g-spot, Cathy squirmed as her orgasm started to build, Carl took one of his wet fingers out of her slippery cunt and touched the tip onto her tight little rose bud, with gentle pressure he probed further until he was up to his second knuckle, flicking his tongue over her clit faster and harder she came with a long wail, Carl felt her sphincter tighten and relax several times as she came, he lifted his head to see her squeezing her heaving breasts, carefully withdrawing his fingers he sat up, his hard cock had been trying to burrow into the bed, Cathy wasted no time, she gripped his rock hard shaft and guided him to her puffy entrance, he slipped in with ease, she pulled her knees back to her chest allowing him the greatest amount of penetration she could.

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   Carl took long slow deep strokes making her gasp on each thrust, she kissed his mouth, sucking her own juice from his lips, he flicked his tongue into her mouth and she responded by sucking it hard into her mouth. Her legs had crossed around his back pulling him deep into her. Carl lifted himself high on his arms slamming into her, “turn over” he said through gritted teeth “I want to fuck you from behind” she released her legs and turned over with out hesitating, she knelt, presenting her ass to him, her cheeks spread showing her cunt in its full aroused glory. Carl placed the tip of his dick at the entrance of her cunt, he was going to push into her as slowly as he could stand, but Cathy had other ideas, as soon as she felt his helmet at her opening, she thrust back hard taking his full eight inches in one powerful movement, Carl almost came, he had to pull back, he adjusted his position and tried again. Once more she slammed back hard onto his poker, this time Carl slammed into her as hard and fast as his tight muscles would allow him, Cathy reached between her thighs and opened her pussy lips wide with two fingers, allowing Carls balls to bang into her clit, he could only last a few more strokes and as he felt his orgasm start to build, he gripped her waist and pounded her with every ounce of strength he had “I’m coming” he bellowed, and started to squirt into her, Cathy could feel each pulse from his cock, she gave herself a few quick strokes across her clit and she joined him in ecstasy, they collapsed together breathing hard and fast in a sweaty mass of fulfilment.
After about an hour Carl awoke, he could feel his dick being sucked, he thought Cathy was insatiable, rubbing his eyes and blinking the sleep away he could see Cathy standing at the entrance of the bedroom, he looked down at his groin to see Linda, Cathy’s next door neighbour sucking his rapidly stiffening cock. Linda was a real looker for her age, Carl estimated her to be in her early fifties, ample firm breasts and a remarkably toned body, although he had only spoken to her in passing, he had often wondered what she would look like naked, now he knew! Carl was a little dazed by the morning’s events but was not going to complain. Cathy came and sat on the bed next to him and leaned over and kissed him deeply, she whispered into his ear “Linda and I are close friends and share allsorts of things together” She smiled and said to Linda “I think he’s ready again now” Linda moved up Carls body positioning herself over his engorged prick, his heart skipped a beat as her mound came into view, she was perfectly shaved, Carl was transfixed at the sight, he watched as Cathy held his member so Linda could lower herself onto him, she sank slowly, widening her legs, until her mound was pressed hard onto his pubic bone, she started to slowly rock back and forth, Carl reached up to play with her tits, her nipples were small and hard, if he had not felt them he would have sworn she had had a tit job. Cathy stood next to the bed and kissed her friend long and hard, Carl could see the passion between them and wondered how much they had shared together. Cathy put one foot on the bed, widened her thighs in a silent invitation to her fanny, Linda was first there, rubbing her middle finger up and down Cathy’s slit in time with her own rhythm. Carl felt Linda quicken her pace, she was becoming flushed, her face and breasts reddening with her excitement, Linda’s orgasm was approaching fast, she had abandoned Cathy’s clit and leaned back forcing as much cock as she could into herself, “Oh fuck…. I’m going to come” she grunted. Carl was close, his eyes glued to her shaved pussy. Cathy suddenly burst out “and me, I’m coming” she had been frigging herself and was now pounding two fingers into her hot pussy. Cathy came first, which set Linda off, they both gasped and moaned as two terrific orgasms pulsed through their bodies, all this was too much for Carl, he slammed up into Linda’s cunt almost lifting her off his cock, he held his breath for the last few strokes, and finally shot his load into Linda’s quivering orgasm.

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Linda rolled off Carl’s dick, and laid on her back rubbing her sticky quim, Cathy moved round the bed and put her head between Linda’s thighs, her tongue licked around her open vagina, probing her swollen lips and sucking the mixture of Carl’s come and pussy juice, Linda gasped and dug her nails into her breasts, pulling her nipples hard between her fingers she moaned “suck my clit” Cathy obliged, taking her petal like inner lips and clitoris into her mouth and sucking on her swollen flesh. Carl watched the two women for a while, stroking his cock which had not gone completely soft, he moved behind Cathy and kneeled to face her ample arse. He spread her cheeks and licked her pussy, Cathy responded by widening her legs to allow him better access, she was hot and wet, her scent flooded into Carl’s senses, he breathed in the heady aroma as he licked her stiff clit. He stood and placed his hard tip on her inner folds, rubbing up and down over her clit in a slow circular motion as he watched Cathy pulling on Linda’s clit with her lips, Carl lifted slightly pushing his cock into her, she groaned with a mouth full of pussy. Cathy met each of Carl’s thrusts causing a slurping slapping sound on each stroke; Linda was writhing beneath Cathy and was close to orgasm Carl quickened his pace and reached under to cup Cathy’s swinging breasts her nipples were like pieces of cork on marsh mellow pillows. Linda suddenly screamed and came, clamping her thighs around Cathy’s head, the sight of Linda coming made Carl pound harder into Cathy’s sopping cunt, until her orgasm pulsed through her vaginal walls, gripping Carl’s shaft and tipping him over the edge into his own orgasm, his swollen dick jerked inside her tightly gripping pussy, his orgasm was long and hard, almost painful, his balls had been emptied several times that morning, he almost fainted as he slowly withdrew from her, he collapsed onto the bed totally exhausted and more than a little sore.
Cathy said “why don’t you go and have a shower and freshen up” The two women were lying on the bed as Carl left the room and headed to the shower, he smelled of sweat and sex. The warm water made his skin tingle as he stood in the cubicle, his head flooded with all the images of the past few hours, he realised he hadn’t given a single thought to Lucy, he reflected on his sex life with her, and concluded that he had missed out on so much, surprisingly he did not feel guilty. After washing and drying himself he went down stairs to make a coffee for the three of them, remembering the sticking draw, he gave it a whack and slid it open, the bloody thing was so crammed full of utensils and assorted crap that every time it was closed some wooden spoon or potato masher would flick up and stop the draw from opening. He smiled to himself because it was the draw that had caused the blazing row last night.
With freshly brewed coffee he went back upstairs, on the landing he could hear the grunts and moans of sex, his dick twitched back to life as he crept to the open bedroom door. Linda and Cathy were sitting facing each other with their legs intertwined and their pussies rubbing together, Carl stood in the doorway and watched for a while, his cock was almost fully hard when Linda caught sight of him, she smiled and gestured for him to come in. “Come and watch” she said breathlessly, doubling her effort. Carl put the coffee cups on the dresser and stood over the two women watching their pussies grind together. Cathy started to come; she threw her head back and gave out a succession of little gasping moans, she let herself fall back onto the bed, Linda looked at her with a little annoyance, she had not come and by the look on her face and the size of her clitoris she was desperate, she looked at Carl with needy eyes, untangling her legs from Cathy’s, she lay back and spread her legs wide, Carl transfixed by her shaven pussy moved over to her, he was torn, he wanted to fuck her and come himself, but he was fearful that if she came one more time it would be over and he wanted desperately to lick her, he could not take the chance of missing out on her smooth flesh.

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   Carl knelt on the floor and lowered his face to her mound, breathing her scent in deeply he kissed her soft inner thigh, looking all the time at her protruding inner lips, he wet two fingers and slipped them inside her pussy, Linda squirmed as he pressed his thumb onto her hard clitoris, she reached down and held her lips open with one hand and directed his head with her other to her clit, Carl sucked her engorged flesh into his mouth and greedily chewed with his lips not letting her genitals from his sucking mouth he flicked his tongue over the rubbery petals, sucking hard he let her pop from his mouth, he repeated this action five or six times, she was physically shaking, he eased a third finger inside, stretching her to her limit, he then flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit as he worked his fingers in and out of her. Linda strung a torrent of obscenities at him, encouraging him to make her come. Carl with drew his fingers and lifted her legs, pushing them back to her chest, he then slid his tongue from the top of her crack, over her clit, past her inner folds, down past her vagina, to her ass, he lapped at it with soft flat moist strokes, then he pointed his tongue and stabbed at it forcing in a little deeper each time. Linda rubbed her clit, faster and faster until her hand was a blur, Carls cock was twitching like mad, he thought he would come without even touching himself, he wet a finger and pushed against her ass, he worked it in and out “put another in” Linda hissed, Carl did as he was told, his second finger slipped in with the first, he massaged her sphincter then put two fingers from his other hand into her soaking pussy. This was finally enough to tip Linda over the brink, she screeched “yes, yes, yes” with each pulse of her orgasm, Carl nearly shot his load as he felt each contraction of her ass and cunt on his fingers. As her orgasm faded he couldn’t stand it, he knelt between her legs and drove his throbbing member fully home, even after her own climax Linda still responded by meeting his thrusts. It was over in just a few seconds; Carl stiffened his back and jetted his come into her.
Cathy had been watching from the other side of the bed, she applauded the pair of them and said “I don’t know about you two but I’m knackered, I’m off for a shower, then I suppose I had better start tea” Linda kissed Carl “I’m not just saying it, but that was possibly the best orgasm I have ever had” she said, Carl’s face reddened, “I can’t believe you are embarrassed after what’s gone on here today” she said, “I had better go. Thank you” Carl lifted himself slowly off her, his softening cock slid from her sticky cunt; Linda smiled and headed to Cathy’s bedroom where she had left her clothes. Carl dressed and went down stairs to the kitchen where Cathy was making tea. “I lost count of how many times I came today” she said as if chatting about nothing in particular. Carl could not believe the casual nature of her, after all, he had spent the best part of the day sucking and fucking his girlfriends Mother and her next door neighbour, “no, I can’t remember” he said. Later that evening while Lucy, her Mum and Carl were watching TV, Lucy leaned over and whispered into Carl’s ear “why don’t we make an early night of it, and perhaps we could finish what you started this morning”.

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