My Shooter Girl - Part 2


When Misty returned, she sat next to me and her hand went right to my thigh. “How do you like my blouse tonight”, she asked?“It’s beautiful, I said, you should not have any problems getting tits, I mean tips tonight”. “That’s the whole point in wearing it”, she said. The bar was getting real full, and she had to get to working. Kissing my cheek, she got up and went to get her shooter tray from the back. Her hand finally came off of my lap. Had she sat on my other side, her hand would have been full of hard stiff cock. I’ve been a titty man all my life and hers were out there for the world to see. While she was sitting she made a point of leaning forward some. So when I looked at her, her nipple was in full view. She excited the hell out of me. Betty came to the table to bring me a beer, and her hand found the meat roll. “Oh my, is that for me”?“All of it, as soon as we can get out of here”, I said. Giving it a squeeze, she went back behind the bar. Misty went to the bar to set up her shooters and she was talking to Betty, every once in a while either looking over at me, or pointing towards me. I could imagine what those two were saying to one another.

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  The KJ started calling singers up to the mike and the night was on its way. About 8:30, Betty brought me another beer and she told me that at 9PM, she and Misty had a 30-minute break, and they were taking it together, if I knew what she meant. A few minutes before 9, Betty motioned for me to follow her towards the back door. As I got closer to her, she was unlocking an old storage room. Pulling me in behind her, closing the door, she turned on a small 40 watt light, which barely lit the room, but was enough for us to see. I backed Betty to the wall and kissed her hard, my lips ground into her and her hands were all over my body, trying to get me out of my clothes. I reached down, unsnapped her jeans and my hand went right to her pussy. The pace we were going at was furious. I fingered her wet pussy with one hand while pushing her jeans to the floor. Her hand was all over my stiff cock; she was giving me a hand job, as I had two fingers in her very wet love tunnel. My other hand then went to her blouse and tried pulling it over her head. Getting frustrated, she stopped what she was doing and pulled her own blouse off and those perky little tits were in full view. My mouth flew to her tit like a camel to water. Sucking in her nipple and most of her little tit. I went to my knees and placed my hands on her breast as my face found that pussy of hers.


   She has a small amount of pussy hair, but that didn’t bother me. Her pussy tasted so sweet in my mouth. Sucking in her juices, my hands came down and went between her thighs to her ass. My knees were hurting from the hard concrete floor, so with her against the wall I started to rise to my feet, lifting her off the floor, being suspended in the air by my arms and my mouth. Her hands held my head in her crotch and I kept my tongue in her. We were so into each other we didn’t even hear the door open. Misty came in and locked it behind her. When she saw what was going on, she removed her clothes and her hand went to her pussy. One hand was grabbing her tit, the other was moving like a whirlwind into her wet pussy. She walked up behind me, going between my legs and grabbed my cock. I didn’t know and really didn’t care who it was; I wasn’t leaving this sweet beautiful pussy in my face. Betty had her eyes closed through all of this; enjoying the ride she was being taken on. I hit her clit with my tongue and she pulled me closer. Misty sat on the clothes on the floor, with her back to the wall, and slid between my legs. Her face was right in front of my cock, and she slid it into her mouth.

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   My knees almost buckled when she did that. Her mouth was a velvet sheath on my stiff rod. Back and forth she rocked her head, taking in everything I had. I continued working Betty’s clit, and she rewarded me with a face full of cum. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, god in heaven don’t stop”, she whimpered. I didn’t need the encouragement, but I lapped up her orgasm and then went back to work on her clit again. She came again, the minute is sucked her clit into my mouth. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHH, AAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH, God this is unbelievable, CCCUUMMMMMING, OH YES, YESSSSSSSSS. My cock was really feeling the mouth on it; I seemed to feel my orgasm start at my toes and like a cannon, shooting out of my cock into Misty’s mouth. By this time, I had to let Betty down before I dropped her. As small and light as she was, my arms were starting to tire. Misty moved so I could let Betty stand. When I let her loose, she almost dropped to the floor from exhaustion. Misty meanwhile was back to fingering her pussy and turned me around, as she leaned against the boxes and shoved her pussy towards me. I knelt on the clothes and took her finger out of her pussy and placed it in my mouth.

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   Her pussy juice tasted fine, so I placed my face in her pussy, which was clean of any hair, completely bald, and so smooth to the touch. My hands cupped each side of her protruding lips, while each thumb played over her clit. Looking into Misty’s face, my tongue slithered out and swiped her pussy, each time my tongue hit her pussy, I was looking right into her eyes, and she was looking into mine. My tongue waggled on her clit and she nodded her head in a yes motion. I entered her pussy with not one finger, but two. My hand was soaked in seconds with her juices. The she started to cum. My eyes never left hers, as she grimaced and let fly with her orgasm. “YES, DAM IT, SUCK ME, SUCK ME HARD, OH CUM, YES, YES, CUMMMMING. ”Misty bucked her drenched pussy in my face and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I licked her juices as they flowed from her. Relaxing some, Betty pulled my head back and began kissing me, Misty’s juices along with Betty’s were all over my face and Betty wanted all of it. Betty stopped kissing me and told me that she wanted to watch me fuck Misty. I took Misty’s hand and lowered her to the floor and got between her legs. Betty took my hard cock and guided it to Misty’s entrance.

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   Rubbing the head of my cock up and down Misty’s pussy, she slid the head into Misty’s pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from her tunnel, as I drove my entire cock into in one shot. God she was tight and wet. Letting her get use to me inside of her, I kissed Betty, while I slowly moved in and out of Misty. Her pussy was so dam good, shit, I wanted to live there forever. Misty met each of my thrust into her, my balls slapping against her ass. I began to feel like a raging bull and I quickened the pace. Harder and harder I thrusted into her. We were drenched in sweat. I moved my mouth to Misty’s breast and suckled her nipples, while playing with Betty’s little breast with one hand, the other, holding me up. I was getting a workout. I could feel Misty’s pussy muscles tighten around my cock, so I lifted my head from her breast and told her I wanted her so soak me with her cum. Bring that fiery fluid all over my cock. Cum girl, cum. She did.

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   Clenching her arms around my back, she slammed her pussy into my cock and climaxed. Faster and faster her pussy worked my cock, until I too fired my cum into misty’s pussy. We were so full of sweat, we couldn’t hold onto one another, and I slid out of her and fell on my back to the floor. Betty was right next to us; fingering her pussy the entire time I fucked Misty. With her hand still working her pussy, she leaned down and took my flaccid cock into her mouth. There was no way I was going to be able to do anything right now, so I just let her suck me. Misty looked at her watch and shouted, “Betty, it’s almost 10 o’clock, we’re going to get fired if we don’t get back. ”We rushed to get dressed and back to the front of the bar. The boss man was working behind the bar and gave Betty and Misty a nasty look. I was at my table by this time. He started to yell at them for being gone so long, but Misty stopped him and said that they had been outside, because Betty had been sick and was vomiting, and had the dry heaves. She just now started to feel better; we didn’t realize it was this late. He stammered, and then told Betty if she wanted to go home, she could. Betty told her boss that I would drive her home, she’d come back tomorrow for her car. He told me my bill was paid, and to mack sure she got home safely.

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  I drove Betty to her home, once inside, she fixed us a drink and sat on the couch. “That was something earlier” she said. I never shared that much passion with my boyfriend, and I’ve been with him for two years. ”“I guess we both wanted each other, and that’s how it came out”, I said. She came into my arms and we kissed a slow, passionate kiss. Our tongues danced and we just held onto one another. I reached down and pulled her blouse over her head and her little breast were once again free. I lowered my head, and took her nipple into my mouth and my tongue rolled it in my mouth. I told her that this time, it was going to be slow and meaningful. I replaced my mouth to her breast and just enjoyed having her in my arms. When I raised my head, I told her that I loved her small breast, they were no bigger than a mouthful, but they were so dam cute. She lay with her head in my lap, looking up to my face, while my hands spent at least a half hour, just playing with her breast, rolling the nipples between my fingersI reached down and undid her pants and peeled them off of her, leaving her panties on. Playing with her pussy through her panties was exciting, like a kid that just got a lollipop, and couldn’t take the wrapper off. She was wet, very wet. I slid the crotch of her panties to the side and inserted a finger into her pussy.

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   She wanted me to get undressed, so I let loose and removed my clothing, then sat back down. Her hand went straight to my cock, while I lowered her panties and threw them on the floor with the rest of the clothes. She continued to caress my cock and place little kisses all over it. My hand went back to her pussy and I again inserted my middle finger into her. Looking down at her making love to my cock, I told her that I wanted to be inside of her. I wanted to feel her love tunnel wrapped around me. We changed position and I moved in between her legs and my cock head reached her outer lips. I inserted the head of my cock into her, Slowly; I put all of it into her. I took my time, and this was driving her mad. Finally I was in to the hilt, my balls resting against her ass. “Betty, you feel so good and tight”, I said. Although I only had a seven-inch cock, she was so small, I felt like a giant in her. I worked my cock back and forth inside of her. With each thrust she got wetter and wetter. He pussy was dripping juices all over her couch.

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   Each time I felt like I was going to climax, I stopped and held my cock deep inside of her, wanting to prolong this. Once again, we were sweaty and loving it. I held onto her and we bucked against one another. Having stopped five times, I didn’t think I would last much longer. “Cum with me Betty, cum all over my cock”, I said. “I can feel it, I’m going to shoot my cum into your pussy, cum with me, as I pounded into her. Our hips seem to be the only important part of our bodies as we shoved them towards one another. My cock began to release my cum into her and she too, was drenching my cock with her climax. We squeezed, clutched and held on for dear life, as our bodies’ spasmed on the couch, as we both entered Nirvana. We lie in each other’s arms for who knows how long, before we went to her bedroom for the weekend. . has a endless list of honeys and escort agencies in Mykonos!

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