My Girlfriends Sister - Living the Fantasy


Well, her being in the bedroom with only a blue satin thong on, was all I needed to get the juices flowing. I eased over onto my back, pulled the blanket down midway on my chest, spread my knees under the blanket and took a firm grip on my erection, and proceeded to jack off while I watched her pull shirts and dresses out of the closet. She pulled a couple of shirts out and held them up to her firm, round tits before discarding them and reaching for another. She did this a number of times while I happily pumped away watching her. I must have moved my head or the movement of the blanket caught her eye as she suddenly looked up. "Holy crap", she said, bringing a shirt up to cover her beautiful breasts, and a hand instinctively went down to cover the crotch of her thong. "I'm sorry, I didn't think anyone was home", she said as she got more embarresed by the situation. "No problem here, Rachel, I was just admiring your awesome body", I smiled back at her. It was at this time she noticed my arm moving and the rythmic motion of the bed sheet. "What are you doing under there?", she asked in a tone you'd hear from an accuser. "Well, I have never had the opportunity to see you in a thong, or topless, and I must say, you have the most amazing ass, and delicious breasts, and I just couldn't help myself". "So, what, are you masturbating right now?", she asked incredulously. "Yup", I said, not the least bit ashamed or embarrased. This was good jerking material and I was going to enjoy the moment. "Over me?", She asked again incredulously. "Well, it sure isn't the first time I've masturbated thinking about you Rachel, and it won't be the last.

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  ""Really?", she says as she seems to be losing her indignation and gaining some curiousity. "I'd just like to look at that spectacular ass once more before you go", I tell her as I continue to pump my organ under the blanket. Growing bolder she says, "Well this isn't very fair you know, I mean you get to lay there looking at me almost naked and I haven't seen anything yet". Without a moments hesitation I throw the blankets off of me and look at her face as I continue to stroke my hard cock. This is so much more than I could have hoped for. Here is sweet Rachel who has been the object of many of my fantasies, and she is standing only feet from my bed staring at my hard cock as I jerk off for her. "Wow, nice cock", she says as she moves closer to the bed watching me slide my hand up and down my shaft. I know her boyfriend is about 6'2 but I have no idea how big his dick is. I am only 5'6 so my 7 inches looks bigger on me proportionaly. "I had no idea you thought about me like that", she says with a slight smile on her face. "Well, now you do Babe", I tell her and let my eyes roam all over her body. "Why don't you take your thong off and let me look at you too, after all I'm here in my birthday suit putting on a show for you, you should at least let me live this fantasy". She smiles at me again, looks at my cock and proceeds to take off her thong. As she does, I am now able to see the perfectly smooth skin of her pubic region and the slightly exposed lips of her pussy. "Oh, Rachel, I can't believe you shave, wow, I'm going to be jerking off thinking about that pussy for about the next 4 years", I tell her as my breathing picks up and the speed of my stroking increases.

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  Her eyes never leave my cock as she moves closer to the bed and gives me a closer view of her cleanly shaven mound. She slides a hand down her belly and lets her middle finger slip down between the lips of her pussy as her cheeks flush and she too gets wrapped up in the moment. "Oh, John, I just can't believe you stroke that beautiful cock thinking about me. That makes me so hot. Are you going to let me watch you cum?", she almost whispers. "Turn around and let me look at your beautiful ass", I say as I get up on my knees to face her and then ease back so my butt is on my heels and I'm facing her with knees spread and my hard cock pointing at her as I continue to pound it with my right hand. She turns and gives me a view of her wonderful ass and then proceeds to bend over and let me watch as she slips a finger up inside her wet pussy. She is looking back over her shoulder and our eyes meet momentarily as I am mesmerized by her open display of sexuality. "Oh, Rachel, I'm going to cum", I warn her, and she turns around again to face me, and to my surprise kneels on the floor beside the bed, her face only inches from my cock. "I can't touch you John", she says with a hint of sorrow. "I would never cheat on my boyfriend and I would never cheat with my sisters boyfriend, so I can't take you in my mouth or even make you cum myself, but you can cum on my chest if you want". With that she leans back at the hips and thrusts her breasts towards me. Looking at her beautiful face staring intently at my cock, and glancing at her perfect nipples and gorgeous breasts takes me over the top. "Oh, Rachel, Oh Babe", I grunt as my cockhead swells and my nutsac tightens against my body. I unleash a torrent of hot cum on her chest and I see a glob of sperm from my initial explosion cling to her chin as I milk the remnants of cum from my pulsing cock.


   My juices cover her breasts and trickle down her belly and off her nipples. She is well covered with my cum. She looks up at me and lets her tongue slip across the place on her chin where my cum has hit her and pulls her tongue back into her mouth and swallows. "Thank you, John", she says, as she stands and leans over to give me a peck on the cheek before moving back over to the closet and picking up her housecoat from the floor where she had left it. I marveled in the vision of her body as I still sat there, my cock starting to recede and the pounding in my chest slowing to a dull thud. She smiles at me as she slips into her housecoat and heads out the door. I lay back on the bed and the last drops of my orgasm drip from the end of my cock onto my stomach. I close my eyes and start to relive what just happened, and realize that she didn't wipe my cum from her chest. Maybe she is next door licking it off of herself right now, I imagine, as my cock starts to swell. Here I go again. . . . . Hope you enjoyed.

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   This is quite a deviation to what I normally write. All feed back is welcome. Thanks for reading. D. .