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I could hear his voice as I watched a movie last night. Everything that a man said in the movie reminded me of some convo that we had online. Every min of the day that passed I could hear him. . almost smell him. Finally getting all my chores done I could take a few mins to be alone with Laura. . Me some Mom time. . Alone time. . I love alone time almost as much as "him" and I time. I went into the bathroom to take a shower and decided that a bubble bath was what I needed tonight. I started the bath water running and poured in the bath bubbles. . tossing in a few vanilla scented bath oil beads.

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  . I went into the hall as the water filled in the tub and got two towels one for my hair and one to dry my body off after my bath. Walking in the bedroom with both towels in my arms I opened the window to let some cool air in. Getting out my flannel PJ set I decided to get something a little sexier and cooler tonight. Tonight was the night I am going to tease him the best I can till her cant take it anymore and takes advantage of my cam and mic . . . as I surely will his. So decided to grab my pink and white Nighty. . my white panties that make me feels sexy. . white cotton. . string sides.

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  . feminine embroidered flowers on the front. . I take my things back into the bathroom. It smells wonderful in there. . . Vanilla. . . and lavender from he oils beads and the bubbles. . just the right way to calm me down next to love making that is *wink*. Forgetting a few thing in the bedroom I turn off the hot water and let some cooler water run into the tub and head back into the bedroom. .

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  Putting my perfume and the phone on the back of the sink I undress. . . It feels so good to take off these clothes. unbuttoning my blouse and sliding it off my shoulders. . sliding my khakis shorts off my hips and letting them fall to the tile floor. . . Standing there now in my peach lace undies and bra set I wonder what he is doing right now. . I sit on the Potty with the phone in my lap. . wondering what he is doing. .

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  . debating on whether to call him or not. I dial the first three numbers. . and ponder. . "what are you doing?" I ask myself. "you look like a stalker girl hang up"I hang up and put the phone back on the sink. Unhooking my bra I hear his voice echo through my ear. . telling me what to do. . instinctively I do as "he" tells me. . .

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   letting my bra fall to the floor I look at myself in the mirror. . . "now slide off the panties" I hear him saySliding my hands down my hips and into the waist of my panties I slide them slowly off my hips. "let me see you. . . "I turn slowly around and I can picture him sitting on the toilet that sits alone behind me. . . now in front of me. . I feel his hands run up my legs. . my hips.

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  . up to my breasts running across my nipples and to my neck. I moan as I imagine his hand roaming across my body. . "into the tub"I step into the tub, the water feels like silk. . . Sitting down the bubbles instantly surround my body clinging to every piece of flesh within its grasp. . . I lie back into the water and let it rush up against my chest and neck. . . the hot water makes me wonder more about his hands. .

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   how would he touch me/? Are they soft and seductive or rough and rugged? Would he touch me gently or use his hands as a sexual weapon? I lie back enjoying the thoughts of him sitting there watching me. . wishing he were surely there with me. I lie back a let the water surround my head. . getting my long blonde hair (that I forgot to tie up) wet. . letting the water rush over me. . as I run my fingers through my hair under the hot water I let them slide onto my neck. . running over my neck and onto my chest. The sensation of the water and the pressure from my hands sends chills down my spine. . wonderful chills.

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   I imagine his hands rubbing my neck. . his hands running across my chest from under the seductive scents and heat of the water around me. My skin feels like silk from the hot water and the light bits of the scented bath oil make my running hands smoothly over the bare skin. My nipples are already hard from feeling the touch. Still feeling his presence here I open my eyes in hopes to see him sitting there. . reaching his hand into the bathtub. . reaching out to touch me as I lie there on my back in the water. . I feel his hands running across my body. . enjoying my nipples as hard as they are I feel "him" squeeze them as he passes over them. .

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   a pinch. . just enough to send a chill over me again. . and I feel his hand go down further. . to my thigh. . sliding his hand on the in the insides of my thighs but stopping there to give them a light and tender caress. . sliding his fingers long the inside of my thighs. . close but not touching makes my heart tremble and my body ache to feel him touch me. . the wanting and the yearning for his touch.

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  . I reach my hand down to grab his. . to guide it where it needs to be. . to place his hands exactly where I want them to be. I reach down and in all the mist of my fantasy I have forgotten that he is not really here. . I place my hand squarely on my thigh. . wishing to feel his hand resting there. But he is not. . a rush of disappointment runs through me as I realize my imagination has run away taking me with it once more. Oh to feel him touching me.


  . to feel his warm hands on my body. . his breath on my skin. To feel his kisses. . I bet they are warm and sweet. . tender and passionate. . Hard and loving. . Mmmm I know I am getting all worked up again but this time I let my imagination go. Willingly trustingly. .

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   I let my imagination go to the limits that it can. . Remembering the things he has taught me. . the ways he has turned me on. . hearing his voice in my ears. . feeling his eyes watching me. . I close my eyes and imagine him back in here. . this time standing above with wearing a white shirt and his Khaki shorts. . .

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   I sit up. . and look at him . . smiling I say nothing . . I stand up to meet him eye to eye. . . Standing there I can feel the bubbles from the tub slowly start to run down my body. . running down my hips. . . I feel them all over me.

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  . I love bubble baths. . I reach my hand out and tilt his head closer to me leaning in to kiss him. My breasts touch his crisp white shirt wetting it as they do. . I reach my arms around his neck and pull him into the tub with me. . . sitting in the tub not a word has been said. . smiles on both our faces. . He reaches and take off his white shirt that was drenched and clinging to his chest. I reach below the water and start undoing his belt.

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  . as I get his belt free I hear him moan a bit and I know that he is going to enjoy as much as I am. . too bad he is not really here. . . I get his belt undone and his shorts are too eager to come off. . . nothing has ever looked better in my life then the thought of him in the tub along side me. . wearing nothing but his sandals. His cock is hard and standing at attention. . I grasp him with one hand and my other hand reaches down even farther and plays with his balls.

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  . He jerks a bit when he feels my hand touching him . . but I enjoy making his body quiver. I stroke him lightly as the water rushes around our bodies. . . he feels so good in my hands. . . I know he is ready for me. . . and I am nearly as ready for him. Letting my hands slowly slide off his cock.

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  . I lean back and prop my legs onto his lap. . . letting my knees fall apart. . . I reach my hand down between my legs as I look at him. . he is watching me as I touch my pussy. . . I run my hand between the folds. . touching every part of the outer lips.

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The Prado Museum is another must-see in Madrid. It is one of the most important art museums in the world. The museum has a large collection of art from Spain, Italy, and Flanders. Some of the most famous artists in history, like Goya, Velazquez, and El Greco, have pieces there.Calle Montera, a bustling street in the middle of the city, is known for being one of the most frequented locations for prostitution in Madrid. on this location, women stand on the street, offering their services to men as they pass by. Many women are able to support themselves here, despite the fact that this neighbourhood has a reputation for being risky for both the prostitutes and the customers they serve.
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