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She was attracted to him because of his accent. He was attracted to her because of a mole…or I should say…because of where the mole was located.
Sasha was a blonde with big natural tits. Her clothes always fit tightly. Despite the mole that sat on her left breast, she wore a lot of clothes that showed off her otherwise flawless chest.
Today she was wearing all black—a black top with matching pants, bra and panties. Everything fit to perfection.
“Ohh” moaned Greg as she swirled her tongue around his cock head.
Her pants were off, but her bra and panties were not. She had lifted her shirt high enough to show her tits, which were heaving with every breath she took between big gulps of cock.
Greg had a nice cock. It was a good eight inches and thick enough to take up all the space in her mouth.
“Show me your tits,” said Greg. “You have beautiful tits.


She lifted the bra and her breasts spilled out. They were big and erect with swollen pink nipples.
Sasha let his cock pop out of her mouth and started swirling it around one of her nipples.
“Hello, nice to meet you,” said Greg as if the cock head was talking to the tit, which made Sasha giggle with delight.
Greg was charming like that. He could bring a smile to her face even in the heat of passion.
She shoved his cock back into her wet mouth and played with her sensitive nipples. She sucked him hard and stroked the lower part of his shaft, causing it to stiffen to the point where it hurt.
“Ohhh,” groaned Greg.
His head fell back. His eyes were shut. He was concentrating on the feel of her mouth, hand, and her long blonde hair brushing lightly on his pelvis.
She knelt between his legs and took her bra and shirt off. Damn she looked good in that position. Her eyelids were heavy.

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   Her hair was streaked with dark highlights. She arched her back and it made her tits seem more enormous.
She placed his cock between her breasts. She cupped them, squeezed them close together creating a warm, cushiony feel. She raised them and lowered them as she sucked at the air and gazed into Greg’s handsome face.
She sucked his cock some more until she was overwhelmed with the need to get fucked. He was sitting on the couch so she stood and mounted him in the reverse cowgirl position.
She felt his cock poking around on the swollen, puffy, outer pussy lips trying to find the pussy. His cock had touched it several times, but the hole was so tight that he couldn’t feel the difference.
She grabbed it and stuffed it inside herself. Her pussy was extremely wet and snug.
She started bouncing on him, taking the full length of shaft deep in her pussy. Greg could feel hot pussy juice dripping down his cock and settling on his balls.
Sasha spread her pink outer lips wider and started to grind in small circles as she pleased her horny clit with her fingers.
She dismounted him and sat beside him.

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   His cock was swaying back and forth. It was soaked with pussy juice and shiny.
Sasha closed her mouth around the swollen head and stroked the shaft upward, feeding more of him in her mouth. She slurped every drop of her own fluids off of him and then started sliding her tongue up and down the shaft until there was nothing but the taste and smell of saliva left.
“Suck all of me. I want to fuck your pussy, your mouth, your ass, your tits—”
“Everything,” added Sasha.
“Everything,” repeated Greg, and he made her lay in front of him with her ass touching his crotch. It put her in the perfect position for what he wanted to do next.
First he slid back in her pussy and fucked a while longer. Pussy juice was a lot slicker than spit and he needed maximum lubrication for his next destination.
Once his cock was wet enough, he licked his finger and circled her asshole with it.
“Ohh,” squealed Sasha.
She instinctively arched her back and poked her ass farther out, allowing Greg better access. He eased it in and out, going deeper each time until half his finger was inserted in her anal ridges.
His finger came out and his dick went in.

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   It was twice as hot and snug as her pussy was and that’s saying a lot for a woman with pussy as constricted as Sasha’s.
He burrowed the cock head in until he felt the sphincter snap shut around it. He pushed a little deeper, then pulled back and repeated it until the muscles in her anus had relaxed enough to accepted his girth whole.
“Fuck my ass,” moaned Sasha, and Greg obliged with a slow grove that left Sasha tingling from her head to her feet. “Now fuck my pussy,” she said. He pulled out and eased back into her greasy snatch.
The sounds they were making, the way they were touching, teasing, and groping each other. It was bringing them both really close to climaxing.
His grip tightened on Sasha’s tits and he thrust into her cunt. It was harder and faster this time. He pulled out and stuffed it back in her ass and pounded her more. It was as if she was his fuck toy.
“Come on and taste it,” said Greg as he pulled his shaft from her asshole and let it bob and wave in her face.
Skepticism appeared in Sasha’s face. His cock had just been in her ass and now her Russian lover was asking her to start sucking it again.

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   The possibilities flipped through her head. It seemed disgusting but she wanted to try it to see what it was like.
She sat up, grabbed a handful of his jumping penis, and took him deep in her mouth. Funny thing is, it didn’t taste bad or good, just different, and there was something extremely erotic about it. She was doing something that was very nasty and degrading, and she was so turned on by it. She kept sucking his cock but this time she went deeper and made exaggerated slurping sounds as she polished his ass-sodden prick back to cleanliness.
“Come on and fuck my ass. ”
Greg slipped back inside. “Oh, it’s so tight; look at that. ”
He humped her slowly this time, pulling out completely and shoving his member deep inside. He was captivated by the amazing squeeze of this girl’s rear end. Plus the sight of it was making his cock boil up with the need to cum. It looked tight, but it was red from all the fucking and he could get a glimpse of her bald pussy lips from the angle that he was fucking her.
He started pounding her harder and grit his teeth because of the anticipation of a fast-approaching, intense orgasm. He pulled his cock out just before he came and made her mount him.

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   With his dick stuffed right back in her little butt hole, he grabbed her by the waste and bounced her on his swollen cock and then he pulled it out and slipped it into her pussy.
Her tits were bouncing in his face. There was so much heat coming off her body.
She was crying out loud fits of ecstasy, mainly because of the place he stuck his fingers and the way he sucked his fingers after he put them there.
Oh, he’s so nasty!
His cock kept popping out. He reached around and grabbed it and put it in a hole.
“Where is my dick? I cannot see it. Is it in your pussy or in your ass?” Greg asked.
“In my ass,” she moaned.
“Do you like it in your ass?”
There was a slight pause and then she hissed, “Yes. ”
He held her closer with her warm tits pressed against his chest. He drove his prick deep inside her repeatedly until he was ready to cum.
He motioned her off of him and said, “Now I want it in your mouth. ”
She dropped to her knees and sucked with gusto while she hungrily fed more cock into her mouth with her hand. He let out a loud moan as Sasha licked his balls and returned to slobbering all over his prick.

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He threw her on the floor. He put his cock between her tits and started fucking them too.
It was shocking, but his violent lust was a big turn on. It turned her on so much that she took hold of his cock with a death grip and started jerking him off with her tongue sticking out and his dick just inches from it.
Greg’s legs went stiff and his head rolled back. He was yelling in his deeply accented voice as his cock erupted, sending hot cum spilling into Sasha’s mouth.
She slurped it up and sucked him a little while longer trying to drain him of every drop of cum he had.
She looked up at him with her seductive blue eyes. “Is good?” she asked, trying to imitate his sexy accent.
“Is very good,” replied Greg.  
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