Extra Credit, Part Two....Duel Lessons


Part 2Two weeks later, Beth had been working very hard as Mr Matthews aid, helping out around the classroom, and gaining much extra credit in the bedroom.   It was late on a Wed afternoon when trouble began to start.   Beth was waiting in the classroom, laying on Mr Matthews desk, wearing nothing but a garter belt and thigh high stockings.   Her hands cuffed to the locked drawers on the side of the desk, her legs spread, awaiting her next lesson. Just when she thought she couldnt wait any longer, she heard footsteps come upto the door, the knob turned, the door slowly crept open.   And just as her smile could not get any bigger, she heard, Dean Stephen's voice. "Mr Matthews, how has your assistant been so far this semes. . . . . "Shock filled Beth's face as the two teachers stood in the doorway staring at her near naked form.   She closed her eyes in fear, awaiting the trouble she, and her teacher were in.   What she didn't see when she closed her eyes, was the smile on Mr Matthews face. "Nevermind then," said Dean Stephens.   "I see it is going very well.

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  "Beth's eyes shot open, the fear started to become replaced by confusion.   "Very well?"  Did the Dean really not care about the naked student sitting on the desk in the classroom?"Im so sorry, I didnt think. . . I. . . I. . . Im so embarresed. ""Dont be," said Mr Matthews.   "It's perfectly ok""But," said Beth.   "Oh, I'm confused. ""Well you see young lady," begun Dean Stephens.

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    "It's about time we tell you what we are doing here at our little school. "  He smiled and begun to laugh. "Well, you see Beth," continued Mr Matthews.   "Here at Betingsoo Prep, this is perfectly normal.   Most of our assistants end up being our, well, our. . . ""Sex slaves," Beth said with a huge smile.   "Wow, but um, do my parents know?""Oh, of course not," said Dead Stephens.   "They could never know, if anybody found out, we would most certainly be closed perminantly. ""Wow, so then, this is illegal?""Well, all our students are over 18, so its not illegal per se, but some might consider it a tad, unethical. "Should I get dressed Mr Matthews?" Beth asked. "No, you stay there," Dean Stephens said. "The reason Dean Stephens stopped by today, Beth, was to observe our lesson. "Beth's eyes lite up at the words.


    "So, you're both going to fuck me then?"The teachers looked at each other and smiled.   "If that's what you want, then that's what you'll get. "Mr Matthews walked over to the desk and took Beth's face in his hands and kissed her very deeply, then dropped his pants and stepped up onto the desk.   Beth looked up at him and instinctivly took his cock in her mouth and started to suck.   Dean Stephens watched as he began to undress himself.   He watched for a few more moments before finally closing in on the young girl, cuffed to the desk, spread eagle.   He lowered his face into her dripped wet pussy and took a long, hard whiff, then shoved his tounge in as deep as he could reach.   Beth's hips jerked hard, almost knocking the Dean off, but he held on tight around her thighs and pulled his face further into her. They continued their mutual orals on each other for a while, until Mr Matthews finally climbed down from the desk and uncuffed Beth from the desk.   He climbed under her and had her mount him, riding him hard.   Dean Stephens took the position standing on the desk as Beth now sucked his rock hard, 9" cock.   She deep throated the massive member for a few moments, trying hard not to choke.   She released him from her throat for a few moments, then swallowed it back down.   The Dean let out a huge sigh as he recieved what was probobly the best blowjob he had ever recieved before.  This continued a bit longer, until Dean Stephens climbed down and walked around the desk, back to the area behind the sweaty, sex toy.

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    He stepped up onto the desk, towering over the girl, then lowered himself down behind her. "Have you ever been fucked in the ass, little girl?" he asked. "No, I havent. . . but I'd love to have that beautiful cock inside of me, right noooooowwwwwwwwwww," she could barely finish her words, as Dean Stephens forced himself, without mercy into her tight poopshoot.   "Oh my god, that hurts. ""Shut up bitch," said the Dean, showing his meanness to her.   "If you want to pass at my school, you need to learn to take some abuse.   Otherwise, you'll never be prepared for life in the real world. ""Thank you," she cried.   "I want to be prepared.   I want to know what life is.   I want you!" she squeeled. The two teachers plowed her holes, hard and without concern.

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    Beth began to lose her strength, cumming again and again.   Mr Matthews grabbed her by the breasts and pushed her up, holding her only by her soft, tender tits.   Dean Thomas instinctivly reached around and took one of them from Matthews, Beth went wild, at the feeling of the two men fucking her, each pulling and rubbing at her breasts. Almost in-sync, the two men began to grunt hard, climbing off and out from under Beth and pulling her to the floor.   Dean Stephens blasted first, covering almost half of her face in thick, hot cum.   Beth stuck out her tounge, licking the last drops from his throbbing cock.   She begun to lick the delicious treat from her face, but Mr Matthews grabbed her by the hair, pulling her close to him as he burst jet after jet of his sticky man-juice.   Once again, Beth stuck out her tounge, helping her teacher empty is load into her mouth.   When they were empty, she begun to rub her hands all over her face, trying to get every last drop of cum into her hungry mouth. "So, Mr Matthews, I see you have yourself quite the student here.   I see no reason why we can't extend her assistanceship with you for the rest of the school year,""That's great.   Thank you Dean Stephens. "  The two professors shook hands. "So, young lady," started the dean.   "What do you think?  Would you like to continue working for Mr Matthews in the spring?""Oh yes, definitly Dean," she replied.

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    "But I hope we can work on some more duel lessons in the future. ""Without a doubt," said Mr Matthews, with a laugh.   "If you're lucky, Dean Stephens will even give you some of his very famous, private work. ".