David Did It


Jessica worked in a modeling office.   Not only was she constantly surrounded by gorgeous people, most of them were men.   Chiseled bodies, dark hair, tanned complexions, and other 'attributes' made them very valuable for this single 30 year old.   David was one of the agencies top models and he was the top model for the past 2 years.   Jessica had always found him extremely attracted, but never did anything about it because he was a model.  
One night after a long photo shoot, David asked Jessica to find him a hotel room for the night so that he didn't have to take the 2 hour drive and come back in the morning.   After setting the room up for him, a wicked idea came to play in Jessica's head.   She had been lusting after this man for years and never did anything about it, and now she had the perfect chance to get it over with.
She only had 15 minutes before he was set to arrive.   While making the hotel reservations, she also made arrangements for food to be sent up to his room.   She decided to slip out of her work clothes and wait for him practically in just her black thong panties and high heels, leaving her tits bare.   As she waited his arrival, she started to get excited thinking of all the things she was going to make him do to her tonight.
As he opened the door she positioned herself in front of the bed, obviously suggesting something.   The face he made, she would never forget.   She had never seen a man look at her with so much lust before.  
"What are you doing here and why are you not dressed?" he asked.

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"The question is what are you going to do about it?" she asked.
"Well for starters, I'd like you to take off those high heels because it won't be comfortable when I've start fucking you up against that wall. "
After removing her heels, it made her 5'5'' heing a lot smaller to his 6'7'' height.   As she crooked her finger towards him, he stood there shaking his head.   Repeating the gesture with more force, she continued to get the same answer.  
"Get over here now,"  She said pointing to the spot in front of her.
As he slowly came towards her she asked for him to crawl on his hands and knees.   When he did so and ended up on the ground in front of her, shivers ran up her spine.
"Like what you see David?"  as she pushed the thong away from her already dripping pussy.   "If you do, then get to work"
With as much force as possible, David picked her up and threw her down on the bed.   As he ripped away at her panties, she gasped at the feeling of such force being used.  
"Your pussy is perfect Jessica, I've thought about doing this for a while and now I get the chance to do whatever I want and you will like it. "
He then proceeded to spread her legs wide, using his arms to weight her down.   Sticking a wet finger into her pussy and finding her clit, he squeezed it just enough for her to get aroused.   As she started to twist and turn on the bed, it knelt his head down and started nibbling on her pussy.

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    At first he spread her apart and stuck his tongue inside of her opening, lapping up all of her pussy juices.   She arched her back off of the bed literally pushing her pussy up into his face.   As she came, he continued to bite and suck on her pussy until her orgasm stopped.   She continued to pinch and tug on her tits that were turning into hard nubs.   Watching this David decided to get up from the bed.
As he stood over her, looking down at her spread eagle on his bed he took off his clothes.   She watched him take every piece off.   This man was perfect, there wasn't a flaw anywhere.
"Come to me Jessica, on your hands and knees.   Crawl over her right now and suck my dick!"
As Jessica came closer to him, she realized that they didn't use a dock for David's underwear shoots. . . they didn't have to.   His dick had to be at least 9 inches!  She had never seen a cock that big let alone experience one.   As she crawled over to him standing by the door, she realized how much she wanted that big cock inside of her mouth, pussy, and maybe in her ass too.

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    When she finally got up to David she licked the wetness on his tip with her tongue.   She heard and felt that deep groan through him and into her.   It caused her whole body to tense up.   Her nipples became very hard and her pussy got very wet.   She slowly licked the length of his dick, taking time to suck and lightly bite down on each of his balls.   After making her way back up to the top of his dick, she started moving her head up and down his length.   He didn't waste any time.   He put his hands in her hair pulling up and down, helping her suck him off.  
She could feel him trying to pull out right before he was to come but she just dug her nails into his ass and kept him there in her mouth, shooting cum into her throut.   The amazing thing was that she swallowed every drip smiling as she looked up at him.
"You're not done yet bitch!"
Confussed Jessica looked up at him.   "What?"
"Get up here.   What did you expect was going to happen with you looking how you did when I walked in here?  I'll tell you what I expect, you will do what I say and when I say and you are going to like it all!"
"You can't tell me what I have to do, I'll do what I want when I want. "
The next thing she knows, she's up against the wall with him pressing in between her legs.   She could feel his cock start to grow hard again and it excited her.

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    He wanted to fuck her so badly but stopped.   She was smiling.
"I want you to fuck me right now, against this wall, like you said you would and you better pound me against that wall I want it as rough as you can give it.   Don't you dare stop until I say either. "
Upon hearing her demands, David pushed his cock into her, smacking her between him and the wall.   After getting his rhythm, he felt her legs come up and lock themselves behind him.   She was helping him pump harder and faster into her tight wet pussy.   She had never been fucked so hard and fast in her life.   The wall wasn't helping at all because they were both moving too fast.   He ended up throwing her on the ground, pounding into her until she felt her orgasm pass through her.   He continued to fuck her to get some release as well.   Again she beat him too it.   As she thrived back and forth beneath him for a second time, David watched as her tits bounced up and down as the pounding continued.   As his orgasm hit he tried to pull out but realized that she locked her ankles at his back and wanted him to shoot all of his hot cum inside of her.
"Fuck Jessica!  That's so good!"
As his hot cum shot into her, all Jessica wanted to do was continue the fucking.

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    When his dick went limp, she took it in her hand to get him aroused again.  
"Not yet," he said,"I need some rest. "
"You may think you have to rest but your dick sure as hell thinks otherwise. "
Sure enough, his dick went rock solid in the palm of her hand.
"Where do you want it this time?"
Jessica proceeded to turn around with her ass up in the air.   The astroglide she bought earlier was going to come in very handy here.   She started rubbing her asshole with the jelly, David decided that instead of jerking off her wanted to do it.   So he grabbed the tube from her and put some on his finger and started rubbing the jelly all over her asshole.   The excess on his finger allowed him to put one finger and then another into her hole.   It hurt, but it felt good.   She moaned as he pushed and pulled his fingers in and out.   Positioning himself behind her, knowing that it would hurt, he started slow.
"None of this slow shit, I want you to ram into me hard and fast right now!"
With that he pushed into her.   She shouted and tears started coming down her face from the pain.   It still felt good and she was pounding onto him, matching him thrust for thrust.

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    As he felt his orgasm coming on, he tried to pull out again.   This time she let him, and as he started drip cum out of his dick, she was there to catch every drop.   As soon as the last drop fell however, she used her mouth on his dick again and started sucking him till her was hard again.
This time he threw he over the side of the bed with her ass sticking up in the air and entered her pussy from the back.   Grabbing her around the waist and pumping into her back and forth excited him even more and got him to go faster.   As he was about to cum, she pulled away from him, turned around, and put his big dick into her again.   Since he was on the verge he tried to pull out again. She held onto him and he came right into he stretched, red pussy.  
When he was finally able to pull out of her and she licked his dick clean, they layed there not doing anything but breathing heavily.
"I just wanted to have a great fuck and since you look good and your cock is big and you can obviously keep up with me I figures why not.   I hope you don't think anything of it, do you?"
"Can't we continue doing this?"
"Yeah, under one condition.   You can't stop until I say.   I will know when you or your cock can't take it anymore. "
With this she grabbed his cock again and started to suck him off.   Granted his dick was sore, his body was sore, and he was just exhausted she had so much stamina that David had never experienced marathon sex before because he thought he couldn't do it.

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    They fucked 9 times that night, David never lost his touch and he learned that he could fuck more than once in a night.
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