A cheer leader cheers me up.


I played in the school team but I was injured and couldn’t play in the last game at the weekend. After the game which we lost – I went to the locker room to talk to the guys who were pretty down
over losing and told me we wouldn’t have lost if I had been there, but they realized that I was really injured and could not have played. I was pretty despondent when I left.
As I was leaving a cheer leader was waiting beside my car – she said have you forgotten your promise – next time you win you can have me.
I said well we lost so that means I lost out with you too didn’t it. I was still down after talking to the guys, and not really interested. She said I will make an exception – you were injured and if you had played you would have won. I am prepared to give you your winning prize – actually I need it – I was counting on a win and have myself all worked up for it.  
How about we go back to your place and see what we can organise. You might be interested after we have a bit of time together.
I said ok – more because I didn’t want an argument - but I really wasn’t in the mood for fun and sex. When we got back to my place we went straight up to my bedroom and she stripped off immediately – as I said I wasn’t really interested and she came to me and we kissed and she began to undress me. I let her more to stop an argument. When she had me naked I was soft and she couldn’t believe that I didn’t want to fuck her. She got down and sucked my soft cock until I began to respond and it gradually got hard and she said now that’s more like it. Is it due to your injury or is it the team loss.

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I said it’s a bit of both really – I am sore from the injury and the fact I didn’t play and we lost is a bit disheartening. I know the guys are upset too.
Never mind she said – here I am and I will make it all better for you – do you want me to finish sucking you off or would you prefer to fuck.
I said we had better fuck because if you suck me off and after I have cum I may not be able to get it up again to fuck you and I know you want to be fucked so we will do that first.
She got up on the bed and said you can suck me out if you want to – I wont mind just so long as I cum. I am really hot for it today – I don’t want to masturbate myself off I would rather you fuck me. I wont take long to cum I am sure. I decided it would be better to fuck her as my mind just wasn’t on the job and she could get on top and have some fun with my cock and I wouldn’t have to do much.
We started off missionary and as I got my cock into her she smiled at me and said oh god that feel good going in – you have no idea how I  love being fucked by you – you have one really great cock.
I said you have had a few – but are you just saying that or is it really true.
She said its true – I don’t know what it is about it but I get more sensations when your cock is inside me when we are fucking than I have had with any of the other guys I have been with. I knew that the first time you did it to me – you remember that day.
I did vividly – it was a gang bang.
She had told me before how many guys had fucked her – I knew most of them except for her first one. There had been about 10 before me – she had been a team slut for a while and she had a few of the guys from the team through her.

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    She had her first fuck at 13 with an 18 yo guy and since then she has let each of her boyfriends do it with her and on one occasion had three guys gang bang her.
How about the guy who took your virginity – he must have been pretty good.
She had told me the story before but I was trying to get myself worked up and her telling me about it again may help.
She told me  - I was so sore when he did me I had no idea what he felt like other than he was huge – well it was for me then – he was 7 inches and now you are as big as him. I had slit as wide as a pencil line. All he wanted was to fuck me and I was just meat for him – he couldn’t have cared less – he wanted a virgin and he got one and I did all the virgin things he wanted – I bled – I cried – it hurt -and he came in me without protection and I was scared I would get pregnant – he laughed and said I wouldnt be the first one he has banged up. If that happens he said its all your fault and you can do what you like with it.
When it was over he didn’t want to have anything to do with me again.   I hated him forever after that. He told me to get out of his car and I did and he drove off. I cried all the way home – it was the worst beginning I could have had. I was sore for two days after him, he was so rough. It hurt after he had been so rough and my legs hurt to walk. The inside of my legs and my vagina was all bruised he fucked me so hard.
The second guy was a real fantastic guy and treated me like a princess and made me feel really special when we did it.

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   He used a condom and after he came he tied it off and gave it to me to remember him by. I still have it – its all dried up now but it is still intact and I look at it to remember the worst and the best time I ever had.  I had not heard the story of the second guy before and I was beginning to feel better and the sensation of fucking her was getting better, I could feel her warmth and tightness of her cunt all around my cock, she was 18 now and I guess her cunt was just naturally tight because she always felt good when we fucked together. She enjoyed being fucked and made it feel good for both of us the way she moved, and the things she did.
We had been going together for a few months and she hadn’t had anybody else up her since she and I went together – the rest of the girls in the squad all fuck and quite often will gang bang after a game with some of the team. I have been involved in a few before I had one with her and somehow I liked her One time I took her home after a few of us fucked her one time and we sat and talked. She told me she could not remember what it was like with the other guys, she just let it happen and while she said she enjoyed it. It  was more the fact the guys wanted it with her rather than some of the other girls – they all had the ones they liked – I knew that because we would often talk about which one of the squad we would fuck after the game and the fact we were gang banging didn’t bother us. She told me she actually came when I was fucking (I was the last of four that day) her and she has never cum before when she has gang banged. It started a bit of a discussion amongst us because she wouldn’t fuck or gang bang after she took up with me. Ultimately they didn’t mind as there were plenty more in the squad for them to fuck and we had a groupie mob that was easy to get into also. I guess there must have been about 20 girls that we available and there was never a problem getting a fuck if you were in the team. I was the only one to have a regular girl that nobody else touched. We had been fucking for about 20 minutes and I was beginning to feel much better and actually had begun to enjoy fucking her, she was happy and she changed position and got on top and had cum once already. After that we had changed to doggy and I was happily fucking her from behind.

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Then we heard my brother came home – we heard him come in and go to his room – he was well aware of the fact we often fucked in my bedroom. It didn’t bother us and we continued to enjoy ourselves.
He must have heard the sounds in our room and he came in, he said to ask how the game went  – it wasn’t the first time he had found us fucking and I had found him in bed with a couple of girls at different times.   He said oh shit I am sorry I didn’t know the two of you were here. I just wanted to know how the game went.
I said we lost – then he said how are you feeling – I said I don’t know what hurts the most my injury or the fact I didn’t play and they lost.
He said sorry again and went to leave.
Then he stopped and said to Anne – what is June like – I have asked her out later on – I just came home to shower etc before I picked her up.
Anne was never embarrassed when being seen fucking – her gang bangs and some of the times she had sex in the locker room were very visible – before she and I got together. Having Bill standing there talking to her as I fucked her didnt bother her and she talked to him as if nothing was happening. Anne said – well she fucks and a few of the guys like it with her – you will have no problem with her she is fairly easy and I guess you will enjoy it with her.
While they were talking I came and I unloaded my cum into Anne doggy and pulled out.
It felt good as I shot my load into her. We had been fucking for the best part of half an hour and my feelings had improved considerably – Anne was a good fuck and she made it better by the way she liked it as well and shared the feelings we were having rather than just lay there and let me fuck her, like a few girls I have fucked before do. I went to the bathroom to shower and left Bill and Anne together.

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After I had showered and shaved I went back and there they were both on the bed and Bill was on top of her fucking each other. My brother was fucking my girl.
I said shit mate what is going on – Anne said its my fault I asked him if he would like to have a go with me. He didn’t at first but in view of your mood I didn’t think you would mind. After all you have fucked a couple of his girls before.  I said well I have seen it all now – now I have to share my girl with my brother. Anne said don’t be like that he is a nice guy – he cant fuck like you but I am sure June will enjoy him.
Bill said if you like I can bring her back and you can fuck her later on.
I said no thank you – I am more than happy with Anne now, but before you finish with her pull out – if I go in again or suck her out I don’t want a load of your cum in there for me to have to fuck through. He laughed and said anything you ask for mate – she is a great fuck – I have to admit I havnt enjoyed one like this for a while – I hope June is as good. Anne said thank you – I must say the two of you don’t lack any finesse when it come to fucking – you are both very good.
I stood there while Bill and Anne fucked for a few minutes then he said shit Im cumming holy shit that was quick, I have to pull out, and he pulled back as he did  he came all over Annes body, she had his cum from the top of her tits to her cunt. He had really sprayed it everywhere. Anne said wow that was amazing – I have never seen a guy spit so much at one time and look at me I am covered in it.
I said I should make you lick it off her.

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Anne laughed and said now that would be a first.
Bill said you wouldn’t would you
I said if I catch you two together again I will believe me.
Now bugger off and get yourself ready for your little slut you are going to fuck the ass out of tonight.
Anne said how do you know she likes it up the ass.
I said I don’t – its just a turn of phrase.
Bill said well now – that’s something I can work on – I don’t mind a bit of ass fucking at times – I hope she has a good ass.
Anne said there are a few I could tell you to ask – I know she has had a few of the team up her that way.
Anne said to me have you done her like that – I said I havnt done her at all – any way and I draw the line at the ass hole anyhow – you know that.
Anne said – I am sorry I know you don’t do it that way – I am sorry.
I said go and have a shower and get his stuff off you its running down everywhere.
Anne left and Bill went to follow her – and I said – how was it – did you enjoy it – I wasn’t as mad as I may have seemed to Anne – I just didn’t want her to think I didn’t care if she let any body fuck her – I wanted her for myself alone.
Bill said to be honest – she was fantastic – you are one lucky dude – I hope June is half as good – do you want me to bring her back – I said no – I just might feel like fucking Anne again – I am feeling better now. I guess we may order in some pizza and fuck ourselves stupid again.
See you later and Bill left and I could hear the two of them in the bathroom talking.
Anne came back and said I am sorry – I didn’t realise that you would get so upset.

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I said I wasn’t really – it just came as a bit of a shock seeing you and Billy fucking like rattle snakes – he was really giving you a good workout by the look of it.
Anne said he was- but I wouldn’t tell him that – I think June is going to be one happy girl if he gives it to her like he gave it to me. I am glad he didn’t cum in me – I am hoping we might get down to a bit of oral after on.
I said why did you think I told him that – eating you out after I have cum in you is ok but not after some other guy – even if it was Bill had cum in you.
She said would you believe when he came into the bathroom he said if you had made him lick me he would have enjoyed it – he said licking my cum off your nipples would have been mind blowing.
I said its just as well I have washed it all off.
He said lets hope there is another time.
Anne said – you have no hope now. I am a one man girl forever. Get used to seeing me around for a long time – your brother is the best fucking man I have ever met and I am not going to give him up easily believe me – even to you lover boy.
I said now that’s a challenge – onto the bed girl _ I am feeling much better and so will you by the time I have finished with you by the morning.
Oh help me god she said  - my time has come – he is going to fuck me to death.
We kissed and we ended up on the bed and within a minute we were having the first of many more fucks we were to enjoy that night.