Lynne and Steve


Topic: Lynne Shows Us Why Steve Stays HomeI was over at Steve and Lynne's house, my ex-husband and Lynne had settled into a nice "domestic rythum" as Lynne called their lives. They still joined to Swing Group sometimes but perferred to stay with each other even when they went out. They were both members at the nudist camp and she turned heads and still does when they go to the camp. Steve's 9 inch cock is still something I think of a lot but it all but belongs to Lynne now.
I figured I should just ask so I asked Lynne, "Why is it that Steve and you don't want to play anymore?" "Well, we figure we have all we want at home now. " "Really? He doesn't even react when I come over anymore and I stod naked in front of him last week and sucked my nipples and he smiled and went past me and just patted my ass. You must be really good Dear" I said. The door bel rang and she went to answer it and several of our girlfriends came in. We were all going to have lunch and go shopping that afternoon.
Joyce and Danna and Jennie and Wanda all came into the kitchen and we all had coolers. Lynne was watching as I hugged everyone, each one I kissed a little on the lips and we all laughed and talked. After two coolers (or so) each we sat in the living room talking. I felt really like a bitch and so picked up the conversation with Lynne again. "So, you never did tell me what it is you do so special for Steve to have tamed him, and you don't want to play often anymore either. " I said. The others looked at us and then Joyce said, "Yeh, I all but threw myself at Steve the other day and he smiled and said "Thanks" patted my ass and walked away at the store.

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Everyone was now asking Lynne over and over and so she had to tell us her secret. She hada nice skirt and blouse on and said "Okay since you will not let me go with this I wil show you why STeve does not need other women anymore. " She said this looking at me. She left and came back with a pouch and she put it on the table. "Okay, now, I am obviously beautifu, right?" she said. No one could argue with that and then she kept talking as she pulled of her clothes. "I have a great body?" Again no one could argue. Now she was standing naked in front of us, her 38DDD tits swaying as she moved with some music she had put on. She carressed herself as she said that she did everything for Steve that any woman could do, she never told him no and always made sure he had all he wanted both in the kitchen and the bedroom or anywhere else she needed to please him. "I learned from my mother how and Asian woman should satisify a man and I do it very well. "
She pulled out a 9 inch dildo that was an exact copy (she said later) of Steve's cock and balls. It was fully erect and looked just on the verge of a man's cock ready to cum, swelled and veins all full. "Now why should a man want an woman that can't do what I can do for him" she said and placed the dildo on a mat in the middle of the room as we all sat watching her. My pussy is better than any woman's mouth and that is all any man could want" she said as she stood over the dildo that was standing on it's floor mount. She was massaging her tits pulling the nipples and her pussy was wet for all to see.

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   "Can anyone else do this?" she said and lowered herself so that just the head of the dildo was in her pussy. She stayed in that position with it just in her and began closing her eyes, concentrating. Slowly the dildo began to move and then we saw that it was moving in and out in small slow strokes into her pussy. She had not moved at all but the plastic cock was slipping into her tight pussy. Her perfect control made shure it did not slip out. Finally, after about 15 min it was all the way in and she still stayed that way, then it slowly began moving out of her pussy, soaking wet with her juices. She pulled it back into her pussy again using only her muscles and then she went to the stool and sat down stradling it looking at us wth a glassy look in her eyes, obviously close to an orgasm. "Now, since I can sit on Steve's cock and my pussy can do this to him, why would he want a sloppy pussy and ass that can't squeeze him like this.
Her orgasm came and she shook all over and her nipptles got hard as rocks and then she laid on the floor and grabbed the cock and plunged it into herhard and fast and deep. Several orgasm shook her and finaly she sat up, stil with the dildo in her, "And why would I want to have a cock that could not do what Steve's dildo just did for me, he can and does fuck me and takes over and hour before he gets soft the first time. " Lynne got up and came to me and pulled the dildo out and put it to my mouth and her pussy was still wet on it. She grabed my hair and pulled my head back, "Suck the cock little bitch. " she told me and I took it in and swallowed it down. She looked around and told the girls, "Lets give Teresa a little fucking. " Suddenly we were all naked and I was on the floor and someone had their fist in my pussy and then another slipped in with it.

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   "So how many cocks can go in this sluts hole at one time" Joyce was saying. Lynne's voice was distant but I heard her say, laughing, "Let me show yuo what Teresa can take and still be loose, this cunt is really used. Get her up and bring her. " I was in a daze and then we were out behind the house. Steve and Lynne have a horse named "Boxer" and he was out in the stable. He heard the noise and came to the stall door.
I could see he must have known what was happening cause he was snorting and his cock was beginning to hang out. I was taken to the mare's bench and Lynne worked a special bench adapter on it. As she finished she said, "Bring the mare here, time to mate her. " One of the girls, Danna, was almost fainting, "She is going to take that cock in her?" "Not something she hasn't done before, huh Teresa?" I was geting flushed now and I was soaked between my legs ready for what was to come. I was secured to the bench bent over with my ass towards the place Boxer would be brought to. Suddenly I felt his hot breacth on my back and his smooth coat against my hips. "I think he is ready alright. " Lynne laughed so it was now time for me to be bred. His breath was hot now against my neck and suddenly he nipped my shoulder, "Take your mare" Lynne's voice said and he was against me in the straps.

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   His cock was huge and pushing against my ass and hips. "Wanda, gduide him in, make sure he gets the right hole," Lynne laughed. My pussy lips were spread apart by hands and then a huge horse cock was slipping into me. I had an orgasm at once and then Boxer became excited and began pounding deep into me. The breeding rack was rocking and I was in fear it would go over and maybe I would be crusehed but Lynne promised she would make sure I was okay.
The girls were all saying "my god, this is wild, how can she take all that cock? My god, she is actually taking it all in her cunt, oh fuck, I can't believe it. " After a long time my pussy. sore and inflamed and ready for another orgasm felt the cock fill my cunt with horse cum. It was pumping me full and going down my legs and to the floor and still he fucked me hard and his cum kept coming. He was let off me and my cunt was stuck open and full of cum. "It is not closing up, she is really big. " Wanda said laughing hard. " Boxer was led to his stall and then Lynne said, "Wanna see what else Teresa can take?" "Yeh, lets see her fuck and army or something. " I was almost unaware of the fact that Lynne had gotten Lane out of his stall. He was a Shetland Pony that had a nice huge cock.

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   She brought him to the bench and he was beginning to stamp the ground knowing a mare was there for his pleasure.
"Damn, two horses in one day?" Danna said. "Yeh, wand this one is going in a different hole. " Lynne said. Her hands were in my gapping cunt and then over my ass with the horse cum she got there. She slid her fingers into my ass lubing it up. "Okay Lane" she said, "Enjoy boy" she said and he was up and his cock against my ass. Then my ass was streached as he found my ass, "Oh fuck yes" I began moaning loud. "She likes it" Wanda said. "Damn right" I tild her and pushed my ass towards the invading horse cock. It went in and an orgasm shook me all over and I moved my ass onto it. Lane began pumping me hard and I was crying louder and louder "Oh fuck yur mare, knock her up, fuck her good>" I heard myself saying over and over.
Somehow I was on the couch the voices around me talking and laughing. MY ass and cunt streached out and sore. "Look who is alove again, death by orgasm huh Teresa?" Lynne laughed.

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   I tried to stand and fell on the floor. I reached down and slipped a hand inside my cunt and brought the cum on it to my mouth.
"Now tell me ladies, why would Steve want a cunt like that?" He has the best and no one else wil ever be as good as me. "

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