Your ass or mine?

True Story

Some considered our local park had deteriated in quality. This was because prostitutes and of late Gay's were frequenting the secluded parts in the gloomier evening hours. I was aware of this but as I tended to jog very early in the morning it was of little consequence as I saw it.

That wasn't quite how things turned out though as the tale to follow will disclose. . .

I wasn't an obsessive jogger,no far from it,I relished a fresh clear early morning run really,but for this narative well call it a jog. I also ducked out if the weather was wet or crap as I saw it. So this is what happened. Not for me jogging clothes,no I used standard shorts and sometimes not even bothering with boxers under them. This was such a morning,as I trotted along I was relishing the sensation of my cock prancing around which drew my mind to ass fucking. The more I thought the hornier my cock got until I felt it lifting and was rather pleased to see it tenting the light material of my pure white shorts.

My mind went back to asshole fucking and I reasoned what it would be like to take one up my ass or in fact ram what was trying down my front to impress my eyes, up someone else's ass. This had me rather sweaty by now so I pulled up,had a swig of water that I always carried,then before going on I gripped the back rest of a nearby park bench. The birds twittered as I thought how shrouded this bench was and it crossed my mind,maybe somebody's ass may have been reamed while leaning over this very bench.

I smiled to myself as again I mused if my asshole could take a cock the size of my own.

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   I glanced around and all was clear so I put my hand up the leg of the shorts and helped my penis down it to assess just how fat it would be if inserted in my ass. At that moment,I sensed I was not alone,but glancing again,I saw no one.

So I adjusted my semi hard cock and prepared to go on my way. "High Guy,you're an early bird! You doing anything I maybe interested in?" - I found myself looking at a well dressed jogger as jogging gear goes and like myself I noticed a bulge in the front. I shocked myself as my mind queried about what size was underneath those jogger's

"Hi,Oh just my morning run,you know nothing special,I just like the dew to be on the grass when I run" - "Me too. Any other interests? You know,like. . . - he pointedly looked down at my bulge and then at his own - nothing heavy you understand,you know needs must when us guy's need to empty the old sac. I thought that was what you were at when you helped your old man get some air just then"

I don't think I blushed but I felt myself going hot, - My mouth kicked in - "No,I had a thought and as you've noticed I took a look to compare if. . . well if. . .

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   you know!" - "His face brightened considerably, - "Funny that,I saw you just before you came into this part and my mind thought similarly - You know 'do he,will he. . . Do you? you know!" - "What bloke on bloke you mean! I was musing that as I took a look,wondered if it would go up. . . you know the old chuff box!"

He laughed, - "I can tell you,yes and easier than you may imagine" - As if by magic a tube of gel appeared in his fist - He laughed again, -"Your ass or mine?" - He just went on and pulled his jogger's down to expose a cock just about the same as my own,length and girth. He was older than me and as he peeled back the skin,I felt I should decline but the shiny head and all over it looked just fine & healthy and I felt shocked as my cock dealt precum on to my shorts.

"Now you!" - His joggers were at his ankles, - "Down to your knees will do if you want to find out what its like" - Robotically I pulled the shorts down and my cock bobbed out stiff and proud, - "You'll need to lean forward,you know,for this" - He squeezed a good dollop of gel on to his fingers and I bent right over. - "Here goes,he dapped the very cold goo on my asshole and I felt my heart pounding as at least two of his fingers entered my sphincter and worked it around in there.

"I'll add a bit at the entrance for my knob" - The gel touched and I waited, - "Got a camera phone with you?" - "Hold on,is this a scam to nick my cell'phone?" - "No 'course not, I'm telling you your ass cheeks are as white as porcelain and smooth as a marble gods statue. If you pull your ass apart,I'll give you a picture of that desirable scene right up to the insertion"

"My shorts,its down there in the pocket" - He moved to my side and I looked at what I was about to receive and felt elated as I watched his precum drool from its hole. - "Pull them apart then,I'm ready" - I reached and tried to get an even grip on my cheeks then pulled,- "Okay,that's good,you don't need to be bent over that far now its lubed,grip the back of the bench and stand how you were when you had the drink.

I sensed him moving on me as I now bent only slightly forward,but he talked as he filmed his hardon approaching my ass. - "My cocks just a few inches from that crinkly young sphincter,nearer! Nearer! Contact" - His cockhead came up against my cheeks as he handed my phone round to me.


   I could feel him guiding his hard cock up between my cheeks then down as he savoured the feeling and sought out my sphincter. - "Got it" - The heat thro' the spongy head of his cock now pressed at my asshole. I expected some pain,but there was none as I felt the heat in his cock trying desperately to prize my small ass ring open.

He just stood and it felt as tho' his prick was slipping away from my orifice,but no,what I was feeling was his knob end creeping past my sphincter, he growned,"Fuck,what a sensation,fuck its making me ready to cum already" - His hands had been gripping my groins/hips but now he grasped at my hardon with both hands and forced the rest of his cock deep into my rectum. I had a feeling as though I desperately needed to piss as he force his shaft up me,but this passed until he pulled back. The sensation blew my mind,I now know,what I had felt was his cock touching my prostate nerve,it took only one pull back down my rectum,then the thrust up again which sent me into the most dynamic erotic orgasm you could ever imagine. My cum spewed from my cock end,loads and loads of it as he thrust and thrusted again and again. I was in the most erotic exstactic orgasm you could imagine and was desperate for it to stop yet wanted it go on.

Then came the explosion,his cum shot into my rectum as I realised my cock was soft yet still shooting cum everywhere as he nearly tore it off at the roots,using it as a hold to slam his cock so deep up my asshole his now slack sac was allowing his balls to thunder against my own. I lost count of the shots he gave me and my cock started to subside as he held then attempted to pull from me. "Stop! Stop! Fuck,leave it there,I just can't take the feeling as you started to pull out of me,push it back up for fucks sake,let it soak a bit until my bodies ready to take the sensation.

Eventually,he eased his knob from my body,even then,the feeling of it was extreme - "We'll change positions,but I bet you're not ready for that just now. Fuck! You were a good shag man" - Take a look at that movie,its not long but I bet it'll have you wanking yourself later today. It did!

Pulling up my shorts,we looked at the cum on,in and around them and me. - "I'm looking forward to that lot,what a waste,all that cum everywhere!" - "I smiled, - "Plenty more where that came from" - "So what do you think of the gay stuff?" - "I'll let you know when I've had my turn,but so far,its different than I expected" - It was my asshole was tingling as tho' I was still stuffed full of cock and my balls hung limp in their sac.

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