The Night Audit: Fourth Night


“Oh my God!” I cried, gripping the back of the couch. My tits were mashed into Mr. Henning’s gray haired chest and he watched over my shoulder as Jason slid his cock in and out of my asshole. “Oh fuck!” I gasped fighting for breath. His strokes were deep and steady and each one drove me down on the cock in my pussy.

“Oh fuck, Kaley,” Jason moaned.

“Oh my fucking God,” I gasped. I had two cocks fucking me at the same time. It was pain and unimaginable pleasure all mixed up. Through the tears in my eyes I could see my sister getting fucked in the ass up on the screen. She was riding the same cock I had in my pussy, sitting on the same couch. Above the bar, the same Jason, only a few years younger, was taking his turn, pushing his cock into my sister’s ass. The Jason behind me had just unloaded his balls deep inside my ass.

“That’s a good girl,” Mr. Henning whispered in my ear. I gave a little gasp and hugged him around the neck when Jason’s cock slipped out of me.

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   I didn’t know who the next guy was. I buried my face in Mr. Henning’s neck and let him spread my cheeks again. The cock was smaller, but it still took some effort to pry me open.

“Mmm, Daddy,” I cried, cumming all over Mr. Henning’s cock when the third guy came inside my ass. There was still pain but the pleasure was far more intense now. When Rob climbed behind me, I looked back over my shoulder to see his chocolate fuck-stick wedge its way into my pucker hole. “Yes, Daddy,” I moaned, working my hips in circles to hit all the nerve endings in my pussy while milking Rob’s dick with my ass.

“Now she’s got the hang of it,” Mr. Henning laughed under me. My hands were on his shoulders and I was sitting up enough that he could kiss my tits. I loved the feeling of being sandwiched between two men. I loved the feeling of two cocks rubbing together inside me.

“Daddyyyyy,” I purred, cumming again.

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   Rob slid his cock free and a four-man cum-cocktail gushed from my hole, wetting my thighs and dribbling down over Mr. Henning’s balls. He held my ass open and Charlie took his turn, pushing his stubby dick in and out of me using the other men’s cum for lube.

“Here you go, Baby,” Jason said, climbing up on the couch next to me. He had washed his cock and it smelled of scented soap when I took it in my mouth. Steve took my other hand and guided it to his cock. I moved my lips and tongue back and forth between them while Charlie coaxed another orgasm from me.

“Mmm, yes, Daddy,” I sighed when he finally spit his load across my naked back and bare ass.

“You’ve been a good little girl tonight,” Mr. Henning whispered, standing up with my limp body still impaled on his hard cock. I just clung to him, barely aware that he was taking me to the master bedroom. He laid me down gently on the bed, keeping his cock inside me, and then he pressed me into the mattress with his heavy body and fucked me until he came.

“Daddy’s going to play some poker now, Sweetheart,” he said, kissing my face and neck. I was exhausted and felt like I was in a dream. When he lifted my hands over my head, I didn’t resist.

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   He had the velvet cuffs around my wrists before I knew what was happening, and my eyes popped open.

“What are you doing?” I asked, suddenly anxious.

“Just relax,” he said and he slid a mask over my eyes.

“How you feeling?” Jason asked. I recognized his voice. I didn’t know how long I had been tied to the bed. I lost track of time and the number of men who had fucked me. They came in throughout the rest of the night, sometimes alone, sometime two or three at a time. They did whatever they wanted with me, and each time, I begged them not to stop.

“I’m tired,” I yawned. My body reeked of sex and cum and I was achy and exhausted.

“You were amazing tonight,” he said, kissing my shoulders. He climbed on top of me, slowly pushing his cock into my tired pussy from behind.

“Am I almost done?” I asked, enjoying the weight of his body like a warm blanket. He was very gentle with me, caressing my shoulders and nuzzling my neck.

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   He wiggled his cock inside me and I let my pussy muscles relax around him.

“Almost,” he whispered, “Mr. Henning would like it if you stayed the night with him, but that’s up to you. ”

“Hmm,” I sighed, mulling over the idea in my mind.

“I just want you to watch something first,” Jason said. He pulled the blindfold from my eyes and the glare from the light blinded me. I blinked several times before I realized the room was actually dark. The light was coming from an iPad he propped up against the headboard between my cuffed hands.

“What is it?” I asked, once my eyes were able to focus.

“Here, let me see,” he said, reaching around and stroking the screen. A video popped up and I knew instantly what it was. I was on my hands and knees in the middle of the hallway with a huge black man fucking me. “No, that’s not it,” he said, closing the video from the security camera, “This one, maybe. ”

He stroked the screen again and another video popped open. This time his son, Cory, had me bent over the front desk and was fucking me from behind.

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   It wasn’t a security video. Cory must have been filming us. “No, not that one either,” he said, and picked a third video.

“This one is interesting,” he said, and I could hear the grin in his voice. He was enjoying playing with me. It was another security camera video, and I recognized JohnB going into room 221. Jason jumped forward to the point where I entered the empty hallway, and then hit play again to watch me knock and enter the room.

“Where’d you meet him?” he asked, wiggling his cock inside me.

“Craig’s List,” I muttered, slightly embarrassed.

“I wish I had a camera in that room,” he sighed, hitting fast-forwarded, “Don’t tell me what you did, though. I like imagining the details. ” He wiggled his cock, playing the tape again when I came back out of the room straightening my blouse. “No, that’s still not the one. ” He made a big deal of shuffling through videos files, as if he didn’t know exactly which one he wanted.

“Ah, here it is,” he finally said, his voice rising.

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   My heart jumped in my chest. What could it be? There was no way he could have video of any of the other men I met on Craig’s List. I didn’t meet any of them at the hotel.

“What is it?” I asked, my curiosity peaked.

“Just watch,” he said, hitting the play button on the screen. I didn’t recognize the video, but I immediately recognized the room and the poker game. It wasn’t the hotel room where I had just been gang fucked. It was a much more familiar room. My Dad played poker with his buddies in our dining room every second Friday of each month. Jason was always there and the night this video was shot was no exception.

It took me a minute to recognize the girl my Dad was fucking on our dining room table. She kept twisting her head and her long dark hair was blocking her face. But when Jason stepped in front of her and she took his cock in her mouth, he pulled her hair to the side so the camera could get a close up. Her name was Lisa Bolman. She was one of my best friends.

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Jason wasn’t wiggling his dick inside me anymore. He was fucking me now while I watched my Dad fuck my friend. For a long time, I was silent. All I could do was stare at the screen and watch my Dad. I had watched him fuck before. He had videos on his computer of him and my Mom fucking. I’d masturbated to them more times than I could count. But now it wasn’t my Mom. Now he was cheating on her. Now he was fucking a fifteen-year-old girl. Now he was fucking his daughter’s friend.

“Harder,” I said, my voice barely audible.

“Huh?” Jason panted next to my ear, “What’s that?”

“Harder,” I said, in a clear, firm, unmistakable tone, “Fuck me harder. ”

“Fuck ya,” Jason hissed, and he pulled me up by my hips until I was on my knees. He gripped my ass and rammed his cock like a piston into my pussy.

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“Harder!” I cried, and actual tears rolled down my cheeks, not from the fucking I was taking, but from something I couldn’t understand or explain. “Fuck me, Daddy!” I screamed.

“Aaaagh!” Jason yelled, battering me with his cock. The entire bed was shaking and I gripped the iPad between my bound wrists, my tear soaked eyes locked on my Dad while he fucked my friend in our home. “Harder!” I screamed, wanting him to break whatever was burning inside me. Then my Dad was pulling his cock from my friend and spraying her face with his seed, and I was cumming. “Da-d-dyyyyyyy!” I cried.

“Aaaaaaagh!” Jason hollered, and he forced me back down on the bed, burying his cock to the hilt inside me, filling me with his seed. “I want to watch your Dad fuck you,” he hissed in my ear, and my cunt contracted around his cock and I came again.


School was out and a month of summer was already gone. It had been a crazy month.

I spent that night in the hotel with Mr. Henning, and most of the next day. He got way more into the Daddy/daughter thing after everyone left, and I lost myself in the role, even though he was old enough to be my grandfather. I let him take me shopping in the morning, and before he left, I had about a thousand dollars in new clothes, on top of the two thousand in tips I made hosting the poker game.

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   I kept the clothes hid in the back of my closet, along with the money rolled up in a sock. At the moment, I didn’t care about any of it.

I told Jason that I wasn’t going to work any more front desk shifts, but if my Dad asked, I was still working. Then I told him I wanted him to let me use one of the rooms on the third floor.

“What for?” he asked.

“You can put a camera in there if you want,” was my answer. He put room 311 on the out of service list, gave me a key, and then confessed that the room was already wired with cameras.

“Whenever we get an interesting guest, I like to put her in room 311,” he grinned.

“I’ll keep you interested,” I said, and I didn’t lie. I christened the room with JohnB, inviting him back to play out his Daddy fantasy with me. It seemed appropriate. Then I started answering ads on Craig’s List. I answered anything that caught my eye, but mostly older men who liked younger girls. They were all suspicious of me and in a state of shock and disbelief when I opened the door and they saw that I was real and that the pictures I had sent them weren’t fakes.

“This is a set up,” one man bellowed, taking one look at me and practically running away down the hall, missing out on what would have been the hottest night of his life.

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   After that, I started answering the door naked and they were pretty much under my spell the moment they laid eyes on me.

They were under my spell, but I let them take control and do what they wanted with me. They fucked my face, pussy, and ass and I begged for more. They covered my face and body in hot cum, and I even let one man stand over me in the shower and piss in my mouth, filling it to overflow and then showering the rest of me in his warm stream.

I was insatiable and couldn’t be restricted to the nights when my parents thought I was scheduled to work at the hotel. I met men in their homes and in their cars. I answered an ad for a private boat party, and spent a Saturday out at sea with five married men on vacation whose wives and kids were back at the hotel while they went “fishing. ” I was the only bait on the boat that day.

I found out that it was a small world, too. One of the men who wanted me to dress up in school girl clothes and pigtails turned out to be my eighth grade math teacher, Mr. Ward. He was beside himself with glee when I showed up at his house and fucked him in his daughter’s bedroom. The father of a boy I dated my freshman year picked me up in his car for a blowjob. I had always had a crush on him, so I took him back to the hotel to fuck. We’ve seen each other three more times since.



I made some men pay to fuck me, but mostly I didn’t ask for money. Mr. Henning had two more parties where he brought business clients for me to entertain, so my sock was overflowing with money. Also, Jason was still giving me paychecks for working the front desk to keep my parents from getting suspicious.

“Your Dad was asking about you the other day,” he said, slipping his cock form my ass. We were in room 311 and Cory had just left to start his Night Audit. I told them I wanted to do a threesome with the two of them like my sister, and was surprised when they told me that their threesome with her had been Jamie’s idea. “We don’t normally share girls,” Jason told me, and then clarified, “Well, we don’t normally have threesomes with them. ” Apparently, my sister and Jason were already fucking the night she fucked Cory in the back of his truck.

“She was fourteen when we started,” Jason explained. It was during one of my Dad’s poker games. Mom was out with friends, Dad’s poker night was always her Girls’ Night Out, and I was upstairs sleeping. Jason went to use the bathroom and Jamie was waiting for him in the hall wearing only a robe. She opened it and showed him her naked body and said he could have her if he wanted. She sucked him off in the bathroom, and then later, after the game ended, snuck out and met him a block away from the house in his car.

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“What did my Dad want?” I asked Jason while he used a towel to catch the cum seeping from my ass.

“Just to know how you’re doing at work,” he said, kissing my ass cheeks while he dabbed at my pucker hole, “He said you’ve been acting weird lately. ”

“Weird?” I snorted, but I knew exactly what my Dad meant. After Jason showed me the video of my Dad fucking my friend Lisa, I couldn’t be in the same room as my Dad without feeling angry and confused. It was impossible to just be myself around him anymore. Part of me wanted to hate him and pummel him with my fists. Another part of me wanted… I didn’t know what. I’d watched the video of his poker game again and again, and each time my emotions were so mixed up and confused I didn’t know what I felt.

“Are you sure you can handle sneaking around like this?” Jason asked, kissing his way up my naked back. I wasn’t sure. It was both exciting and difficult leading a secret life. At school with my friends, I tried to act like the same typical teenage girl I was before. We flirted with boys and worried about tests, but they were clueless to the fact that the night before three middle-aged businessmen from Russia had used me as a fuck toy in Mr. Henning’s executive suite.

At home, I sat across the table from my mother and father trying to eat dinner while knowing that in an hour I would be wearing pigtails and stockings and getting fucked by my eighth grade math teacher in his daughter’s bed.

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   I tried desperately to avoid eye contact with my Dad, knowing that I’d be thinking about him while Mr. Ward jammed his cock in me and I cried out, “Yes, Daddy! Yes!”

It wasn’t just with Mr. Ward either. Every guy I fucked, whether on Craig’s List or in a car somewhere or in the executive suite, I thought about my Dad. I thought about the video of him fucking my friend, and I fucked those men with the intensity of the anger and confusion I felt towards him. I got angriest though, and fucked with the most intensity when I realized the strongest emotion I was feeling was jealousy. I was jealous of Lisa; jealous that she was fucking my Dad. I hated being jealous. It’s a miserable feeling that makes you do crazy things.

It was good that I had Jason to talk to. He knew every dirty thing I did, at least in room 311 and in the executive suite, and what he didn’t have on video, I usually told him about in graphic detail when we fucked. I didn’t tell him about the emotional rollercoaster I was on with Dad though, mostly because I just couldn’t say out loud what I was feeling, but I think Jason understood. He was struggling too. I could tell he was afraid what would happen if my Dad found out about us. He would constantly remind me to be careful and act normal, but when we fucked, and his balls were ready to burst with cum, he would tell me again and again how much he wanted to see me fuck my Dad.

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“Can I show you something?” I said to him that night after Cory left our threesome.

“What is it?” he asked, rolling off of me so I could grab my new iPad from my bag.

“This,” I said, and I climbed back in bed with him and cuddled up in his arms.

“Porn?” he said, sounding surprised and a bit disappointed. After the things we’d done, watching straight porn was like holding hands at the mall.

“Watch,” I told him, and he rolled his eyes at me as the cheesy music introduced an overly tan, middle-aged guy with bad hair and a tight t-shirt.

“Hey, I was supposed to meet your Dad here,” middle-aged guy said, “We were going to play a round of golf. ” Jason’s eyes stopped rolling and went wide, and he understood why I wanted to watch a Barely Legal Hustler video.

“He’s not here right now,” my sister Jamie said, “You want to come in and wait for him?” She was dressed in an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie-yellow-polka-dot bikini and holding a bottle of suntan oil. It turns out that middle-aged guy’s timing was perfect because my sister was about to do some sunbathing and needed someone to rub oil on her back.

“Holy shit,” Jason gasped, “Jamie’s doing porn!” We both knew by now that my sister had already made her share of sex tapes, and we both knew the fucking she was about to get from her Dad’s golf buddy was pretty vanilla compared to what she’d done with Jason at his parties. But this wasn’t a private sex tape that only a handful of people would see. This was my sister “doing porn” for a major porn producer. This was my sister becoming a porn star.

“Where did you find this?” Jason asked, and I could feel his heart suddenly beating in his chest.

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   My heart was racing too, and I was almost afraid to tell him the truth. I hesitated, and then took a deep breath.

“On my Dad’s computer,” I told him. Jason fucked me again while my sister fucked middle-aged guy on my new iPad.


I had wanted to talk to my sister ever since I saw the video of her fucking Jason and his son. After seeing everything she had been keeping secret, I knew she would understand what I was going through, but I also knew it was something we couldn’t discuss over the phone. I came close to calling her after I saw Dad fucking my friend, Lisa, but Jamie was coming home in a week for summer break, so I decided to wait. Then she called us and told us she got an internship with a paper near her university and wouldn’t be home until the end of summer.

Finding out my sister was doing porn by finding the video on my Dad’s computer was like being hit by a bicycle on the sidewalk and getting knocked into the street to get hit by a truck. If I had been confused before, I was completely lost now. Telling Jason didn’t help either. Now he just wanted to see both Jamie and me fuck our Dad.


“You want to just hang out here?” I asked Lisa the next day. A bunch of us were supposed to meet at the mall, but it was pouring rain so I convinced her to bail on our friends and just come over to my house. Ever since I saw the video of her fucking my Dad, I’d been pretty cold to her and I could tell she had noticed.

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   I wondered if she suspected I knew. I also wondered how many times she fucked my Dad and if she was still fucking him. Jason said the video was from last summer when my Mom, Jamie and I went and spent the weekend at a spa for Jamie’s going-away-to-college present, but he said he didn’t know if Dad was still seeing her.

“Your Dad’s actually a pretty straight guy,” Jason said, and admitted Dad was drunk and a little high when Lisa showed up. Apparently, she showed up at the house during the poker game looking for me, claiming she didn’t know I was out of town with my Mom and Jamie. It was Jason’s idea to offer her a hundred bucks to stay and play hostess for them. I don’t think Lisa knew it was my Dad’s poker night, or that she would end up getting fucked by all five guys that were there, but it’s pretty obvious from the video that my Dad was the one she was into. I think she showed up at the house hoping to seduce him.

I wasn’t going to confront Lisa and just ask her outright if she was still fucking my Dad though. I didn’t really have a plan or anything. The idea to ask her over to my place while Mom and Dad were out of town for the day for a friend’s wedding just kind of popped into my head. All I knew was that finding my sister’s porn video on my Dad’s computer meant that Dad wasn’t as straight a guy as Jason thought, and I wanted to know more.

“Oh my God, when did you get that?” Lisa cried when I showed her my new iPad.

“Just this week,” I said. We were in the living room watching Breaking Dawn, Part 1, and drinking screwdrivers we made with my Dad’s vodka and Sunny D.

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   I let her mess around with the iPad a bit while a stuffed the bowl of my new glass pipe with some weed Cory brought me when he double-teamed me with his Dad.

“Check this out,” I said, trading Lisa my pipe for my iPad, “This is the best part. ” I closed her Facebook account while she sucked on the pipe, and I typed the word porn into Google’s video search.

“Oh my God!” Lisa giggled, seeing the selection that popped up.

“No filters,” I grinned. Both Lisa’s parents and mine were pretty strict about parental controls on our computers at home, but we had friends whose parents were pretty clueless so we’d watched porn before, mostly on sleepovers at Jenny Muller’s house.

“This one,” Jamie said, picking a video of a girl giving her boyfriend head in the front seat of his car. It was pretty good. The girl was super cute and the guy had a nice cock.

“Here,” I said, hooking my iPad to the TV so we could see better. We passed the pipe back and forth until the girl lifted her head from the guy’s cock and showed the camera a cum-coated tongue.

“Oh my God,” Lisa giggled.

“Do you like swallowing?” I asked her as the girl gulped down her load.

“Kevin likes it when I do,” she said. Kevin was her boyfriend at school.

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“Ya, but do you like it?” I pressed her.

“Sometimes,” she admitted, blushing hard.

“I fucking love it,” I said without a hint of shame. I put the pipe to my lips and inhaled deeply.

“Oh my God!” Lisa cried, “Whose dick are you sucking?” She knew I wasn’t seeing anyone.

“No one’s,” I lied teasingly.

“Oh my God! Seriously, who is it?” Lisa gushed.

“You don’t know him,” I said coyly.

“Does he go to our school?” she demanded.

“He’s not in school,” I said, picking another video at random to play.

“He’s older?” she asked, getting even more excited, “How old is he?”

“How do you think I got the iPad?” I grinned.

“Oh my God! Shut up!” she cried, “You’re lying! Seriously?”

“No,” I said, pulling back from the edge, “I’m just teasing. ”

“Oh my God,” she laughed with relief, and I was sure if I pressed it she would tell me stories about older men and gifts, but my instincts were pushing me in another direction.

“You’re such a idiot,” I giggled dismissively, and then turned my attention to the video playing. It was another blowjob video but this time the girl had two cocks to suck.

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“Oh my God, can you imagine that?” Lisa said, watching the girl move her mouth from cock to cock. I fought the urge to call her a hypocrite knowing that on one occasion at least she’d had five dicks to suck on and one of them was my Dad’s.

“Let’s try this one,” I said, clicking another video.

“Oh my God,” Lisa giggled. There were no guys in this one, just two girls.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” I asked Lisa.

“No,” she laughed, “Have you?”

“No,” I said, and we watched the two women on the screen wrap their naked bodies together and lick and kiss each other. They were super hot. “Here,” I said, sitting up, and I leaned in and kissed Lisa on the mouth. She didn’t pull back.

“Kaley…” she giggled slightly, but I kissed her again and she opened her mouth for my tongue. “We can’t tell anyone,” she breathed when I broke the kiss and pushed her back on the couch.

“I know,” I lied, kissing her ears and pushing my hand up under her shirt.

“Mmm,” she sighed with my hand on her tit. Her arms wrapped around me and squeezed my ass.

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“I want to see you naked,” I told her, grinding my body against hers. There was a flicker of fear in her eyes, but it vanished quickly and she nodded, yes. “Stand up,” I ordered, and she obeyed me, stumbling a bit from the screwdrivers and pot. We both giggled, and then we were kissing again and pulling at each other’s clothes. It only took a minute, and we were standing naked in my living room. I pulled her to me. Our bodies pressed together and we kissed deeply, our hands reaching and exploring.

Lisa was about the same height as me, but with long dark hair and dark eyes. She had smaller breasts, and where my nipples and areolas were a soft pink, hers were darker and slightly puffy. I took one in my mouth and sucked while my hands groped her ass.

“I want to taste you,” Lisa said with a shuddering breath. We stretched out on the carpet in front of the TV and she kissed her way from my neck to my breasts. “I love your tits,” she whispered shyly, just like every man who had had the pleasure. She took her time, teasing me with her tongue and lips before following a trail of kisses over my belly to the smooth skin above my pussy. “You smell nice,” she said, peppering my mound and inner thighs with kisses, and then she slid her tongue up the length of my pink slit.

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“Mmm,” I sighed, lifting my hips to meet her kiss. She took her time with her tongue, exploring the wet folds of my inner flesh and my little hooded nub. Then she pushed her fingers inside me, and I marveled at her skill in finding the spots that made me squirm. “Oh my God,” I gasped, my body suddenly trembling under her touch. She pressed an arm across my belly to hold me still and clamped her lips down on my clit while she massaged my g-spot.

“Fuck, Lisa,” I gasped, “You’re gonna make me cum. ” She sucked harder on my clit and pressed her fingers into the bundle of nerves behind my pelvic bone. Shivers ran up and down my spine, and my hips twisted and shook beneath her. I was there. “Uuuuuuungh!” I cried, biting down on my lower lip, my back arching high off the floor.

“That was so hot,” Lisa said, lying between my legs and softly kissing my pussy. I stroked her dark hair and tried to catch my breath.

“That was amazing,” I sighed.

“Really?” she asked, looking up into my eyes, “I just tried to do the things I do to myself. ”

“It worked,” I laughed, “I wish guys knew how to do that.


  ” Lisa laughed, too, and then I sat up. “It’s your turn,” I grinned.

I took a different approach, bending Lisa over the back of the couch and burying my tongue inside her cunt from behind. I always liked the taste of my own pussy, licking it from my fingers when I masturbated or from the cocks of strange men, but I loved the taste of Lisa’s cunt. It was sweet and tangy and her scent was intoxicating. Her pussy was shaved bald like mine and I loved her silky smoothness against my lips.

”Oh my God,” she moaned. My tongue was like a live wire inside her, connecting with all the right nerve endings. I squeezed her firm round ass and drank every ounce that seeped from her gash until her body tensed and shook and she flooded my hungry mouth gasping, “Oh my God, Kaley! Oh my God!”

We were curled up on the couch together, softly kissing and touching with our naked bodies entwined when my Mom called. She and my Dad were having a great time at the wedding and decided they wanted to spend the night. “Will you be alright on your own?” Mom asked. I assured her I would and got a warning about parties and staying up too late.

“I’m promise I won’t have a party,” I said, and I meant it. I had other plans in mind.

“Do you want to spend the night?” I asked Lisa.

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   She answered by slipping two fingers into my pussy and kissing my tits. “Come on,” I giggled, pulling her up from the couch, “I’m hungry. ”

 “Me too,” Lisa said, “And I need to use the bathroom. ” I used the bathroom after Lisa and we spent the afternoon eating Mac-N-Cheese in the nude and smoking the rest of my pot.

“Let’s go up to my room,” I told her, once we’d satisfied our munchies, “I want to do it in my bed. ”

“Okay,” Lisa grinned, and she followed me up the stairs with her hand on my ass.

“Here,” I said, tearing the quilt and blankets off my bed. We stretched out across the bare sheets and wrapped our naked bodies together, kissing and touching. I rolled Lisa onto her belly and started peppering her ass and lower back with kisses. She loved that.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” she sighed.

“Do you want to try something?” I asked, kissing my way up her spine.

“What?” she giggled, squirming under my naked body.

“You’ll like it,” I said, lifting her arms up over her head and placing her hands on the metal spindles of my headboard. She gripped them and stretched out beneath me with a sensual moan.

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   While she was in the bathroom earlier, I got the same velvet cuffs that Mr. Henning used on me from the hiding place in my closet and hung them from the metal spindles. She didn’t notice them there, and they were around her wrists before she knew what was happening.

“What are you doing?” she giggled, still happy and high.

“Just relax,” I said, “You’ll like this. ”

“Oh my God,” she laughed when I slid the blindfold over her eyes. And then she moaned again when I kissed my way back down to her ass and wedged my tongue between her cheeks, tickling her tiny pucker hole and dipping into her honey pot. “Yes,” she sighed, and while I licked I reached over the side of the bed and found the box waiting there.

“Oh my God, what is that?” she gasped, giggling still but with a note of anxiety in her voice.

“Relax,” I repeated, “It’s just a toy. ” I got the glass cock form the same guy who gave me the pipe. He was a glassblower I met on Craig’s List looking to trade his art for a good blowjob. I let him fuck me and made a pretty good trade. The glass cock was about eight inches long. It curved in and out like a wave down the length of the shaft and ended in a big glass ball that you could hold on to.

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   It had become my favorite toy, aside from a real cock, and Lisa let out a squeal of surprise when I wiggled it into her pussy.

“You like that?” I asked, twisting the glass cock while I slowly fucked her with it.

“Yes,” she cried, gripping the headboard while her naked body writhed in ecstasy. I let her enjoy it for a while before reaching back into the box. The trade with the glassblower was the cock and the pipe for a fuck, but when we finished he threw in the glass anal beads as a bonus. “What are you doing?” Lisa giggled nervously when I used my tongue to lube her virgin pucker hole, still fucking her with the glass cock.

“It’s okay,” I assured her, “Just relax. ”

“Oh my God, what is that?” she gasped. She wasn’t giggling anymore.

“You’ll like it,” I said, pressing the first glass bead into her ass, “You just need to relax. ” The first bead was the smallest and they got larger the further you moved up the flexible rubber chord. There were six beads in all and the last one was about the size of a ping-pong ball.

“Kaley!” she cried when the bead popped into her tight little hole. In my Dad’s poker video, Lisa fucked all five guys, but she never took a cock in her ass. I guessed she was still an anal virgin, and I was right.

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   The second bead was a little bigger and her muscles tensed.

“Do like in yoga,” I told her, massaging the muscles in her ass and letting a glob of spit drop down between her cheeks, “Focus on your breathing. ” She started taking deep steadying breathes and sure enough her ass unclenched and I got bead number two in.

“Oh my God,” she squealed, “Why are you doing this?”

“You’ll like it, I promise,” I told her, “You just need to get used to it. ”

“I don’t know, Kaley,” she pouted. She was trying to look back over her shoulder at what I was doing but the effort was useless with the blindfold on.

“Trust me,” I said, and bead number three slipped in. It took about five more minutes, but we got four of the six beads in side her. I thought that was pretty good for a virgin. Lisa started to whine that she wanted me to take them out, until I grabbed the end of the chord and twisted the beads inside her.

“Oh my God!” she cried, and I remembered the first cock in my ass and how I went back and forth between wanting it to end and praying it never would. I wiggled and twisted the beads in her ass and twisted and wiggled the glass cock in her cunt. She went wild, but I was the one in control of her body. She was trembling and bucking beneath me in my bed, and the words coming out of her mouth no longer made any sense. I knew she was close to coming.

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   That’s when we heard the knock on the door.

“Oh my God!” Lisa gasped, coming back to herself, “Is someone here?”

“Don’t move,” I said, hopping down from the bed.

“Kaley, don’t leave me hear,” she begged.

“Shush!” I ordered, “Just be quiet. I’ll be right back. ” I left her naked and tied to my bed with a blindfold over her eyes and a toy cock and glass beads stuffed in her cunt and ass. She didn’t have much choice but to listen to me, and the house was suddenly silent as I made my way downstairs.

I took my time, and I didn’t bother putting clothes on. I knew who was at the door. When Lisa went to the bathroom, I got my toys ready in my room, but I also texted a friend. I could see his shadow through the glass panes on our front door. His timing couldn’t have been better.

“Hi, Daddy,” I beamed, opening the door. JohnB looked down at my naked body with hungry eyes.

“Oh, Baby Girl,” he grinned, stepping quickly inside and kissing me as the door closed.

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   I had never invited one of my Craig’s List men to my house, but I needed them today, and I trusted JohnB. “Mmm, I’m so glad you texted me,” he said, running his hands over my ass, “Daddy was missing his little girl. ”

“Well, you’ll be glad you came,” I said, rubbing the bulge between his thighs, “I have a surprise for you. ”

“A good surprise?” he asked, looking slightly nervous. We had only ever fucked in the hotel and he wasn’t entirely comfortable coming to my house.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, taking his hand and leading him to the stairs.

“You sure your parents won’t be home?” he asked anxiously.

“Shhh,” I warned, pressing my finger to my lips. I led him upstairs on tiptoes, but every stair seemed to cry out under his weight. We finally reached my door, and I had to shush him again when he saw what was waiting for him on my bed.

“Kaley?” Lisa whined, sounding nervous.

“It’s okay,” I lied, “It was just a neighbor. ” I held my finger to my lips, leading JohnB into the room. His eyes looked ready to pop out of his head. “Are you ready for me to untie you?” I asked.

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   Lisa hesitated.

“Um, it’s okay,” she finally decided, “We can play some more. ”

“Good,” I said, unzipping JohnB’s pants.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked, turning her head this way and that behind the blindfold.

“Just getting ready,” I said, helping him off with his shirt while he stepped out of his loafers and kicked his pants to the side. He was hard as rock and I couldn’t resist a little suck before I led him to the bed.

“Ready for what?” Lisa purred, wiggling her ass in anticipation.

“You’re gonna love it,” I said.  



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