The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 32


Over the ensuing weeks, Mike was amazed at the amount of practicethat his brother was now putting into guitar. By the end ofFebruary, he knew all his pentatonic scales and the fretboard andcould do a decent job playing them, at least for a beginner. So thelast day of the month, after Mike's parents had gone to sleep, Mikelightly knocked on his brother's door and told him to come to hisroom. When the little brother, who was attired only in hisunderwear, entered, he saw Jessica sitting on the edge of the beddressed in her white lingerie outfit, causing instant boneage. "Comehere and sit next to me sweety," Jessica invited in an alluringvoice. "Master tells me that you know your pentatonic scales and thefretboard. " "Yeah," little brother choked out. "Okay baby you cankiss me for five minutes. " "Sweet!" the brother blurted. "Be gentleand don't slobber," she insisted. He parted his lips and so did sheand they enmeshed for less than a minute. "Okay baby, not so hard. Relax and be more gentle,": she instructed. She tilted her head andhis mouth was back on hers  "God, she smells so good and she's sosoft," he thought to himself. A small patch of the front of hisboxers was transparent with his precum. They kissed a little longerthis time before she broke it and stroked his cheek.

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   "Okay baby,kiss me as passionately as you want," she permitted and he mauledher piehole. She placed her hand on the wet spot of hisboxers and gave it a little rub, causing him to moan while histongue tried to explore her throat.

"Okay sweety,," she critiqued, "don't throw your tongue in thereright at the start. Work up to it, listen to her responses and tryto say something with your kisses," she inculcated. They locked lipsonce more and Jessica was enjoying it because she always did lovekissing anyway. She brushed his cock again, too, through the boxers. "Now kiss me gently and nibble on my neck. Don't bite it!" She felthim nuzzling her neck. "Keep me wrapped up in your arms baby, makeme feel protected," she recommended. "Okay honey, kiss me again,"and she let him kiss her for a long time and with some vigorish onit. Finally, she pushed him away. "You're not a bad kisser sweety. You just need more experience. So remember to relax, take it slow,and that kissing is a form of communication. Don't look at as justslobbering on her to try to get her hot and naked," she taught him.

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  "She'll get hot when she feels something in your kisses. " "Okay," hepanted.

"I'll be here the day after tomorrow. I will call out a pentatonicscale and a position to play it at 125 beats per minute  and youhave to do it perfectly. You will  get three passes at it to get oneright. You also have to execute everything your teacher has shownyou from the beginning through tomorrow perfectly. If you do that,I'll let you feel my breasts. " If you do it in under 90 minutes youcan feel me up while you make out with me," she teased, her tonguebetween her teeth. Little bro's jaw dropped at that proposition. "Okay," he half sighed. Jessica smiled warmly and bid Mike's brothergoodnight. Mike then screwed her brains out as the whole scenarioreally got his motor running.

"Fucktoy is enjoying this, isn't she?" Mike insinuated. "Yes Master,your little Asian fucktoy likes teaching your younger brother theropes," she giggled, realizing the pun. "No fucktoy,," Mike saidarchly, "teaching him the ropes is my job.

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  " Jessica giggled.

Two days later, Jessica, who was covered only in a little lacy bluepanty and bra set, was proctoring little brother's scale exam. Shestarted the metronome and called out, "B major pentatonic, secondposition!" He was nervous and flubbed it. "Okay baby, relax,"Jessica urged. He finally got it on the third try. "G minorpentatonic, sixth position," she barked. It was spot on. "E minorpentatonic  first position," she called. And so it went and he wasdoing pretty credibly. "Okay baby, show me where all the F's are onthe fretboard," she decreed. And so it went, as she worked him over.

"Sorry sweety, but taken as a whole, your performance wasn't quiteup to standard. But you didn't do that badly, either. So it's prettyevident you've been working at it. Come here and kiss me.

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  " Littlebrother smiled and bounded over to where Jessica sat and they kissedrather heatedly for five minutes. "Wow, that was A LOT better thanlast time," she complimented. "I'm actually wetter now. Keeppracticing your scales," she demanded  "Can your little asianfucktoy hold another exam in a week Master?" she requested. "No probfucktoy," he tried to say as cooly as he could when he was actuallyitching to rip her underwear off and wreck her pussy.

Seven days hence, Mike's brother was before the court, as it were,again. Jessica was in her bikini. She ran little brother through hispaces and there was a fair amount of improvement. "Okay sweety, ifMaster gives his consent, you can feel me up. " Little brother lookedup to Mike and Mike told him to knock himself out. Jessica scootedto the front of the bed and laid her pretty head on a pillow  andtold little brother to slide in next to her. He was on top of her inno time at all. "Okay sweety, take it easy and show that you loveme," she ordered. She encircled his back with her arms and he didlikewise with hers and they kissed at length before he undid the bowthat held the top part of her bikini bra up. He peeled it back, herboobs wiggling as they were revealed.

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   "Be gentle with them baby. They're as sensitive as your balls," she averred. She felt his shakyhands explore her melons. "Sweety, pay attention to when a girl'snipples become stiff. Lightly stroke them and roll them under yourpalm, she appealed. He tried to suck a nipple, but pushed him away. "Not yet baby. You have to do more than what you've demonstrated sofar if you want to suck my nipples," she informed him breathily. "That's enough for now," she then announced.

"Now fucktoy, I've been teaching him the last couple months how tospot possible submissives and rule them. I think at this point someinput from Master's beloved slave would be in order," he posited. "Does Master think it a good idea to make his brother a trainee sothat he may be guided while he is in the formative stages of beingthe dominant of another?" Jessica offered. "Fucktoy, your Masterloves that idea, but wonders if he will have the patience to observeyour Master's rules and guidance. " "Dude, what is it with the weirdspeaking style?" Jessica reached over and slapped Mike's brotherhard on the face. "Sir, you are right now a candidate to be Master'strainee.

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   You will  not disrespect him!" Jessica angrily responded. "Wow!" Mike thought to himself. That was the first time he had seenher do anything even remotely close to that. "Fucktoy, your Masterrespects her passion for him, but she will leave it to her Master tocarry out any punishment. "Sorry Master," Jessica apologized. "Also,I will remind fucktoy that she spoke when she was not spoken to. Iwill let it go this time, but so it doesn't become a trend, nexttime you will receive ten hard swats with Master's paddle. Doesfucktoy understand?" Yes Master. Thank you Master. "

"Look dude, the reason we do all this protocol shit, and yeah, itdoes sometimes seem kinda anime cosplay-ish to many people, isbecause it reminds each of the parties of their roles and the subbiegets to show her respect for her Master and recognition of herposition. Plus part of submission is exhibiting gratitude for beingguided by the dominant and the corrections he sometimes has to enactto make her a better partner for him. Plus it's just hot. If youwere doing it yourself you would understand where we're coming from. Also, we do break out of it a lot so we can just get back to thebasic people we are and express our love for each other. BDSM isjust as much about fun as it is the nexus of power and sex.

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   Jessicaand I don't go anywhere near the extremes of some people. I thinkthe way we do it is more lighthearted compared to that. "

"But you said that there shouldn't be any violence in BDSM and hereI am getting slapped and you talking about paddling your fiance. What the fuck, dude/" "Dude, I thought I had been over this. Onedoesn't commit violence on a sub or slave just because it makeseither the dom or the sub feel good. For Jessica, the punishment issymbolic.   The spanking or paddling reminds her who the morepowerful party is in the relationship is, she wants to be remindedof that and the sting encourages her to make sure she doesn't  dowhat angered her Master again and that makes her a better submissivefor him. She lives for her Master's approval. What violence there isexists in a limited way and is punishment that fucktoy,, at the endof the day, desires so that she may be corrected. Fucktoy mayelaborate if she wishes," Mike stated. "Master said it exactly as itis," she rejoindered. "Master's little Asian fucktoy would, though,like to also suggest to Master's brother that her Master is veryprecious to her and was perturbed that someone in his positionwould feel privileged to insult him. "

"Yeah, that's another thing: what's with this fucktoy crap? Dude,you guys are engaged and you call her that?" little brother snarked. "Every dominant has a name for his subbie that reminds her of herstatus in the relationship. Fucktoy likes me to use her and I lovefucking her, thus the nickname.

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   Her nickname was devised with herconsent as well. Remember, that fucktoy gets high off of being inher position and being subject to the control of her Master. "Jessica raised her hand. "Fucktoy?" "Master is correct. When Mastermost exerts himself on his little Asian fucktoy is when she feelshappiest and goes into deepest sub space. And his little Asianfucktoy also reminds Master's brother that it is her submission toMaster that is making it possible for him to get some much neededsexual experience and she humbly requests that he respect that. "

"Yeah. Sorry. ".   little brother curtly replied. "So look dude, I'mglad you've been holding off putting some of the shit I've taughtyou into effect because I think you need the guidance or you couldfind yourself in the shitstorm that Christian club got into. Seriously, I can walk you each step of the way, but you have tosubmit to my authority to make that work. " Mike pointed out. "Respect mah authoritah!" little brother cracked. " "Yeah, no  shit,huh?" Mike chuckled.

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   "But it's still true. " Jessica raised her handagain. " "Fucktoy?" "As Master's brother may have noticed, Master isthe mentor and teacher for his submissive. Master is merelyattempting to hand his little brother some teaching tools he canthen use with his future submissive. We submissives craveinstruction and control because it makes us feel secure and loved. Of course, most people would say that they don't feel that way andMaster's brother may be afraid of being seen as a pervert if hetakes a sub as his partner. But the herd never gives a shit aboutits individual member's state of mind or inclinations. It only wantsjoy killing conformity because people are inherently afraid ofthemselves and how they appear to others. They have imprisonedthemselves in churches, schools and in social groups. They willclaim they are free, but they are the basest kind of slave, reducinglife to one long and frustrating game of chicken. Thanks to Master,though, his little Asian fucktoy has been freed from that nonsenseand been cherished for being who she is, not what society thinks itwants her to be. "

"Wow, trenchantly stated fucktoy!" Mike complimented. Your Master isvery gratified that she has found liberation under his hand. "

"Anyway, dude, what's it going to be? You gonna cowboy it and runthe risk of really fucking your or somebody else's life up or areyou willing to be coached through your first forays into being adominant?" "Okay man, but can we just talk normal when we are inpublic?" Dude, the BDSM community recognizes reality and sodefending one's privacy is a tantamount priority. So yeah, out inpublic, Jessica and I act completely normally.

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   and I would expectboth you and your subbie to do the same. Remember, your first goalsare to protect  her and guide her and that means maintaining her andyour public reputations. " "Sweet. Okay, I'm up for it. "

Mike eyed his brother and then beckoned him to kneel. The brotherwanted to know why. "The reason is that you must recognize myauthority over you in this realm as my trainee. It makes things gobetter with that mindset. " "Okay, but it feels weird. " Mike'sbrother knelt. "You are now my trainee and you will submit to myopinion in all relevant matters. You will also refer to me duringyour time as my trainee as 'Master' and you will also defer toJessica and call her 'Mistress'. Acting the proper way will give youa feel for how you should guide your subbie. You will regardJessica's words as coming from me and  therefore you will not actdefiantly toward her. Defiance will be severely punished and failureto undergo punishment will result in dismissal.


   Does traineeunderstand?' "Yes Master. " "Good boy, trainee. Fucktoy, you and Iwill go to school together and we shall see if we can get  somethinghappening for trainee. " "Cool!" "No, that's 'thank you Master. '"Thank you Master. "

Little brother repaired to his room and his cock spat out a hugeload after what he had experienced with Jessica. "Fuck, she's hot. Mike's so lucky," he said to himself. " I want a fucktoy, too!" hequietly lamented. He did, though, like Jessica's praise when heplayed something right. "Maybe I can take her away from Mike," hefantasized. That would never happen.

Jessica, Mike and his little brother arrived at school the nextmorning. "Okay, as I told you earlier, you have to walk up to thesechicks and give them some innocuous order to get their attention,"Mike began. 'What does innocuous  mean?" "It means something thatisn't harmful or any big deal," Mike told him.

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   "You also have toknow when to pick your spots. You aren't going to do this withanyone you know who has a boyfriend or a cheerleader because they'reall stupid bitches anyway," he advised. "The best scenario is to getthem one on one and away from her stupid ass friends. Don't worryabout anyone who is out of your league. If you look at her, Jessicais completely way above my league, but I still got her. " "Okay. " "Notrainee. That is 'yes Master. Thank you Master,' Jessica asserted. "Yes Master. Thank you Master" little brother parroted.

"Okay, choose your target and then drop your book in front of themand tell them adamantly to pick it up. Now some girls will do itbecause they're feeling intimidated or are just being nice. Which iswhy you have to search their faces for that look that tells you theyare doing it out of a deep seated need to submit," Mike suggested. "Only when you see that far away expression will you know if theyare good candidates to be subbies," he said.

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   If you get a nibble,tell her, again, firmly, to join you for lunch later today and whereyou will be eating. You will not suggest, you will command, but in aquietly authoritative voice. Got that trainee?" "Yes Master. Thankyou Master. " Good boy trainee. Now go get 'em. "

Little bro saw Cindy Finstromm sitting by herself on  a bench,probably waiting for her friends. She was in his American historyclass and he had jacked off thinking of her a number of times. Hescrewed up his courage and walked near her and he acted like hestumbled and dropped his book right in front of her. "Pick that upfor me," he said quietly but strongly. "Pick it up yourselfasshole!" Cindy blistered. Swing and a miss. Little bro felt theheat of embarrassment as he retrieved the tome and hurried away fromher. Mike and Jessica stood approximately 15 yards away watching. Little bro scurried upto his brother and his fiance.

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   "So what did I do wrong?" "You didn'tdo anything wrong, dude. She just isn't a subbie! Relax and keeptrying!" He parted from the side of his familiars and ambled into thecorridor and saw a couple of girls he had never even met before. Mike and Jessica trailed a distance behind him to watch. The bookwent down and it stayed down, as the girls ignored him. "Was hetalking to us?" one of them asked her chum before they giggled. Another half dozen attempts were made, all misses. He returned toMike's side. "You might want to give it a rest right now," Mikerecommended. "If you are doing that all the time you will getnoticed by everybody. You want to keep it on the DL. " "Okay. But atleast I tried. " "That takes major guts, Mike complimented.

"Yeah. I think we kind of shot our wad for today.

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  . It's not thatdifferent from asking someone out on a date, really," Mikecontinued.

At lunch, they discussed the matter further. Mike laid out a wholeplan for little bro as to how to reel the subbie in when he finallyhits pay dirt. On the way to his sixth period gym class, littlebrother saw Lizzy Tresbourne exiting her gym class and entering thequad. She was within about 50 feet of him. He took another fewsteps, dragged his right foot on the ground to act like he hadtripped and his book bag was on the asphalt. Lizzy was just about upto him. "Pick that up!" little brother rather snarled to her as helooked right into her eyes. She hesitated and then stooped andpicked up the book bag and handed it to him. Little brother focusedon the expression on her face and the sirens went off in his head,'we have a winner!" "Hey Lizzy, meet me over at the benches next tothe cafeteria after school," he intoned to her. She looked at himand hesitated again before, in a passive voice, agreeing to hiswish. "See ya then babe," little brother said to her beforeproceeding to his class.

He whipped his cellphone out and got a hold of Mike and tipped himthat he may have snagged one. Mike said he would meet his brother atthe rendezvous point with Jessica.

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   All little brother could thinkabout the last hour of the day was how he was going to screw Lizzyand his cock ached from the overwhelming need for release. Lizziewas a hottie, 5'4" and 125 pounds with C cups and a well taperedbody due to being a member of a private swim club. Little brotheractually didn't know her at all personally, only having heard hername while being in one of her classes in middle school. It was alittle like Mike and Jessica's situation before they formally met.

When the final bell rang, Mike, Jessica and little bro made abeeline for those benches adjoining the cafeteria. Mike urged littlebrother to first tell her to talk about her background and thenorder her to hold his hand and to always look directly into her eyeswhen he gives her a command. They waited for about ten minutes. 'Maybe you misread her, dude," Mike guessed, thinking perhaps shewouldn't show up. But the truth was that Lizzy got buttonholed byone of her friends for a few minutes before she was able to make herway to the meeting place. When little brother saw her, his heartbegan pounding like John Bonham's kick drum.

"Hi Lizzie, little brother said. "Have a seat!" he verbally pushed. 'i want you to meet my brother Mike and his fiance Jessica. "Everyone said hi and then little brother told her to tell everybodyabout herself. Mike looked into her eyes and she was for sure agoner.

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   Little brother had himself a catch. "Fuck I'd totally boneher," Mike thought. Lizzy was a middle class girl whose house was onthe edge of town right on the border of the school district that herhigh school belonged to. As she meandered on about her personalhistory, little bro encouraged her to hold his hand and she did. Mike sat down next to his brother and then directed him to order herto kiss him. She did and soon they were into some hardcore facesucking. Little bro ran his hands over her body, feeling how tonedshe was. He would have done her right there on the little grassyarea behind the benches if he could have. Mike whispered to him toask her to reveal what her schedule for the rest of the week was. She had swim practice in a couple of hours, so Mike told little broto cut her loose for today and have her meet him and the other twoat the benches in the amphitheater when she got to school the nextday.

Little bro's stomach was roiling wondering if he would get stood upwhen he and his sibling and Jessica arrived at school the followingmorning. But nope, 15 minutes later, there she was walking up tothem. "Hi!" she said cheerfully. "Give me a hug and a kiss babe,"little bro instructed her, after which he had her hold his hand. Mike pondered whether or not  little brother would give up guitarnow that he was within hailing distance of getting some pussy.

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   "Timeto interdict that shit," he thought to himself. Little bro met Lizzyafter school and had some more face sucking time while Mike andJessica watched from a distance but still close enough to rush in ifhis brother messed up. Mike took Lizzy home and then began to lay iton thick to his brother. "Hey look, dude, for this shit to reallytake hold, you need to tell her to learn to play guitar since youand I and Jessica all play and it gives her a reason to spend a lotof time over at our house away from her pain in the ass friends. Sosince tomorrow is a Saturday, tell her to wait for us to pick her upnear her house and we'll get her started. "

Little bro bought that line and Jessica could give her a helpinghand with the first steps toward becoming a player. There weren'tenough female electric rock players anyway to both Mike and Jessica,so whatever the final outcome here, they were still doing God'swork, as it were. When they picked her up, they whisked her off toMike and little bro's family's music/game room. Litte bro introducedLizzy to his mom as his girlfriend and she celebrated to herselfthat her other son finally had a female on his arm and so she knewfor sure he wasn't gay. Mike brought his Jackson and his Stratupstairs. He  just had the Strat set up again and so it would beeasier to play for Lizzy. Jessica plopped next to her and showed herhow to hold it and then taught her a simple slow C major scale. Little bro burbled to his new squeeze how hot she would look with anaxe in her hands and that she would work hard to learn theinstrument.

After a couple hours of that, they went downstairs to Mike's roomand Mike blocked the door. "Okay dude, tel her to take her clothesoff," he suggested to little bro.

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   He did and she did. "God, thatbody is even more awesome than I thought," both of the Alyea boysadmired. "Now tell her to let me tie her up," Mike added. Mike hadher get in his bed and then hold her hands out over her head. Hebound her wrists to his headboard and then anchored her legs to thebedframe so that she was now basically spread eagled. Mike hadlittle bro put a blindfold over her head and gag her before Mikeinserted a vibrating egg into her and attached vibrating nippleclamps to her milk ducts. She writhed and wriggled at the pressureof the clips on her sensitive nipples. Mike, Jessica and little broall tickled her until she was breathless, which already got herendorphins and adrenalin going. Then Mike turned the vibrators on at75% strength. "Okay dude, eat her pussy. Jessica will teach you,said Mike. Jessica watched carefully as little bro got intoposition. Jessica, who sat cross legged next to Lizzy's hip. leanedover and pointed out where her clit was. "Okay, roll her clit hoodover with your tongue to start, she requested.

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   "Let your face andjaw go limp and use your tongue to create friction against the sidesof the clit. Okay, now suck gently on it. " And as things progressed,Lizzie began to moan and her clit was tingling from the stimulationof the vibrator and his tongue. Five minutes later, she was gaspingand Mike kicked the vibrators up to full and little brother wassucking in short, fast sequences as Jessica called for and her clitwas surging and throbbing. She panted rapidly and then she let out amuffled scream as an orgasm busted into her body and brain, littlebrother loving the taste of her wetness and the way she buckedagainst his face. The restraints were also having an effect, as hermind began to checkout for a vacation in sub space. She had alwayswanted somebody to do this to her, make her helpless and have theirway with her and now every breath was bringing those morphine likeeffects inside her, her subconscious need for submissionsubstituting for a conscious that was fading out of the picture.

Mike wasn't going to allow little brother fuck her yet because hewould have lasted about 30 seconds and it would have been over sincehe had so much pent up horniness. After he watched a couple moreorgasms convulse Lizzy's body. , Mike switched the vibrators off anduntied her. He had little bro turn her toward one side of the bedand  order Lizzy to suck him after taking her gag off. She was pretty out of it, but thiswasn't the first time she would have a cock in her mouth and sheinstinctively grabbed for little bro's iron staff and licked it fora couple of minutes before he pushed it through the gap in her lips. "Dude, don 't make her gag. We can train her to deep throatlater," Mike said to his brother. He began easily thrusing hislickin' stick in and out of her cakehole.

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   "Fuck, that feelsamazing!" he declared to anyone who would listen. The stimulationwas like nothing he had ever felt before and five minutes later hedumped a monster quantity of his seed on to her tongue with an orgasmthat seemed like it was from another planet. She just let the cumdrip down her chin and on to the rug below.

"Okay dude, time for some aftercare. Get in bed and cuddle her,"Mike whispered. Mike then moved to the foot of the bed so that hecould get another gander at the 15 year old's glistening, trimmedbeaver. Little bro held her naked body against his, her head perchedon his shoulder as the endorphins slowly declined in strength. Shefelt so at home like this. She wanted him to take her there againand again and again. She dreamily answered his kisses while Mikestripped her of the vibrators.

Mike showed him how to wake her out of her stupor. "You were such agood girl Lizzy," little bro told her, making Lizzy smile. Obeyingher new boyfriend's orders felt so nice. She hugged him tight whilehe stared at her cute round boobs. "So you know you're mine now,right Lizzy/" Little bro asked her, but in a way that made it almosta command.


   "Mmmmm yes baby," she rejoindered.

Jessica felt it was time to get Lizzy home so that her parentswouldn't worry about her. She helped her get dressed and they talkedto her for a while so that she was alert again and then theytransported her back to her house.

Mike, Jessica and little bro returned to the Alyea residence andthey all reconvened in Mike's room. "Trainee will kneel," Jessicastrongly asserted. "Geez, what is she mad about?" little bromuttered under his breath in consternation. 'Yes Mistress. " "Doesfucktoy have some concerns?" Mike interrogated. "Master, trainee'sbehavior was a total fail. He was so focused on getting laid that heoffered very few words of love for her. Once she has her fill of thethrills of being in sub space, she is going to feel that there issomething missing and go look for it elsewhere. While it is way tooearly to tell her you love her, trainee, you should come up withsome words and tender actions as to why you need her. If you aren'tfeeling anything for her then it is best for you to release her sothat she may find a true loving dominant somewhere else. "

Mike and Jessica then took the little brother out to eat and tobasically ragged on him for the next three hours about how to take careof Lizzy, what women want and why he needed to get some actualcontent into him. "The next time you see Lizzy you will treat herlike she is the most precious thing in the world, you understand metrainee?" Jessica snapped with fire in her eyes.

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   Mike was thinkingto himself that he was witnessing a fierce side of Jessica he hadnever seen from her before. "Listen trainee," Jessica finished, "myrelationship with Master is pretty damned wonderful and I want Lizzyor any other woman you end up with to experience what I have. Youbetter make that happen or there will be hell to pay, you understandme trainee?" "Yes Mistress," little bro recoiled.

"Fucktoy has made a valid point, trainee. You are still acting likea 12 year old boy. When do you turn into a man? We're still waiting. You be a man for her, you understand me?" "Yes Master. " "We are notgoing to have on our consciences something bad happening to Lizzyand/or you because you were acting like a dumbass!" "Yes Master. ""Trainee is dismissed for the day to contemplate everything he hasexperienced and been taught today. , but first after you havepracticed for two hours. " Yes Master. "

"Man, you really let him have it, fucktoy. I'm impressed!" "Master,your little Asian fucktoy hopes this won't have been a mistake. Sheseems like a nice, average kind of girl and I would really like tosee trainee be there for her. " "Master loves the compassionate sideof fucktoy and feels that facet of her personality has addedto trainee's understanding of women.

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  " "Thank you Master. But how dowe cure his thoughtlessness? Should we assign him a reading list orsomething?" "Fucktoy, your Master isn't confident that trainee canhandle more than one thing at a time. We may have to just wait ayear for him to grow up a little more. "

Sunday, they picked Lizzy up again and took her to Mike's house. Mikeand Jessica didn't allow little bro to play with his sub that day. Instead, they taught them both more about playing guitar then had thempractice until it was time for Lizzy to go home for dinner. Lizzy's thinflexible fingers were surprisingly strong and Mike showed her a littlebasic blues lick that is used by a number of well known rock bands andshe was able to nail it in no time. Jessica tabbed out some jazz chordsalong with the usual CAGED (so named for the chord shapes in thatrepresentation of the word) stuff and then Mike added some strumpatterns and progressions to practice using them. Little bro thenordered her to practice them after she got home. Little bro was giventhe assignment of learning all the harmonic minor scales  while takingthe pentatonic scales he had been taught and being able to play them at175 beats per minute. Mike knew it was going to take rather a while forhim to master all that given the stage of his development he was in, butit would keep him ahead of Lizzy and then he could show her that stuffhimself and look like a hero.

Lizzy, though, would give little bro al he could handle. She wasn'texactly a rocket scientist, but she was a grinder with an insane workethic. She really hated it when Jessica would rip off some really fast,complicated series of arpeggios and she couldn't. That competitivenesswas also why she had a high GPA in school and it kept her swimming milesand miles during her workouts.

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   When she fell asleep that night, shestill had the Epiphone Les Paul that Mike had lent her strapped on.

Monday, Mike announced during lunch that everybody would be going toLizzy's house after school and do their homework together, after whichMike and Jessica would give guitar lessons. And that is what they didand what they continued to do, everybody leaving just before Lizzy'sparents would come home. Her friends, though, were seeing less of Lizzyas a result of all this and they were pissed. In one class, one ofLizzy's pals showed her classmates a picture on her cellphone and asked,"does anyone here know who these people are?" "Yeah, I do, answered along haired hispanic guy who was a musician himself. "That's Mike Alyeaand his fiance Jessica Hamada. I have no idea who the other guy is,though. " "So what do you know about them," the girl inquired. "Well, ifyour worried that they were going to drag your friend into using drugsor something, they don't even drink or party. Jessica is a total brainand they're probably the two best guitar players in this town," heclaimed. "I had Mike in my gym class last semester. He's a pretty coolguy. Maybe you should mind your own business and quit being such painsin the ass. "

Tuesday, Mike had his brother buy Lizzy a Squier Strat, a beginnerversion of the Fender Stratocaster line. Mike then had it set up.

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   Thatway, she would have her own guitar to practice with and Mike didn't haveto lend her any of his with the possibility he would never get it back. The following week, Mike enacted Operation Schmooze Lizzy's Parents. Asusual, Mike and Jessica helped them with their homework and then theyall sat on the floor and practiced guitar together. Only they stayedthere rather than leaving and Lizzy's mother Wendy eventually came homefrom work. Her initial reaction was, "who are the two older kids with mydaughter and her boyfriend?" "Hi mom!" Lizzy sang when she saw Wendy. "Mom I want you to meet my boyfriend's brother Mike and his fianceJessica," she smiled. Wendy got an eyeful of Mike's cascading hair andthought to herself, "oh great, here comes the rebellion withdegenerates. " Wendy then saw Jessica's wheelchair there. "So who usesthe wheelchair?' She asked. "Oh, that's mine Mrs. Tresbourne. I have anerve condition in my legs that keeps me from being able to walk. " "Oh,I'm sorry to hear that, dear. " "Meh. It is what it is," Jessicaphilosophized.

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   "Mom, Mike has been such a help with my Math homework. Heexplains it so much better than Mr. Felix does and makes it seem easy. ""It is easy," Mike chuckled. "Yeah, for you," Jessica cracked. "If Mikehadn't been with me for my Trig and calculus classes I don't know what Iwould have done. " "And if Jessica wasn't there to help me with physics Iwould have been totally screwed," Mike countered.

"So Jessica, you're going to college then?" "Yeah. I still haven't madeup mind if I want to study medicine or law, though. I'm thinking aboutengineering, too, but I also think some physically challenged patientswould be more comfortable being treated by a physically challengeddoctor. " "Maybe you and Denniis could set up a practice together Jessicaand by night do gigs!" Mike laughed. "Who's Dennis?" Wendy asked. "He'smy former bass player. He quit my band because he is planning to go toHarvard or Columbia for medicine and wanted more time for his studies. ""That's pretty ambitious," Wendy noted.

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   "Where do you guys live?" "Overin the New Shore area. " "That's a pretty nice neighborhood," sheobserved. "Yeah, we're really lucky," Jessica admitted. "So Mike, whatabout you?" "Junior college for me  next year and I will probably doublemajor in math and music education. " "Maybe we can bring you into thebudget analyst's department," Wendy, a county employee, estimated. "Thatwould be great, but I kind of want to give being a musician a shotfirst and then see how things go. " "Well, good luck dear," Wendy wished. "Thanks Mrs. Tresbourne. " "So did you say that Mike and Jessica wereengaged Lizzy?' "Yeah, we are," Mike responded. "Jessica is so greatthat if I want to spend the next hundred years with her I'd better takeher off the market quickly, so I put a ring on her finger. " Jessicablushed and giggled at Mike's effusive praise for her.

"Are you guys going to stay for dinner?" "No, my mom probably has dinnercooking as we speak and I should probably get going," Mike averred. Hehelped Jessica back into her chair and they and his little brotherdeparted for home.

The same competitive instincts that drove Mike after he met Jessicaseemed to be finally emerging with little brother.

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   He didn't want to behumiliated by a girl and was studying harder in school, doing hishomework and playing his guitar all the time. It helped that becauseLizzy was a competitive swimmer and could easily smoke him in the poolhe didn't want to seem like a weakling in other spheres. Mike andJessica's lessons on how to talk to and care for Lizzy also were takinghold, as he was being much more solicitous toward her and the manner inwhich he was speaking to her when he was topping her was more in linewith BDSM conventions.

In April, Lizzy had a swim meet that Jessica, Mike and his littlebrother were at to lend her support. She finished fourth in the 400meter freestyle and little brother actually showed that he was sad forher because he knew how hard she worked in practice and told her that hewould always have her back. To Jessica, it was beginning to be timewhere Mike should consider ending his brother's trainee status. But shehad one more step to complete before she would suggest that.

After school that day, Mike drove Lizzy to his house and then droppedJessica off at Lizzy's. Jessica knocked on the door and Wendy answeredit. "Hi Jessica. Come in," she invited. "Hi Mrs. Tresbourne. I want totalk to you about Lizzy and her relationship with her boyfriend. ""Oookay," Wendy rejoindered, fearing bad news.

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   "Mrs. Tresbourne, Mikeand I have so far been able to pretty much keep her and her boyfriendoccupied so that they haven't been able to have sex. " "Thank you forthat Jessica," Wendy expressed. "But we have to be realistic. When Ibegan going out with Mike, my mom put me on the pill because sheremembered what it was like being a teenager and how she acted back inthe day and how teenage boys are. Of course, it was liberating for me tonot have to worry about pregnancy, but it also made me more responsiblein a sense because I had to get up everyday at the same time just totake my pill. Mike and my schedule is going to change since we justjoined another band and then we will be going to college in the fallmeans that it will be pretty much impossible for us to chaperone yourdaughter and Mike's brother. So I beg you to please put Lizzy on thepill. "

"I know what you're saying Jessica. A part of me doesn't want torecognize that my daughter is growing up and I wasn't exactly littlemiss goody two shoes when I was in high school, either. For all I know,she has already lost her virginity, given how kids act these days. Letme give it some thought. " "Could you please give me a call if you decideto put her on it Mrs. Tresbourne?" "Yeah, I can do that. " "I'll have atalk with Mike's brother and try to get them to hold off sex at leastuntil mid-June, but I can't guarantee that they will.

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  " "Thanks Jessica. And thanks for being such a help to my daughter. Tell Mike I said hi. ""I will Mrs. Tresbourne. "

Wendy thought highly of  Mike and Jessica because it was like havingfree tutors come to her house everyday. and she always knew where herdaughter was pretty much every hour of the day now. Wendy was apolitical science major and noticed a book Jessica had left on herdinner table about the history of the Supreme Court while she impartedguitar theory to Lizzy. Jessica had been reading it when she wasn'tneeded to help Lizzy and Mike's brother with their homework. Wendy beganpicking Jessica's brains about it and they both totally lost track ofthe time. "Wow, this girl has some serious brain power," Wendyconcluded. "Man, did we luck out," she thought to herself. Wendy thengave Jessica access to her and her husband's books and Jessica was nowtaking home a couple a week.

If only Wendy knew, though, that her daughter was being tied up, hergoodies fully exposed and her orifices stuffed with one thing oranother, on an occasional basis. Jessica and Lizzy had taught littlebrother how to become an expert pussy eater and little brother had evenpunished her a couple of times, under Mike's supervision, for beingdefiant toward him.

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   She was also sucking the brother off at least threetimes a week. Lizzy was now being trained to deep throat and using thebenwa balls to strengthen her pubic muscles in order to become a bettersubmissive, too.

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