The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 26


When Carl came home that night, Jennifer greeted him with a big hugand then gave him a blow job in the living room. "Fuckin' A Jen, Ilove all the attention you been giving me lately," he said. "Youdeserve it honey," Jennifer answered. "Can I get you a beer?" "Thatwould be great. Hey my little bluebird, since Jessica's 18thbirthday is coming up, how about we use it as an excuse to spend theweekend in Coronado?" "Do you mean separate rooms for us and Jessicasweety?" "That's exactly what I'm thinkin' and we'll allow her tobring her boyfriend with her, too. You in?" "God Carl, I love you somuch. Jessica will be thrilled!" "Get my phone out of my briefcase,will ya toots?" And with that, he was able  to still get water sidefacing rooms, though a couple floors apart at a historic luxuryhotel, even that late into the week thanks to the slow economy. Carlthen went out into the backyard and called Mike. "Hello?" "HiyaMike, Carl here. " "Hey, Mr. Hamada! What's up?" "As you remember,Friday is our daughter's 18th birthday. Jen and I have decided totake her for a little weekend getaway to Coronado and we want you tocome with her. " "Woah, are you serious?" "Serious as a punch in theface!" "You know I'm there Mr. Hamada. I can tell you that Jessicais going to really love it. " "I'm sure she will, too.

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   Anyway, we'regoing to have dinner that night at a four star restaurant there andyou'll have to wear a suit and tie. So make sure you pack one, okay?We'll leave some time around 1 o'clock-ish. " "You got it Mr . Hamada. I'm really looking forward to it. " "Just don't tell Jessica. I want it to be a surprise. " "No problem Mr. Hamada. " "So I guesswe're good to go then?" "It looks like it. Say hi to Mrs. Hamada forme. " "I will. You do the same for me to your parents. Later Mike!"

Mike's often snarky mind began to turn over.

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   Will Carl want to haveanal with his wife on that trip and will Jennifer be ready for it?Since he can't tell Jessica what to wear before their departure fromhome will she bring her bikini? And he would want to see her andJennifer in cheongsams at dinner. They would really turn some heads,he thought. Just how thick are the walls there because Jessica canreally get loud at times? And would the bed have posts and/or aheadboard he could use as tie or restraint points to bind her?

Mike went to his mom and explained that he needed to get a suit forFriday. Stephanie Alyea chuckled because she couldn't remember thelast time he wore anything resembling one and his mid-back lengthhair over it was going to look weird to her. She took him to themall Tuesday afternoon and bought one for him and taught him how toknot a tie properly. She was going to have him wear a pair of hisfather's shoes since they were the same size. Mike felt like a totaldouchebag when he tried it on, but he had to do what he had to do. Mike wrote a list of things he wanted to take with him, one of whichhe was going to have to talk to Jennifer about.

Before he went to the mall, though, he stopped at Jessica's to watchthe anal sex test. Jessica put on a brand new strap on harness tokeep the one that was used for Jennifer's vagina separate to preventthe possibility of any infections. Mike had Jennifer lay on her backwith her head flat on a pillow just in front of the headboard withher legs and hips tilted slightly upward while Jessica put a condomon the dildo and lubed it and her mom's asshole up. "Now trainee, itis important that you relax and breathe as normally as possible. Letthe muscles in your body go limp and try to accept the penetrationas inevitable. " "Yes Master," Jennifer consented.

Without warning, Jessica put the head of the artificial cock at thepucker of her mother's sphincter and gently began to nudge it in.

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  Jennifer felt the head inch into her asshole. So far, so good. Jessica advanced it another inch and Jennifer felt the walls of herfudge tunnel being pushed apart. Jessica leaned her hips just a tadmore forward and now the shaft was in. Jessica stopped for a minuteto give her mom's asshole more of a chance to adapt to the foreignobject inside of it. Jessica thrust the gel penis yet another inchand Jennifer was beginning to feel some pain. "Relax trainee, takedeep slow breaths and try to empty your mind so that your entirebody becomes limp," Mike encouraged. "Okay fucktoy, give her anotherinch," Mike commanded. She was hitting more sensitive territory now,Jennifer sucking air through her teeth but not writhing, at leastyet. "Hit her with some more lube fucktoy and then another inch,"Mike said, his heart pounding for some reason, maybe out of concernfor his subject. Jessica flexed her hips and the dildo went forwardagain. "Carl is six inches, right trainee?" "Yes Master," she said,her breathing a little jumpy sounding. " Well, we're six inches innow. Fucktoy, pull it out half way and then lightly slide it backin. " "Yes Master," she assented.

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   At the end of that stroke, Jenniferstill had a little pain, but not as vivid as it was a minute ago. "Okay fucktoy, very slowly stroke the dildo in and out of her. " YesMaster," she acknowledged. Jessica very gingerly began to fuck hermom's asshole with the man made penis and Jennifer was having aneasier time of it with each pass. "Okay Fucktoy, on the next pass,push it all the way in. " "Yes Master," Jessica agreed and she slidit in until her pubic bone met her mother's butt and held it there. "How does that feel trainee?" Mike surveyed. "It feels really full,more than the butt plug, but I think I can take it now. " "Excellent. Fucktoy, long slow strokes and keep doing it unless trainee tellsyou to stop, understand?" "Yes Master. " "Proceed. "

"Jessica, watching her mother's face for obvious signs of pain,gradually increased the pace of her thrusts from halting to smoothbut slow. Jennifer was now beginning to feel the pressure of thedildo in her cunt through the thin wall that separates her vaginafrom her anus. "I'm going to up the speed of her thrusts. Is traineegood with that?" Mike interrogated.

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   "Yes Master, but please not toorough. " 'Very well. Fucktoy, you know what do do. " "Yes Master,"Jessica said and the dildo was soon gliding in and out of her mom'spooper with a greater sense of purpose. Jennifer let out a moan,then another. "Oh, does trainee now like being fucked in the ass?"Mike inquired archly. "Yes Master. It's feeling much better now. ""Excellent! Your Master is very pleased by trainee's progress. Fucktoy, push the pace just a mite harder," he ordered, Jessicaupped her attack and Jennifer was now sighing and moaning. "Trainee,I will allow you to dictate the pace now. " "Oh yes Master, she saidbreathily in a way that made Mike's cock just that much harder. Witheach inward thrust, Jennifer grunted and then emitted a sigh onevery outstroke. "Mistress, please fuck trainee harder!" Jenniferall of a sudden whimpered and Jessica started to positively ream hermother's brown hole. Jennifer's body was thrashing about and therewas a different, hollower quality to her panting than usual.

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   "Ohfuck, oh God darling, fuck mommy Jessica! Oh God! Ohhhhh, oh shit,God, I think I'm going to cum!" she asserted and a couple minuteslater she orgasmed, even Jessica feeling the contractions around thefactory produced phallus, almost like they were attempting to chokeit. Jessica slowed her strokes and then withdrew the dildo from hermom.

Mrs. Hamada laid there recuperating. Her asshole was throbbing. "Trainee, you did a great job! You will probably be sore there todayand into tomorrow, so you are  excused from all of your exercisesuntil Thursday. Trainee will call me tonight with a report of hercondition. Does trainee understand? "Yes Master," she saidlanguidly. "Fucktoy, trainee, I have to attend to a family matternow. If you need me call me. Oh, fucktoy, take her nipple rings andtraining collar off, too. "Yes Master. " "Trainee, you will clean thestrap on when the coast is clear. " "Yes Master. "

Just after dinner, Jennifer rang Mike.

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   "Hello. " "Hi. Is this Mike?""Hey, trainee! Thanks for calling. Let me hear your report!"Trainee's butt is pretty sore right now Master," she said in a verylow voice, the call originating from her bedroom while Carl watchedtv in the living room. "That's to be expected. You'll be gettingyour revenge on fucktoy tomorrow, though, so you'll have somethingto look forward to. " "Thank you Master," Jennifer laughed.

"I'm going to take off my Master's hat now Jennifer. Friday, I wantyou to call ahead to the hotel and have candles placed around my andJessica's room, including a vanilla scented one, for after we returnfrom dinner. Could you please do that for me?" "Of course sweety. It's too bad neither of you guys drink. A glass or two of wine orchampaign would really enhance the mood. " "Yeah, but you know howmuch I like to remain in control," Mike joked. "Oh yeah, I know,believe me," Jennifer giggled. "Okay Jennifer.

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   Tell your beautifuldaughter I love her tons. " "I will Mike. Goodnight. "Goodnight. "

Wednesday, Mike was at his girlfriend's around 10 a. m. "First, Ineed a state of the ass report from trainee," he said, crackinghimself and his two subbies up. "Master, the state of your trainee'sass is good, but she is still experiencing some residual throbbingand soreness. " "Has trainee experienced any bleeding or difficultyin the bathroom?" "Other than the soreness Master, trainee has not. ""Excellent. Master expects that the soreness will be just aboutcleared up by day's end tomorrow. However, to be safe, trainee isforbidden from engaging in any anal related activity until Saturdaynight. Does trainee understand?" "Yes Master. "

"Alrighty then. Let's reconvene in trainee's bedroom, shall we?"They all walked into Jennifer's sleeping quarters.

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   "Fucktoy, sitagainst the headboard for me. " "Yes Master. " Jessica scooted intobed and Mike bound her wrists to the bedposts on either side. andthen, with the aid of her mother, also anchored her ankles to thesame tie point as her wrists, putting her in the exact predicamentJennifer was in Monday. "Your daughter looks so hot restrained thisway trainee," Mike evaluated. "Trainee can understand why Masterwould think that," Jennifer opined. "Okay trainee, here's the strapon harness from a couple days ago. Put it on and fuck yourdaughter," Mike commanded. While Jennifer was sliding on the strapon, Mike put vibrating nipple clamps on Jessica's milk ducts andturned them on to full, criticizing himself silently for forgettingto slip the buttplug into her. Jennifer, with a smirk on her face,positioned herself directly in front of her daughter and fed thedildo into Jessica's tiny slit. "Trainee, fucktoy's pussy can onlytake six inches before her cervix is struck. Be careful. " "YesMaster," she recognized. Jessica let out a moan while the gel instrument filled her sex. Jennifer wrapped her arms around Jessicafor leverage and began to thrust the dildo in and out of herdaughter.

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   Jennifer bent her head to one side to suck on Jessica'slips and neck and the younger Hamada's intergalactic voyagingvehicle was off the launch pad, her eyes beginning to glaze overwhile her mother fucked her.

"Oh fuck," Jessica said placidly, as the pleasure faucet started tofill her brainpan with endorphins. Jennifer kissed her daughterpassionately, her hips circling and twisting while the dildo turnedand undulated inside Jessica, who was moaning lustily. "God, thatfeels soooo good," she drawled in an almost valley girl manner, hermother's rocking hips providing the propulsion for the dodging,juking gel penis to rub Jessica's  moist vaginal walls, her breastsquaking and rippling with each impact of Jennifer's pubic boneagainst her. Jennifer could see how close her daughter was gettingand frantically began to drive the spike she wore on her groin intothe soon to be adult pussy, Jessica reacting with increasinglyshorter, sharper breaths and episodes of gasping. When the tippingpoint was attained, Jessica produced a sound that was like acombined squeal and croak before the tidal forces of the orgasmflooded into her, warming her entire body, her cheeks and the topsof her breasts flushed.

Jennifer watched her daughter's face, seeing that half open mouthlike she had when she was in fantasyland, too. Jennifer put herhands on either side of Jessica's hips and impaled her daughter overand over, the soreness in her asshole reminding her why she wantedto be so aggressive with someone she otherwise loved. "That's rightyou little bitch," Jennifer muttered under her breath, "I'm going tofuck you into next week," she vowed, her hips beginning to flexheatedly again, pushing Jessica's ardor higher and higher, invadingher most private of regions, seeking revenge for the hurt she wasnow realizing, Jessica, pinioned and looking like a particularlywell made rag doll, could only absorb what her mother wanted to dishout and what she dealt to her daughter was her second orgasm,Jessica's thigh and pubic muscles snapping and twitching to forcethe orgasm all over her.

Mike was getting off on watching something being done to Jessica hewouldn't let any other male do to her, peeping the black dildodisappearing into her and then reappearing, her rasping, oddly timesignatured breathing displaying just how random and unpredictablethe jolts of pleasure were with each thrust of the implement. affixedto the thong she had on. Mike was playing with himself and was aboutto go Vesuvius and, just as he did with Jennifer, he climbed on thebed and deposited his gooey freight all over Jessica's lovely facebefore Mrs. Hamada's surging hips inspired another orgasm in herdaughter. "Okay trainee will pull out of fucktoy. However, traineemay eat fucktoy if she is so inclined," Mike manipulated.


   Mikepulled out a vibrating egg and inserted it into Jessica's pussy,clicked it up to 100% while her mom went muff diving and watched asthe combination of vibrations in her cunt and on her nipples aswell  as her mom sucking her clit busted another orgasm off for her.

Mike flipped off the vibrators while Mrs. Hamada continued to eather daughter's pussy. He was astonished at how sexually aggressiveshe could be, or so it appeared. Or she just wanted to put on a hellof a performance for him and/or her daughter, pick one or both. Mikepulled her pony tail to force her head up. "Okay trainee, I have tountie her now. There is only so much time one can bind someonebefore it begins to damage them physically. " "Yes Master," sheforgave.

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