My Daughters Best Friend Part 2


Combine that with her high cheekbones and she could be an elf princess or something like that. I must have been staring into space and not eating because Kathy, my wife, cleared her throat and said "Excuse me Dan, I said that I wanted to go to the mall today, are you going with?""No honey, Michigan’s on at one," I replied"I don’t understand you guys and football," Kathy said. "Alright girls, are you coming?"Robin chimed in and said that she would go, there was a dress that she just had to have for the junior high school dance. Carrie said that she wanted to stay and wait for her mom to get home from work. "Well, Dan isn’t going to be much company with the game on," said Kathy. That’s alright," Carrie replied. "I kind of like football and I think my mom is only working a half day today. " Kathy and Robin headed out and there was an uncomfortable silence between Carrie and I. Finally, she spoke. "I really liked what you did in the pool," she said staring me down with those crystal blue eyes. "I can’t believe how good you made me feel. "I was getting ready to sit down on the recliner part of my sofa, the space reserved for me, my beer and my remote, when Carrie jumped right in my seat and looked at me with a devilish grin. I bent over and looked her in the eyes and our faces just inches apart. She leaned forward and kissed me. Her soft lips were pressed against mine and her eyes were closed. I kissed her back and slid my tongue in her mouth and gently showed her how to tongue tango.

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  Her petite chest rose and fell and her nipples started poking out from under her tank top. I reached down and put my hands on her waist, gently lifting her out of my seat. We continued kissing as I maneuvered myself into my seat and pulled her down on top of me. She started kissing me with more passion as she got comfortable straddling my hard cock with her clothes on. We were starting to do a serious bump and grind and I began rubbing her little breasts through her shirt. It didn’t take long for me to get my hands under her shirt. Her skin was so soft and her breasts were small but solid. Her nipples were hard and I started rolling one, then the other between my finger and thumb. She started moaning and rocking against my strained cock. I lifted her shirt over her head and brought her sweet pink nipple up to my mouth. I began sucking on her breast then took her nipple between my teeth. She arched her back and let out a small whimper as her body began to shake. She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled my face tight against her bare breasts as she continued her friction fuck against my cock. I could smell a combination of sweat and a more pleasant odor that was sweet as heaven. Her pants were damp and so were mine and I just hard to get my cock out of the confines of my pants.

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   As her breathing slowed down, I slowly lifted her off my lap and stood her in front of me. I undid my shorts and pulled them off and lifted my shirt over my head. I sat back down and reclined with my cock sticking straight up in the air. There was a brief look of fear on her face as things were moving very fast. I smiled at her and told her that we didn’t have to do anything that she was uncomfortable with. I drew her to me and let her curl up next to me. Then I guided her hand to my cock and showed her how to give me a proper hand job. Her soft hand felt nice wrapped around my shaft and we started kissing again. With her hand on my cock and her tongue dancing in my mouth, it didn’t take too long for me to be arching my back and enjoying the touch of a new lover. My head was spinning as I began to shoot thick streams of cum all over the two of us. I suggested that we should take a shower and clean up the couch before anyone got home. I took her by the hand and led her to my bathroom. I dropped to my knees and lowered her shorts. I kissed her flat stomach and drew a deep breath with my nose pressed against her young pussy. I continued landing small kisses all the way down her leg, as I brought her dainty pink underwear to the floor and she stepped out of them.

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  Her pubic hair was soft and gleaming with delicious pussy juice. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me as I explored her slit with my tongue. She started breathing faster again and started shaking. My hands caressed her sexy ass has I started kissing her virgin pussy. I coaxed her to the floor so that she was one her back with her legs spread wide. Her young pink pussy stared me in the face and I slid my tongue up and down her slit enjoying the feast. I parted her pussy lips with my thumbs and slid my tongue into her hot little fuck hole. Over and over, I plunged my tongue in her pussy and working over her hard clit. Again she started to whimper. Suddenly, her whole body shook and she clamped her knees together and let out a scream and a violent shudder. I thought for a moment that I hurt her and she thought that she pissed all over me. My face was dripping with her pussy juice and I started grinning like a schoolboy. I looked her in the face and saw an innocent angel. Her breathing was coming back to normal and I lifted her up and held her tight to me. I don’t know how long we stood there in each other’s arms, but when the embrace broke; she kissed me on the lips and reached in to turn on the shower.

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  I stood behind her watching the water run down her back and down the crack of her ass. She was the sexiest young girl I have ever seen. I washed her hair and gently washed every inch of her beautiful body. I kissed every inch of her little body and even stuck my tongue in her tight little ass, causing one more whimper. When I was done, she followed suit and began washing my body from head to toe, paying special attention to my hard cock. She took part of it in her mouth but gagged a bit. So she opted to just kiss it and lick my balls a bit. She stroked me faster and again I shot my load. After a final rinse and more pleasant kisses, we got out of the shower and got dressed. We went back downstairs and cleaned off the couch snuggled up together and started watching the football game. Late in the fourth quarter, Kathy and Robin walked in the door. Carrie jumped away from me like she was shot out of a cannon and grabbed Robin by the hand as the two went upstairs together. "Thanks for looking after Carrie today Dan. I guess her mom had to work all day after all," said Kathy. "I hope she wasn’t too big of a pest during your game.

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  ""No honey, she was just fine," I managed to say as the Michigan running back plunged into the end zone. Everything was great. . . . to be continued.
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