LISAMy wife had recently left me, running off with the husband of one of the couples that made up our circle of friends.   It was obvious that it was the final event in a 12-year marriage.   So, I decided to clear out all her possessions and her jungle of house plants; either to the garage or for the dustbin.   Then I could decorate the house to my taste - not hers. The chap she ran off with had a seventeen year old daughter - Lisa - who used to take my two dogs for walks in the surrounding fields of the village that we lived in.   On this particular afternoon I was sorting through the cupboards and draws to de-clutter the house.   When Lisa returned with the dogs that afternoon, her bright red hair was parted down the middle and back into two plaits and  she was wearing a pair of jeans with a white string strapped T-shirt. It was a warm day and Lisa was perspiring and looked hot.   I asked her if she wanted a cold drink, which she accepted.   When I returned from the kitchen, she had found some photo’s in the pile of rejects I had made.   Some of them were of friends, including some with her father in them.   His leaving had badly upset her and she had started to cry.   I was kneeling next to her, with her drink - which I now placed on a nearby table.   She asked me why he had left, and I told her that it was probably lust, love or boredom in a marriage.   She looked at me and started crying harder.   I reached for some tissues and wiped her eyes.

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  As I did so, she lent forward and we kissed.   It was obviously not the right thing to do, but it had been a long sexless time for me and how can you resist a horny young teenage girl - especially a redhead?  Her tongue searched out mine, as we fell full length onto the carpet.   As we continued to kiss, my hand reached up to her breasts.   Under her t-shirt she was braless.   Her breasts were firm and pert, I started to pull her t- shirt out of her jeans, and we rolled on the floor to facilitate its removal, Lisa raised her arms and it was soon over her head and thrown onto the floor.   I pulled my polo shirt off, and started to undo her jeans, Lisa was now laughing and giggling.   She lent back and I took off her canvas deck shoes and then gripped the bottom of her jeans pulling them down her slim white legs.   I lent towards her, slowly kissing my way up her legs.   Lisa parted them as I reached her thighs.   I kissed the inside of her thighs and stroked her though her white cotton briefs, which were becoming damp, as the cleft of her vulva started to open - giving of the sweet, fresh smell of an aroused woman.   She was starting to moan with pleasure.   I continued to stroke her cunt though the cotton material, as I kissed my way up her flat belly and onwards to her breasts.   As I did so I pulled my shorts off and my erect cock brushed against her knickers. I took one of her nipples into my mouth, gently putting pressure on them with my lips, and teasing the rosy tips with my tongue.   The other tit, I squeezed and stroked with my left hand.

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    My right hand eased its way inside the waistband of Lisa’s briefs and carefully prised her vaginal cleft open.   I introduced first one finger and then a second, then slowly pushed them in and out of her.   As I was finger fucking her Lisa reached down and pulled her knickers over her bottom and onto her thighs, exposing her beautiful golden red pubes and pushed her briefs the rest of the way down her legs, using her foot hooked into them.   I increased the speed of the thrusts, and put more pressure on the front wall of her vaginal passage.   Lisa’s moans became noisier, and shouting that she was cumming; she stiffened and pushed herself onto my fingers.  Her hand now reached for my prick and gripping it, rubbing it up and down.   I was soon near to cumming, so I released myself from her pleasurable grip and moved so I could probe her with my tongue.   I ran my tongue around first one cunt lip and then the other, repeating this as Lisa said how good it was.   I probed her cunt and brushed the hood of her clitoris, then her little love bud which was just exposed.   Lisa was now having a series of increasingly powerful orgasms, until with a final shout she came noisily. and relaxed back onto the floor. She started wanking me again, and said that she wanted to feel me inside her.   She asked if I had any condoms,  I said I did but they were upstairs.   We rapidly went up to my bedroom and Lisa jumped on the bed.   I opened the bedside draw and pulled out some condoms, throwing them on to the bed.

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    Then I joined her on the bed. Lisa then pushed me onto my back and reached for my cock, and again started to pump her hand up and down the shaft.   Very soon as it was at its full length and she eased the glans into her mouth, running her tongue around it and up and down the shaft, as her moving hand allowed. I told her I was about to cum, so she took her mouth away and with a grin picked up a condom, opened it and rolled it down my penis.   She then straddled me and guided my erection into her quim.   As she pushed down onto my prick, she exclaimed that, “Fucking hell that’s good. ”  She pushed her self up and down my cock and soon stared to cum.   I was now becoming to feel the rising tide of an orgasm, so began to thrust into Lisa, matching her motion, until my balls started to tighten and I pumped into her with increasing speed until with a final thrust I shot spurt after spurt of spunk into her.   As I came Lisa let out a loud scream and came as well, then moved forwards and kissed me. Sliding out of her we rolled onto our sides.   Stroking and kissing each other I again started to work on her breasts with both hands and mouth.   Lisa said that none of her boyfriends had gone down on her and she said that from now on they would have to or get the push if they did not like licking pussy, also they would have to spend more time  working on her body and cunt before starting fucking her.  Lisa noticed I was erect again, and reached for a condom.   Lisa said no, she wanted to feel me bare inside her.   After rolling it onto me, she knelt on the bed and said she wanted to be fucked from behind this time.

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    Griping her hips, I pushed into her.   Lisa pushed back and lowered her face onto the bed and arched her back.   I took hold of her red plaits in one hand and reached around her so as to rub her clit.   This soon had her cumming, and I pulled on her plaits, rising her head.   I was again felling my climax starting, so I moved so my hands were on her waist.   I thrust quicker and harder, and pulled out,  spurting  four  jets of come over her fiery red pussy hair. Lisa cuddled up.   I reached down and gently stroked her pubic area.   Soon, she reached out for my cock and wanked it.   She then moved and took me into her mouth, giving a splendid blow job.   I reached for her cunt and finger fucked her again.   We soon both came.   Lisa then said that she could do with that drink I had fetched her,  as she was much sweatier now than after the dog walking.   So we went down stairs, had some drinks.   I suggested she have a shower before going home in case her Mum could smell cum and love juice on her.

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    She did and I joined her, where we fucked again.   When she left she was no longer tearful and had a big grin on her face. That autumn Lisa was to go to college, so I ended up as what is now called a ‘fuck buddy’ for the spring and summer, rather than for her find a young boyfriend until college.   We also fucked on her visits and holidays till she graduated, and started working.          .
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