Jack & Donna.......& Nicole, Chapters 9 & 10


Jack & Donna……. and Nicole
Chapter 9
The three of them fell asleep together. Jack woke up a few hours later and had to pee. He quietly crawled out of bed and made his way into the bathroom. Relieving himself, he went over the events of the evening. It certainly had been the most incredible sexual experience of his life and everyone had seemed so comfortable with it. How could Donna have agreed to share her teenage daughter with him? He was standing in front of the sink when the door opened and Nicole, still naked, walked in.
“I really have to pee too. ”
He started to leave. “The bathroom is all yours. ”
“You don’t have to go. I don’t mind. ” She sat on the toilet and he heard the splash from her stream of pee. Even though they had just shared a very intimate evening together, the idea of her urinating in front of him was mildly erotic. She seemed to pee for a long time and then wiped herself.
“I want to thank you for tonight,” she said as she stood up.

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“I’m glad you could be a part of it. I think we all really enjoyed it. ”
She gave him a hug. “You have made my Mom and me very happy. ”
He held her as she hugged him, feeling her naked body against his. He loved her young body. He knew if this continued he would become aroused. “Should we go back to bed?”
“In a minute. ”
She was holding him close and her breasts were pressed against his chest. He could smell the scent of her hair and before long he felt his cock swell. He knew she felt it press against her and then her hand reached down and she caressed him. She looked up at him as she felt his cock grow in her hands. “Did I cause this?”
Jack chuckled. “I think you did. ”
“I guess I need to do something about it then.

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  ” She lowered the toilet seat and sat on it putting her face at the level of his cock. He moved closer and she took him into her mouth. Being new at this, Jack guided her and talked to her as she sucked him. Nicole was an eager and quick learner and before long he found himself approaching an orgasm. Not sure if she was ready to take his load in her mouth, he pulled out and stroked himself until he came.
The spurts of thick cum seemed to land everywhere on Nicole. Her face, her hair, her chest, and her thighs all managed to catch some of his ejaculation. She didn’t seem to mind and he helped her clean up.
Jack thanked her. “You didn’t have to do that. But it was nice. ”
“I wanted to. I would have let you cum in my mouth, but it was fun watching you shoot all over me. ”
“I kind of liked it too. Something different.

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“Ever do that to Mom. ”
“No, I think I always end up inside her. Either her pussy, her mouth, or her ass. ”
“Yes, we’ve had anal sex. ”
“Doesn’t seem like it would fit there. ”
“You have to go slow and use some lubrication but it can be very erotic. It is very tight and it gives the guy a very intense feeling. Your Mom was willing to do that for me. She was incredible as always. ”
“I sure have learned a lot tonight”
“Let’s go back to bed. ”
Chapter 10
It was an uneventful week as work and school occupied the three of them. One of the skills Jack had picked up from his years traveling for the oil company was poker. Working in remote locations limited your options for entertainment and poker was a natural game to fill the down time. Jack considered himself a pretty fair player and decided to travel to an Indian casino several hours away to try his luck in a tournament the following weekend.         
With Jack gone, Donna was planning to spend Friday night with Nicole until she asked if she could invite Josh over to watch a movie.

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   The latest Hugh Grant romantic comedy was out on DVD and Nicole wanted to watch it with Josh. Donna agreed thinking it would be nice to finally meet the boy Nicole had been spending time with.
Josh joined them for dinner and Donna liked him almost immediately. He was a good looking kid, friendly, well mannered, and obviously crazy about Nicole. The three of them talked and laughed through dinner, cleaned up, and ended up in the living room talking some more. Sensing the young couple would enjoy a little time alone, Donna excused herself and told them she was going to her bedroom to read a book.
Donna had been upstairs for a little over a half hour when she thought she should check on Nicole and Josh. She told herself that it was just her being a concerned parent but she knew curiosity was also a part of it. She was pretty sure Nicole had not just invited Josh over to watch a movie. Donna quietly left her bedroom and moved to the darkened stairway to check on the young couple in the living room. She knew the sound from the movie and the darkness would conceal her presence.
Sitting down on the stair gave Donna a view of the living room and she was not surprised to see the two young lovers in a close embrace. Josh had his right arm around Nicole and the two were kissing, eyes closed. Looking closer, Donna could see Josh’s left hand under Nicole’s top feeling her small breast. Donna smiled and realized the scene was a turn-on for her.

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   It not only brought her back to her early days of making out but once again allowed to experience her daughter’s budding sexuality. She felt a hint of the familiar wetness between her legs and decided to see what the two would do next.
After a few minutes Josh stopped and lifted Nicole’s top up to reveal her bra. Nicole reached back and unhooked it giving Josh full access to her tits. Donna could see her nipples were hardened from Josh’s caresses as he leaned over to suckle them. Nicole breathed in deeply and ran her hands through his hair as he sucked each nipple. Her hand then slid down to the bulge in his pants and she felt his swollen member through the material. Donna’s nipples were hard and she reached down to touch herself as she continued to watch.
Josh next moved his hands to Nicole’s jeans and began to undo them. Donna wondered if Nicole would stop him but she leaned back and allowed him to unsnap and unzip the tight jeans. The silky pink material of her bikini panties was visible and Josh reached his hand in to touch her. It was clear that Josh was not sure how to proceed and after a few awkward moments Nicole shifted her position and pushed her jeans down slightly to give him better access. She then took his hand and directed him to where she wanted to be touched.
“Good girl,” Donna whispered to herself as she watched her young daughter get fingered by Josh. Her eyes were closed and she was moving with his caresses.

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   Her direction continued as she instructed the young man where and how to touch her young pussy. Donna could see Nicole’s excitement grow and after a few minutes her body tensed and then shook as she reached orgasm. She fell into Josh’s arms and hugged him waiting for her heart to slow down and her breathing to relax a little.
Nicole kissed Josh and moved to kneel in front of him. She undid his pants and pulled his shorts down to release his hard cock. Donna looked with interest at the young man’s beautiful erection. He was as long as Jack but not as thick. Once free, Nicole stroked him slowly before leaning over to take him in her mouth. Josh was beyond excitement at this point and the sensation of being in her mouth made him almost unable to sit still. Her lips closed over his shaft as her tongue moved over his sensitive head and his hips involuntarily started to move as her tried to push more of himself into her warm mouth.
Nicole would have liked to have spent some time sucking him. She loved the feel and knowing what pleasure she was giving him but a fifteen year old boy was no match for the oral stimulation she was giving him and he soon began to cum. Her mouth was filled with his hot load and she did her best to take it all in, sucking and swallowing as the hard cock pulsed.
Donna also orgasmed as she watched her girl swallow Josh’s cum. She felt excited and embarrassed about invading the young couple’s privacy and wished Jack was there to hold her.

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   She returned to bed and thought about the steps Nicole was taking. At this rate it would not be long before she would be having intercourse. She could picture Josh’s cock filling Nicole’s young pussy. Donna decided they needed to talk again and make sure all the appropriate precautions were taken.
The following morning Donna asked about the night before and given their new openness with one another Nicole shared the details about the date.
“I really like him Mom. He’s a lot of fun to be with. ”
“I’m glad you two are getting along so well but I’m a little concerned about how fast everything is moving. He may want to have sex with you one of these nights and I want to make sure you are ready for that. I didn’t think we would be dealing with this quite so soon but it is a natural step given everything that has happened. ”
“I thought about it last night but I’m not sure I want Josh to be my first. ”
Donna felt a little relief. “I understand. The first time should be special. You will know when you are ready.

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“Oh, I think I’m ready. I just don’t want Josh to be my first. ”
Now Donna was puzzled, “Is there someone else?”
Nicole hesitated. She took a deep breath. “Okay, here goes. I’ve thought a lot about the time I spent with you and Jack and how we were going to do that every month. I was hoping Jack could be my first and you could be there with me. ”
An image of Jack lying on top of Nicole came immediately into Donna’s mind. Her legs spread, her head thrown back and his cock moving in and out of her young cunt. The thought caused both panic and excitement. Could she allow that to happen? Did she want it to happen? What would Jack think?