Broken but Whole


Broken but Whole
It was not to long ago when Allie and I had first felt more for each other then just being friends.   It was at the end of the 8th grade when I was in science taking a test.   I would always take a long time, so, Allie who sat next to me would always bug me so that I would finish sooner. This time, she quickly gave up on bugging me, but she started to give me strange, flirty looks.   Once she had my attention, she started to rub the inside part of her leg. . .
. . . We were both 14 and madly interested with the other's sex, however, I had never thought of Allie as more than a friend.   She was pretty cute being about 5'7", slim figure, dirty blond hair, green eyes, a perfectly curved ass, and petite, but proud chest.   I was about 5'10", well built, short brown hair, and blue eyes.   So, although she was cute, she was not the hottest girl I knew.   Being kind of popular, this one girl flirted with me that could take your breath away, but her prudish attitude and lack of interest after she got my atention always gave me that message that we were not meant to be.   Allie knew of this crush that I had, but she always seemed to want to be with me.

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  . .
After I finished my test, I talked to Allie for the rest of the class period.   I could not look away from her face or, for that matter, her cute bod.   In gym, (we had coed gym at our school) we were playing touch football.   Allie and I were always pretty competitive in sports, but anyways, she had possession of the ball and I was going a little to fast and as I reached out for her, I fell on her.   This would normally not be such a big deal, but I had came from an odd angle that caused me to land on top of her as she was towards me.   I could feel her breasts upon my body and I blushed as my crotch, starting to tent, was directly above hers.   I was stunned for a few moments, but I quickly got off.   However, while I was on top of her, she just smiled.   I tried to hide my hardon for the rest of the period, but I could tell that she still knew.
On the bus ride home, she asked if I wanted to sleep over at her house this weekend.   Her parents had to go to a weding in Colorado for the weekend and her older sister was not going to be home till very late on Saturday.   I said sure.   I had stayed at her house several times before, it would'nt be any different this time other than we would be alone.

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After telling my mom that I was going to stay at Allie's house for the weekend, I packed a few movies and some clothes and headed to her house. . .
. . . I was thinking about what had happened today.   I know that I love Allie, but. . . . that was the first time that I was extremely attracted to her.   She has become so sexy. . .

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  but I still had feelings for my crush.   Wants to Needs.   The wonder girl being my wants and Allie being my needs, love. . .
We played video games on her game cube till it was dark. . . I hate that little pikachu bolt thing in Smash Bros. . . I then brought out the movies and we decided to watch "The Bourne Identity".   As Allie went to the kitchen to make some popcorn, I spreaded out on the couch. Normally when she came back, she would rest on the floor or force me off the couch, but this time, she layed as closely to me as she could.   I didn't think much of it at first, but as the movie went on, Allie slowly moved her ass into my crotch.

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    I soon became hard as I was rubbing against her, but instead of stopping, she kept on moving into me.   I decided to make the most of it and started to reach under her shirt and fondle her breasts.   She moaned.   Realizing the effect it was having on me, she turned around and allowed me better access.   For the first time, we locked lips and made out for what seemed forever.   We were exploring each other's mouths as our tounges penetrated and exchanged juices.   As I was continuing to fondle her breasts, Allie reached down for my zipper and tried to free my cock.   It took her quite awhile and was kind of painful, but her tender touchs were heaven.   When she finally freed my cock, she started to jack my virgin 6" cock.   I was so turned on, but I could tell that I was about to cum all over her if we did not stop.
I broke our kiss, pulled my hands away from her chest and headed for the bathroom.   She asked what was wrong, but I just told her that I needed to take a shower. I didn't want to stop, but I didn't want to blow my load all over her and make her disgusted with me. . .

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  and I was not sure if I could control myself if we went any further.
I took off my clothes and entered her parents huge shower and started to run the cold water when I heard someone enter the bathroom.   I had forgotten to lock the door.   Seconds later, this glowing nude goddess Allie entered the shower.
Allie asked in an unsure voice,"Why did you stop?  Are you not attracted to me?"
"No, it's not that, it's just. . . " 
"Your still in love with Tracy (the crush). "
"No, it's just I did not want to explode all over you and be disgusted with me. "
"Why would I be disgusted?  I want you to 'explode' on me. "
With that said, Allie twisted the knob to "warm" and locked onto my lips and hung onto my shoulders.   The sensation of her errect nipples and her close naked body immediately made me hard.   She soon went onto her knees and cradled my balls.
"I'll prove to you that I want you all over me. .

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With that said,  Allie slowly licked my shaft and sucked on my head.   She then did the most amazing thing as she slowly took my entire cock into her virgin mouth.   The sensation was bliss.   She started to move her head up and down on my shaft and moved faster and faster.   I quickly cummed in her mouth and as I kept on cumming, she stopped sucking my cock and allowed my cum to spread all over her.
With triumph, she stood up and looked into my eyes and said,"You see!"
I quickly grabbed her ass and lifted her onto the wall.
"Do you want this?  I hear that the first time hurts like hell. "
"Yes!  I need you, but go slowly"
I slowly lowered her onto my cock and as she was about to scream, I locked onto her lips to muffle her.   After a few minutes, Allie got use to my cock and I could tell as our kiss was no longer forced, but passionate.   While holding onto her ass and her legs around my waist, I started to move my cock in and out of her.   I moved in and out of her so fast and hard, but she helped me as she matched my movements.   As I was about to cum, I told her, but she wanted me to wait for her.   Finally, she was about to cum and I pulled her as close to me as I could as we released our juices.
We were on the shower floor for an hour until the water became cold.   But in that hour, I was happy.

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    My lover and friend who truly loved me and I who loved her were whole.
Being tired from all the "activity," we decided to go to bed.   I was setting up my sleeping bag, when Allie said,"What are you doing, silly?  You can sleep up here with me. "  With that said, I quickly went under the covers next to her and we fell asleep in each other's arms.
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