Amy's First Time


I have only met her once.   She had gone on a trip with my brotherto do some student research in the Amazon rainforest.   We talked on line for several months when she told me thatshe would be in Washington for a weekend in December, right around the timethat I would be home from college. We agreed to meet up for a little bit offooling around.   After severalweeks of planning, the time had finally come.   Amy had made some excuse to get away from the people she wasvisiting, and met me about a block from the house where she was staying.
She jumped in my 2003 S10 as soonas I stopped.   We immediately madefor a hotel where I had made reservations once I knew she was serious aboutthings.   The room was small, withthe standard two beds in it.   Iknow that we would have plenty of space, but only a few hours in which to useit.
Amy was standing in front of mejust beside the bed where she had tossed her winter coat.   I came up behind her, wrapping my armsaround her, placing my hands on her sweet breast, kissing her neck as I did.   She responded kindly to my advances,but pushed me off momentarily.
“I have thought about this for awhile.   I want to make this extraspecial for the both of us. ”  Bewildered by what she said, I sat down on the bed, confused.

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    “I want to suck your cock.
Completely taken aback, I just satthere as she moved towards my crotch, first undoing my belt, then the buttonand the zipper.   “Are you ready forthis?” I asked as she reached inside and pulled my throbbing dick.   She merely responded by first strokingmy 7-inch long member, and then bringing me into the smooth wetness of hermouth.
Ahhh the feeling was amazing.   I let her have her way with my cock forseveral minutes before I stopped her.  “I want to see you, all of you. ” I said, moving to take her shirt offover her head.   She had on a simplewhite lace bra, which she began removing as soon as her shirt was past theclasp.
Before I could get much further,she reached up pulling my pants down to my ankles. I had removed my shoes uponentering the room, allowing her to pull them completely off (after shoving meplayfully back onto the bed).   She took off the rest of her clothes, tossing all the discarded garmentsin a pile on the floor, she said, “Time to get back to work”
I immediately removed what was leftof my clothing, then lying naked on the bed.   She climbed on top of me, finishing what she started.   “Oh, Amy!  That feels so fucking good,” I say as she begins onceagain.   After several minutes ofrunning her tongue up and down my shaft, licking my balls, then bringing mywhole length into her mouth, swirling her tongue around my head.

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    “I’m about to blow,” I tell her as herhead bobs up and down over my crotch.
Stopping, Amy tells me, “I want youto shoot that inside me. ”
I just lay there as she straddlesme, placing her wet hot pussy over the tip of my cock.   I guide her down over my rock hardpenis.   As soon as I am in an inch,she plunges down, sinking wall the way down to the base of my cock, taking hervirginity.   By this time, I am sointo it, I flip her over onto her back, taking control of the speed.
I pull out slightly, then ram mycock deep inside of her, lubricated by her sweet pussy juice.   I repeat this over and over, increasingspeed with every stroke.   Moaningin a mix of pain and pleasure, she grabbed by ass, pulling me ever deeper insideof her.   I felt her already tightpussy contract in her first ever orgasm.  This sudden squeeze pushed me over the edge.   I shot ropes of hot sticky come, deep inside her pussy.   In-fact, I shot so much that it waspouring out of her hole like a river of sticky milk.   We remained locked together in a moment of ecstasy, for afew minutes.
All hot and sweaty from theencounter, we decided on a quick shower before leaving the hotel.

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    She rode my hard dick one more time inthe shower, then got dressed and returned to her friend’s house.
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