A Trip to the Cabaret


I hadn't been to the cabaret before. It had been raided several times and I wondered what all the hubub was about. It was just a topless bar, but the media portrayed it as a swinging out of control brothel.
I decided to go there when it opened at 10:30 in the morning. I heard the door lock open as I walked up to the door. I didn't know who was behind it, so I waited thirty seconds before going in. I walked in the lobby. Not seeing anyone, I walked past the empty receptionist counter and through the door unto the main floor. It was relatively well lit. A single light illuminated the center of the stage. The bar was empty. I took a seat in the center of the floor and continued to look around. I saw a head bobbing around in the DJ booth, so someone was in there. A moment later I heard the DJ say, "Courtney, there's a customer here".
Seconds later,I saw a girl's face peek out from behind the dressing room door. Our eyes locked as instant recognition took place.

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   She smiled and walked out towards me in her street clothes. She hadn't yet dressed in any of her costumes. Still, I liked her in anything she wore.
"Courtney" was actually Stacy. I had known Stacy through her high school years as we played together in the same community band group. She had graduated from high school earlier this summer, and the band hadn't played together since July 4th. I usually don't have a thing for the local girl types as they can be a bit pretend, but I had always liked Stacy, and kept it to myself as I was twice her age.
Stacy stood right at five feet with a petite frame, a face that reminded me of Shiri Appleby, and a set of large boobs that definitely didn't look like they belonged on someone her size. "Hi" she said sitting down next to me. "You caught me by surprise, no one usually comes in before noon. So we sit in the back, play cards or watch T. V. " We made small talk about the band, her upcoming year in college, and her family. Finally, I had to break the ice as I was trying to figure out why a girl from a well to do family was working in the cabaret.
 "So, why are you working here?" I asked.

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"Making some money for college. I work part time for my dad, but I wanted some big bucks so that I don't have to keep asking daddy for money. So, the one day a week his job forces him to go out of town, I come here. What about you?"
"It's my birthday, and I wanted to go out and celebrate". She smiled very widely. " You wait here, I'll be back in a few". The DJ started to play a Def Leppard album. Stacy was right, the place does stay deserted. I took in the place for several more minutes before she reappeared in the dressing room doorway. What I saw blew me away.
She was completely naked, carrying her shoes in one hand and her purse in the other. Her large tits were topped with large puffy nipples. Her tiny ribcage tapered down to her small hips which featured a bald pussy. My pulse quickened, my throat was suddenly dry, and my breathing was a little difficult as she smiled and cocked her head towards a seating area off of the main floor.
My eyes followed her tiny ass as she walked towards a large booth in the center of the remote seating area.

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   She pushed the table out from the booth and had me sit. She put her shoes and purse down. Facing me, she straddled me so that her tits were directly in my face. "Not what you expected huh? I bet you thought they were implants. It's ok, I saw you staring at them over the past year".
She pushed one of her nipples against my lips. I started to lick and suck on it. She hissed and I put my hands on her tiny ass, squeezing the small half moons. She adjusted, placing the other nipple in my mouth. She reached down placing my left hand on her pussy. I fingered her slit, then finding her wet spot I inserted my finger. She was soaking wet. She stiffened, letting out a small moan. Her pussy gripped my finger. I started to finger bang her.

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   She reached down, pulling my hand away from her pussy. Then, placing her hands on my shoulders, she slid down, ending up with her face in my crotch. She smiled as she unzipped my zipper. She reached in, fishing out my dick, then kissing it before taking it's length in her mouth.
She gave me several strokes before she stood, turned, and backed into my crotch. She reached down, taking my dick in her tiny hand and guiding me into her. I watched my dick disappear into her. Her pussy was hot, wet, and inviting.
 She leaned back into me. "You like your birthday present?" She asked. "Oh yeah, can I have more?" I replied. "Until the first customer comes in". I put my hands on her tits and started pumping her. A few minutes later, we adjusted positions so that she was facing me. I wasn't crazy about this position as I felt I wasn't in control.

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   "Wait" I said stopping her before turning her so that she was laying in the booth. "Hurry, I don't want to get caught, we can get in so much trouble". I hurried, quickening my strokes. We were both building towards an orgasm, but I came first. My cum filled her pussy, and I felt wetness as it mixed with her fluids and leak out onto my balls.  
We laid together several minutes while we kissed. Then we heard the DJ welcome several new customers. "Shit", she said crouching and pulling a bikini out of her purse. While she dressed, I took out my wallet. I started to pull out a wad. "Just a hundred, for my time". she said. She put the money in her purse. She paused. "I feel bad having you pay me for your present.

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   I get off at four. Why don't I meet you at your place and we can do around the world?" "Around the world?" I asked. "Cum in my mouth, pussy and ass. Would you like to try that?"
"Oh yeah, do you have my address?" "It's in the directory" "Right" I said, remembering the band list. "See you at four" she said with a kiss. got to my place at four. She looked a little nervous. I gave her a beer. After a few swigs, she looked more relaxed. "I can't believe I'm here" she said.
"Why?" I asked.
"The band director said you were a pervert. He warned me off you. So did Marilyn" (she also played in the band).
"It's nice to know I'm so loved".

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She crawled into my lap. "I'm so sorry. I told my family I'll be spending the night with a friend. Do you want to get started?"
I nodded. She stood and took off her shirt. Her shorts hit the floor seconds later. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my room. I laid her on her back. Taking off my shirt as I crawled between her legs, I placed my face into her hot wet pussy.
Her pussy tasted so good. She grabbed the top of my head, running her hand through my hair as she let out a moan. I stuck a finger into her hot wet cavity. She stiffened letting out a louder moan. I focused my tongue on her clit as I pumped her with my finger. She raised her hips.


   "OH GOD" she screamed as the first orgasm hit.
"Wait, wait" she begged as she pushed me away. When her orgasm began to subside, I dove back in. Minutes later, the second orgasm hit. It hadn't fully subsided when I crawled up and entered her. "OH SHIT" she screamed as my dick brought more waves of pleasure to her. I increased the tempo of my pumping. Our orgasms hit seconds apart as I filled her pussy for the second time that day.
Oh God, you are so good", she said as she scrubbed my hair with her fingers. "I wish I knew you were this good a year ago".
We shared a long kiss. "Ready to fuck me in the ass?" she asked. I nodded. "Let me know when you're ready to cum", she whispered, "I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste your dick after it's been in my ass".

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She went to all fours. I took some lubricant from the bedstand. I greased her ass, then my dick. She moaned as my dick began to enter her. I saw her fists ball up. I slowly continued until my entire dick was in her.
I grabbed her hips and began slowly pumping her. She was breathing heavily. We silently went at it, our breathing being the only thing to break the silence of the room. I felt my second orgasm building. I increased the speed of my strokes. She sensed my second coming. She turned, "Ready" she asked. I suddenly pulled out. She quickly spun and took my dick in her mouth.

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   Seconds later, my goo shot into her mouth.
She milked my dick, taking all of my last drops of cum. I collapsed onto my side. She laid next to me. "Have you ever done that before?" I asked.
"No, my first time" she answered. "I wanted to do that for you. You deserve better than to be labeled a  pervert. I'm going to make it up to you, ok?"
We've met a couple of times a week since then.