The Time Shifter Chapter 53


Once everyone's bodily fluids/horniness were/was tapped out and allthe equipment loaded out, we boarded our respective buses and setthe controls for our next stop, Annapolis. "You  kicked ass tonight,Misty!" was the consensus of the band's members. "And you lookedamazing naked!" "Just trying to fit in," I giggled. "Man, I bet thatguy wasn't expecting what he got when he came to the show tonight. That's every guy's dream right there!" our drummer, Jason Milner,rightly observed.

Four hours later, we arrived at our hotel and everyone went to bed. We were all up by noon for lunch. The road crew then departed forload in. But before they left, our road manager took me aside andsaid that their lawyers had advised them that if I was going to havesex after the shows that it would have to be with guys or girls inmy own age bracket and in a separate room. Also, I was no longerallowed to party with the rest of the band since I was still aminor. I wouldn't even be able to enter the area under the stagenow. I understood the band's position, but I sure as shit didn'tlike it.

How the girls in the road crew were now expected to broach thesubject of sex with me was the following. "You know, I think Mistywould quite like you. How old are you? Do you want to meet her? Nowjust on the off chance she wants to have sex with you, would you beinterested?" 

Therefore, that night, when we came off stage, I had to stand to oneside of it and wait for the others until they came out again, whichis not great for band unity. Once the concert was over, there wouldbe a group of teenage guys in what was euphemistically called"Misty's tune up room.

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  " I would shake hands, hug them, do the  wholemeet and greet spiel, pull one aside, proposition him and get naked. Then I would sit on a couch in the room (it was part of our rider)open my legs and they would fuck me.

Before I departed my home to go on tour, I left a message on my YouTube channel for Kevin to go to will call when we got to Wilmington. Moreover, if those passes were picked up, he was immediately to betaken backstage. So when we got to that city, I was on pins andneedles the whole time. He did see my message and, just before thefirst band of the night was to go on, one of our security peopleescorted him into my tune up room. However, his girlfriend Tina wasalso with him. They met just after he moved into his new home andthat was why he never sent me any email or anything. When he came upand hugged me, he whispered into my ear, "hello slut. " "HiMaster," I whispered back. "I always thought that I would be comingto see you in concert sometime, Misty, but not with Powerchain!""Yeah, it's weird how things happen sometimes. " I giggled.   I wasdressed in my white leather bustier/skirt outfit with white thighhigh stockings and four inch heels. His girlfriend was okay, but notin my league. He was still playing guitar, which was good.

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   Tony andI gave him a guitar lesson and his girlfriend looked peeved when wehad a little jam together.

He was able to watch me play and that was my proudest moment of thewhole tour. After the gig was done, I saw him backstage one moretime. "I love you Master," I whispered in his ear. "I love you, too,slut," he rejoindered in mine. We took lots of pictures together,some with the band. Of course, I had my roadies forego recruitingcock for me that night. I cried when one of our security accompaniedhim and his girlfriend to his car.

We had a day off after that emotional night, thank God. Because nextup was Philadelphia and after that was two nights at Madison SquareGarden. At all three of those shows, I heard a lot of, "let's seeyour tits" and "we want Darrell (Stieb, their formerguitarist/keyboardist) back. " Oh well, it comes with the territory. I was still bummed out about having to leave Kevin behind, too, eventhough I tried not to show it. We played really well. The album wasin the Top Ten in Billboard, too.

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   It would ultimately sell twomillion copies in the U. S. and God only knows how many individualtrack downloads there were. Since I wasn't part of the making of it, though, I didn't see one dime from iit.

When we reached Cleveland, my sex drive revived and  my female roadieswere again picking out hot guys for me to fuck backstage. There wereactually some black guys in the audience that night, unusual even for aband that used rap elements in its sound. The girls brought back a nice17 year old chocolate  daddy with a nine inch dick for me to enjoy. . After I posed for photos with the other boys, gave them some merch andhad them ushered out the backstage door, me and Calvin got down tobusiness. We both removed our clothes and I dropped to my knees to tastethat fine cock of his and feel it expand in my mouth. The gland thatcontrolled the amount of lubrication in my pussy went into overdrive as Itried to get all of his monster prong into my oral cavity. I rammed mymouth hard down the length of his schlong on each instroke but couldn'tget all of it in. That became a challenge for me and he was grunting andmoaning at a high volume. "Fuck, you really know how to suck dick," herasped as the sensitivity of his penis increased until he flooded myyapper with his spunk. "Oh shit, girl, you got mad dick suckin' skills!"he sighed after the tension in his balls had been relieved.

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I removed my stage outfit, which that night was a satin zip up jacketthat extended down to about my navel, a satin mini skirt and heels alongwith white lacy underwear, and my boobies wiggled out in front of him. "Damn! Those are epic titties!" he burbled and he mauled them with hismouth as I laid on the couch. He shoved two skinny fingers up inside mycunt and rubbed my upper wall while his mouth sucked and licked mynipples. Fuck, this was just what I needed after two weeks without sex! Iran my fingers through hs spongy close cropped hair. Shit, he was onehandsome guy and I pulled his head off of my milk ducts so he could kissme. We spent a few minutes sucking face while my body shook with anorgasm his fingers induced in me.

"Come on baby, let me feel what you're packin'," I begged and he turnedme around so that I was on my knees on the couch while holding on to theback of it. He jabbed his long dong into me and I let out a long,pleasured sigh as he started railing me. "Ohhhh fuck baby, God, thatfeels so good!" I praised. "You like black dick girl?" he inquired. "Godyes, but I don't get nearly enough of it," I informed him. He opened upthe engine in his hips and rammed it into me harder and faster, addingoccasional slaps. "You gettin' a man's dick now, baby," he declared asmy vaginal muscles clenched his invader. "Oh fuck oh fuck, God baby, I'mgoing to cum!"I squealed and then my head fell into the back of thecouch as it sapped all the strength inside me, my pubic musclestrembling like jello. For the next 20 minutes, he reamed me a treat and Ihad half a dozen orgasms as his spelunker scraped the walls of my pinkcave so pleasurably until he gooped it up with his sticky cream.

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"Hey baby, can you come to our next show in Cincinnati?" I panted afterhe finished. "Nah man. Cincinnati cops are really racist and I ain'trisking that shit just for some pussy," he shot back. "How aboutColumbus?" I wondered. "Yeah, it's kind of a hike, but I think me and myposse can do it. " I put him and his buddies on the guest list withlimited access passes and told him to come back after the show was over. I gave him a benjamin in case his friends split on him so he could takea cab home.

I cleaned myself up before we left the hall that night, but when we gotto our next hotel, I was still dripping cum into my panties. He haddefinitely fired his sperm deep into me. The guy I chose in Cincinnati Ijust sucked off because I wanted to save my pussy for another goodblacking the next night.

In Columbus, I strutted and shimmied up a storm on stage trying to teaseCalvin and his contingent, who were stationed in the third row. Oncethe show ended, Calvin and four of his friends swaggered backstage andwere guided to my tune up room. "Hey girl!" he grinned and I hugged himand his fellow travelers. "Why don't you get that shit off and show myboys what you got," he demanded. I did as I was asked.

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   "Shit, that isone fine white girl!" his friend Thomas exclaimed. "Yeah, those are somequality titties!" another buddy, Tremaine, evaluated. "Okay girl, timefor you to get on some dick!" Calvin commanded and I went to my knees,my D cups bouncing as I did so. They all disrobed and, between themthere must have been four feet of cock. I fondled Calvin and his palLeSean's fundaments while Tremaine shoved his meat stick into my mouth. Ifelt another hand squeezing and rubbing my right breast. Tremainegrasped both sides of my head and skullfucked me. "Yeah, that's it man,make her  take that dick!" Calvin rooted his compatriot on. His prongrepeatedly penetrated my throat and withdrew. I felt my hips beingpulled up while the fifth guy, Deion, lined up his baby maker andimpaled me on it. "Fuck man, look at this whore," LeSean laughed as Iwas being skewered. God, it was so hot.

My hands were now on the floor and as my chin was being slapped  byTremaine's balls and and my twat was being used as a pleasure instrumentby Deion, who was a good ten inches. "Shit, she can really take dick,"Thomas noted. Tremaine erupted into my mouth and I swallowed it down.

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   Hewas quickly stood in for by Thomas, who was also ten inches, who alsoskulfucked me. The marked friction from Deion's long rod had me cumminghard, my screams silenced by Thomas being down my throat. Deion finallygot himself off inside me, unleashing a tide of his sperm filled jam. Calvin took his turn and quickly entered my gaping opening. "Oh yeah, Iremember this hole," he joked, causing his posse to crack up. Each timehe pumped his shaft into me more of Deion's semen squished out of me andon to the floor. Thomas was ready to go off now and extracted hismissile from my piehole and jizzed my face with it. Now it was LeSean'sopportunity to have his manhood comforted by my lips and tongue. He wasthe smallest of the lot, a little over eight inches. He nonethelesstorqued his deadly dangler between my lips with gusto as Thomas' cumleft whitish streaks as it dripped off my cheeks and forehead. Calvinwas making me climax like a freight train until he bombarded my tenderbunker with round upon round of manjuice.

Tremaine was hard again and he plunged his fuckstick into me, his weaponsliding in and out of me easily due to both my wetness and all the cumin it. This gangbang went on for another hour until our road managerknocked on the door and said it was time to leave the hall. We allreclaimed our clothes. Of course, I was a total mess.

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   I had cum drippingout of me, some had been shot into my hair and I had to wipe some moreoff my face, which ruined my makeup. The taste of semen was also strongon my mouth. The guys in the band had been screwing groupies or gettingorally or digitally serviced by them during the same time I was withCalvin and his group of magnificent cocksmen  When I boarded the bus,our singer joked, "well, look what the cat dragged in. " Until I was ableto get a shower at the hotel, all I was able to smell was cum.

In late August, they brought in a tutor for me since I was going tomiss my entire junior year of high school due to the tour. She wouldtutor me in the morning and then was under strict orders to get lostafterward. In fact, she was always put in a different hotel from theband and crew and wasn't allowed to be in our hotel once my lessonwas over. She was definitely not permitted to be at our shows. Theeducation she was giving me was pretty much worthless. After awhile, I just bribed her off with $200 a week under the table abovewhat the band's management was paying her to stay out of my hair. Then she would send complete bullshit reports to my school about myacademic progress.

September 2nd, I turned 16 and we pulled into Topeka after playing inSt. Louis the night before. They threw a party for me at the hotel,during which they complimented how well I had played on the tour andrevealed that they were seriously contemplating drafting me in as afulltime member. They didn't seem to be jealous of all the attention Iwas getting because of my looks, let alone my ability.

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   I had alreadydone a number of interviiews with guitar magazines and websites as wellas just general interest rock magazines. When we appeared on the HowardStern show on Sirius satellite radio, he leered that I was "a nice pieceof ass," which brought a a rebuke from his producer because I was stillonly 15. It was a lot of fun, though. Howard is the best interviewer inthe business. He asked if I was bringing boys backstage and I took thefifth on that, which cracked everybody up. "What kind of guys do youlike?" he pondered. "I like a lot of different type of guys, Howard," Ibegan. "But the two things I really like are brains and drive. Youdefinitely wouldn't have been alone if I was going to high school withyou," I flattered. "I would have taught you how to use your mouth sothat we could work around your small cock, though" I needled. That hadeverybody in hysterics.

Because of that interview and all the guys I was allowing to screw me ontour, a lot of rumors began circulating about my sexual proclivities,which only added to my mystique, which I knew it would.