The Ring - Chapter Two


Samantha was wearing her nightclothes, and that wasn’t much. She always liked sleeping in one of my old t-shirts from high school. It used fit her almost like a dress, but now that she is older and taller, it doesn’t even cover her panties. Her mother and I have always insisted that we all be open with each other, after all, we’re family. So it was nothing for my children to walk around the house uncovered, Elizabeth and I did the Samantha. Samantha cuddled up next to me, real close, but she couldn’t get comfortable that way, so she laid across the seat and put her head in my lap. It wasn’t easy for her to do since she was so tall, but she just balled up tightly and squeezed herself into the tight space. The shirt rode up over her waste giving a view that I couldn’t turn away from, my eyes locked on her just forming hips. I followed the curves of her lower body, starting at her hips, and moving down over her toned thighs, knees, and calves, and then down to her sexy, little toes with pink toe nails. I had to try something; I thought to myself that I wanted time and everything in it to stand still, leaving only me still free. I slowly looked down at her sides, looking for movement from her breathing, she wasn’t. So either she just died or it worked, I chose the ladder of the two. I was now free to retrace her body once more; only this time I used my hands. Her skin was softer than the cotton panties she was wearing. She was balled up with her knees pulled towards her chest, which left her bottom fully open to explore my sinful urges. I caressed her buttocks, and slid my hand up and down the spread valley between them.

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   Her ass was very cold, but her shitter was warm and welcoming. I pulled my hand up to the waste line of her girlish panties, and I pressed my fingers under the material. My middle finger sat right in the crease of her cheeks as I slid my hand farther in, until I reached her dirty hole. I could easily feel the wrinkles of skin covering her puckered little anus. I slid my fingertip over the hole several times allowing it to dip in ever so slightly each time. I began pressing my finger tip into her sewer more and more, it was so tight, I had a hard time just getting my finger in there. My cock twitched as I thought about the feeling of sliding my thick cock into her unyielding hole. Once my fingertip was fully inserted, I swirled it around inside her a little, which let my finger sink in a bit more. I tugged at her hole gently, feeling its struggle to close. Knowing what kind of infections could come from it, I pulled my finger free and decided not to peruse her lower body any further. Instead, I let my hand move up her stomach, her beautiful flat tummy, it was the color of honey; her whole body was. I pulled her shirt up exposing her pert breasts, they weren’t tan though, they were as white as white gets. They leaned a bit to the side from gravity’s grip. I winced at the thought of what gravity and aging would do to her nubile flesh over the years. I grabbed her and turned her body so she was lying more on her back than her side, giving me a better view of her chest.

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   I pulled the shirt all the way up and nestled it under her chin. I let my fingertips graze her supple breasts, marveling every time my hand descended the slope between her marvelous breasts. I lightly circled her nipples, bringing them to full erection. They were tiny little nipples, comparable to a pencil, but even smaller. They were however, very long, about a half inch. They were very different from her mother’s nipples; Elizabeth’s are almost flat and very big around, still nice, but not as good as Samantha’s. I struggled to reach inside my pants, I could feel the precum oozing out, and I wanted to give her some. I swabbed the tip of my penis with my finger, and spread the fluid over her pink, full, pouty lips. Her lips glistened with my juices making them even more attractive. I knew I couldn’t go any further tonight, so I pulled her shirt back down, and tugged on her panties, making them ride into her ass crack. I then turned her back to laying on her side, and unfroze time. I was amazed; she acted as though nothing happened, didn’t even seem to react to the underwear riding up her butt. I reached my hand down and patted her on the butt saying that she should go on up to bed. She climbed up and crawled over me to get out on my side, standing spread legged over me with her ass right in my face. I took a whiff before she got out of the car and walked in the house.

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   She smelled like a bed of roses. I sat there for another 20 minutes, letting my boner go down before I too went to bed. I fell asleep quickly and dreamed of her all night long. The next morning I got up and went to work as usual. The day was again boring, the only highlights being the talk with my sales manager, Jim, and seeing Sherri with her provocative clothing, showing everyone almost everything she has. I just can’t stop thinking about fucking her, but I don’t want to, I want to have her fucked by all the guys in the office or something, which I think would be better. All I want is my baby girls Amanda and Samantha. I again took the Mustang home that night, something about this ring, makes me want to drive that car. I feel so much younger now; I guess it’s a testament to how badly the stresses of life can affect us. The whole way home I tried to think of how I would get Amanda and/or Samantha, hell, I might even bring Alex and Elizabeth in on this I thought. I couldn’t come up with a way I liked to do it though. At home, everything went fine, greeted at the door and the perfect kids. I spent the night watching my daughters, still pondering my seduction, my manipulation. Nothing, by bedtime I had all but given up for the night, then it hit me, and it’s so simple too. I went to bed with a plan.

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   I lay awake for about 2 hours, and then I froze time, got up, and went to the girl’s bedroom. They shared the same bedroom since they were very close. That was fine with me for two reasons, one, it left the other bedroom open for a game room, and it put both of my targets in the same room. Everything was still, all I could hear was my own breath as I entered the room; it was an almost eerie feeling. I walked over and stood between the two beds, looking at the blossoming bodies beneath the sheets. This was it, and I was ready. I pulled the sheets from Amanda’s bed first, then Samantha’s bed. I hurriedly removed the clothing from each, and then I stopped. This would be so much better if they were both in the same bed as Elizabeth, then I could have all three with great ease I thought. I joyfully carried the girls one at a time to my bedroom, feeling their warm bodies as I did so. Once on the bed, I took a moment to strip my wife too. With all three of them laying on the king size bed, almost as if on display, I began looking and comparing. The relation was obvious. Amanda had just a little bit of peach fuzz around her sweet spot; I could tell she had shaved a few days before. Samantha was bald, no hair at all, and that was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, my baby girls beautiful hairless pussy.

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   Elizabeth on the other hand, had a nice full bush, she never liked to shave, and that has never bothered me that much, until now. Looking at the girls, I began to realize my biggest passion, young, shaved girls that are just developing into the women they will be. I was getting immense pleasure and I hadn’t even done anything yet. There was one problem though, I really liked doing it doggy style, and I wanted this no other way, but how would I get them like that was the problem. I got it; I’ll make them like they’re sleepwalking or something, still with movement but unconscious. So I did it, and it worked perfectly, I made them more like they were hypnotized, and they would now do anything I told them to do without hesitation and without argument of any kind. I played around a bit first, positioning all of them to laying on their backs next to each other, in order from youngest to oldest, and I put their legs straight up in the air and pushed back on them. By end, they had their knees at their chests and they were splayed open for me. I decided to take some pictures to remember the occasion. I grabbed the camera and took at least 10 pictures of each, I lost track of exactly how many. In each shot was one of them showing all for the camera, and it all looked like it was done willingly too. After about an hour of goofing around, I was ready to get right down to it, so I put the camera away and stripped off all my clothes. I instructed them to position themselves on their knees and elbows with their exposed asses hanging right at the edge of the bed, they couldn’t have done it any faster. Still in the order they were, I stepped up to Elizabeth, I wanted to fuck her, and then move on to Amanda, fucking her with my dick that was covered in her Moms cunt juice, keeping it in the family so to speak. I thrust my prick into Elizabeth’s always-wet pussy.

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   It felt so good. I maintained some control of myself while fucking her, it went quick anyway, and I made her cum in a minute, so that I could make her cum again before I finished, getting a nice load of her cum on my dick. Only five minutes in and I was done. I got an idea; I thought to myself that I wanted Amanda and Samantha to have a shuttering orgasm when I break their cherries, assuming they were both virgins. That would be better than the pain that usually comes from it. Then I made it to where they would be fully conscious for the fuckings, I wanted some cooperation from them on it, but they still did what I wanted only. I withdrew my dripping dick from my old ladies wore out pussy, and I hurriedly inserted it into Amanda’s. She was only barely wet, but my dick more than made up for her lack of moisture. With just the head in, I still hadn’t reached the hymen, so I pulled her thighs roughly apart, making her pussy spread as well, and I lunged forward, burying my whole length in her. It worked, before I bottomed out inside her, she started shaking and shivering with the orgasm. I felt something spraying my balls, I was taken aback to find that she had actually shot cum, I didn’t know women could do that. This really turned me on and I loudly grunted “Oh yeah” as I started pumping in and out of her tight little virgin cunt. I stared obsessively at the skin between her two holes being pushed and pulled by my think dick with every stroke. It was like a scrolling marquee in my head with the words ‘I’m fucking my daughter’ written across it. This was the hottest thing I’d ever seen, heard, or done in my entire life.

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   I’m a 39-year-old man and I’m sustaining a massive hard on, something I haven’t been able to do in years. I was relentless in my pursuit to empty my balls into my first-born child’s cunt. I fucked her hard and fast, my heart was all but jumping out of my chest. The blood was pumping so hard through my body that I could feel my dick twitch with every beat. 5 minutes in and her pussy was still tight and juicy, I could feel all the detail of her inner most skin. The ribbed walls of her vagina massaged my prick, giving me an incredible sensation of pleasure. I stroked her baby soft buttocks with my hands when I wasn’t pulling her onto me by her hips. I was so caught up in the moment, in the passion and filth, that I didn’t even notice our German Shepherd, Bo, come in. I looked down at Samantha and found Bo licking her widely available cunt. His long and flat red tongue was lapping at her pussy hard, moving her from side to side with his movements. I could almost hear him panting with frustration, she was wet, and he couldn’t find where that delightful fluid was coming from. This sent me hurdling over the edge of sanity; I was now just some crazy man fucking his daughter. I pulled her as hard as I could against me, while I met her with equally hard thrusts of my own. My pelvis was hurting from the impact, but I didn’t care. I kept drilling her cunt and watching Bo get Samantha off.

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   He was now getting closer to the source as he had is tongue enveloped in her sopping wet fuck hole. I dug my fingertips into my dear, sweet Amanda’s hips. I bent over her as my knees buckled together. As the first shot of semen flew from my cock I flew backwards, thrusting so hard into her that, I lifted her off the bed a good foot. I just held her up there, legs dangling, mine were stretched out fully and I was standing on my toes. I held her like that until I shot my last bit of cum into her tainted pussy. My whole body tingled and I felt head rushed. I was startled by the cold nose of our dog, he must have seen the cum dripping from our interlaced bodies. His tongue felt great, he was licking all around my dick, balls, and her pussy trying to get all he could from us. I slowly let my cock slide further and further out, allowing more of my dick covered in her sweetness to come out, Bo gratefully responded by licking more. He managed to force his tongue in her with my prick; it was like her pussy now became the mouth and this was an amazing blow job. Her pussy lips were the lips, and his tongue was her tongue, stroking my dick inside. I eventually pulled completely out of Amanda’s cunt. Bo eagerly stuffed his tongue in her, scooping out all the cum I had dumped inside her. His tail was wagging feverishly, and as I stepped back from them, I could see that his doggy prick was rock hard.

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   I began to contemplate the next move, and so did Bo, but he beat me to the action and started trying to jump on the bed behind Amanda, trying to mount her. I ordered Amanda to scoot forward on the bed, giving Bo the room he needed to climb up. I ran to get my digital camera from the office, I wanted to get back and tape the whole thing. I returned to my bedroom only to find that Bo had mounted her, but had not been able to enter her yet. My recliner was in the perfect spot to tape this, so I sat down and watched through the screen. Bo tried like hell for over 5 minutes before he finally landed himself inside her human flesh. I was glued to that like a child to his favorite toy, and my cock was still painfully erect. It took Bo only a few seconds to get his pace, and it was fast. I watched in awe as his knot swelled up, I knew where it was going, and it was going there. After a couple of minutes, he was banging his knot against her. Each time it would spread her open a little bit more, and within a couple dozen more thrusts, he had engulfed his entire k-9 cock and the knot inside her. I couldn’t believe what was happening, my 4-year-old dog was ripping my daughter apart with his huge doggy cock, and I was filming the whole thing, not to mention, I was encouraging it. His fucking had settled to a mere humping, as his knot held his member firmly in place. He was bucking his hips wildly against Amanda’s teenage cunt. I could see the redness building in her skin; I knew he was hammering her real good.

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   I thought to myself then that I wanted her to cum repeatedly in one solid line of orgasms on his red, veined dick. I grew nervous that it didn’t work, since after a few minutes I still hadn’t seen any of her cum flying out as it did before with me. Then suddenly, I saw it squeezing its way out with some bit of force as it pressured its way around the giant ball clogging her up. She’s a gusher. The dog started panting loudly as his legs were visibly shaking about. His tongue hung out of his mouth, spilling large amounts of his drool on her back. I then noticed all the scratches on her back and sides from his paws, that just turned me on even more. I had given up on me though, and I was all about that dog, he had to cum inside each of my lovely sluts. 10 minutes went by with him having sex with my 15-year-old daughter, I finally saw him change, his thrusts were now extremely erratic, rough, and jerky. I saw even more cum squirting out of her cunt as his added to hers, filling her up to what must have been a painful feeling. She was drenched in sweat from all of her orgasms, and her legs as well as the bed below her was completely soaked in her sweet nectar, and to top it off, it was now getting some doggy seed to go with it. A few more seconds passed as he dumped his dog nut into her human fuck hole, then he stopped. I knew from the Internet that the knot stayed inside the pussy for a bit, but I still dreaded what he might do. To my relief he simply turned around and stood there, looking more content than even I had after fucking her. After about 10 minutes, his knot finally shrunk enough and his long flaccid member flopped out of her.


   Her cunt remained wide open as both of their cum poured out onto the bed, forming a sizable puddle between her knees. At that moment he jumped off the bed, I became insanely curious. I put the camera down and knelt on the bed behind her, I sank my tongue into her cavernous hole as my face pressed hard against her. I was captivated by the taste of that dogs cum mixed with my daughters cum, and I drank it straight from her own little cup. It was better than I could have ever imagined. Within minutes I had licked her crotch clean of all traces of both of their cum, so I starting quenching my thirst with the puddle on the bed. Once that was dry of all fluids except my own saliva, I found myself wanting more. Bo had taken a spot on the floor and was licking himself clean; he was taking what I wanted. I got on the floor and laid next to him, he paid no mind to me other than a quick glance my way before resuming his licking. I started petting his head, in hopes that he would back off for a minute, just long enough for me to get in there. It worked; he lifted his head high trying to push it into my hand, leaving his almost fully sheathed prick for me to have. While petting him with one hand, I used the other to massage his balls. They were large and hairy, and still wet from all the juices. As I massaged his nuts, his cock slowly started reappearing from its furry cover. After only a short time, it was out enough for me to grab hold of it.

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   I lowered my head without hesitation and inserted his member into my craving mouth. I almost gagged as I forgot what I was doing and I sank all the way down. His prick entered my throat, which I found uncomfortable at first, but within seconds, I had grown fond of it. My tongue lapped greedily at his cock while I stroked it smoothly with my lips. I was almost repulsed once I realized what I was doing; I was sucking my dog’s dick. I am by no means gay nor could I ever be considered gay by anyone I know, but this was an amazing feeling that I couldn’t let go of. I wanted his cum, I needed it and I knew how to get it, so I pumped his dick in and out of my mouth as good as I could. I could taste the precum oozing from his dick from time to time, and that fueled my lust for his spunky seed, even when I started getting tired after about 10 minutes. I learned right away to be careful with both my teeth and movement, as he was humping his cock into my mouth. 20 minutes into it and he started shaking again, he was getting close and that propelled my animalistic desire to have him cum in my mouth, just as he had in Amanda’s cunt. Another five minutes and I was drinking his jism from his dick like a baby drinking milk from a bottle. That’s exactly what I was doing. I was milking him dry. He came for about a minute and then stopped, but I kept sucking until I knew he had nothing left. His prick was going soft and it was no longer feeding me.

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   It was done, and I now felt dirtier than I had ever imagined possible as I rose from between his legs and licked my lips. I laid back onto the floor for a few minutes, swimming in all the thoughts of what just happened, of what I just did. I got up and sat back in my chair, I looked around the room at everyone, the dog, Amanda, Samantha, and my wife, Elizabeth. I still had one more pussy and three asses to fuck, and Bo still had two more cunts and three asses to fuck as well. I was going to need the powers of this ring to both complete this night and to recuperate from it. I stood up and walked behind Samantha, I nestled my cock at her slick hole, and rubbed it up and down the slit. With one swift motion, I sank my cock inside her, breaking her hymen and giving her an intense orgasm at once. The feeling of her even younger, balder pussy sent shivers up my spine as I began fucking her. To Be Continued…My heart was racing all the way through, so I hope ya’ll like it. .
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