The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 20


"Well, that was one for the books," Guy laughed. "I'm not done yet!"I shot  back with an evil grin and I called Sandra over and orderedher to eat Guy's cum out of me. The next sensation I felt wasSandra's mouth sucking his semen off of  my vulva and then hertongue pushing through my opening to lap up what Guy had left insideme. Of course, I also enjoyed the little shivers her tongue dartingbetween my sugar walls gave me. "Hey Guy, do you mind if Miguelfucks me?" I asked? "Only if I get to fuck Sandra," he countered. Igrabbed a clump of Sandra's hair and yanked it backward and herhead  tilted up sharply. "Is cunt willing to fuck Guy?" I asked. "Yes Mistress," she immediately retorted, blushing after beingcalled her slave name in front of guys who were strangers only twodays ago. "Good girl cunt," I complimented. "Cunt will do her utmostto please Guy, does cunt understand?" "Yes Mistress," she affirmed.

All this talk about fucking got all three males hard again andMiguel stood right in front of me ready to hide his salami inme. I spread my legs and showed him my bald slit and I watched himstep right up and steer the head of his cock to myopening. Then I felt the glorious sensation of that thick, long dickof his pushing the sides of my slot apart and the fullness Iexperienced because he was so massive. I emitted a moan as hegrabbed my knees for leverage while standing in front of me andstarted to jackhammer his spike in and out. My eyes scanned from hishandsome face down to his well defined but not grossly so chest andabs. The sensations were becoming more and more intense and my eyesshut so that I could concentrate on the signals coming from thenerve endings within me.

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As I lost myself in what Miguel was doing to me,  I heard Sandramoaning. Guy had put her on her back, too, and was sliding his polein and out of her. As he did with me,  he was also telling Sandrawhat a knockout she was and how tight her pussy was. My mindswitched back to the pin pricks of pleasure I was being bestowed byMiguel's thrusting, as his flesh bomber penetrated my most intimateregion without mercy. Everytime he shoved it in to the hilt theheat seemed to feel warmer than  before and I was losing the handle onmy breathing while my vaginal muscles clamped on and milked hisunit. He took my legs in his arms and pulled me forward a bit to geta more comfortable angle by which to invade my love pit and it washot watching his hip muscles flex as he used them to spear me. Ibegan to pant harder and faster and then had a super spectacularcum, yelling "I'm cumming!" loudly enough that probably anyone whohad been near my closed bedroom window would have heard it. Oh myGod, did that feel amazing! He continued to bring that thick slab ofmeat and almost as soon as I had finished off one climax I couldfeel myself commencing a ramping up toward more. "God yes Miguel!Fuck my pussy! Fuck me hard!" I implored. Sandra's moans were alsoincreasing in volume and frequency as Guy drilled her twat with somereal intention behind it. Her and I were almost harmonizing whilethose sounds built toward a crescendo. I choked as Ifelt that tension rise to a fevered level inside me and then myvoice exploded into a series of pants and gasps as the orgasmspiggybacked on one another. Miguel was inside me for at least halfan hour and I had dozens of orgasms and was almost hyperventilatingby the time he offloaded his sperm freight into me.

Guy also showed stamina and by the time I was finished Sandra was onher third orgasm and was visited by two more before Guy's endurancegave out and he rifled his cum rounds into her. While Sandra wasstill engaged, I called George over and sucked him off just so hewouldn't be left out.

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   My pussy was happily stretched out and Ididn't want to be fucked again so that I could have Miguel'sscrewing be the last one of the day. i suggested that we all take ashower together and while it was admittedly cramped in that stall,it was still fun. I had Sandra dry the three boys off and everybodybut Sandra went downstairs to retrieve their clothes. We spent thenext couple of hours after that in my music room playing guitars. Sandra and I subsequently made dinner for them and then we playedsome more music and just generally fooled around. I took Guy asideand told him to make up some excuse to go home so that he could takeMiguel back to his place and Guy and George could spend the nighthere with us.

 I really liked Guy and lamented that his availability was going tobe so limited once school started again in a couple of weeks Hewould be a stellar boyfriend. But I couldn't get greedy. Sandra wasa wonderful girl and so I told myself to remember to keep herclosest to my heart.

Sandra was quite taken with George and I was hoping she wouldbecause he is a super nice guy and he would always respect her andencourage her. But like with Guy, his availability was very limitedby his work and his schooling and their "dates," if you could callthem that, were often just hanging out at my place on the weekendstogether once school was back in session. Mind you, having menaround to lean on is great, but as a woman I was feeling much moreof a need to be with someone I cared about than when I was a man andhad more of a cut and dried outlook about my priorities. It wasn'tpracticable to have any of them move in with me, either, at thatpoint. So while it was still summer vacation, I would tell Guy andGeorge after they came back from taking Miguel home that we wouldlike it if they could stay overnight frequently.

The ensuing Friday, Guy came over just before noon to drop off a bagcontaining some of his books and several changes of clothes.

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   I barelylet him get into the foyer before I had his jeans down around his anklesand his dick in my mouth. I hadn't had sex during the four previousdays. Sandra had seen George a couple of times during the week at hisjob. His parents liked the fact that he was now dating aJapanese-American.   George and Sandra went out to his truck in therestaurant's parking lot and things got pretty hot and heavy in thecamper attached to it from what she told me. She gave him a blowjob andhe fingered her while they made out passionately.

Getting back to Guy, though, after he had shot a hefty payload of hismancream between my lips, he pulled his pants and boxers back up and wewent upstairs to my music room so I could show off more of my guitarskills. He also wanted me to teach him some stuff, too.   The time wentby really quickly before he had to leave for work and he wouldn't returnto my house until about 1 a. m.

Sandra arrived a little after seven. Of course, as soon as I let her in,she removed her clothes and neatly folded them before dropping theminto a little wooden hamper next to the door I had bought strictly forthat purpose. We climbed the stairs to my bedroom. "So is cunt ready toserve George this weekend?" I asked Sandra with a sly smile. "YesMistress," she responded.

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   I rejoindered that she still didn't know howto deep throat yet so I was going to begin training her to be able to dothat. "Thank you Mistress," she bubbled. I tied her up so that she wasimmobilized on her knees with her hands behind her back after I had herkneel on a zabuton, the small pillows or pads that Japanese use whenthey sit on the floor. I extracted a strap on harness from my goody bagand disrobed. I had to wait for my dogs to stop licking and jumping onSandra. They actually toppled her over, which caused the two of us tobreak out in laughter. I was able to finally calm them down, a couple ofthem leaping on my bed just  to hang out with the rest of the pack, asit were. I finally slipped the harness up my legs to my groin andgrabbed the artificial penis and directed it in front of Sandra's face. Islowly pushed it into her piehole and made her gag. "Cunt, relax yourthroat and your jaw muscles," I suggested. I nudged it into  her mouthabout 60% of the dildo's length again and she gagged. I forced the backof her head to stay on it for five seconds and then let her come up forair. "Cunt knows how hot she will look to George when she has his cockin her throat," I leered. "Yes Mistress," she acknowledged. "So we'regoing to try this again," I warned.

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   I jammed the gel penis back into thefront of her throat and she began to gag. This time I made her stay onit for ten seconds. She emitted a huge string of saliva or somethingwhen I withdrew it. "Cunt, let's do an exercise," I advocated. "Takesome deep breaths and when you exhale, let all the muscles in your bodybecome limp, including those in your face and throat," I proposed. "YesMistress. Thank you Mistress," she assented, signaling that she was upfor more.

My little man made friend invaded her food pipe again and I compelledher to keep it there for another ten seconds. This would go on for thenext half hour and by the end of that time the dildo and her chin wereboth smeared with her spit. Her face was also red from the effort. Ichecked her pussy and it was soaked. So my doing this to her wasdefinitely turning her on. "Your deep throat training for the day isover, cunt," I informed her. "Thank you Mistress. " "However, I havehomework for you to do," I elaborated, pulling a small rubber dildo outof my bag.

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   "You will first work on deep throating your toothbrush everyday for one hour and then practice with this for 15 minutes after that. Does cunt understand?" "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress. " "Good girlcunt," I complimented. "Then when you come over, I will test yourprogress using the strap on. " Thank you Mistress. " "Would cunt like tobe fucked now?" "Yes Mistress. " I untied her and had her bend over thebed. My  German Shepherd licked her face when she did that, which wasfunny. God, dogs are so entertaining! I impaled her with the strap onand began to thrust. "Cunt will not cum without my permission, does cuntunderstand?" 'Yes Mistress. " "Failure to obey my commands will resultin cunt not being able to sit down for a week after my paddle and caneget through with you. Does cunt understand?" "Yes Mistress. " After onlyabout five minutes, she was already moaning and I tossed in several hardslaps of her cute little ass. I decided I was going to torture heruntil George arrived around 10:30 or 11, which gave me plenty of timeto  really work her good.

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I couldn't pound her as hard as a man, unfortunately, but I wasjackhammering it into her pretty good for a girl and her moans and sighswere becoming higher pitched while the artificial cock rubbed herinsides. I gave her three more hard slaps on her ass and it had just ahint of a reddish tint to it now. She let out a long moan and then camethe machine gun panting and I knew she was damned close. "Is cunt goingto cum?" I inquired. "No Mistress," she claimed. I reached around herright thigh and found her clit and applied friction to it. That added tothe sensations she was already experiencing and she was soon begging tocum. I pulled out of her and told her to stay put. I got out my caneand very lightly patted the back of her thighs and ass with it. Ibrought out a vibrating butt plug and, after lubing both it and herasshole, I inserted it into her fudge tunnel. I turned it on halfway andsunk to my knees and sucked on her clit. Ten minutes down the road, shewas panting and sighing as my tongue lapped up her juices and flickedthe hood of her clit. She pleaded to be allowed to cum again. I letthings go on until she couldn't take it anymore and would have orgasmedno matter what punishment I promised. That was when I turned thevibrator off and stopped using my mouth on her nubbin.

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I tied her hands behind her back again and also bound her legs together. I tickled her for the next half an hour, taking it to the point shewould become breathless and then I would halt it for a couple minutesbefore going at her again. I picked my paddle up from the bag and laid ahard swat on her ass. I switched the vibrating butt plug up to full andstruck her ass again with another firm swing. I dipped down deep intomy bag and removed a small vibrator and returned to my knees and placedthe head of the sex toy on her clit. Within five minutes she was beggingto be allowed to cum. "Cunt had better not cum or she will get it  likeshe has never been punished before!" I growled. I pushed her right tothe brink of insanity and once again gave her a respite. "Cunt is luckythat her Mistress is so charitable as to enable her to have breaks fromthe stimulation," I archly commented. "Thank you Mistress," sheresponded, still panting. I moved behind her and flipped the butt plugback to life while I cleaved her vaginal walls with the strap on dildo. Ireached around again and rubbed her clit while I thrust the fake rodinto her and the vibrations of the plug resonated in her ass and evenher pussy. I fucked her hard again right to the brink. I interrupted thepleasure supply once more. I had her sit on the bed facing me, butstill bound.

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   I leaned down and sucked and bit her nipples while I puttwo fingers inside of her and tantalized her g spot. I restarted thebutt plug and in five minutes she was beginning to pant and writheagain. A couple of minutes later, she implored that she be permitted toorgasm. I ignored her while I looked into her eyes and kissed her hardbriefly before reverting back to stimulating her nipples. Her breathingwas positively husky now she was that worked up. I continued in thisvain for an additional five minutes and then terminated the teasing.

But not for long. With her nipples fully erect, I retrieved a pair ofnipple clamps from my back and fastened them on to her now verysensitive milk nubs. She yelped as I tightened the screws thatcontrolled the pressure of the clips. I licked the head of her teatswhile they pulsed with the intermittent blood flow. I was super hot as Ipressed my fingers against the hood of her love button and felt howmonsoon steamy it was around her vulva. It didn't take much time beforeshe was rapidly ascending the ladder of pleasure again. "PleaseMistress, please let your  cunt cum!" she whimpered. I brushed thatdemand off and waited until she was gasping and grunting in seeking tonot get punished for prohibited orgasming. I picked up the paddle andwacked her ass hard three times apiece on her butt, which was nownoticeably reddened.

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   "These swats are a small reminder of what willhappen if she cums without my say so," I firmly asserted.

I put the paddle down, turned off the butt plug and gripped the cane. Ilightly tapped her breasts with it a couple of  times and then graduallydid the same down the front of her body.   The taps weren't painful, butthey not only had a textural impact, the thought that any moment Icould really snap one off was a bit of psychodrama I was imposing onher. I laid her on her back and had my gel cock revisit her tender pinkfolds. The number of minutes required to get her on the edge of ecstasywas declining with each  bullying of her senses. In only a couple ofminutes after reinserting the dildo, she was gasping and moaning. Bothof us were sweating, too, though not heavily, due to the heat inside ofus, the air conditioning feeling amazing when it struck the moisture onour skin. She squealed and squirmed, her hips bucking her wanton fuckhole back at my stiff factory direct unit, she was that desperate totrip her own trigger. "Now cunt knows what it feels like when shecockteases a man," I snarked. I pulled out of her and had her turn overso that I could remove the butt plug.

I had her describe how she cockteased guys in high school to keep hermind on sex. As she commenced the tale, I reclaimed the cane and ran thetail of it over her body to keep some psychological stress on her. "There was this sports guy, I can't remember what he played, who waswell known for liking Asian girls," she opened. "He had been after mefor a while, but he wasn't my type because he wasn't exactly bright.


   Ifinally gave in to his request for a date but I decided that I was goingto make him pay for bugging me," Sandra related. "So he comes to myhouse and picks me up and we did the typical movie date thing, whichdidn't exactly win him any points. Anyway, we were sitting next to eachother watching this crappy Ben Affleck thing and he suddenly tried tokiss me. I backed away a little and said, "not yet. " About 15 minuteslater, he went for it again and I let him give me a quick peck on thelips. When he tried for more, I pushed him away and told him to let mewatch the rest of the movie. I guess he figured I was playing hard toget. I could already notice, though, that he was hard because I saw thebulge in his pants. And the bulge wasn't even that impressive. Aboutfive minutes before the movie ends, I look around to make sure nobody ispaying any attention to us then I tap him on the knee and pull my skirtup and show him my panties and giggle. So the movie ends and he decideshe wants to take me somewhere 'to talk. ' "

"On the way to wherever it is he was going to take me, I asked him if heliked my panties. 'I would like them even better on the floor,' hesaid. I let that go in one ear and out the other and when we pulled intoa parking space at a local park, I said to him that since I had showedhim mine I wanted to see his. 'Really?' he says.

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   'Really,' I said. Hepulled his jeans down and exposes his tighty whities. I laughed out loudbecause they made him look like he was ten. I guess he never got thememo about wearing boxers. I ran my hand up his t-shirt and rubbed hischest, so he goes for my knee and I slap it away. His pants were stilldown and I reached over and felt his cock over his underwear. Of course,it was stained with pre-cum, which was kinda gross since I had nointerest in him. 'Oh God, that feels good,' he says. He reached for myboob over my top and I let him feel me up a little. I told him to pullhis underpants off so that I could get a good look at his cock. Now Ithink he thought that he was at the very least going to get a handjob,if not a blowjob. I lean my head in his lap. It was thick but only aboutfive inches long hard and I start giggling. I then told him to take mehome NOW! He was so confused he didn't know what hit him and he did whatI told him. I just jumped out of the car and ran to my door to avoidany awkward conversation.

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   He asked me out again, but I would just laughwhen he did and he finally got the message I wasn't interested. "

"So my cunt totally humiliated the boy?" I inquired. "Your cunt not onlyhumiliated him Mistress, she gave him a bad case of blue balls," sheaverred. "Did cunt like the power she had over him?" "At the time, yourcunt didn't really know the psychological dynamic of what happened,Mistress. She just knew she could frustrate him as punishment forbothering her," Sandra revealed. "So is cunt enjoying being deniedtonight?' I teased. "No Mistress. " "Does cunt still need release?" "YesMistress. " "Is cunt looking forward to having George's cock inside ofher later?" "Yes Mistress," she reported with a big smile. "Did cuntenjoy having her Mistress' cock inside of her?" "Oh yes Mistress. " "I'mglad to hear that cunt," I started. "Now get on your hands and knees andface the headboard," I commanded. "Yes Mistress. " She did as orderedand I lined the head of the gel dick up with her opening and insinuatedit into her. I bored it in to the hilt and just held it there.

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   After acouple of minutes of remaining motionless, Sandra's knees tilted backtoward me attempting to have the artificial phallus move inside of her. Islapped her hard on the ass. "Cunt will remain still," I snarled. "YesMistress. Sorry Mistress. " I reached around her leg again and rubbed herclit. I continued to manipulate it for a few minutes and she was backon the precipice of an electric orgasm while I kept the gel penismotionless.

I pulled out again and scooted up to the headboard. I directed that shesquat over my stand in dirty dangler and impale herself on it but to notmove once she hit bottom. I separated the clamps from her nipples, butthen covered them with my mouth and forcefully sucked them. I felt herpelvis move and I slapped her ass hard to remind her to remain in place. I resumed sucking and lightly biting her milk ducts while I alsotwiddled her clit with my fingers. As she got close to orgasm, my dogsdashed downstairs, which meant that somebody was at the door. It was nowwell past ten. I went downstairs naked after telling Sandra to bendover the edge of the bed and spread her legs open.

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   I asked who wasthere. It was George. I let him in and gave him a big hug and a kiss,though he laughed when he saw the strap on. I grabbed his arm andescorted him upstairs, saying that Sandra was ready for him. When heentered the room, he saw his love basically presenting her cookie. "Shewants you to fuck her right now!" I enthused. "Cool!" he responded anddropped his pants and boxers, stroked his cock a few times to get ithard to its full length and moved behind Sandra. "Hey babe, how are youtonight?" he asked, chuckling. "Wet and horny," she replied. "She's allrevved up sweety, so give it to her good!" I giggled. "Not a problem,"he grinned and grabbed her hips and aimed his love missile at its target and slid it right in. He grabbed her breasts as he began thrustingand within five minutes she was elatedly exclaiming how good his cockfelt. His fooling around with her abused nipples and his laying pipe inher passion pit soon had her warning of her imminent orgasm. "Mistress,may I cum?" she begged. "George is cunt's Master tonight, so ask him," Idemanded.

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   "May I cum Master?" she inquired again. "Oh yeah babe, go forit," he allowed and that was enough for her, as she was overwhelmed by aloud, screaming, shuddering and convulsing orgasm that shook her to thefoundation of her very soul, the sensations appearing to move inside ofher like an earthquake, with little aftershocks at the end of the mainevent. "Oh my God, thank you Master!" she proclaimed after finally beingpermitted to orgasm after three hours of constant teasing.

He kept attacking her sex and another pleasure hurricane was forming inher mind, gaining steam with each successive thrust of George's verystiff prong. "Oh fuck yeah, God, your pussy feels amazing," he praised,as he pursued his own ecstasy. At a certain point, he really beganslamming his meat pole into her with bone jarring force and Sandrayelled her approval as another orgasm tore through her skinny body. "Ohfuck oh fuck, God damn, this feels so good," he grunted before lettingSandra have a couple hard smacks on her right cheek. She was about tocum again and he appeared nearly ready to unburden himself, too, astheir collective sighs and moans filled my bedroom. Just as she fell offthe cliff of sanity into the gorge of ecstatic euphoria, he unloadedhis sperm deep inside of her with several grandiose grunts. When hepulled out,  she whipped her body around and dropped to her knees andlicked the semen dotting his cock off and swallowed it.

"Okay you guys,  I've kitted out one of the other bedrooms for you soyou can have some privacy, so go there and have fun!" I smiled as Iuntied Sandra. "Thanks for everything Miwa!" George grinned and hauledSandra, who also expressed her gratitude, off to their sleep chamber.

I waited a few minutes and then crept to their door to try to listen in. All I could hear were kissing sounds, conversation and somewhat heavybreathing. I quickly got bored with that and went to my music room andjammed for a couple of hours.

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   When it got close to 1 a. m. , I put myguitar down and descended the stairs to await Guy's arrival. Beforegoing to jam, I had put on a t-shirt and a pair of panties because it'smore comfortable to play with something on than it is naked. Finally,the knock at the door came and I welcomed Guy with open arms and a long,hot kiss. "Where's Sandra?" he wondered. "She went to bed with George. Ididn't hear anything when I passed their room, so I think they're asleep now. " "Excellent!" he burbled and he took my hand and we went upto my bedroom. "Do you mind if I take a shower first? I kinda worked up asweat at work," he informed me. I bid him to feel free to do so andshowed him where I kept my linens so he could grab a towel and awashcloth when he needed one. I took my clothes off, such as they were,and waited in bed for him.  .
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