The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 17


Sex is fucking great but there are fewer things sweeter to me than anice, fat overdriven guitar sound and I whiled away the time afterdinner hammering away at some old Judas Priest and UFO songs. Fuckyeah! And I was so worn out after a few hours of that that I had anice, deep sleep. I was pretty much dead to the world, as the clichegoes. However, because I had my Marshall half stack cranked (I wearear plugs so I don't suffer any hearing loss like Pete Townshend andTed Nugent, who are both deaf in one ear, have), I didn't hear mycellphone going off. I checked my voice messages and there was onefrom a girl who was in an all female Scorpions tribute band calledWidow Scorpions. She wanted me to come down to audition. I hadexchanged emails with her after she saw some of my You Tube stuff. Igave her my cell number and that is how she was able to call me. Their lead guitarist, the one who did all the Matthias Jabs parts,was leaving because she wanted to settle down with her fiance,especially since she was already pregnant. One of the things thatintrigued her about me was that I not only had the ability to doJabs' riffs and leads, but I also had a few of his signature modelguitars. I am a huge fan of the guy's tone and style. He also uses arelatively uncomplicated stage setup with very few effects.

The next morning I called her and I made plans to go down to therehearsal studio they practiced at the following week. I was onlyhalf serious about this. I figured it would be a fun jam and then Iwould go home and get on with my life. I asked her what their setlist was and I already knew most of the songs anyway, but I listenedto a bunch more and learned them, too.

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    I could also do a lot of theUli Roth and Michael Schenker era (I'm mostly thinking Lovedrivehere)material.

The day of the audition, I took a Marshall 50 watt head, my pedalboard, which is fucking huge as those things go, and a 4x12 speakercabinet with me as well as my Strat, my Gibson Flying V and the JabsExplorer type model that is made by Demmenget  (about $6000 a pop) tothe band's rehearsal studio. There were a couple of girls standingnext to the door of one of the rehearsal rooms, one a white girl andthe other Asian. I walked up to them and asked them if they playedin the band and then told them who I was. "Hi Miwa, it's nice tomeet you," the white girl, who was the bassist and was named DeniseFaulkner, greeted me. The Asian girl was also Japanese-American,though a couple inches taller than me, and her name was SandraZaitsu. They invited me into the rehearsal space and I set my gear up. Of course, I was also introduced to the othermembers, drummer Brandy Overholt and singer Terry Martin.

Since the studios are rented by the hour, as soon as I was ready, wewent right into it, beginning with "Blackout. " I wasn't entirelywarmed up before we kicked into it, but by the end of the tune Ibegan to loosen up and we seemed to click really nicely. Then welaunched into "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and we were killing. I wassurprised by how good they were. I don't much rate female hardrock/metal singers generally except for Ann Wilson, who isunfuckingbelievable, but Terry's vocals had real balls without beingeither shrill or throaty. The version of "Dynamite" we did flat outsmoked. After that was "Coming Home," another driving tune with aslow opening and the lead break just flowed off my fingers.

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   So itwent on like that for an hour and it was like I was born to play inthat band. Sandra and Denise had both gone to Musician's Instituteand were excellent players in their own right and Sandra's leads onthe solos that Rudy Schenker normally did were very fluid,emotionally on point and aggressively presented.

"Fuck Miwa, you're the best female guitar player we've ever hadaudition for us," Terry praised. "Your playing is uber fierce! Soyou wanna join?" Shit, another entanglement. I really really enjoyedplaying with them and I couldn't help but to say yes. I did that,though, with the proviso that we have a highly polished look andpresentation and that Sandra get her amp fixed because it soundedkinda glassy, which means she needed a retube. "I have some moneysaved up that I can put into the band. I don't  want to come in hereand just try to take over because that would be disrespectful, but Iwould really like to demolish audiences and be the best tribute band out there, even better than the Iron Maidens or Hell'sBelles," I insisted. "Well, we haven't done that many gigs as yet,so anything that helps we're pretty good with," Terry answered.

We broke our gear down and caravaned over to Denise's place to hashsome things out, mostly about equipment, stage presentation andmarketing ourselves. The musicianship was there but I also had tosay that if they weren't going to treat every show like it wasMadison Square Garden, no matter how dumpy a dive it is, then I wasgoing to back out because that is how you build an audience.

The next day, I met Sandra and we took her amp in to be serviced andthen I bought her a spare stack plus another Flying V as a backupfor her regular axe. Of course, she was incredibly grateful. In thecar, we discussed what kind of stage outfits we should wear andshit. I also told Sandra to stop coloring her hair because we shouldexploit the marketing angle of having two hot Asian chicks playingguitar and the jet black hair would drive that home further.

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  Fortunately, she wasn't offended and acceded to my request.

I also invited Sandra over to my home the day after that to jam inmy music room. She fiddled around with a lot of my guitars and mydifferent amp setups and I corrected some minor mistakes she wasmaking in a couple songs that she had learned largely by ear. I alsosuggested that it would be better if they could rehearse at my placesince it would be free, even if it was a bit of a hike for the othermembers, not to mention it was better from a creature comfortstandpoint. She wasn't as enthusiastic about that idea and the othermembers would ultimately decide to keep paying for expensiverehearsal studio time just to save on how far they would have todrive. Oh well.

I made dinner for her and subsequently began to notice the way shewas looking at me across from the dining room table. Then I recalledhow lingering her hug had been after she walked through the door. Sandra was very good looking. At around 5'5" but only about 110pounds, she was more willowy than I was and her breasts weredefinitely smaller, either small b cups or large A's. Rather thanconfronting her about whether she was gay or not, during a lull inthe conversation, I just blurted out, "by the way, none of you guyswill care that I'm bisexual, right?"  She smiled and replied, "no. Actually , Brandy is a lesbian and I'm bi, too," Sandra revealed. "Great! Maybe we can attract both boys and girls then," I giggled. "That would be totally hot," Sandra agreed.

When she was leaving to go home, Sandra hugged me tight again andthen gave me a quick kiss.

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   Now if I was still a guy I would totallywant to bone her. In fact, I kinda lamented that I would no longerknow that feeling of a pussy around my cock and would have to usestrap ons or dildos to penetrate women with, but oh well, you can'thave everything. I was enjoying being a female and didn't want togive it up.

Saturday, I took the groups members to a couple of clothing shops inHollywood that specialize in dressing rock stars and I boughtprofessional looking outfits for them. I also purchased PA andlighting systems s o we could do our own shows and not be dependenton needing to get into rooms with those things. We took Brandy'spickup truck, which had a camper shell on the back of it, and Sandrasat next to me in the camper on the way up and back and held my handa lot of the time, which made me wet. She didn't put any big moveson me otherwise, though. Maybe she didn't want to in front ofDenise, who was also in the camper with us. I was definitely up foranything she wanted to do, however.

Anyway, I was delighted that the other members had a work ethic andso we rehearsed quite a bit over the ensuing month and they agreedto add more of the Scorps Uli Roth era material to their repetoiresuch as "We'll Burn the Sky," "Speedy's Coming," "He's a Woman,She's a Man, "Picture Life" "Catch Your Train" and "SteamrockFever. " Sandra came over to my house to work on getting a lot ofthose guitar parts right and that is when we ended up becoming acouple. I warned, her, though, that we couldn't let our relationshipor even a breakup affect the band or it would be sunk, so we had tosee the group as more of a business and not drag whatever personalissues we were having with each other into it. She said she was onboard with that idea. I hoped she really was and not just sayingthat to please me.

Here is how Sandra and I hooked up after the thing in the camper:she came to my house a few days hence to rehearse the songs I wantedus to be able to play.

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   It was fun jamming with her. She'sa real nice girl, more gregarious than I am. When we finishedjamming, we sat next to each other on the sofa in my music room andshe held my hand again. "Miwa, I think you're super cute and smartand just amazing," she began. "What do you think of me?' Irejoindered that I thought she was totally hot, a killer guitarplayer and that I liked how outgoing she was because I was a littlemore introverted by nature. "So you think we complement each otherthen?" she wanted to know. "I guess you could say that," Ihesitated. She suddenly put her arms around me and started kissingme rather passionately, my lips eagerly meeting hers and our tonguesexploring one another's mouths. Then I felt her untie the knot in myblouse and open it and unhook my bra while she peppered my neck andmy upper chest with kisses. Her soft hands palmed my boobs while Islid my hands up the back of her t-shirt and undid her bra beforepulling both it and her shirt off of her, leaving us both naked fromthe waist up.

I held her face in my hands just so that I could stare into herbeautiful dark brown eyes before I kissed her again. She leaned herhead down and lashed her tongue at my stiff nipples, jarring me withlittle pleasure charges. I was stroking the back of her head as shedid that while my back was flat against the rear sofa cushion and myhead was bent back, too, savoring the sensations. It felt like shewas pulling lightning bolts out of my nipples every  time she wouldsuck them, such was the intensity of the sensations she elicitedfrom them. My pussy was gushing and my panties were as damp andsteamy as a  mid-summer monsoon, something I'm sure she noticed whenshe pushed her hand under my jean shorts and panties to diddle myclit.

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   I popped the button on my shorts and unzipped them for her sothat she could have easier access. I did the same with her pants andshe got up to dispatch them to the floor and pulled my shorts andpanties off as well. "You know, we should probably go to bed," Isuggested. She nodded yes and I led her by the hand to my sleepchamber.

We climbed into bed together and resumed groping each other. She satup astride me so that I could suck on her perky nipples that were atthe summit of her cute little boobies while she wrapped her armsaround my neck. We were both pretty worked up now and she retreatedto the middle of the bed so that she could split my uprights andtongue my pussy and clit. Her soft, wet tongue on my nubbin waselectric and she had me cumming vociferously,  as I sopped hertongue with my wetness, each dart against my clit creating littleembers of heat. She ate me like she just got here from Darfur andtreated me to one climax after another, my thighs locking her headbetween them.

She pulled away and had me sit up with my arms behind me,  my kneesup and my legs open. She scooted her legs over my body so that shecould rub her pussy against mine, her soft, wet and hairy lovetunnel forcing itself on my clit and bringing me to more orgasmsand, even better, she had a couple herself. Sandra unhitched herselffrom my crotch and crawled over next to me and we held each other'ssmooth naked flesh. . I hugged her with as much strength as my littlebody could muster. "So where is this going?" she asked in thatannoying way women do.

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   "Uh, if I had to guess, I would say thatwe're girlfriends," I estimated. She hugged me and she told me sheloved me. I echoed that sentiment to her. Actually, I was more inlust with her than love because I still like cock, but I didn't wanther to feel left in limbo if I didn't say I loved her, too. I madeher dinner and then she slept over with me before she left in themorning to get a change of clothes and go to her day job. I wasstill nude when I kissed her goodbye before she headed out the door.

She came over again the next night and we jammed. I then confessedto her that I still needed to get cock every now and again. "Havingyou fuck me with a strap on is hot, but it isn't a real dick," Iinformed her. She agreed and so we made a deal whereby we could bothstill have sex with guys as long as there wasn't anything emotionalinvolved while we would be exclusive as a female couple. I mean, wehad to be realistic that both of us were bisexual and needed contactwith both sexes. We went to bed and had sex and she spent the nightwith me laying naked next to me with my arms around her. Getting upin the morning seeing someone as cute as Sandra nude next to you isa nice way to start the day, to say the least.

Friday, after she got off of work, she was over at my place yetagain. After jamming for a while, we began making out and retired tomy bed.

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   In preparation for her arrival that night, I brought myropes out and I tied her hands to the headboard and her legs to thefeet of the platform my mattress is laying on. She didn't resist atall when I began binding her wrists, though she appeared to be alittle anxious once she was spread eagled and vulnerable. "Do youlike this?" I asked her. "Yes," she answered, giggling. I inserted avibrating egg into her pussy and wacked it up about halfway. Then Itickled her for a few minutes until her face was flushed and she waspanting. I upped the intensity of the vibrations in her pussy tofull and then crawled between her legs and licked and sucked herclit while the egg worked its magic. It didn't take long for her tohave a shuddering orgasm that smeared my face with her naturallubrication. I alternately sucked and licked her love button to myheart's content and she was panting and squealing up a storm beforeshe went rigid and then had a hardcore convulsive cum.

I straddled her face and sunk my clit over her lips facing away fromher. As she lapped at my miniature female cock, I pinched, pulledand rolled her nipples with my fingers. The sensation of having myclit distended by her suction is indescribable. She was ramping upto another orgasm, too and we came almost simultaneously. I rose upfrom her head and watched her cum yet again just from the vibrator. "You're having a really good time, aren't you Sandra?" I inquired.

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  "Oh God yesss," she said in a very satisfied tone of voice. I lether be vibrated to one more climax before I untied the ropes.

"So have you ever experimented with BDSM before?" I asked. "Notreally," she reported. "I've been tied up a few times and that'sabout it," she elaborated. "Do you want to tie me up, now?" Iwondered. "Not really. That's just not my thing," she asserted. "That's just great," I thought to myself. "I'm a submissive and now Ihave a girlfriend who's a subbie, too. " "Do you like being spanked?'I grinned. "Maybe," she giggled. I retrieved a paddle and told herto bend over my bed. She complied and I applied a light swat to herskinny little butt. She let out an "ouch!" but then giggled.

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   I hither more forcefully on the same cheek again and she yelped, butdidn't move from the posture I put her in, obviously wanting more. Igave her three hard shots in a row on the other cheek and now theskin on her ass was turning a rosy shade. I slapped her behind hardwith my righthand and she was beginning to pant. "You look likeyou're enjoying this Sandra," I insinuated. She only giggled. Whenshe tried to rub her increasingly sore posterior, I slapped the handaway. "You will not touch yourself until I say you can," I warnedher. "Okay," she meekly replied.

"I'd better make sure you can't until I'm done with you," Icontinued. I still had the bondage rack in my room and I anchoredher hands and feet to it so that her arms and legs were spread asfar as they would go. I tied a harness to her hips with knots in itthat were right against her clit, the opening of her pussy and hersphincter. So far, she hadn't objected to any to any of the things Iwas doing to her. I picked up the paddle again and swung it hard asif I was Miguel Cabrera and she emitted a scream after it madecontact with her increasingly sensitive butt. I did the same to theother cheek and elicited the same reaction. Because of how the hipharness was constructed, every time she would move the knots putpressure on her clit and pop the knots on her pussy and anus intoher a bit.


   I slapped her ass with my open hand several times and sheyelped at first but then moaned somewhat when the clit knot ran overher hood. I snared a cane and gently whipped her breasts, stomachand thighs with it. Her body twisted and undulated against the ropesand it was fun watching her deal with all the sensations she wasbeing subjected to. I gave her a hard taste of the cane against herrump and then grabbed her tits from behind and pulled and twistedher nipples. I walked back around so that I was in front of her andshe had this expression on her face like she was high, which meantshe was in sub space. I untied her and ordered her to kneel in frontof me, which she did without a peep. "You want to serve me, don'tyou?" I interrogated. "Yes," she quietly admitted. "From now on youwill not call me Miwa, but Mistress when we are in private, do youunderstand Sandra?" I barked, grabbing a handful of her hair andpulling her head up with it. "Yes Mistress," she accommodated. "OkaySandra, kiss my feet while I think of a new name for you," Icommanded. She tenderly smooched the tops of my toes and foot forseveral minutes. "From now on your name when we are in private willbe "cunt," do you understand cunt?" "Yes Mistress," she placidlyreacted.

"Cunt will now kneel before my bed and give me a foot massage," Idirected. "Yes Mistress," she accommodated.

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   Her fingers, from yearsof rigorous guitar training, were strong and flexible and I wasmoaning at the very pleasant sensations she was dealing out. When Iwas sated with that exhibition of devotion, I had her go wash herhands and then kneel before me once more. "Cunt will talk of herselfin the third person when we are in private and she will not speakuntil spoken to by me, does cunt understand?"  "Yes Mistress. " "Cuntwill not answer any questions or conversations from another withoutmy permission, does cunt understand?" "Yes Mistress. " "Cunt willbecome naked as soon as she enters my home, does cunt understand?""Yes Mistress. " "If cunt has something she needs to ask or inform meof she will raise her hand and wait for recognition before utteringanything, does cunt understand?' "Yes Mistresss. "  "Cunt willconsider herself my representative and will not do anythingundignified. If there is a conflict she is having with someone shewill consult with me about it first before concocting a reaction toit, does cunt understand?" Yes Mistress. " "Cunt will inform herMistress of my aches or pains or any other problems, no matter howminor, as my responsibility is protecting her health and reputation. Does cunt understand?" "Yes Mistress. " "Cunt will express gratitudewhen her Mistress does anything nice for her, including when she ispunished so that she may become a better slave, does cuntunderstand?" "Yes Mistress. " "Any violations of these rules willresult in severe punishment. Does cunt understand?" "Yes Mistress. ""Good girl cunt. Your Mistress, as we talked about before, willpermit you to perform sexual acts with men, but you will report toher as soon as you can after it happens.

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   Does cunt understand?" "YesMistress. " "When we are with the band or out in public, cunt willact like a vanilla person so as to defend the privacy of herself andher Mistress. Does cunt understand/" "Yes Mistress. "

"Cunt, you will not be permitted limits. However, your Mistress hasmany limits and will never demand you do anything disgusting orillegal. Nonetheless, being that both of us are of Japanese ancestryand there are no limits in Japan's BDSM scene, your body and mindwill be for my use as I see fit. Does cunt agree to that?" "YesMistress. "  "Good girl cunt. " "Thank you Mistress. "

Being that Sandra was bigger than me I was hoping she would dominateme, but again, you can't have everything. I had her join me in bedand she slept with me overnight. The following morning, we went tothe beach and I bought her a really skimpy string bikini and madeher wear it while we strolled down the strand. She was totallyembarrassed. The top had just enough material to cover her nipplesand the bottoms barely covered enough to be legal. Of course, shewas the target of a lot of catcalls and wolf whistles and I wasenjoying looking at her while we roamed around the seaside.

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   Then Itook her to a beachside cafe and pretty much every guy in the placewas staring at her cute little tits.

We got home and I allowed her to change into her regular clothes sothat we could rehearse. I didn't have enough room in my car for hergear, so I dropped her off and she arrived at the rehearsal studio afew minutes after I did. We had a great rehearsal session and thenTerry told us that we were going to play a small club in Long Beacha couple weeks hence opening for a Doors tribute band. "That shouldbe interesting," I snarked in my head. Either we were going to blowthem off the stage or the crowd wouldn't really be a hard rock kindaaudience and we would get pelted with verbal insults or beer cupsand other debris. I suspected that it was going to be somewhat of azero sum game.

The punters, though, surprised me. They were pretty mellow. Sandraand I were in contrasting white and black outfits of drawstringbustiers that was only large enough to conceal our boobs and leatherpants with matching heels. When her and I were at the center of thestage trading leads on an extended version we did of "Don't Make NoPromises (You're Body Can't Keep)" the camera  phones came out andthere were a lot of pictures being taken of us. together. We closedthe main part of our set with 'Winds of Change" and got asked backfor an encore, where we did "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and then"Coming Home. " The crowd of maybe a little more than a hundredwanted more, but  that was all the time we were given, so oh well. That's life playing clubs.

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   The Doors tribute band were pretty sharpand they went down well, too, so in all, a good night.

I followed Sandra home so she could offload her equipment and thenshe jumped into my car and we went back to my house. We took ashower together and the sight of the water cascading over her leanbody was magnificent. By that time, it was almost 3 a. m. and we werepretty knackered, so we just went to bed and right to sleep. Thistime, since she is taller, I had her hold me before we dozed off.

My dogs woke us both up four hours later so that they could be fedat their usual time. I told Sandra to go back to sleep and I rejoinedher once the mutts had their meal and did their business in thebackyard. We woke up again right around noon and I had her don thestring bikini again and, after we got ourselves looking pretty andate what would be at the same time our breakfast and lunch, we wentto my development's pool. We were in the water at one point when Isuddenly pulled her bikini top off of her, causing her to scream andtry to cover up. I had a good laugh with that. "I just wanted toshow your cute little nipples to everybody sweety," I smiledhumorously.

After a couple of hours of horsing around there, we went back to thehouse and she immediately removed her bikini, leaving her naked. Icouldn't resist and I took her to my bedroom and I tongued hercookie to quite a few orgasms.

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   She did similarly for me and then shewent home to prepare for another work week.  .