The Indoctrination of Lynne Chapter 2


The Indoctrination of Lynne

Chapter 2

Hello, my name is Lynne and this is my story.   I was 28 years old during the summer of 1995. I am 5’4” with a tanned and toned athletic body.   My 36D breasts always seem draw the attention of adoring eyes. Once I had their eyes are turned, my firm tummy and tight ass accented by my shapely legs would hold their gazes.   I am married to my wonderful husband, Charlie, who has satisfied most all of my needs. In fact I never thought I would ever stray away from our marriage. I was working for an airline called Mark Air Express at an outstation in King Salmon, Alaska. It was going to be a 3 month work stint at the King Salmon station for myself and a coworker named Monica. We both came from the Anchorage station and were just finishing up our first week of work when I was given something by Monica and was coerced into masturbating myself to an orgasm in front of her. My story continues from where chapter 1 ended.

 I heard Monica speaking but not to me. “Oh yes she is going to do just fine. “ “I think we are going to have a real winner with her. ” 

Then there was silence for a moment and Monica once again appeared before me.   She was smiling and looking over my naked body.

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   And she said with a wicked smile “Lynne, you did a good job of pleasing yourself for me, but now it is time to please me” and after that there was another


 I wanted to protest but could not find the words, I was totally aware of my surroundings and I wanted to cover myself up but I did not have the control. The foggy sensations in my head were clouding my sense of modesty and impaired free will. I was in the living room of my trailer home away home, sitting in a chair fully naked and glowing from a very recent self-induced climax. My breathing was becoming more controlled as the feeling of my orgasms’ subsided. My nipples were still erect from the groping and teasing from both Monica and myself. I could feel the wetness from my arousal on my inner thighs and fingers. I could smell the scent of my sex in the air. I looked up to Monica and our eyes locked into a gaze. Monica's voice cut through the fog in my head and opened a direct conduit to my free will. She said "stand up Lynne, and follow me to my room. "

 Monica was in control of my body and I responded to her command. I pushed myself up out the chair and followed Monica down the narrow hallway to her room. She stopped just outside the door to her room and told me to have a sit on her bed. Monica followed me into her room and closed the door behind her.

  I woke up to the annoying buzzing of my alarm.

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   My brain was fuzzy. It took me a moment or two to realize where I was. You always have a brief moment of panic when you wake up in a strange place. It finally dawned on me that I was in double wide located in King Salmon. Which meant my alarm was reminding me it was time to get up for work. I threw my covers off me and had another sudden realization that I was naked. I pulled my covers back over me and could not remember going to bed last night and definitely don’t remember taking my clothes off. In fact I don’t remember much for last night. Another wave of panic washed over me. What happened last night?

 There was a knock at my door and Monica popped her head inside my room. "Rise and shine sleepy head. I thought I heard your alarm going off. " She said.

"How are you feeling this morning?"

 "Well," I replied. "I don't remember much of anything last night.

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   I don’t know how I got to bed or why I have no clothes on. What happened to me last night?"

 "Girl, that is what you get for mixing a muscle relaxant and alcohol. " Monica responded. "I had a heck of time getting you to your room, And Since it was so hot last night and I find it much cooler sleeping in the nude and assumed you would have been more comfortable doing the same. Though as passed out as you were last night I am not sure you would have noticed the heat.


 I was still was uncertain about the events of the evening and mostly because I could not remember any that happened to me. It felt like someone had closed a curtain to my memories of those events. I didn't have any mental alarms going off and being naked under my sheets was nothing new for me. I did recall having a long day and was really stiff and it did made since that I had a muscle relaxant and chased it with alcohol. I just did not think it would have had such an effect on me. "Well I need a hot shower to get the blood circulating. " I said to Monica. "Give me a few and I will be ready to go. "

 Monica left me to get up and get going on my day. As I sat up the bed I saw a pile of my clothes at the foot of the bed.

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   Grabbing a bath towel from my dresser I wrapped it around me and went into the hallway to head for the bathroom and the shower. I turn the water on and stepped into the weak drizzle of the shower spray. At least I had hot water. I felt the fatigue starting wash away and I began to feel more coherent.   I soaped up a wash cloth and worked the rich lather into my skin. I have a routine when I am in the shower; I start with my left arm and work up to my shoulder working around my neck to my right shoulder. Then I lather up my right arm. Next I work my way down from my neck to my chest. I slide the cloth in-between my breasts before I cup my right breast and begin to work the lather in a circular motion around my breast. I feel the rich lather glide over my skin and then the rough fabric of the wash cloth brush over my nipple. I feel a slight electric buzz flows through my body. The electric buzz flowing through my body amplifies when my left nipple was teased by the wash cloth. Focus I tell myself as I move the wash cloth down to my belly and move down my right leg and working around my quad to my knee and then my calf before finishing with my foot. I repeat the process with my left leg before moving back up to my lower back and then my gluts. I move the wash cloth back around to my front and slide my hand down in-between my legs and back up through my groin.

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   The wash cloth with the help of my fingers parted through the folds of my pussy and brush over my clit.

 The electric tingling spikes a hundred fold and my knees weaken and I had to steady myself with my other hand against the wall of the shower. It would figure I am thousand miles away from my husband and I am very horny. Usually it takes a little more effort to warm me up to get this aroused and I think to myself I must have had some intense dreams in my drugged slumber last night. I step into the drizzle and let the soap rinse from my body and I let my hands drop back down to my pussy. I lean my back into the wall of the shower and spread my legs open to give my fingers better access to my wanting pussy. One hand opened the folds exposing my clit to the fingers of my other hand. I didn’t have a lot of time and so two fingers quickly applied pressure to my clit and I started with quick circular motions. I rubbed up and down feeling the tingles of pleasure rippling through my body. My hips instinctively started to thrust to meet the rhythm on my fingers. God I need to cum!

 My two fingers started to slide down my slit and started to easily slip inside my wet pussy, the palm of my hand continued to apply pressure and friction to my throbbing clit. My other hand came up to my breasts and I played with my breasts. I alternated between my breasts, I squeezed and fondled myself, I rolled my nipples between my fingers. I added more stimulation by pulling on my hard nipples and giving them a hard pinch. My breathing began to quicken and moans escaped my lips.

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   I had two fingers knuckle deep in cunt and I was working my hand like a piston, between the water of the shower and the wetness in my pussy my fingers had no resistance in penetrating deep inside me. I added a 3 finger into my pussy; I bent my knees and slide my back down the wall further to help myself with my thrusting. I felt my climax building. I was getting so close. I was biting my lip to keep myself from being too vocal though low moans and whimpers escaped my mouth.


 I froze in panic. I had gotten myself so involved with getting myself off that I forgot I wasn’t alone.

"Hurry up in there," Monica said, "We don't want to be late for work. "

 "Won’t be much longer," I replied, "Just finishing up. "

 "That is good and don't mind me. I am just coming in to brush my teeth. " was Monica's reply.

 I could hear the door opening and some noise of stuff moving around on the counter and then the faucet turning on. Well this sucks. I was so close to my climax; I have three fingers buried deep in my pussy and one of my coworkers just on the other side of the shower curtain.

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   I quickly became self-conscious and lost the "moment" of the mood. I straightened myself up and pulled my fingers from my now frustrated pussy. I quickly rinsed myself off of any remaining soap and turned the water off. I grabbed my towel off the rack and started to dry myself off in the shower stall before wrapping the towel around myself and opened up the shower curtain to step out. Monica was at the sink brushing her teeth dressed for work.

 "Sorry," I said, "I didn't realize how long I was in the shower. I must have lost track of time. "

  Monica gave a muffled reply, "No worries, it happens to all of us. " She stepped back to let my pass by to get out to my room. I side stepped to get by Monica with my back to her. As I slid between the counter and Monica, I didn’t see her free hand grab a piece of my towel. It wasn’t a tight squeeze between Monica and the counter but there was a slight body contact. As I continued by Monica my towel pulled free and fell to the floor. My face flushed red with embarrassment and an "Oh shit!" escaped out of my mouth. I quickly turned and bent down to pick up the towel while trying to cover myself and maintain some dignity.

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   I pulled the towel up and back out of the bathroom. Monica giggled as she watched me make a hasty retreat out of the bathroom. As I got to my room I heard Monica call out, "Hurry up clumsy!"

 I finished drying off and proceeded to get myself dressed for work. I put on my bra and panties, followed by my Mark Air polo and a pair of khaki shorts. Last was a pair of ankle socks and my tennis shoes. I wrapped my hair in a towel and went out to see what I could scrounge up for some breakfast. I found Monica in the kitchen packing up two lunch bags. I grabbed a banana to eat and Monica said there was Orange juice in the fridge and to help myself. I downed the banana and a glass of juice before I went back to the bathroom to fix my hair and brush my teeth before we left for work. A few minutes later I was ready to go and was following Monica out the door to go to work.

 "Oh shoot," Monica exclaimed, "I forgot to grab the camera film off of the table. Could you grab the 3 rolls for me? I want to send them into Anchorage for developing on this morning’s first flight. "

 "Sure," I said, "I will be right out to the truck"

 I walked over to the table as I heard Monica starting up the truck. As i picked up the 35mm film off of the table I had a quick image of a foggy flash and a tingle rippled through my body. I must still be feeling the effects of my aborted climax in the shower and the apparent sex dreams I had and I quickly left the trailer and joined Monica in the truck.

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   And we were off to work. I asked Monica what was on the film and she said it was just a bunch outdoor photos of the surrounding areas and some artsy stuff she was experimenting with. She said when she gets the film back that if the pictures turned out like she hoped that she would show them to me. As the truck bounced along down the dirt road I started to feel the return of the electric buzz in my loins. Damn it is going to be a long day of sexual frustration I told myself, what a shame I wasn’t able to finish myself off this morning.

 We pulled into the airport and got right to work. It was going to be another busy day in King Salmon. Little did I know how much more busy I was going to be in the coming days that really didn’t have anything to do with my work for Mark Air. All those details will be forth coming in the next several chapters of my story.

Stay Tuned