Why I Love Older Men


Why do I prefer older men, by older I mean much older than I.   Well it all started 8 years ago when I was thirteen.   I had just started to experience and learn about sex.   Back then I was short 5’2” and barely 105 pounds.   My long wavy blonde hair was almost down to my waist in back and my blue eyes were very lively as many told me.   My hair was that long because my mother would never let me have it cut, I lived alone with her after my dad ran away when I was younger.   We lived three blocks from school and mom worked two jobs to keep us afloat, so I walked everyday school was open.   My best friend lived two blocks from us and when school was out, I was at his house, as his mom babysat me for a favor from my mom.   That’s really how all this got started, walking to school and staying at my friends house so much.   It was April 7th and I was two days from 14.   I had been having spells where for no reason my cock would come pointing up for me to look at.   Sometimes when I watched television or walked or just standing still, it would happen.   My best friend told me what to do about it and it helped sometimes.
Living right across the street from his was an older man, Gus, who was 68; he was not flabby but hefty.   He was 6’1” 220 pounds, short dark brown hair mixed with gray sides and a slightly balding top, two gray eyes that pierced my soul and sort of gentle kind way that eased me completely.
I was walking home that day to change clothes and then come back.

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    I knew mom was gone and that I would be alone for a while, so as I left school I took no note of the storm brewing.   By the time I reached the house where Gus lived the lightening was horrible.   He was standing on his front porch putting his potted plants back to the wall as a blot flashed by and caused a scream from me.   He looked and yelled to me to run to him.
I gladly obeyed and raced to the cover and safety of his porch.   Looking into my frightened face he calmly asked, “No master Tim, where would you be heading on such a blustery day as this?’
“Home Gus, I need to change clothes,” I said as I showed him my reason, the hole in my pants leg from sliding on the rough playground.  
Smiling at me as a bolt flashed ever so glowingly close again, he said, “Let us take refuge inside before the devil takes aim at us. ”
We went inside his house it was old fashioned and sort smelled like mothballs but in a nice way.   I stood by the doorway for second as Kenny my best friend raced into his house.   He had been held over for sassy comments to the teacher and that is why we were separated then.   Gus asked me to sit and I did on the soft padded sofa opposite of the window.   Gus sat down beside me on the other arm and we talked normally for a few minutes.   The storm got worse and the sky darkened completely and I was sort of shaking from it all, so I snuggled next to him and he placed his arm around me and told me, “Now there boy, don’t be afraid of a little rain and wind, they can’t hurt you. ”
He made me feel safe and as I did, something happened that was embarrassing.   My cock became hard and pointed up like a tent pole in my pants.

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I noticed it right away and wanted to force it down but I couldn’t, I really had little control of it then.   Gus also saw it and smiled and said, “Your solider is saluting.   Maybe you should borrow my bathroom and rub him down. ”
I laughed a bit and turned red, as he told me, “There is nothing to be ashamed of Master Tim.   When you reach my age you will think back on these days and say to yourself, I wish my solider was as happy now as he was then. ”
I felt something strange inside me and it was like a part of me that dreamed awoke and spoke in place of me then as I said, “Can you show me what this is really for?  Can you help me understand what to do with it Gus?”
“Well now…that’s a bit different…I mean Tim my boy…you should know how to…” Gus paused as the rain grew heavier and the room darkened to where we couldn’t even see the front yard any more and then he said, “Well I could show you, but what if I were to do it?  Would you be spreading my name around the town as one who shows young boys who don’t know?  Would you now?  That would not be a kindly thing if it were to happen young Tim.   Too many would think me a nasty old bugger of boys. ”
“I promise not to say a word to anyone Gus,” I spoke so honestly and then blurted out, “Not even Kenny. ”
“Well lad you seem honest enough, okay stand up there and let’s get started,” Gus said as he helped me to my feet and turned me to face him.
“Now Tim, drop your trousers and pull down your shorts for me lad,’ he said as he smiled broadly.
I did just as he asked me to and exposed my stiff little three inch cock to his eyes.   He smiled as he saw that I was almost hairless but I had a set of balls equal to the size of my cock.   He held then gently for a second as my cock jerked by itself.   He patted it lightly and it flipped up and down a couple of times making me go crazy.
“Alright now, watch me Tim,” Gus said as he stood up and dropped his pants and pulled down his shorts and flopped his five inch cock out.

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    It was that size limp.   He slowly started to rub it up and down and as he did it began to grow until he was now seven and hard.   I watched him moving up and down on it and I followed suit.   In a matter of seconds my cock was pulsing and I could feel something about to happen just as Gus grabbed me with his mouth.   He sank his mouth to my cock and over it as I exploded into him.   I heard him gulp and moan and it sounded happy.   He looked up with a bit of my cream on his lip and I kissed him which he accepted and returned and suddenly I was hoisted up and my pants and shoes removed completely along with my underwear.   He undone my shirt and let it fall and the holding me in his arms in the dark dim light during the storm, he began to kiss me all over.   When he reached my cock again he sucked it and I watched and when I began to grow hard once more he stopped.   Picking me up like a doll he placed me on the sofa as he stripped himself naked.   He rather large bulging cock pointed right at me and then he picked me back up and carried me into his bedroom and closed and locked the door.
My heart was beating like a drum as he held my cock in his hand and slowly caressed it and then without any words between us, he slid his mouth over it once more and turned his cock to where it was an inch from my lips.   He sucked me gently and slow and then looking back at me for a second, I moved duplicate what he was doing to me by doing it to him.   Mouth accepted it and sank down far as possible over it and then in a few seconds I began to suck up and down on it madly.   I cam in his mouth again quickly but I didn’t stop sucking his cock until I had tasted his cum, all of it.

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    I sucked him for sometime and when he did cum, I slurped it up, all of its salty twang and tangy thickness.   His hands moved to caress my ass and then he started to fondle my asshole with a finger as he moved to me and we kissed.   His tongue went into my mouth and swirled around easily and just as I felt my own cock getting hard, his was slowly edging into my now petted hole.   My legs were being pushed up and over and wide apart as he mounted me and inserted his cock in me and I cooed loudly at first and the it sort of hurt until he pumped me a few times.   He rode me like I have never been ridden since.   He was masterful at his art and he made me so happy.   When he came in me, I begged for more.
He had just pulled out of me when I saw his cum glistening on the head of his cock and moved down and sucked and licked it off until it was all gone.  
He walked me back into the living room naked just as the storm was ending, and we dressed quickly before anyone could see us.   Then as he sat back down on the sofa he told me, “Now young Tim that is what your sex organ is for, it’s called a pecker and a mighty tasty one it is.   If you be a mind to repeat your lesson with old Gus, you come a calling anytime you wish.   Just make sure this is our shared secret and no one else is ever to know a thing. ”
I agreed and when the rain ended I left and skipped all the way home.   After changing I came back to Kenny’s and we played, but I never said a word.   I could tell over the next several days that Gus would watch me more.

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    He was lonely and a widower and I think as I went by each day that he appreciated me as well.
So a week later on an early Saturday morning I told my mom as she left for work that I was going to stay home.   She smiled at me asked why, and when I said, “I just need some time alone. ”
She giggled and said, “Now Tim, I was young once and I do know what that means.   Make sure you are not with somebody else, especially a little girl. ’
So I kept my promise to her and then I called Gus and invited to my house and to my surprise he would not come over, but he told me to come see him.   So I went down the back alley and walked to his back door instead of going in the front.  
He was waiting for me with a huge grin and as soon as I walked in, he swept me into his arms and stripped me naked.   Carrying me into his bedroom he sucked my cock as he undressed then without a word, we made love for hours.  
I secretly saw him until he moved away when I turned 17.   I still think of him now and even after I met my latest lover, I wonder if Gus would still want me if he were around today?