The All Star Journey


When I was 13 I was selected to play short stop for my little league all-star baseball team, we were really good.   We played the state semi finals at home and won then for the finals we had to travel 250 miles away to the middle of the state to play.   My parents were reluctant to let me go but since our next door neighbor son and my best friend just down the street were also on the team, they allowed me to go.  
Now I was small, hence was why I played my position, 5’4” 100 pounds at most, but I was fast and had a strong arm for my age and size.   I had a dark tan from playing baseball all the time and two shinny natural blue eyes that some said were dreamy.   My long curly blonde hair fell to my shoulders and caused me more than one embarrassment but my mom a groupie from the sixties was not about to have it cut ever.   She also refused to let me were underwear ever, she thought it was too confining.   I was allowed to wear a long baggy shirt that fell below the middle of my thighs.
Our coach was an old man who spent more time asleep than anything, he was only good at one thing, coaching baseball.   He picked our team himself and made sure each one knew they had a position to play.   He was good at that but poor at anything else especially discipline and staying awake past 2 six packs.
The first day we arrived in this town that was not nearly as big as the small town I was from, we knew we were on our own.   It had one motel and the place was a dump.   He got us 4 rooms for 12 boys and 3 coaches.   So we slept 4 to room and they got 1 to themselves.   By the time we had checked in three pizza’s were being delivered to our rooms with 3 bottles of coke.

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    My best friend Pete, my neighbor Mickey and a big kid named Dan shared the room I was in and we all sat around eating and laughing and joking.
Then about an hour before we were to go to the park, the mother of all storms came rolling in from the west.   The rain fell in barrels and by the time the coach had finished his food and beer, they called the game off for the night.   So he told us we should watch the tube and that was the last we seen of him for the night.
Now being 13 and young we had other things we wanted to do. Pete was 5”8’ 130 pounds, thin wiry and some kind of crazy.   His red hair and freckles made him look harmless but he was always thinking up ways to beat the system.   By that I mean he was always getting us into trouble for doing something wrong.
Dan was six feet even and the star hitter of the team.   He was chiseled and muscular and with black hair and dark eyes and a deep natural black tone he was something else.   He also was very sexually active.  
Mickey was 5’10” blonde 180 pounds, gray eyes tanned but chubby and had a wicked laugh and an evil sense of humor.   He could make you laugh at his crazy antics but he also could get you in trouble with his jokes and ideals.
We had finished our food and drink and bummed around watching cartoons and a movie until around eleven.   The rain was still falling steadily now, but we decided to go walking around the two story complex.

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    We went up and down the passageways and heard some freaky sounds from a couple of rooms.   Then as we made our way back, we heard something like a whinnying crying sound but with oohs and ache’s.   The first thing I thought was someone was getting a thrashing.   Then we neared the half drawn curtain of the room where the sound came from and saw an older man and a younger man, fucking.   The young man was bent over the bed looking towards the headboard while the old man road his ass hard.
We watched for at least ten minutes until Pete banged on the door and shouted, “This is police is you fucking in there!”
We ran like mice from a cat and as we did the old man opened the door and saw us.   He didn’t say a word but we heard the door slam really hard just as we made the stairs about thirty feet away.    We were laughing and kicking Pete for doing it as we went back to our room.
Everyone dressed for bed that is they stripped down to their boxer’s or briefs except for me and I came out of the bathroom in my night shirt.   Pete knew I wore one the same as Mickey but Dan laughed and made fun of me for about twenty minutes.   Then as we piled up on the bed Pete and I were setting on ours as Mickey plopped beside Dan on theirs.
We were joking when Mickey came out with, “So have any of you ladies ever fucked a girl before?”
Pete and I blushed and meekly replied, “No, not yet.   We hope to get one soon. ”
Dan smiled and replied, “Well Mickey what bitch have you ever fucked, your momma?”
“No but your momma said that I should come more often and always,” Mickey said as Dan slapped him on the head.
We were laughing when Dan said, “I fucked a girl about a year ago, and she was 25.

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    She was horny drunk and wasted at the time.   I found her naked in the bed at my cousins house.   He was drunk so I helped myself to his girlfriend.   She didn’t mind.   She told him the next day she liked his bog cock. ”
“Mickey that beats Cindy, the 14 year old chubby rolly polly fat girl you got in the back yard,” Pete said in a laughing way.
“Cindy, the one with an ass the size of a battleship.   The girl we call two tons of fun?  Now Mickey couldn’t you get some Grade A ass, besides that thing,” Dan said with a bit of laughter to his comments.
“Hey now, she was good.   I fucked her twice before she heard her mommy calling her,” she isn’t half bad to practice on.   I want to get into Sissy next though,” he said as his face turned red.
“Sissy, you mean Big Brenda, the woman who lives next to us?” I asked surprised.
“That I do.   She already let’s me come over when her boyfriend is gone.   She even let me sit in her room while she freshened up,” Mickey said proudly.

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“Come on man, you know that no 21 year old hot chick like her wants you,” Pete said flipping a bird at Mickey.
“Out oh, someone else is in love with her Mickey.   You better watch out or he may kick your ass before you get to fuck her,” Dan said as he tossed his pillow at Pete.
Pete threw the pillow back and yelped out, “So Jeff, you ever seen pussy that wasn’t related to you?”
I grew red and sort shrugged my shoulders as Mickey said, “I can answer that for him, No. ”
“So you guys ever suck a suck dick then?” Dan asked as he let his eight inch black beauty fall from his shinny black boxer’s.   He lifted it and stroked it as he smiled at us.
“Now that thing needs its own zip code,” Pete yelped back.
“Looks like it should be able to go to school on its own guys,” Mickey said smiling and then dropping his faded gray boxers and letting his own eight inch cock come out, as he added, “Sort like the white version of his with a pink head of course.   Don’t you just love the width of this monster?”
“Now that’s a pair of cocks isn’t Jeff.   Damn the one of them is bigger than us combined I bet,” Pete said sort snarling at them.
“You better put those animals back in their cage, they might go off and blind you,” I said just joking.
Dan stood up and stripped naked and then walked over and flopped between us.   He smiled at me and said, “You know Jeff, I saw your ass one time in gym class.   I was hanging around before my class and you came waddling out of the shower with that tiny little cock of yours and spun around and you got me hard.   What do you say to getting me hard again?”
Mickey joined the fun as he stripped his body completely and came to stand next to me near my face.

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    Smiling at me his cock was hard as a rock.   I looked up at him and he said, “You remember the time you caught me jacking off to your picture.   I still got it. ”
“What Picture Mickey?  Come on tell,” Pete urged.
Dan started to thrust his cock up and down as he reclined on his back and smiling at me, he said, “The one of Jeff naked and tied over a tree stump.   His sisters took it a year ago, right Mickey?”
Mickey was smiling at me as he said, “Oh yeah, we got a copy from Stephanie, didn’t we Dan?”
“Yeah she sold them for a dollar each,” Mickey said as he slapped his cock right next to my face on the bed and said, “You know I told you then that I would love to fuck you anytime. ”
Pete scooted up on his knees and sort looked at me in anger and said, “Hey man why did you hold out on me?  How come you never told me?”
“Because he was embarrassed over how they got him that way and what they did to him,” Mickey said and then added, “Stephanie and Margie let him smoke pot with them one night when their parents went to dinner.   They got him high took his nightshirt off, led him out in the yard and strapped him to the tree stump.   Then they took pictures of him and did some things to him, didn’t they Jeff. ”
“I don’t want to talk about it,” I yelped back.  
“Maybe not, but how did they get you to let them piss on you?  Did you really enjoy them doing that?” Dan asked as he jerked a few times on his now hard black cock.
“I liked the lipstick he was wearing too, didn’t you Dan?” Mickey laughed as his cock struck my cheek.  
Pete knew what was next and calmly dropped his pants and let his four inch cock peep through his black hair mess.   He was the only one with a full head of cock hair, the others shaved, but mine wasn’t even coming in then.   As he sat there slowly playing with himself he looked into my eyes and said, “Tell them how you feel or I will!”
“No please don’t Pete,” I protested meekly.

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“Come on fess up,” Mickey yelped/
I was till denying everything as Pete reported, “He told me a few weeks ago that he got high one night by himself and jerked off to one fantasy.   He was being fucked up the ass by a big man. ”
“No Damn way,” Dan responded then slid his hand to my ass and pushed up my shirt.   When he saw my bare white ass, it kept rising up to my waist.
Pete mobilized himself and came around and yanked off the rest of it.   Then he tossed it in the floor as I protested, Mickey grabbed at my face and Dan lifted my leg up and apart.   The first in me was Dan, who shoved it so hard I gasped and allowed Mickey an easy target.
Pete came over and helped to hold my head and let Mickey start to shove his hot hard white cock in and out.   Dan in my ass had just found his rhythm and was picking up speed as Pete let a hand stray to fondle my cock, all three inches of it.
My tiny asshole was expanded to where it ached in pain, but at the same time, I sort of got a thrill from it as well as the smooth cock head sliding in my mouth.   Mickey seemed to be very carefully waiting for me to do more sucking and when I finally relaxed and helped he just went nuts in me until I felt his cum seeping out.   Dan was also humping madly as he started groaning.
The closer they got to a climax, the rougher they fucked me.   When Dan was at his highest point, he took his hands and crushed my balls and squeezed my ass until he exploded up inside me.   Within seconds Mickey creamed my mouth and held it closed until I swallowed as much as I could.

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    Then he released me to Pete.
Pete moved his cock to my lips and I licked its small pink tip.   Dan was now reclining by me on the bed and caressing my ass and patting it as Mickey flopped down and watched me suck and lick and kiss Pete.   He took his time and I took mine and within a few minutes I had him begging for me to suck him everyday.   Pete was letting go and not holding back as he helped me suck it by moving it for me.   When his cum exploded in my mouth, it was hotter and salty but it was more sweater than Mickey.   I willingly drained it and then turned on my back and let the three of them pet me and play with me.
Dan wanted more and as my legs came up and opened wide, Mickey held them back sinking his balls and spent cock to my hungry mouth.   When Dan got his hard cock back inside me I started nibbling and kissing Mickey’s sack.   His fat round balls felt good in my mouth as did Dan’s black monster in my ass.   Pete had moved to recline beside me and fondled my nipples and cock again.   They played with me until Dan got his steam up and I had Mickey’s cock back in my mouth.   I know that I sucked and was fucked until I felt the two of them drive their cream deep inside my holes.
This session lasted a very long time.   I know it was nearly three when we finished and by the time they finally got me in bed, Dan had me in his arms alone on his bed.

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I woke up last the next morning, naked, covered in dried cum.   I was stretching as Mickey yelled, “Smile Jeff!”
I looked up and he was snapping digital pictures of me.   I jumped up and ran to the bathroom and showered and when I got out, my clothes were gone.   It was nearly seven in the morning and no one else was up yet.   So naked I returned to the room and posed for Mickey.
I really had no choice, they had them hid and refused to let me dress until they had something to remember me by.   So I posed naked in the ways they told me and then I posed sucking Pete, Mickey and Dan.    Then when Dan mounted me, Pete filled the disc with those shots.   He completed his butt fucking of my ass just as the coach hammered on the door to go to breakfast at the dinner down the street.  
We hurried dressed and raced behind them.   We were in such a hurry I forgot to check for cum stains.   When I sat down in the booth the waitress saw them on my cheek and neck and asked me, “Would you like freshen up before someone else sees the cream stains on your face?”
I hurried went into the bathroom at the dinner.   Inside it was the older man from the night before.   He was washing his hands as I dipped several paper towels in the sink beside his and wet them.   Then I scrubbed the marks from my face.

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    I never realized that he would know what I was doing until he said, “Hey would you like some help?”
Smiling at him I said yes.   He wet the towels and scrubbed them as I noticed he was over six feet, balding gray hair receded from his wrinkled face and gray eyes sparkled at me.   His think lips were sort of nice looking but his hands were rough and strong and as he rolled them on my cheek, I felt his hard cock brush my hip.   His smile was inviting me to do what came to my mind, and I asked, “Are you horny?”
He looked at my small body and replied, “You could get any man horny cutie.   Would you like a real man to show you what it feels like?”
“Yes,” I said expecting him to reply.   Instead he pushed me into the handicapped toilet, stripped down my shirt pants and exposed my bare ass.   He spun me around lifted me from the floor and told me, “Grab the silver top and hold on baby boy. ”  With that his massive knobby cock entered me with a forced vengeance.   It was thicker than any of the three of my friends.   It was a little longer than Dan and it was well warped so that it seemed to bend in me at the right spot.   When he got to fucking me harder.   I had to but my lip to keep from screaming.   He humped me for about ten minutes before I came all on my own without being touched.   I shot a load of cream into and on the seat of the toilet and bowl just as he pressed a bit deeper and began to expand in me.   His load filled me fully.


    Then he stopped and set my feet on the floor.   He hurriedly dressed, but told me, “Come to my room tonight.   I will show you more love than you can ever want. ”
I turned and kissed him fully on the mouth and as I did he roughly fondled my ass and said not a word, but his expression begged me to softly reply, “Oh yes I will be there. ”
When I went back to the table Dan knew, and I think Mickey did too.   Pete still thought I was just strange, but I knew, I was now gay, and loving it.   I wanted to be gay and the others may not know yet but soon they would.
If you want o know more let me know, and I can tell you about the second.
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