Sex With Strangers 2


So, I'm back out on the market. . horny and looking for sex. I've had several run in's with girls and a few teasing guys. . I want more of the later. So I'm at a bar and Matt is there. We share a table with a few other people, on girl there is so fucking fine! She's a taxi driver that's just waiting for drunk people to need a ride. I buy her some pepsi's and talk her up. . she's tattoo'd all over, has more piercings than I can count, and stinks of sex! But tonight is for me. . I'm hunting for instant satisfaction. I tell Matt, on my way out the door with the taxi driver girl;-), that I'll be home the next night, waiting for him. I make sure he knows what to expect. Jump forward.

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  . . . I don't know if he will show or not, but I'm going to prepare in every way. I have no idea of what he wants or what I'll be willing to deliver. So I shower, I clean myself from top to bottom and in every hole and crevice I have. But my real problem is that I started to drink way too early!By 10 O'Clock i'm not even able to see straight. . so i leave the front door unlocked and strip naked and fall into bed. In my mind, I don't care who or what comes in. . I'm giving myself to 'whatever'. I woke up in the night sometime, there's a guy in bed next to me, naked. He's using my hand to make his cock hard, I can feel it's short soft stubbiness. There is something around his cock, a cock ring I think.

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   But I'm jacking off this guy next to me, and yes, it's Matt. I'm really dizzy, not able to see or think straight. Matt grabs my head and pulls it towards his cock. I'm not really caring about anything because I'm so drunk. I can feel his balls in my right hand as i use my left hand to stuff his now hard dick down my throat. it's not so big, not even 7 inches long, and I can eat that cock easily! I am sucking hard, feeling his hips thrust against my face and i remove my left hand and just let him slam his cock and balls against my drooling mouth. I have no idea of how long he fucked my face or how good I was. . but I do know. . my mouth got very wet and 'watery'. . I swollowed so much saliva. . and I didn't even realize he shot all his cum in my mouth.

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   I swollowed every single bit. He finished and as I stumbled to the bathroom to get some aspirin, I heard some talking. I thought he turned on the tv but it was more quiet. I came out of the bathroom, naked, stumbling and a big mess. . there was another guy there. Matt brought his room mate, another gay guy. . 'what the fuck is this' i remember saying. But they kinda teamed up on me and dragged me back to my bed. His room mate, I don't know his name. . CHRIS, I'll call him. . .

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   started sucking my cock. . i think I was hard all of 30 seconds when he gave up. . instead Matt held me on my back as his room mate fucked my face. . he layed on top of me with is dick in my mouth slamming down on my face. Matt let go of my arms and I just layed there letting Chris fuck my face like some kind of sex doll. i don't even remember gagging or choking. . but Matt was laughing at how I couldn't breath. Somehow this whole thing turned into a twisted "fuck me" fest. I remember swollowing Chris's load. His cum was very thick and hot and almost burned as it went down. His final thrust, he layed his body ontop of my face and forced his cock down my throat till he shook and shuddered a bit.

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   Thinking about it now, I realize that i may have a natural gift for oral sex. I love sucking. Chris climed off me, and Matt started to play with my cock and balls. . he sniffed and licked at my ass a bit too. I remember them talking about fucking me, but i think I may have had tears coming out my eyes. . not from crying, but from the lack of air and all the shit in my throat making me gag. They left me there. On my bed. I got up. . I don't know how long later, the front door was open and after I locked it and went to the bathroom to take a shower. . i had cum all down my chest, on my chin, dried up in my moustache and face.

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   I liked how I looked. . . . I want to look like that again. And i have. . . Sex With Strangers is not over. . that was just the beginning. ritcheydrew@yahoo. com.

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