Sex on the Orient Express


On a cold wintry day, Shaun decided that a trip abroad was in order. He needed to get away from all the memories and all the shared friends now allying themselves between him and his ex. Plans were made, passports were stamped and plains and trains caught all over the world to get Shaun to his first destination. Gay Paris. This was Shaun's city of choice, his base for his extended trip throughout Europe. He had planned to travel mainly by rail, with warm memories from a cold TV of train travel on the Orient Express, sipping champagne, smoking cigars and solving endless murders. His train was booked for the following day, and would take him from Paris to Vienna on an overnight train. He thinned his luggage and managed with great effort to fit everything into a single suitcase and a back pack. That night he fantasised about his first train journey on the Orient Express. Deeply immersed in his fantasy, was his favourite Frenchman who had been with him to Tahiti, Mt. Everest, Hong Kong, The Maldives and the S&M club down the road from his lock up and go. In no time the Frenchman had his huge cock shoved deep up his arse while sucking his cock. No romance was needed between the two who were familiar lovers since his split with his ex. The nights sex seemed to be much quicker than before and in no time Shaun had propped his back up against the hotel wall with his butt facing the ceiling while he vigorously pumped his cock while the Frenchman's cocked pummelled his arse into submission. While he looked up at his throbbing cock, he licked his lips in anticipation. His gymnastic ability had assured that he had not forgotten what the taste of freshly pumped semen tasted like.

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   Then all at once, he felt the Frenchman unload himself in his tender arse, his little butt hole stretched painfully to take the three finger thick French cock which worked its self slickly in and out and just pulled out of his butt at the very point that the Frenchman started to shoot his load. Warm wave after warm wave of semen hit Shaun's face as he tried in desperation to get a taste of his honey. Shaun licked his hand clean and spread the semen on his face all over his body. His cock was still thick and throbbing and his only wish was to have such a fleshy cock up his arse all the time. As he looked into the Frenchman's eyes he licked the remains of the Frenchman's cock as the Frenchman aimed his cock toward Shaun and began to piss all over the freshly fucked face covered in sticky semen. He opened his mouth and allowed the hot stream to flow in his mouth as he gulped mouthful after mouthful down. Obviously the French summer air and cute guys had been good for Shaun, and this bode well for the remainder of the trip. Chapter 2. Shaun was running late. He had got lost on the Metro and taken the longest detour in French tourist history. It was 6pm when he finally arrived at the "Garre Du Nord" where his train to Vienna was departing from. He had booked a single cabin which had two berths inside, and hoped he did not get some smelly foreigner as a bunk mate. Shaun ran up and down every staircase trying to find the platform that the train was departing from at 6. 30. When he finally found the platform, his heart sank.

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   This was not the train he thought it would be. This was an ordinary train which was called the Orient Express. The price of the ticket should have tipped him off, but he had so little experience at travel, that he had to be forgiven for that. Now he began to worry. How much worse would this get. . . . . If he only knew, that he would enjoy the hottest sex of his life, he would have worried no further. He ran toward the rear of the train, where the sleeping car was situated and climbed onto the train with a good 8 minutes to spare. As he walked to his reserved compartment he had a good look at all the other compartments to see his fellow travellers. Ugly. . .

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  . . Ugly. . . . . fucking ugly. . . . . . . smelly , God this was bad.

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   As he got to his compartment he slowly opened the door. Thank God, no one inside. He would have a good trip, he and his Frenchman. The compartment may not have been the Orient Express he imagined, but there was nothing wrong with this version. The compartment was ultra modern, almost Phillipe Starcke like, a small shower, clean linen, and the smell of fresh leather. The train moved out slowly, and picked up pace as the streets of Paris swooshed by. He would have to come back soon to discover all Paris had to offer. Shaun placed his luggage in the overhead storage, brushed his teeth, and started to settle in for the night. The conductor arrived after an hour's time and checked the tickets and collected Shaun's passport. He was cute, but very straight. Shaun battled to communicate in his pigeon French, but managed to book a dinner table in the dining cart. Shaun waited till 8. 30 and then headed to the dining cart. The meal was good , the wine was better, the company sucked. As Shaun finished his desert, the train pulled into a station and stopped.

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   It was fun to sit in a dining car and watch the passing masses. The bottle of wine had been emptied, and two cognacs sipped to oblivion when Shaun finally stumbled back to the sleeping car. His head was buzzing and the ugly people in the dining car now seemed a lot better looking. Shaun swished the door open and caught sight of a total stranger in his compartment. His wish for privacy had not been granted. Shaun introduced himself and was introduced to Gert, a german priest working in France, and heading home for a short holiday. The priest was in his forties and a good 15 years older than Shaun. Shaun told the priest to try the dinner as it was not that bad. While the priest was away, Shaun got undressed and had a cool shower. The temperature was in the high 30 degrees Celsius and very balmy. After brushing his teeth, Shaun climbed into the top bunk, and got under the sheet after removing the single blanket that made it too hot to handle. The wine had made Shaun randy and the feel of the soft sheet caressed his soft cleanly shaven butt. Shaun rubbed his cock into the mattress and started fucking the Frenchman. Just as the sex was getting good, the priest came back into the room. Shaun had put on the soft nightlight for the priest so that he could see himself into bed.

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  Shaun heard as the priest showered and finally got into bed. There was no more fucking the Frenchman, as the bed made a slight noise when he did this. The priest said good night and Shaun lay on his stomach spreading his ass cheeks as he raised and slowly lowered his butt into the air. Fuck he was so horny. The motion of the train was turning him on. In fact Shaun was so horny the carrots at dinner were turning him on. Shaun slowly dozed off as the train rocked back and forth. Suddenly Shaun felt something brush against his butt. His heart jumped. His butt began to tingle and become covered in goose pimples. Something had definitely touched his butt. The it happened again. A had had slowly rubbed over his rounded butt with only the sheet for protection. Shaun dared not look and see who it was. He began to swallow as his heart raced.

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   His cock had began to twitch and was now filling with blood as he became erect. Then the hand slowly caressed his butt with more confidence. Shaun raised his butt to show his approval. The hand then slowly pulled the sheet off and moved back to Shaun's quivering butt. Slowly it moved toward the crack of Shaun's butt, and a finger pressed itself gently against his butthole, running up and down the entire crack only to continuously come back to the butthole. Shaun had now slowly spread his legs wider so that his cock was more free and this also spread his ass cheeks wider. The sensation and risk of danger was so great that Shaun could have blown his load there and then. Then a second hand was on his butt, spreading the ass cheeks wider, while running the other hand up and down the crack and gently probing the inner hole. The all of the sudden the hand came to his face, and placed the finger that was striking and probing his crack under Shaun's nose. He smelt his musky self, and was surprised that he liked the smell. The hand returned to caress his butt and again was placed under Shaun's nose. This time he took the finger into his mouth and started to suck the finger deep into his mouth. He could feel the priest trying to climb onto the bunk, but pushed him away. He was not ready for penetration from a stranger on a train, but was very happy to be played with. The wet finger returned to his butt, and slowly wet Shaun's puckered asshole.


   Then both hands took each cheek in hand, and spread them as wide apart as they would go. Shaun obliged by going on to his knees and moving his spread butt over the edge of the bunk. The in a sublime instant , Shaun felt what he had never felt in eight years of sex with his ex lover. A sensation so mind blowing, that it took him no more than 30 seconds to spray his cock juice all over his bed in such volume and strength as he had never experienced before. The priest placed the tip of his tongue on Shaun's puckered hole, while he grabbed his cock, and slowly licked Shaun's asshole and pressed his tip right into the asshole and then pulled Shaun's cock backward and sucked his cock while his nose nuzzled his balls and then quickly darted back to the asshole and back to the cock, which immediately exploded, coming in a backward bent position and pumped juice all over and into the priests mouth. Shaun had never experienced such awesome sex. The priest was now back at his asshole and with two fingers spreading his asshole open, the priest blew Shaun's semen into his asshole, and finished that off by sticking his tongue right up his asshole. As his tongue came out, so too did the semen, and the priest continued to spread all the cum over Shaun's ass while continually licking his butt. Shaun was finished, bit as the priest licked, his cock got hard again. The priest had now inserted a finger into his butt, and was fingering Shaun. Shaun reached down and started to rub the priests cock. He felt obliged to pleasure the priest after such a fucking awesome session. The priest pulled his shit covered finger out of Shaun's butt, and Shaun could hear him sniffing and then sucking the soiled finger. The priest put the cleanly sucked finger at Shaun's mouth, and there was no hesitation in sucking the cock clean. Shaun was all sexed up, and anything now went.

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  The priest now placed two fingers in Shaun's butt and began to seriously finger fuck Shaun. In between finger fucking the priest would lick Shaun's ass hole, sticking his tongue as far up the hole as he could push it. Shaun was in heaven and he had a priest by his side to prove it. See Chapter 3 soon, where the sex becomes more wild and proves that there are more uses for a champagne bottle than most guys know about. .
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