Prey and Predators


Please note this story contains material that some people may find offensive. If you are offended by explicit homosexual activity this story is not for you, also if you are not of the age to read such material, go no further
You have been warned
Prey; Animals hunted or killed by other animals, person or thing that falls a victim.
Predator; Predatory animal; of or addicted to plunder or robbery, preying naturally upon others.
Two words Prey, and Predator and the dictionary meaning. Well in the following incident I am the prey…all be it a willing victim…nay a very willing victim all others were the predators.
Strange how some things just come together from a sequence of events set in motion by our own thinking. I suppose in the animal kingdom they say to themselves or think to themselves as they cannot talk of course. “I’m hungry I must go and feed…where’s the best place to feed” a watering hole that’s where. Now if it were you and me we’d think “Ah now I’m hungry let’s go and grab a Big Mac a Pizza or whatever you’re favourite food outlet might be, with the animals or birds of prey they have learned where to go to catch a good meal.
I had sat and thought about how good it would be to find someone with a nice large erection and enjoy the feeling of bliss and euphoria as he slipped a length of that hard penis inside me…the more I thought about it the more I wanted it…just the thinking had me excited…I just had to get me some hard cock.
Now at the same time there were the predators who were watching a porn movie…excitedly watching every move on the TV screen as they stroked their hard erection…erections that had been brought on by watching the porn movies in the first place?
The main predator was a guy by the name of Mark Swindell…. Mark was akin to the lion and would be first to take the spoils any others would take the left overs…like the hyenas jackals…vultures etc…etc all the way down the chain. All of them had been thinking…thinking about sex and how good it would feel to be having a good fuck right now as they stroked and fondled their hard penises. I on the other hand was thinking how good it would be to stroke and fondle their hard proud cocks.
The one conclusion we all came to was where we would go to find and get what we wanted most desperately. Now there was an area in the city that was known for these hook ups…if you wanted some good wholesome sex this is where you headed…there was a park and beside the park was a toilet…it was a very old toilet and has long since been demolished…as I said it was old not like today’s with all the modern bowls clean flooring hand dryers and lighting.

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   This was an old brick and plaster construction with no roof on the part containing the urinal area…but the two stalls at the side; well they did have protection from the elements. The urinal was one wall with an old concrete part to piss against and drained off to the right and down a drain, the best it got was a few hard disinfectant cakes thrown in once and a while…I suppose it would handle around six guys across at a time.
Now we were all thinking about this place about the same time…of course you did not visit during the day…although you could do there were still plenty of guys who went on the prowl then but you ran the risk of being seen and as it had a certain reputation it was best to keep clear of it during daylight hours.
As dark closed in I drove to the area passing slowly and trying to see who was in the cars parked near by…yes…yes there was one car with one person and…there…there was another single guy sitting trying to look casual and not part of the scene…in all I could see four…there could be more but I had not spotted them. I parked up and sat waiting to see if any one made a move…maybe there was someone in there right now I had no way of knowing…it was sufficiently dark enough and the only lighting was from the street lights. After about ten minutes of waiting I decided it was time to make a move…well someone had to do it…after all I was only going in for a piss…yeh right!
I casually walked to the toilet entrance, as I said the only light was that of the street…it was shadowy and quiet with the smell of urine and the disinfectant from the solid cakes and the sound of water as it sprayed from the cisterns.
I took up my stance at the urinal took out my cock as if pissing (which I did not need) and waited.
Mark Swindell had been watching me…he’d seen my car slowly pass by trying to see who would be a likely starter and his heart thumped a little faster at the thought that he had just seen his prey…he already had an erection and he’d been stroking  for the last ten minutes as he thought about the possible action that was likely to take place tonight, god how he needed a fuck…he just had to have a fuck, when my car stopped and parked up he was even more certain that this was it…he watched as I walked toward the toilet…then started counting down the seconds…was this guy going for a piss or was he going in for something else…something that he could be a part of. 1-2-3 the clock was ticking 3-4-5…when I did not immediately return he knew…he knew it was a good omen and a chance that I was there for the same reason he was there, and his heart thumped a little faster his hands trembled a little also at the lustful thoughts that were going through his mind right then, time to move…as he got from his car, carefully locking it, and strode casually toward the toilet.
I heard footsteps approaching my heart started to thump, oh god oh god someone is coming in I thought as I waited excitedly for that person to appear. I did not look up but felt his presence as he passed behind me and stood to my right…close…very close.
Mark gave a sidewise glance like a camera taking quick pictures as he surveyed the person he was standing beside.
I heard the soft purr of his zip as he undid the fly on his trousers…then removing his cock he pointed it at the urinal wall in front of his…but there was no flow of warm amber liquid…he just stood there looking straight ahead holding his cock in hand. There was just silence between us…then I glanced downward…down to my right to see if I could get a glimpse of what I wanted most…yes…yes in the dim light I could see his hand holding his cock and slowly working it…getting it hard again…hard just as it was when he sat in his car playing and stroking it in deep lustful thought.
Oh God I thought to myself as it slowly expanded growing with each slow stroke of his warm hand.

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He could see me viewing it…my mouth open as I stared in awe at its expanded size.
“You like that honey…you like my big cock eh?” he asked
I could hardly respond I was so excited at what I was looking at “Yes…yes…I love it” I whispered…it wasn’t meant to be a whisper it just came out as one.
It was a beautiful looking example of manhood. The skin stretched tight over the expanded shaft a slight glaze to it…the corona head shaped like an arrow head designed for penetration.
He turned the weapon toward me…I could see the slit and Cyclops eye staring back at me.
“Would you like to touch it…hold it for me” he asked
“Oh god yes…yes I would” I replied even more excited than before.
His thoughts were similar to mine. Oh good I’ve got some one who’s a go’er I’m going to get fucked tonight…or in his instance going to get a fuck tonight.
First I took his cock with my fingers and thumb…it was a joy to touch sending my blood racing through my veins…but it was even more so when the palm of my hand closed around the hard shaft…a shudder ran through my body it felt warm…clammy and it throbbed…it was alive…very much alive…god how I loved touching and feeling it.
He could see the pleasure reflected in my expression as I touched and fondled him.
“Oh you like that honey don’t you”
“Yes…yes very much so” I replied
His hand reached out and touched my buttock then I could feel a finger through the material of my trousers poking into my ass.
“You take it up the ass honey” he asked
“Oh yes…I love being fucked up the ass”
“You want to be my bitch for a while?” he asked
“Yes…yes I’ll be you’re bitch…oh god I’d love to be you’re bitch” I replied with excitement and enthusiasm as he continued to stroke and squeeze my ass…I was losing it really loosing it.
Now the others were realizing something was up and running Mark Swindell had been in with me for too long…there was definite action going on…action to be had…now they were wishing they had been the first to make a move…the first to get to that action…it was now a game of wait and see…but they all knew further action was a possibility a big possibility it was just a question of time and a little patience, as they thought about that action they smiled and stroked their hard erections in anticipation.
“Hey let’s go in one of the cubicles honey…play bitch for me in there” he said pushing me ahead of him…then once inside he shut the door behind him standing there, cutting of all retreat and making escape impossible…should I have had second thoughts.
“We’ll get to the fucking later honey…first let me help you out of your gear” he said
As I was lightly dressed, shorts, T shirt and flip flops it was relatively easy.

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   He helped me off with T shirt first…I quickly slid my shorts and undies down to my ankles and kicked them to one side…I stood before him…naked as, as naked is.
His hungry eyes roved over my body “Ohhhhh” he hissed, at the same time unbuckling his belt and pushing his trousers down around his thighs. Arms around my waist he pulled me toward him so that I could feel the warm hard shaft pressed tightly against my own penis and stomach, my face was a mere inch or two from his…he smiled as he looked at my lips then his mouth was on my mouth his tongue forcing its way through and in combat with my tongue. It was a brief moment of surprise then my arms were around his neck pulling his mouth hard to my mouth as I responded hungrily. Warm hands were on my ass, squeezing my buttocks pulling as he pressed harder against me.
“Oh honey…honey I’m going to enjoy fucking you babe…you do want me to fuck you don’t you?” he asked.
“Oh yes…yes I need to be fucked my friend…please fuck me…please” I begged.
“Oh I’m going to fuck you alright…but first I need you to kiss peter…peter penis…can you do that for me honey?”
“Yes…yes…I’d love to” I said eagerly.
“Sit on the pot”
The stainless steel rim was cold on my ass as I sat on the pot…these were the only parts of the toilets that had been renewed…the old porcelain pots having been cracked and broken.
In the dim light I could make out the magnificent hard erection only and inch or so from my mouth…first my hand stroked it…god how I loved the feel of that warm throbbing penis, as my hand cupped and fondled his balls…I slowly licked the warm shaft all the way up until I could feel the shape of the corona with my tongue…then mouth opened wide I thrust that hard shaft hungrily into my mouth…a loud sigh as I did so from Mark…now the only sounds to be heard were the sighs of delight from him and my mouth sucking on his cock.
There was a distinct taste of pre cum in my mouth
Outside another predator was sitting anxiously waiting.
God they’ve been inside for a while now there must be something going on…I need some of that action…perhaps I’d better go and see he thought and not being able to contain himself further decided to investigate…the interior light on the car flickered on briefly then went out again as he alighted and quickly closed and locked the door behind him.
Damn someone else is going in on the action I should have gone myself was the reaction of two others who had also been keeping an eye on things.
My hand was working his shaft feverishly the sound of my sucking coupled with his sighs and moans broadcasting what we were doing.
Predator two hung back quietly…listening to what was going on…the sounds told him everything as his cock started to expand with the lustful thoughts he was now thinking.

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“Ok sweetheart time to be my bitch…I’m going to fuck you…you still wana be fucked don’t you”
He was joking wasn’t he I hadn’t come this far not to get fucked.
“Oh god yes…yes I’d loved to be fucked…I’m so looking forward to it”
“Ok honey turn around and bend over the pot…let me get it in you” he said
Predator two on hearing the action and spoken words was now fully hard…his hand feeling and stroking himself through the material on his trousers.
If I thought penetration was going to be immediate I was disappointed he had other ideas…he was good at what he did and I now needed to be worked up into a wanton frenzy and he knew just how to do it…I felt the warm hard shaft as he ran it delicately around my ass and buttocks tempting and teasing me with it “Oh god put it in please put it in” I begged “No not yet honey…you’re not ready for it yet” he replied continuing to tease me with the warm hard flesh…then he dropped to his knees…his thumbs forced my cheeks apart then a warm mouth and tongue were eagerly licking and delving into my anal “Oh god…. oh god” was all I could whimper as his tongue delved inside, followed by his finger as he delicately finger fucked me at the same time…now I was working up into a frenzy as I continued begging to be fucked “Oh please…. please fuck me…fuck me” almost screaming
Then warm hands held my hips and ass firmly in place…the hard head pressed into my button hole…I reached round and pulled my cheeks apart endeavoring to assist my partner.
“Hold still and just relax honey…here we go” he said and I felt my asshole start to expand as he pushed inward. He was good…nice and steady…the head pushing through first…then slowly the thick shaft starts to disappear inside…inch by glorious inch. Now fully expanded my ass feels comfortable with its new size.
“Oh honey that feels real good…nice and tight just as it should be” he said and at the same time giving my ass a hard slap with his open hand “thwack…thwack” I now felt the movement of the shaft as he started to fuck me.
Predator two was listening…listening to the various noises emanating from the small dark cubicle…he remained quiet not wanting to alert or alarm the two that were obviously copulating within…his mind was running riot as he conjured up the lustful thoughts…thoughts making his erection even harder.
Mark was well and truly into fucking my ass hand slapping my buttocks with every other thrust of his cock…my buttocks tingled after each and every slap of his hand…. . predator two could resist no more and stealthily moved toward the cubicle…with hands on top of door he drew himself up…up onto his tiptoes and peered over the top…if his cock was hard before what he could now see did not help reduce his problem…it only served to intensify it. In the dim light he could make out one naked body bent over the toilet whilst the other part clothed person was well and truly inside his ass fucking, a white bum moving back and forth thrusting into the other white ass the sound of flesh smacking against flesh and a hand slapping the buttocks every so often thwack…. thwack every thrust from behind pushing the naked guy toward the cistern
“You like that honey…you like being a bitch and getting fucked eh?” he asked
“Oh god yes I love it…I love it” I screamed unaware of the prying eyes that were watching us.

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“God I love fucking nice tight asses” Mark said as he continued punishing my hind end, his hands now firmly holding my hips…pulling me back at the same time he thrust inward. I felt his hands move around my waist then up my back and around my shoulders as he squeezed and massaged them a great gasp of satisfaction emanating from his mouth. The pounding continued to intensify.
Predator two now one hand on top of the door the other feeling and fondling his hard erection as he watched the action with great anticipation.
Three other predators were becoming more and more restless as they had seen guys going in but not returning…previously not so bold…now a more pressing curiosity was gripping them…a new boldness was taking over…. a boldness that was compelling them to move…to see just what was happening, interior lights came on then flicked out again as one by one they left the safety of their vehicles and ventured into the area of predators.
The sound of flesh slapping against flesh…his ball bouncing against my bum continued.
“Do ya want me to cum inside you honey” he asked
“Of course…of course I do” I replied as if it was a silly question and that cuming inside me was the natural thing to do
“Ho yeh I got one mother fucking load for you…you’re gona feel good…real good when I put this lot into you sweetheart” he said continuing to hump.
“Oh god I’m gona cum…. I’m gona cum” he screamed thrusting his hard cock as far as he could into my arse. “Uh (first) load…uh (second) load…uh (third) and final load his balls contracting unloading copious amounts of pent up sperm. “Oh fuck that feels so good…I needed it…god what a great fuck” he said as he felt his frustrations slowly dwindle.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing cunt” I heard Mark say as he suddenly realised we were being watched.
“Nothing…nothing…I just want some of what you’re getting that’s all pal…I did not mean any harm” said predator two.
“Oh well you’d better get n here then” he replied…we were still connected the swelling in his cock not yet quite subsided.

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   I heard the door swing open then just as quickly close again.
“Here I’m finished pal…he’ll be nicely opened up for you” said Mark as I felt his penis being withdrawn and moving to one side allowing predator two to take up his position behind me.
I heard the soft purr of a zip being pulled down…a sound I’d heard many, many times before…I knew what it meant. Right now he was reaching inside his trousers taking hold of his erection and withdrawing it, it would be hard and ready…very ready for action an afternoon of thinking about nothing else…of sitting in his car thinking and finally watching as Mark fucked me was more that he could bare. I felt the warm hard head at my entrance and after being enlarged already there was no resistance as he entered swiftly an smoothly his arse already slamming back and forth before Mark had opened the door and was gone. It had taken but a moment and already I had another guy fucking me the shaft moving smoothly rhythmically…. again the words “Oh god that feels so great” I could hear voices murmuring outside the cubicle…the vultures were gathering.
Heads were peering over the top of the door as each took it in turn to view the proceedings…proceedings that were working them up…getting them ready. I could hear them trying to establish a pecking order…who would go next.
“We’ll go odds and evens eh and see who does what when” there was agreement all round. Once the order was established it was just a question of waiting each again taking turns to watch the action.
Predator two’s ass continued to pound my arse…the hard shaft flashing back and forth…it was only a question of time…the feeling of euphoria was building toward its climax then with one last thrust “Ohhhh fuck” and his hard cock was erupting spewing forth his pent up sperm…sperm that was deposited on top of that which had already been delivered.
I heard a voice from the other side of the door “You finished fucking him pal”
“Yes…yes…do you want to go next buddy” there was never any question for me like is that ok…it was just assumed I’d be wanting another guy to fuck me…which of course was quite correct.
The door was pushed open roughly as the predator entered “God I thought you’d never finish pal” he said “Yeh well he’s all yours now buddy…he may be a bit slack though” he replied laughing. I heard the purr of one zip going up followed by another as it was pulled down…I turned to try and see who the new guy was but it was dark and before I could make out his face a new length of cock was being fed inside me.

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   “Ohhhhh!!!” I gasped
“You like that honey eh you sure love cock babe” he said as he thrust into me “Bit of a slut and a whore eh?” he asked “I guess so” I replied
“Yeh well I’m gona fuck you, you slut give you what you deserve” his hips swaying as his cock was thrust in, time and time again “Uh…uh…uh…uh” was all that I could hear coming from him with each and every thrust he made. “I gotta big load for you sweetheart…. a big load…this ass of yours is gonna be full of cum boy…real full by the time we are all finished with you…you like all this cum eh?” he asked
“Oh yes…yes fill my ass full of cum” I said, he needed no second invitation as he rammed home one more time.
As I sat on the cool stainless steel pot I tried to remember just how many had been in this cubicle with me…it seemed like just one guy but I think it was five who had been through me…the last one had gone only moments ago and I could feel warm fluid running from my ass and down my legs…when I’d felt my ass my hand became wet…wet from the semen that had been pumped into me…should I go or should I hang around and see if there was one more guy who needed feed their lusts, after a twenty minute wait I decided to go…the night was getting cooler and sitting naked wasn’t doing any good…I found my discarded clothing and dressed…I could smell body odor and the distinct scent of semen on my own body and clothing…I needed to shower and smell nice again…it had been a good night…no it had been a great night…all predators would be satisfied now after the pent up frustrations that had been gnawing at them and me all during day we could feel the satisfaction…the kind of satisfaction that only comes with a good fuck. The predators would go home thinking about tonight’s activities…already planning the next one…I as the prey also satisfied and having to decide when would be the next best time to make a visit to the watering hole and allow those predators to feed on me.
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