A Hot Little Boy


Okay how did I become gay?  Well it all started when I was 14, almost that is.   It was early June and hot, and the lazy days from school had just started.   My best friend Sam came over to pass baseball that day.   He was 6 feet then and the same age as me.  He had short brown hair, sort of think wiry build to him but he was fun to be around.
I was smaller by half a foot shorter with blonde hair from the kiss of the sun and wavy curls with two blue eyes to set them off.   I was muscular but thin.   Not flabby at all, in fact I was sort of a hard body.    I had been curious for a year or so about things.   I managed to find an old porno magazine in a locker at school.   It had some very revealing pictures of women, but the one that caught my eye was the guy being sucked off.
Sam and I were just resting under the shade of an old apple tree, as we started jabbing verbally at each other.    He always was sharp witted, “So what are you going to do this summer that the paper need to write about?   Are you going to try and get some girl alone so you can slobber on her?”
“Oh yeah, mister stud, and how many have you been with?” I returned fire with.
“Not nearly as many as you dream about each night!” he slapped back with.
Then I snorted out, “Oh like you know what I dream about?  You’d be surprised if you did know. ”
“Ha, ha, ha and what would that be?” he laughed out as he slunk back on his elbows and pointed his long tanned legs out beside mine and then added, “Sucking on my cock no doubt!”
It stunned me that he said that, because that is exactly what I had dreamed a couple of times.

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    I had seen him naked in the shower at school and in the locker at the clubhouse before a game a couple of times.   I knew what he looked like and I had dreamed of his five inch cock.   As I sat there silently for a few seconds, I realized I had to reply with something and without thinking I yelped back, “So what if I did?”
“If we were alone right now, I would let you,” Sam said quicker than I ever thought possible.
I slunk back beside him and whispered, “No way are you going to embarrass me to the whole world.   Even if I truly wanted to suck your dick, I wouldn’t give you that kind of ammo. ”
He smiled and sort of looked at me funny then said, “Well hell Bud, you can suck me and I won’t tell anyone else. ”
I laughed and said slyly, “Well who knows what could happen if you wanted it to. ”
With that he slid his hand on my shoulder and said, “I’m game for it if you really want to.   Do you think anyone will notice us here?”
I slowly stood up and looking around and then back into his eyes I said, “Follow me Sam. ”
I led him out through the field to the old barn.   It was nearly eight years old and we had repaired it many times.   The three interior stalls and the milking area were open but the loft was filled with square hay bails all except for a secret place I made at the back by removing some of them.   It was like a fenced pit, five bails high and eight wide and deep.   It had a flat padded hay bed floor and best of all it was secluded from anyone’s sight.
I jumped in and as Sam flipped over and down, I caught him and for the first time as I looked up into his eyes we kissed.

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    It was passionate and wet and lustful all in one, and as we kissed, I allowed him to strip me.   When he was ready, I was guided down to his crotch and without much of a nudge I began to adorn his cock with my lips.   I kissed the tip and tickled it with my tongue.   He smiled down at me as I let my mouth coat his shaft and then roll around his balls as my hands caressed the soft tip even harder.
His smiling face made me so horny that I began to engulf the tip then as much of his five inch cock that I could until I finally swallowed the entire cock to the hilt.   I sort of struggled to do it but his expression gave me the drive to go for it.
I worked it in my mouth and to the side and then using my hand to fondle his balls; I began to use my mouth on it like a cone of ice cream.   I would drive over and down it slowly and then withdraw with force until I got the hang up it and my rhythm kicked in and I began to send him into frenzy from my effort.
When his cock began to seep I felt his hands flowing through my hair and I heard him say, “Oh yeah.   Oh Yeah, just don’t quit. Keep going!”
My pumping motioned increased and with it so did his flow.   Small drips of his salty tang began to enter my mouth, and surprising enough I enjoyed it.   It was seeping in spurts as I got a big taste of it and I sighed and moaned and he knew why and began to pet my head softly as he added, “Oh yeah Buddy, keep going.   Keep sucking me doll. ”
That one word made me warm and crazy and when I drove over it at light speed, he spouted out a load of his creamy juice.

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    It seeped then exploded in my mouth and to his surprise and mine, I swallowed a large amount as quick as it came out and only drooled a small stream.
Sam let me keep sucking him past his climax and when he began to shrivel, he pulled out of my mouth.   Then he pulled me up and pushed me in a corner and started fondling my body from head to toe.   He caressed my bare flesh up and down and what excited me the most was his lips touching my nipples.   His kiss made me tingle and squirm to suck his cock again.  
He stood back and looked n my eyes and then slid his hand to one nipple and then the other and watched how it sent shock waves through me.   I was going nuts from this wonderful torture as he asked, “Can I fuck your ass?”
I was so far gone by then that I only replied, “Hell yeah!”
He needed no help in putting me on my back.   I was easily placed in the center of the hay mound and as I was my cock stood up attracting his hand.   It took my rock hard pecker and began to torque it and twist it and as my legs found a way on his shoulders, he slid in me and deep in my asshole.   It was a hard painful rush at first that made me sigh, as his prick hurt but his torture of my dick was just as bad.   He seemed to be using my cock as guide and tugged on it to make my ass rise and widen for his thrust.    When he began to buck me I relaxed and started enjoying the feelings I was getting from it.   He rode me for a very hot sexy fuck before I felt his cream enter me and then flood me.
When he pulled out of me and fell back on the hay, I moved over and licked his cock clean and dry.   He enjoyed it so much that he began to toy with my thin small cock.

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    He sucked me off and to my great surprise and enjoyment he fed it to me in his mouth afterwards.
We stayed there all alone for a few hours afterwards talking and it was then and there that I fell madly in love with him.   He knew it was so and though he really enjoyed me, he wanted my body more.  
Then just before seven my mom called me home for dinner.   Her voice echoed through the fields and trees and as I hurriedly dressed and scooted off, I couldn’t help but kiss him a ton of times.   I even kissed him when we were outside in the open.   I was so hot for him, he could have told me to suck him right then and I would have.
The next few weeks were repeats after repeat.   We would play in the hay and stay alone like that almost all day.
Then one early morning my mom had planned to go off for an extended four day weekend with her sister to some sort of hideaway for divorced women.   She trusted me to stay home with my older sister who was 17.  
That was a mistake on her part, for my sister was gone right away with her boyfriend and I did not see her until almost the night mom returned.   Sam knew it was just me and got his mom to let him stay to keep me company.   What he did was keep me naked in bed and sucking and being fucked by him.   
That Thursday when she left Sam arrived nearly an hour later and seconds after that I walked naked into my bedroom and stayed that way for him for the next day and a half.

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    Then on Saturday afternoon I had the shock of my life.   A couple of our friends from the neighborhood, older boys, Jess 18 and Dominick 17 came calling.
My sister had told them we were alone and I think she knew we were fucking.   The boys walked in unannounced and uninvited and then after a few minutes, things began to happen.
Sam and I were both naked and raced to cover ourselves with towels.   That just made them more curious and with a flash we were both naked and being bullied back into the bedroom.   I was scared somewhat that they would beat us up for having sex, but they wanted to beat something alright, my ass.   Dominick was tall dark and an ebony chubby fellow and he was hung like a horse.   I know this because as soon as he could strip naked he flopped his nine at me when I stumbled back and fell to the floor.
Jess was blacker than night and handsome for someone with a bald head and a cock like a tripod leg.   That thing made Dominick look small and as it neared my mouth Sam was suddenly kneeling by me and sucking my nipples while the other two explored my oral and anal holes.
The next thing I knew was a mountain rolled in my ass while a python went down my throat.   My face was held tightly and as my assed enlarged from the beast in it, my face was fucked unmercifully by this huge cock that seemed to spit piss with each whack and swoosh in my mouth.
They enjoyed me fully and after I got use to them, I enjoyed them more.   The feeling of this hard rock plowing in my ass made me jerk myself off and as Sam saw it he ate my cum for me.

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    I had enough of my own when Jess choked me with his load.   They held me until they had drained dry and been satisfied then they left.
It was so weird how they came and went, but that was not the last time they would do that to me.   The fact is it wasn’t even close to a last time.   The next morning I was awaken by them and taken twice before noon.   That episode almost got me caught by my mom who returned home.
I was on the bed for round two; as Dominick face fucked me so hard and loud that we missed the sound of her car pulling.   She was carrying her suitcases up the steps when we noticed and Sam quickly shut my door.   I jumped into my boxer shorts and flung myself on the floor on my side while Sam and the others yanked on their pants and hid their shirts under my bed.   Then when mom knocked on the door we acted as if we were talking baseball.  
The next few days were a blur and just after school started back, word spread about my new identity.   Several big mouths gossiped so fast that before lunch was over, almost the entire sophomore class knew I was gay along with the freshman class.   In no time I was branded gay and it stuck.   I would say it sucked, but hey I love to do that so it was cool.
I had some really incredible things happen to me after that.

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    Like the day I went to the bathroom before homeroom.   It was early and I chose the one on the top floor off in a corner sort of isolated.   It had four big stalls and one small one in the far corner, which I went into.   The janitor was called Peanut an older man nearly sixty, sort of bald and thin and really freaky acting sometimes.   He was cleaning the sinks when I passed him.    He smiled at me with his weird hateful expression and when I dropped my pants and let my pee go I heard the door open and close.   Then I heard it open again and lock.   The main lights were turned off up front making the room sort of sinister and bleak.   As I finished pissing I heard footsteps approach my stall.
Now I loved to drop my pants and boxers when I pissed and I would even play around with myself while I did it.   So here I was bare ass as the stall door was popped open and there in the way was this old man peering at my butt.   I smiled and asked, “Do you need me to hurry or something?”
“How about bend over sweetie,” he said sneering and then slobbered out, “Just relax and let me make you feel good. ”
I was not really attracted to him ever before this and at first I was repulsed until his pants dropped and out fell his long thick bald cut eight inch cock which rose to point at me in a matter of seconds.
Then came the excitement as he forced me forward and spat on my ass three times.   His cock was rubbing its way in me a moment later as his smelly body clutched my body and held me bent over.

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    His dick went in and rode up me and as it did I yelped out, “Oh goodness that’s a really hard cock you have. ”
“Shut up you fucking fairy.   Shut your mouth or I will fuck it too,” he said in anger, which prompted me to turn and open my mouth wide for him.   He slapped my ass and responded by saying, “You are asking for a face fuck next. ”
The minutes flew by as he pounded me in the ass, and then as he swelled to release his cream, I felt it throb in me.   His hot juices felt their way inside me and thinking it was over, I chimed out, “So did you like my ass Peanut?”
He pulled off me and spun me around and my shirt was yanked over my head and tossed on the floor.   Then using his feet he removed my pants and boxers while standing on them and pulled me over to the big flat sink area.   There were five in a row mounted on a wooden counter and my ass was placed in the middle one while I was abused by him.   He bit my cock like he wanted to eat it off me and squeezed my balls like a toy as I moaned and whined.   Hearing my response and afraid that someone else would also he stuffed a nasty old rag in my mouth and continued to gnaw on my cock.   He chewed on me like a dog would a bone until I began to cum and then he slobbered and slurped it up and off my cock.   Seeing that I was no longer about to cry out, he removed the rag and planted his semi hard cock on my lips.   His hands held my head and as he whispered, “Suck me. ”  I felt his thrust and hands hold my head tightly so I aided his entry and soon he was hard and fucking my mouth wildly.   The session ended only after he came in me and made me swallow all of it.

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    Then he yanked up his pants and shoved me and my clothes into the last stall and rushing like the wind he left.   When I got my wind back I started to dress but I was so horny that instead, I bundled my clothes up and went back to sink and placed myself on it in the dark.   I was fantasizing about what he had done when the door opened and in walked a new boy that had just moved to our town.   His name was Ryan and he was short like me and chubby a sort round ball and as he passed me, he looked so hungry that I followed him to my favorite stall and sucked his piss out and then his dick off.  
All in all that morning before eleven o’clock I serviced five young boys, one old horny janitor and myself twice.   I didn’t get in trouble though as my home room teacher wanted me for her plaything and her husbands as well.   She sent word to my other three classes that I was working on a special project for her and without fail I had to complete it before lunch.  
Now if you want to know how Miss Alice took me and used me and her husband Brandy used me, ask for another chapter.
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