Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 9 - Heather and Grace


Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 9 - Heather and Grace

Thanks again for both the ratings and the comments, both of them definitely keep me motivated to come up with more stories!

I think it's great someone is keeping track of "the count" on the girls, and here is a story about the two slaves that I haven't written at all about yet.

Once he's finally broken the last of the original 10 girls to his cock, I'll be writing stories following up on most of them, and how he is continuing their training and torture. Also going to add in a few more girls to fold in more of the suggestions that have been made. If I haven't gotten to your suggestions yet don't worry, I am working to incorporate as many as possible, and I always like to hear more.

I had three more virgins in my first set of slaves to break in. Kimmie I was preparing for life as a house slave for me and my many sadist friends. As yet I had not begun her training, other than acclimating her to her new home, the 3x3 foot metal cage I had had her imprisoned in since her arrival (except for a daily routine of exercise and cleaning), in which she would be spending the rest of her life. Or at least until I tired of her or she grew too old, at which point I would probably sell her to a breeding outfit.

The other two girls I had kept sequestered from all but Winston and my head security man. They were in cells not accessible from the rest of the dungeon, or any part of the house save my den. I had run across them unexpectedly and they were not like my usual captives, and although no one was actively searching for them, the fewer people that actually saw them at this point, the less risk there would be to me.

I had just finished my "hunting" in Texas and was driving through Kansas on my way closer to home, when I drove past a broken down Corolla, with two pretty young things standing by the hood. There was not another living soul for miles, just acres and acres of corn and wildflowers, and the two lane road stretched to the horizon. Not even a barn was in sight.

I pulled over to see if I could help while I sized them up. Both girls were so beautiful it took my breath away for a moment.

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   They said they were freshman college counselors for a very right-wing student religious group I'd heard of. Of course I told them what a good Christian I was and we were soon fast friends, and they let the kind fatherly man give them a lift to a repair shop.

I let them chatter as I drove them into the nearest town. Heather and Grace were lifelong fundamentalist Christian girls, preaching to their fellow classmates about abstinence until marriage, submission to your husband, etc. In all truthfulness I said I completely agreed with them (but knowing that it should be a Master and not a husband that a girl should save herself for and then submit to. )

While they talked my mind was moving very rapidly through my options. These were obviously girls that would be missed and searched for, with a lot of hue and cry. Ordinarily I was careful not to select captives who would cause a stir when they disappeared, but the idea of breaking the religious convictions of these two pious little cunts, served up to me in this perfect way, was too much of a temptation.

However I did not make my move on them just then. I dropped them off at a filling station, in full sight of the station owner and some customers, but did not linger or seem very interested in the girls as they thanked me, merely waving and driving back out of town.

But I had their full names, their license plate registration and their travel plans for the next week. Once they had gotten their car fixed they would soon be driving through an isolated mountainous area of Utah. I made a couple of quick calls. The service that came to collect my non-virgin captives to be made into sex slaves overseas, was more than happy to return the many favors I’d done for them by procuring these two gorgeous uptight cunts for me, while faking their deaths at the same time.

Five days later, I got a call that my two packages were ready for pickup.

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   In the barn of a Wyoming rancher and fellow slave procurer, Heather and Grace were carried drugged, naked and bound from the usual black van, straight into my last two compartments.

When I pulled into my compound early the next week, I had just heard on the radio of a terrible accident in Utah that had claimed the lives of two young women, when their car had plunged off a mountain road into fast moving river rapids below. Given the strength of the current it was unlikely that their bodies would ever be recovered.

Heather and Grace would both be trained to serve me and my cock just as their sister slaves had been. But I had also decided they would be the only two slaves in my harem regularly performing girl-on-girl action, mainly with each other but also with the other slaves as I desired.

Lesbian sex was something that amused me but that wasn't a particular fetish of mine, and I felt it too often led to women believing they could be dominant (at least to another woman. ) I tolerated some female dommes amongst my fellow sadists, but I honestly thought them ridiculous and would have definitely enjoyed them all being made into slaves and fucked day in and day out by horses. Most of them were way too old and butch to be fuckable by any man.

However making these Christian bitches into raging lesbos had it's own pleasure for me. Even more sinful than being forced to fuck outside of marriage, being trained to enjoy and perform lesbian sex all the time would break these slaves even more--they would be certain they were going to hell in the next life, as well as enduring the hell of my making in this life.

While I was busy in the first couple of months with breeding little Isabelle, setting up my ponygirl stable and breaking in the rest of my fresh virgin cunts, I had kept Heather and Grace in isolation from the others and from each other, except for their daily "exercise".

I watched them on monitors, but I did not let the little sluts see me for weeks after they arrived. I wanted to break them of any belief in their own sexual virtue, before they had been made to understand why they were here and what their new life’s purpose was.

I had both of them put on machinery very similar to that being used on Cocktease Cassie, but with several key differences. Instead of being strapped cruelly to an oil drum, they were positioned much more sensually and comfortably.

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   And unlike Cassie they were only on the machines for a few hours a day, and they were very much allowed to orgasm—-in fact they were actually compelled to orgasm, over and over again.

Heather's wrists were cuffed at the nape of her neck to a collar, not black leather but a thick, beautiful solid silver ring, so that she didn't look like a slave, but a whore who liked nice jewelry. And though suspended above the floor, her legs were strapped so that she appeared to be on her knees, her thighs spread wide. Her pose looked like a belly dancer, arms raised, gorgeous fat tits and twitching red cunt thrust out to her audience.

Grace was also suspended above the floor, but forced into doggy style, the sluttiest of positions, with her knees also spread wide, looking like a porn star positioning herself to be fucked by 20 guys. As she was stimulated she couldn't help moaning and throwing her head back, lifting her tits forward.

Every day when they were strapped on, you could see them steeling themselves not to give in, praying to Jesus to help them stay resolute. But soon the suction cups attached to their big tits were rhythmically pulling and releasing their pink pert nipples, and the vibrators were buzzing and massaging their clits, making them bloom full and red and throbbing, and the short pumping dildo was thrusting constantly just one inch into their virgin cunts--dildos that were very soon coated in their dripping pussy juices. Within 10 minutes every day they’d both be writhing and wailing as strong orgasms ripped through their bodies.

By the end of two hours, they were so aroused they would cum every 3 to 4 minutes, sobbing with shame and remorse, but still raggedly screaming "YES!! YES!!" with ecstatic relief.

When Grace came, she would arch her back, thrusting her sweet round ass higher, her big tits swinging and shaking as the orgasm ripped through her.

When Heather came she would throw her head back, thrust her big tits out and pump her cunt rhythmically against the clit stimulator. It soon became clear that Heather also had the potential to be a squirter, once she had been fucked and a dildo or cock could be hammered repeatedly through the full length of her tight little cunt.

Their cells were far away from each other, but for their time on the machines they were placed facing each other in adjoining cells separated only by a plexiglass wall, vented so that they could hear each other. They were brought in and out in ball gags that were only removed when the machines were turned on.

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In the first minute they would hurriedly talk to each other, as their clits, nipples and their virgin Christian cunts were mercilessly stimulated by the machines. But they couldn't do more than ask each other what they had figured out (nothing) and tell each other tearfully to stay strong, to trust in Jesus, to say they were sure they would be found soon.

And then they would have to spend the next several hours watching each other moan and strain and scream in tortured ecstacy as they came like a couple of bitches in heat. (I had to smile when Collins mentioned that, thinking of what happened to Cassie after her time on the machinery. )

It was a perfect indoctrination to their roles as my slaves. Because even though they were cumming themselves, a part of them couldn't help but be appalled and disgusted by the sight of their supposedly virtuous friend screaming and cumming like an animal every few minutes for hours on end. And even more satisfying to me--it was obvious that they were both turned on watching each other too. Which wasn't surprising, as they both looked magnificent, like the gorgeous fucktoys they were born and destined to be. I doubt they were even consciously aware of their growing lust for each other, but I would be sure to turn that to my advantage when the time was right.

But cumming on machines could still make the little sluts feel like they were only being forced to behave like lust-filled animals. It would take being brought to orgasm by another human being to make them truly feel like sinful, slutty little bitches.

Like most suppressed sluts, it was easiest to slip under their moral defenses at night. Heather and Grace both spent their nights separated far from each other and any other slaves and guards, strapped loosely (but still spread) to their cots. In the darkness of their cells, I sent one of two young and talented whores to work the pious little bitches over. Grace's new "friend" was a redhead named Dolly and Heather's was a hot Latina named Carlita.

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Every night or two, Carlita would slip into Heather's cell from a hidden trapdoor, telling her that she had been a captive there herself for a year, and that helping her sister slaves to cum at night was the only way she could bear being strapped to the machines all day. Then Carlita would softly slide up and down Heather's bound body, licking her full firm tits, sucking and tonguing her elongating nipples, then nuzzling, sucking and licking her trembling, dripping cunt, carefully frigging and eating Heather to orgasm after orgasm. Carlita had orders to work particularly on getting Heather close to squirting.

After the first few nights, Carlita "discovered" that she could release Heather from her bonds, so technically my little pious slave could resist her friend's advances. But by then Heather, lonely and frightened and overwhelmed with lust, would willingly fall onto the cot with my talented little whore Carlita, who not only continued to frig and eat out Heather, but started teaching her how to eat pussy and suck clits and massage and lick tits herself until Heather could get another girl to cum as well. And of course Carlita told Heather she was falling in love with her, that she was only coming to Heather and no other slaves, and Heather fell in love with her too.

At the same time Dolly was performing the exact same little con game with Grace, who was responding just as hungrily as Heather was.

After a couple of weeks, you could see both of my Jesus-loving slaves lying on their cots after lights out, eagerly waiting for their little girlfriends to show up, full of both physical and emotional longing, and joyously, lustfully falling into their arms when my whores popped out of their trapdoors.

Up till now, that was as far as I had broken down their pious little hypocrisy, in their own minds. It was time to reintroduce myself to Heather and Grace, and make them mine.

About an hour beforehand, I had Carlita dragged screaming past Heather's cell by two guards, and out of sight around a corner. When Heather begged another guard to tell her what happened, the guard told her that Carlita had been caught in another slave's cell and was being sold to another owner as punishment. Since Carlita obviously hadn't been in her cell, Heather had the double heartbreak of knowing her lover had been unfaithful, and that she would probably never see her again regardless. She broke down sobbing until the guard came in, shook her hard and administered a sedative.

At the same time, Dolly had of course performed the same little charade with Grace, with the same result.

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Winston was upstairs with both Carlita and Dolly already, paying the little whores off and sending them (they thought) back to their pimp in Colorado. What they didn't realize until a few minutes later, was that they had actually been sold to me by the pimp, and they were now destined to service a completely different part of my compound. Winston smiled indulgently as he watched the screaming, naked whores lowered into a mud pit 20 feet deep in the middle of my garden, after which the pit was capped with a slightly vented well cover. He warned them if they made too much noise, the vent would be closed, since their new master really didn't care if they stayed alive or not.

They would spend the next two weeks in that pit in almost total darkness, being fed mostly pig slop and water runoff from the stable, and with only a bucket between them for a toilet. As my judgment of Cassie demonstrated, I am not a fan of sly, manipulative women. And regardless, I couldn't have two witnesses who knew that Heather and Grace were still alive, blabbing around Denver about their adventures up North.

Meanwhile I had had my two little Christians brought to my main torture room in the dungeon. As I entered the chamber, naked and my long cock hard as a rock, both of my beautiful slaves were on their knees facing the door, naked and with their elbows and wrists tied cruelly into the smalls of their backs. The "sedative" each had been given shortly before was actually a large dose of aphrodisiac to make their bodies more sensitive and receptive, no matter how resistant their minds were.

Grace was a petite girl, blond hair blunt cut just under her ears with bright blue eyes. Heather’s hair was light brown and wavy, but she was taller and had longer legs than Grace. Both had been blessed with firm, tight little asses and lovely round D cup tits. I smiled as I looked at the natural slope of Heather’s heaving breasts, and how Grace’s pink nipples were now longer and pointed slightly upwards from the daily action of the suction cups. Both had big ball gags strapped in, and they were trembling with terror.

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I explained to them that they had left their hometowns to do God’s will among the poor heathens in Utah, but it had turned out that God’s will for them was to serve as my sex slaves for the rest of their lives. “But don’t worry that you are missing your chance to have children,” I reassured them. “I’ve already decided you’ll both be used as breeders by me as well, so you will probably have several children each for your master. " They both began to sob into their gags.

Then I had Heather hung hogtied from the ceiling, facing Grace but with a full length mirror set so that Grace had a full view of Heather's cunt and ass. I dipped my hand in a small pot nearby and began rubbing a warm oil onto her full rosy pussy lips, and very lightly ran my fingers up and down her twitching slit. Almost immediately her cunt was dripping onto my hand.

"Look at this good little Christian girl," I laughed. "What kind of a lying little harlot are you? Do you think God was fooled with your stupid promises to be chaste? That's why He willed for you to be here, to show you that you were born sluts, not good girls like your friends. "

I began to slowly frig Heather. Though her body jerked when I began pushing my fingers into her virgin walls, she soon was as close to cumming as I would allow. I could see that Grace eyes were full of both fear and lust as she watched Heather's cunt twitch and glisten under my hand.

Then I pulled out my fingers, grabbed Heather by the hips and forced the thick head of my eight inch cock into her throbbing virgin pussy. As soon as her cunt sucked in my cockhead, I dug my nails into her hips and yanked her backwards, impaling her hymen on my thick shaft. She arched up and screamed in agony into her ball gag as Grace watched and sobbed helplessly.

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I rammed her savaged pussy back onto my cock hard five times, each time my cockhead slamming into and past her tender cervix, as she shrieked with each pounding thrust. Then I began to rhythmically pump into that luscious cunt, never to be so tight and tender again.

I reached down and massaged her nipples and tits, pulling her deeper onto my cock. And then I felt her body stop fighting and begin to respond. She began to weep even harder as she felt it too, full of shame over the waves of pleasure she felt being fucked hard by a man probably older than her own father. I took full advantage, grabbing her hips and ramming harder and faster. I reached up and flicked open the snap on her ball gag, letting it fall to the floor.

As I pumped her bleeding snatch, Grace watched mesmerized in the mirror, seeing my thick cock sliding in and out of Heather's tender bloodied hole, stretched tight around my shaft. If it weren't for Grace's ball gag, I'm sure the little bitch would have been licking her lips.

I pumped faster as Heather, the gag removed, moaned and wailed and begged me to make her cum. She didn't even bother asking God to forgive her for it, like she would always do on the machines. Finally she came with a savage scream, and she squirted for the first time, a huge stream of pussy juice all over us both, streaked with cum and her virgin blood.

I saw Grace's eyes bug out at that, and she began to twist and struggle to free her hands, no doubt to be able to frig herself into the orgasm she was dying to have, watching Heather squirt like that.

I moaned with pleasure as Heather's cunt gripped my dick like a vise when she came, then kept ramming into her as hard and fast as I could go. It took less than a minute to bring the little slut to another shattering orgasm.

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   Although she did not squirt much this time her cunt gripped me just as hard. What a jewel this little bitch was turning out to be!

I kept fucking Heather for another 20 minutes, as she came hard another 5 times. By the end of it she was almost incoherent as she begged, "Yes, please Master, please give it to me, fuck me harder, please make me cum again. . . "

At last I decided it was time to finish. I grabbed her long hair and twisted it in my hand as I yanked her head back, roaring as I shot a full hot load of jism deep into her throbbing, bloodied pussy.

Heather sagged in her bonds, taking huge sobbing, shuddering breaths, her body shaking as the last of her juices, her hymen blood and huge gobs of my cum dripped out of her twitching hole. She was sobbing miserably at her weakness, her total loss of control as she had begged me to fuck her and make her cum. I laughed and told her it was no use pretending to be a good girl anymore—didn’t she know God just saw her revel in premarital sex, cumming like a bitch in heat?

I left Heather as she was, with a bird's eye view of her friend, and moved over Grace. I had her hung in a sex sling, sitting upright with her knees bent and her thighs spread wide, facing Heather. I worked her over almost exactly as I had Heather, frigging her into a frothing, panting animal. But then I removed Grace's gag and told her to beg me to fuck her, to fuck her and take her virginity. Grace was more uptight than Heather, I thought, and getting her to ask me to fuck her and destroy her hymen would more firmly break her spirit.

Grace resisted at first, but as I expertly worked her already throbbing and swollen clit, sucking and licking her tits and nipples, playing with her tender hole, she finally couldn't take it anymore and cried as she begged me to "do it".

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"To do what, you worthless little cunt?" I growled. "SAY IT--say, Please Master, fuck my little whore cunt, please pop my cherry. "

"Please--please M-Master, please fuck my little whore cunt, please pop my cherry," she said in a shaking, tearful voice.

"Gladly," I said with an evil smile, and rammed deep into her creaming cunt. She threw back her head and screamed as I tore open her hymen, and then the next half hour were exactly like it was with Heather, except that Grace was not a squirter. But she bucked and thrashed like a fucking animal as I pumped her snatch, ramming her so hard her thighs were soon black and blue. She came over and over, and Heather was just as enthralled and horny as she watched.

Finally I came again, spurting cum deep into Grace's womb, then stepped back and leaned back against the wall as I caught my breath. Grace also sobbed with shame at her behavior, but I did not wish to hear anymore of that today. I stuck the ball gag back in both their mouths and had them taken away to be cleaned.

However I made one important change to their lives. When they had been cleaned up, I had them brought back to the same cell. As I knew they would, they spent an hour just sobbing and tearfully talking in each other's arms, curled up together on one of the narrow cots, and then the sweet hugs of two friends turned into the lustful embraces of two women wanting to fuck each other senseless.

I watched from my bedroom as Heather lay between Grace's thighs, eating out her wounded pussy while her new lover moaned and writhed and came. I wasstretched out on my bed, having a beer as I had Isabelle, now three months along and her little belly starting to round, suck and lick me clean.


   As she licked and cleaned with her tongue from my belly to my cock and ball sac, then over my thighs, Isabelle's sad but completely submissive face was smeared with my cum and my two Christian, lesbian slaves' hymen blood and pussy juices.

Once she had had my baby, I decided I would next breed Grace. I wasn't sure I wanted to risk Heather losing her fantastic ability to grip my cock and squirt with that tight cunt of hers.
As Isabelle finished I signed for a servant to chain her back to the dog bed she now slept on next to my four poster, and closed my eyes for a well earned afternoon nap.

To be continued.
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